Top 5 Cinema Room Ideas – Showcasing Your Best!

Bringing the Cinema Home Cinema tickets and popcorn prices are eyewatering, with big screens, projectors and state-of-the-art surround sound systems why bother when you can get it all at home. The generational shift away from the cinema and towards on-demand streaming services  threatens the existence of historic cinemas, which is sad, but are we really […]

Our Top Alcove Ideas – How To Use Them Elegantly

All coves are alcoves Alcoves are small recessed, sunked, sections of rooms which provide a open space. Coming from the coves created in cliffs on the sea, they are sheltered spots. In less sea-swept areas natural alcoves are were often used as places for religious statues and shrines. In architecture alcoves vary in size and […]

What Kind Of Wall Pictures Look The Best In A Living Room

Choosing art for your living room What is a living room? Entertaining, relaxing, living. You might spend most of your waking time at home in this room. Much like bedrooms when we are children and teenagers we want to cover the walls with things that bring us emotions and thoughts beyond the everyday. Here we […]

Music Room Ideas – Feel the Melody In The Room

Music as Art and Listening as Art Appreciation The German artist Wolfgang Tillmans believes that ‘some records are just perfect artworks’, at Best Reviews we are inclined to agree. Listening to music on a high quality soundsystem is one of the most edifying experiences around. For Tillmans there was an injustice in the way galleries […]

Sensory Room Ideas – A Room To Touch All Your Senses!

Mindfulness and meditation have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. The pervasive issue of mental health, reaching crisis point in some countries and demographics has created demand for solutions. Apps such as Headspace and the countless YouTube guided videos speak for themselves. Sensory rooms are a way to take this further, perhaps you already treat […]

Top Ideas Online For Coloured Bathroom Suites

Avocade Bathrooms Past and Present During the 1970s bathrooms were a little different, rather than the pristine whites and gleaming chromes of today, and not to mention before the 70s, suites in shades of pink, yellow, orange and the infamous avocado were in vogue. This style trend fit well with the psychedelic and progressive times. […]