Are Oil Filled Radiators Cheaper To Run Than Storage Heaters?

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Are Oil Filled Radiators Cheaper To Run Than Storage Heaters

Oil filled radiators are cheaper to run than storage heating systems because the radiator heats up and cools down quickly so it can be turned on or off at will without wasting any time in between cycles. And they do produce maximum energy efficiency.

This means you don't have to wait as long before your home gets warm again after turning them off. They also use less electricity because of their quick response times.

Its power rating has efficient heating systems that can save a lot of money over the years.

The standard storage heater on the other hand takes longer to get hot and cold which makes it more expensive to operate.

A good example would be an electric blanket where if you turn it on when it's cold outside then it'll take ages to get really warm but once it does it stays warm all night.

If you leave it on overnight though then by morning it'll still only be about halfway through warming itself back up from being frozen solid.

Storage heaters vs oil filled radiators

Storage heaters

  • Efficiency and energy savings

A standard storage heater has heating technology that uses a large amount of electrical current to keep the room warm. This requires a constant supply of electricity even when not needed.

Its efficiency rating or average efficiency is around 70% meaning that 30% of the electricity used goes into keeping the room warm rather than actually doing anything useful like lighting etc.

There are also so-called smart storage heaters that have directional heating and thermostatic controls that can provide better comfort levels with lower running costs.

A typical domestic gas boiler has an efficiency rate of 80-90%. The majority of the cost comes from the fuel and labour required to maintain the system.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the higher the efficiency, the greater the saving.

  • Pros:

-Standard storage heaters are cheaper to buy than electric heaters

-You only need one set of batteries for your heater, instead of two sets of batteries as you would with an electric heater.

  • Cons:

- Standard storage heating units do not give off very much heat

- The batteries can get really hot if you leave them in storage for too long (this is true for all heaters)

- You might have to use a fan to cool down the batteries after they have been left in storage for a while

Oil-filled radiators 

  • Efficiency and energy savings

This type of radiator has many energy efficiency benefits and unpolluted airflow. Its main advantage is that it doesn't require a fan to circulate the heated air throughout the house.

They're usually made out of copper pipes and contain a mixture of water and antifreeze inside.

When the temperature drops below freezing point, the liquid turns to ice and expands causing the pipe walls to expand slightly.

As the pipe wall contracts, the pressure increases forcing the fluid back towards the centre of the tube.

  • Pros:

- Cost less than replacing an entire radiator

- Easier to install

- Lubricates itself

  • Cons:

- May not work as well in cold weather

- May leak if punctured or improperly installed

- Oil heaters can freeze.

- May leak if hot water heater leaks into the radiator

- Can lead to dry air.

Alternative heaters to standard storage heater

In the UK, there are many advanced heaters you can choose from such as solar-powered heaters which will save money over time because there won't be any bills coming in.

  • Solar Heaters - These types of heaters don't rely on electricity at all. They just collect sunlight during daytime hours and store this energy until nighttime arrives. When the sun starts setting these heaters to start producing warmth.
  • Electric heat pumps - A more modern alternative to traditional storage heaters. These heat pumps use electricity to move heat between different parts of the home.
  • Convector heater / electric convector heaters - This type of heater can be found in most homes today. This kind of heater uses electrical resistance coils to transfer heat through metal plates. These heaters are great for small rooms where space isn't an issue.
  • Electric storage heaters - The electric radiators or storage heaters are used when you want to keep warm without using up lots of power. You'll find these heaters in every household. Most people think that storing heat in their houses is inefficient. But actually, it's quite efficient compared to other forms of heating like wood-burning stoves.
  • Radiant heaters - Radiant heaters are good with modern lifestyle It works by transferring heat directly to the floor rather than relying on radiation. A radiant heater has no moving parts so it requires little maintenance.
  • Radiating panels - There are two ways to radiate heat; one way is called direct contact and another method is known as indirect contact. Direct contact means that the panel heats up the room directly. In contrast, indirect contact means that the panel warms up the room indirectly via conduction.
  • Bathroom panel heaters - Bathroom panel heaters is a 21st century invention. The idea behind them was to provide a safe and effective solution to bathroom problems. It provides both comfort and safety while saving energy. Panels have been around since ancient times but they were only used to heat baths. Bathrooms didn’t get heated until recently.
  • Dimplex quantum storage heater - The dimplex quantum storage heater are very popular in the UK, many homeowners prefer them due to its high efficiency levels. They're also easy to install and maintain.
  • Fan heater - Fan heater is typical type of heating equipment that is widely available in the UK. They work well if you live in areas with mild winters.
  • Modern space heaters - The modern space heaters have high-comfort radiant panel heating technology. They're designed to give maximum comfort even in cold weather conditions. Space heaters are perfect for those who need extra warmth in winter months.
  • Portable gas heaters - The portable gas heaters is a quicker heating option. You don't need any installation costs because this type of heater doesn't require plumbing.

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