Tips For A Stylish Loft Conversion – Making The Loft Look Good!

Ideas For Decorating Your New Loft Conversion The loft; once a key room in any horror film or a cluttered, storage area is fast becoming a great place to convert into some extra living space. With the majority of homeowners looking to convert any unused space in to a new room, loft bedrooms, offices and […]

Decor Ideas For A Kids Bedroom – Our Guide!

Top Tips For Decorating A Kids Bedroom Decorating a child’s bedroom is great fun, as you get to learn more about their personality while also incorporating your own design style. It is also a great bonding activity that children will thoroughly enjoy. While it is easy to say paint a girls room pink and a […]

DIY Home Decoration Ideas – Make Your Home Look Amazing!

Top Tips For Using DIY To Decorate Your Home With more people wanting to add a touch of their personal flair to their interior design, DIY also know as do it yourself is becoming more common in-house design. While DIY decoration offers the freedom to express oneself, it also offers a very budget friendly way […]

Babies Nursery Decor Ideas – Our Guide!

Great Ways To Decorate A Babies Nursery When planning your nursery, it is worth considering which essential items you will want to keep here, and which items can be kept in a different room; you don’t want the room to be overcrowded or cluttered. Unlike an older child’s bedroom, a nursery is where you will […]

Home Office Decor Tips – Making Space Work For You!

Top Ways To Decorate Your Home Office The invention of the internet has revolutionised the world and has created an entire set of jobs that can be done without the slog of the daily commute. With many jobs being made remote by companies and with more and more people registering as self-employed, the traditional office […]

Apartment Interior Design Ideas – Our Guide

Top Ways To Achieve A Gorgeous Apartment With city life becoming more common, more and more people are living in flats or apartments to be closer to their place of work. Living in an apartment also usually has the benefit of being cheaper than a house and is also more space efficient. Apartments also typically […]

Decorating A Rented House – Making The Most Of The Property

Ways To Decorate Your Rental And Keep Your Landlord Happy With the modern housing market moving away from ownership and towards rental, more and more tenants are looking for a way to add a touch of personality to their home without upsetting their landlord. If you are lucky enough to secure a long term tenancy, […]