Box Room- A Guide To Decorating Ideas

Top Tips To Make Your Box Room Presentable

Box rooms; once thought of as a space to put all your storage when it didn’t fit in the attic, they have often been overlooked and underappreciated in bedroom design. Of course, with any smaller space, it does not mean that they cannot be made functional.
In todays society, many people in shared houses or families with kids have no alternative but to use box rooms as bedrooms, to maximise space for everyone in the home. This of course, presents challenges relating to creating a relaxing area in such a small space.
If your box room is being occupied by a small child, then obviously, you have a bit more wiggle room to work with. But if you are an adult who has just moved in to box room in a shared house, you may feel a bit stuck relating to how you can maximise the space while also fitting your belongings and hobbies in to it.

Feeling daunted? Don’t be; there are some simple tips to follow to aide you in creating a comfy and stylish box room, which will really help you make the most of the space.

Box Room Designs For Adults

So, you have your bed, you have your small chest of drawers, now what? If you have just moved in to a box room, as an adult, the confined space can feel a bit suffocating. Fret not, here are some tips to help you fit yourself in to your new space easily.
• Multipurpose furniture- brilliant if you are looking for additional storage options, multipurpose furniture like chairs with built in space can really help you minimise clutter in your new room. Underbed storage is also an option.

• Vertical- you knew we were going to say this but going vertical is often ignored when faced with confining storage options. Pack in as many shelves, shoe rails and wall mounted coat hooks as you can afford. Get as much of your belongings off of the floor as you can, so you have more room for bits and pieces you may need in a hurry each morning.
• Go bright or go home- using lighter shaded paints, mirrors and small light fittings can really help expand the look of your box room. Of course, the light fitting has the added benefit of lighting a typically dim room during those dark winter months.

Box Room Décor For Kids

Puzzled as to how you will make your kids box room feel less like a walk-in closet? Don’t worry, we can help you out!
• Fitted furniture- if possible, get fitted furniture. This will maximise the space while providing beneficial extras like sliding doors and touch activated drawers.
• Over and under- storage, storage storage! The bane of most parents lives with young children; where on earth do you put everything? With a box room, this may seem to create an exacerbate the problem but try some over and under bed storage solutions- plastic, sliding drawers work great and are easy to conceal under a bed.

• Elevate the bed- only suitable for older kids due to safety, why not try elevating their bed space to create more space under the bed? Some designs available on the market have built in desks under the suspended bed; talk about functional!

Stylish Box Room Storage Tips

As we mentioned before, small does not mean boring or dull. Using a few simple tips, you can create not only a stylish looking box room, but you can also make some statement storage pieces too.
• Pegboards- similar to cork boards, peg boards are a great way to organise your upcoming week easily without taking up too much space. If you have a lot of paper work to display, why not opt for two? They come in a wide array of colours, so you can easily coordinate them with the other colours in your box room.

• Use the corners- when trying to maximise space in any room, make sure you don’t overlook the potential of using the corners. There are some storage units designed solely to fit in to corners, but why not try stacking shelves from floor to ceiling in a corner of your box room. That’s eye catching and functional.
• Radiator covers- a very trendy idea, you can now purchase radiator covers with built in storage options, like miniature shelves. Add a splash of your favourite colour and you’ve got yourself a stylish, unusual storage option right there!

Decorating Your Box Room On A Budget

On a tight budget to decorate your box room? These tips are brilliant to help you make the most of your space without breaking the bank. If you are a student living in dorm room, you may find these useful too.
• Picture frames- yes, you read that right! Repurposed picture frames can be a very stylish and simple way to store accessories like necklaces, earrings and keys. Just get some plywood, glue in in to the space where the picture would be displayed, get some thumb tacks and voila! Extremely unique, stylish and super cheap!

• Repurpose- if you are a fan of nail varnish, perfume or need space for any other toiletries but want to avoid clutter, why not repurpose a spice rack? Cheap, easy to find and simple to install, a spice rack is a great option to reduce pressure on a small space and it is very quirky!
• Stack it up- Ok, so the idea of going vertical is far from new when trying to maximise space in a box room. But have you considered using canvas furniture to store your clothes, shoes and other essentials? Easy to suspend from a high position on a wall without creating a load bearing issue, these lightweight alternatives to wooden storage are super cheap and extremely functional.
• Plants- of course, indoor plants like succulents, money and spider plants are a great way to add a touch of natural colour to your box room without costing too much and add class with minimal effort or space.



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