Basement Decoration Ideas – Transform Your Underground Storage!

Great Ideas For Designing Your Basement

It is a modern-day design tragedy that many people whose home has a basement simply do nothing with it; it becomes a dumping ground for unwanted furniture and storage for items that does not have a home on the upper floors.
Of course, there is a cost associated with refurbishing and furnishing a basement that may put many people off. There are also some basic things you need to do make the space workable if you are the person that is updating the space.

Some of these points include-
• Boosting airflow with an in-line duct fan
• Sanding and securing any sagging joints
• If needed, put in an underfloor heating system; try not to do this if the floor is insulated as this will make the space extremely warm and uncomfortable
• Install lighting
*Safety tip* We only recommend renovating any under house space by yourself if you are trained in building and safety protocols. Always contact a professional if you are unsure of anything.

Now that you have the blank canvas set up, what to do with the space?

Cheap Ways To Furnish Your Basement

If you have spent a large amount of money on creating your basement space or you simply want an impressive décor on a budget, there are some easy ways to achieve this.
• Re-purpose- depending on what you have in mind for your new space, it is often a wise idea to repurpose old furniture instead on buying new pieces. If you want to create a new living space, this can easily be accomplished by buying second hand furniture and jazzing them up with fabrics and pillows.

• Exposed brickwork- chances are if you have recently had your basement dug out and fitted, there is some exposed brick work. While many people are eager to cover this over with plywood, why not try leaving it exposed? If you are wanting to bring a touch of colour to your basement, why not paint each brick a different colour? Or create a chess board effect if you want to be really creative? It will save you buying and securing plywood and costs no more than a small tin of paint!
• Short stuff- If your basement ceiling is a bit low, then you will probably want to make you basement room look a bit taller. While you can but shorter furniture, this can be costly and quite tough to find. Why not get some bean bags for seating and low tables? That way, you have seating area that is cheap and will give a very relaxed vibe to the room.

Basement Family Room Tips

A very modern concept but one worth exploring is the idea of making your basement in to an additional family room. There are some key differences to consider when making your basement in to a family room as opposed to a traditional living space.
• Light- if you have a window in your basement, chances are it doesn’t let in much light. This can increase the feeling of being underground and make the room feel crowded. Pick the best lighting you can afford to help open up the space and make up for any lack of windows. Also, if you struggling to pick the best paint for your new walls, using a lighter colour will help any light fittings to reflect better and will create a very stylish feel.

• Storage-moving away from the idea of using your basement solely for storage to then make sure there is adequate storage can feel a bit pointless but hear us out. And family room will have storage built in to it, especially if you have children, so try and pick the best storage solution that you can pick; multipurpose furniture, like ottomans, are great.
• Experiment- just because it is your basement does not mean you have to settle for the first furniture set up you create. Move the furniture and accessories around to help your second family room feel more like home- you will genuinely be amazed at how a quick reshuffle of furniture can open up more space and create a myriad of different looks in your room with minimal effort.

Small Basement Decoration Ideas

If your basement is on the smaller side, don’t give up on making it a unique and stylish space. Just like any other room in your house, you can easily create more space with a few pro tips!
• Colours- while it is an easy solution to paint any small space a light colour, you may want to try a different approach if you feel daring. Painting an accent wall in a bold, solid colour like a burnt orange, while painting the remaining wall white, will create a focal point to make your basement appear larger.
• Vertical- regardless of whether you are transforming your basement in to a second living room or a simple relaxation space, you can really save floor space by going vertical. While trying vertical storage options is a great idea, why not try hanging some wall art, wall lights and built in wall alcoves. These will save space and look very classy.

• Fake plants- unless you have a window, any foliage you will want in your basement will probably be fake. Adding a plant to a small space adds an instant splash of colour and is a great way to accentuate corners without appearing cluttered.

Basement Playroom Ideas

Want to make you newly built basement in to a playroom for your kids or grandchildren? Great! Here are some tips to help you along.
• Colours- I know we have spoken a lot about colours in this article but in a kid’s playroom, bright and bold contrasting colours can transform an unwelcoming basement in to a fun area with minimal effort.
• Playmat/rug- great for those colder days, a colourful play mat or even a simple rug is a great way to avoid anyone getting cold and is a great place to sit too.

• Personalise- do your kids or grandchildren like football? Princesses? Shop about and pick up some bits to really make the playroom their own space. If you have room, why not divide the basement in to 2 areas if your kids have more than one hobby? Moveable room dividers are a boon here and can separate 2 children’s play spaces with ease.

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