Best Affordable Subwoofers – Reviews 2019 – 2020

Top Budget Subwoofers 2020 Reviewed

How to Enhance Your Immersive Sound Experience:

Whether you’re on a long road trip, relaxing at a party, or enjoying your home cinema, the right sound can really push your enjoyment to the next level. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to have a DJ set in our living rooms.

You don’t have to pay for large-scale sound systems to get a great listening experience.

Often, our homes can’t re-create the listening experience of clubs or concerts. Fortunately, modern equipment, means that we can come close, and this doesn’t have to mean stress or expense.

To enhance your home sound system, you can’t go wrong with a budget subwoofer.

In the past, subwoofers were bulky and expensive, but today there are plenty of sleek and affordable options. A budget subwoofer is a cheap and easy way to upgrade your listening experience.

The Best Choice for Budget Subwoofers In 2018

To help narrow down the dozens of options, we’re only considering subwoofers which offer durability, a good price, and quality. Here are our top picks:


#3 Bass Face POWER12.2 Subwoofer

Bass Face is well-known for producing quality audio equipment. For a quick overview of all this subwoofer has to offer, here are some of its benefits and weaknesses:


  • Quality– With 800, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit sandpaper, all the stages you need for gleaming lights are included.
  • Synergy – The woofer, amplifier, and enclosure all complement each other


  • Weight – At 18.8kg, this subwoofer can deliver a big sound, but is the heaviest subwoofer on our list.
  • Car Use – While this subwoofer is great in a car, you will need a DC converter to install it. For installation help, YouTube is your friend!

The Bass Face Power12.2 is the next generation of active enclosures, with a high-power monoblock amplifier built in. This provides woofer control and power output. The Power12.2 comes with a long wide slot port, which is tuned low to provide great extension.

The unit is compact enough to fit into most hatchbacks and has a 5-sided profile which hides wires and allowing the unit to push further up into tight corners.

The build is designed to synergise the woofer, amplifier and enclosure, which creates a solidly built product at a great price.

This is what April had to say in her online review:

“This is an amazing sub! It absolutely loves the higher/mid-range bass; it really shakes your ear drums but you are in no way, shape, or form disappointed with the deep tones!!

I’ve gone from 1 12″ fli-trap sub to this and my god what a difference. This really gets the car and my ear drums shaking.

We used a 4-gauge cable to get the most out of it although had trouble fitting such an oversized 4 gauge into the holes in the side of the sub, but we just snipped it down a little bit.

I love the fact you get a bass remote with a super long cable. I have the cable running up the side of my car and the remote under my steering wheel for my poor mum. When she gets in the car I can turn the bass boost right down!

Super easy to fit in my Toyota Yaris 2001 boot. I was worried this would be to big but somehow the shape it is fits better than the last sub I had which was just 1 12″. I can now have my rear seats fully pushed back!”

The reason the Bass Face Power 12.2 isn’t higher on the list is because of it lacks some of the features of the other subwoofers on our list. But for an effective subwoofer at an affordable price, it deserves this spot on our list.




#2 Pioneer S-21W

The Pioneer S-21W comes in second on our list of best subwoofers because of its range and phase control. Some of the pros and cons of this kit include:


  • Size – With a 16cm cone, this subwoofer really punches above its weight.
  • Phase Control – This subwoofer comes with phase control technology to minimise sound delays due to multi-channel filtering processes.


  • Wattage – 160W is the peak capacity, continued usage at 160W may decrease effectiveness.
  • Manual Amp – This subwoofer may need to be reset to switch on the amp.

The Pioneeer S-21W is a subwoofer specially designed to add impact to a home cinema experience. This compact subwoofer is an excellent bass solution to enhance your home listening and viewing experience.

The S-21W is Integrated with a 100W RMS amplifier, and enclosed with a ‘down-fire’ bass-reflex type cabinet. This allows for support for 2.1 to 5.1 speaker configurations.

This subwoofer also integrates Phase Control technology, which manages the time and phase response of the speakers from the screen. This to minimises the effect of additional sound delays because of multi-channel filtering.

Satisfied Pioneer customer Adam has this to say about his purchase:

“I was originally going to purchase a monitor audio subwoofer for my 7.1 system that is made up of monitor audio speakers) and then I noticed this sub and thought that the smaller design and lower frequency might actually be better for my small cinema room. In fact the price of 2 of these would still be less than the monitor audio sub.

Running at 50% volume it provides a rich and low thud to the sound of the T-Rex approaching in Jurassic Park. It also performs incredibly well during Marvel and DC comic book movies that all seem to have an incredible about of low frequencies constantly roaring, booming and thudding.

The sub performs beautifully providing all the rich low sounds to accompany your music.

Turn the sub to 80% and on and it begins to provide a massive amount of bang for your buck. All without any distortion. For home cinemas, this unit is neat and tidy, and provides all the cinema low sounds you’re used to when visiting a real cinema.

I’m considering purchasing another but to be honest I really don’t need to. Just glad I took the chance on this unit.”

Overall, the Pioneer S-21W subwoofer is an excellent subwoofer which offers better sound quality and picture integration than comparable products. It’s still reasonably priced, and works very effectively. It misses out on the top slot because it lacks one big feature of our #1 option. We’ll tell you what that is in just a second.

But if quality and an enhanced cinema experience are what you want, the Pioneer S-21W is an excellent option which will meet more than just your basic needs.




#1 Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer

The Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer is simply the best subwoofer you can buy today, offering comfortable easy application, speed, and a gorgeous floor-standing design. The speed, convenience, and effectiveness is why Yamaha takes our top spot. Here are some of the benefits and weaknesses of the Yamaha YSTFSW050BL budget subwoofer:


  • Down-firing – Distributes sound evenly by firing the bass down
  • Slim and neat design – Will fit into most spaces, and won’t look out of place in the living room either!
  • Frequency responses – Easily able to handle 30Hz – 150Hz, this subwoofer provides excellent performance.


  • Compatibility – Not compatible with all sound bars, make sure yours is before purchasing.
  • Size – While this subwoofer is great for home cinemas, a bigger set up may call for a bigger subwoofer

Yamaha is the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer, with a 125-year heritage. This proud lineage really shows with this subwoofer. The Yamaha YSTFSW050 is a compact subwoofer designed to be used with compact micro systems. Its size and effectiveness provides an unobtrusive way to enhance your setup.

The downward firing bass means you get a smooth result every time and can enjoy its thumps and booms no matter where you’re sitting.

Satisfied Yamaha customers have this to say:

“I have a surround sound tannoy system powered through an Onkyo receiver. I thought it had a good sound when turned loud. Many have agreed. I thought I’d add a subwoofer, but couldn’t find the space for a “proper” large speaker, so bought this to stack under the TV. It’s surprisingly heavy, takes a couple of minutes to plug in and fit the wire to the ‘subwoofer Out’ and suddenly there’s the a rich feeling to all sounds. It’s subtle, without any booming. Put on Brothers in Arms DVD and the bombs have a deep punch you feel with your body. I can’t believe the improvement this relatively cheap and small beast brings to my system. Play any action film and suddenly turn it off – the sound now feels a bit thin. I recommend it!”


“It was simple to set up and looks pretty good it has to be said. I was concerned that the size of the woofer was pretty small (60mm) – I mean what bass could a little speaker like that hope to create? Well an intriguing amount of bass as it turns out.

If you are looking to enhance the warmth and low frequencies of a small room Hi-Fi set up then this has to be the unit for you. Great purchase!”


If you’re in the market for the best budget subwoofer you can buy, you can’t do better than the Yamaha YSTFSW050 its quality and design, this subwoofer does everything you need.

Yamaha’s crisp sound and advanced technology coupled with its excellent design makes this subwoofer our top choice. The subwoofer is robust, effective, and at a great price. This is the best subwoofer to enhance your home sound system.




Ensure Quality, Immersive Sound at a Great Price with One of These Budget Subwoofers!

The right subwoofer can really enhance your driving, partying, and film-watching pleasure. Happily, getting a quality sound experience doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

To make choosing your subwoofer easier, we narrowed the competition down to the top three budget subwoofers you can buy. The Bass Face Power 12.2 subwoofer is our third choice, and is a great device, especially for drivers looking an impressive sound system without a massive price tag.

The Pioneer S-21W provides the affordable price and quality of the Bass Face, but adds and even crisper quality with its phase-control system. That’s why we’ve placed it second on our list of best budget subwoofers. The Pioneer is ideal for people who want a cheap, quality, and durable subwoofer.

While both options are great choices, the YSTFSW050 takes advantage of Yamaha’s musical heritage to produce the best budget subwoofer you can buy today. It’s durability, slim design, and downward firing technology gives the Yamaha the top slot on our list.

The best place to buy any of these subwoofers is Amazon for their competitive prices and quick fulfilment. Amazon also offers many guarantees for shoppers, and is an easy and safe way to purchase products.

If you’re looking to get the best budget subwoofer 2019 has to offer, look no farther than the Yamaha YSTFSW050. It’s the highest-quality budget subwoofer you can buy, making it our top choice.


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