Top Online Wall Unit Design Ideas for A Living Room

Home Decor | Wall Units One of the most surefire way to up your living room is to install a wall unit. These are templates which are mounted against a wall with several compartments in which you can hang your assets. For example. a wall unit can have a certain arrangement of compartments: one for […]

Top 4 Living Room Mirror Ideas – Vanity In The Lounge

Home Interior | Living Rooms Adding a mirror to your living room not only covers wall space, but it can drastically improve the uniformity and well-kept appearance of the room as a whole. Mirrors are a great way to bind together a whole theme, and are verstaile enough to fit into any living room. There […]

Small Shower Room Ideas – Making The Most Of Your Space

Home Renovation | Bathroom Whether your bathroom and bog are unified or seperate, taking a shower in a congested area is never a pleasurable experience. It’s one of the things in life which we would like to enjoy, however long or short the experience is. Taking a shower in peace is a basic right?! We’ve […]

The Internet’s Top Living Room Ideas For All Colours

Living Room Ideas | Choosing a new Style The internet is the best place to go to when looking for inspiration for your new home. With platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, there’s ideas galore for every person with every personality. Whether you’re adopting a new, modern look or going for a vintage charm, […]

Top 5 Living Room Ideas If You’re On A Budget

Our Top Tips for Home Renovation | Living Room If you’ve just recently bought a new home or are trying to renovate your existing one for a fresh start to 2020, the best place to start is the living room. After all, it is likely the first location you step foot into. We’ve compiled our […]

Top 5 Cinema Room Ideas – Showcasing Your Best!

Bringing the Cinema Home Cinema tickets and popcorn prices are eyewatering, with big screens, projectors and state-of-the-art surround sound systems why bother when you can get it all at home. The generational shift away from the cinema and towards on-demand streaming services  threatens the existence of historic cinemas, which is sad, but are we really […]

Our Top Alcove Ideas – How To Use Them Elegantly

All coves are alcoves Alcoves are small recessed, sunked, sections of rooms which provide a open space. Coming from the coves created in cliffs on the sea, they are sheltered spots. In less sea-swept areas natural alcoves are were often used as places for religious statues and shrines. In architecture alcoves vary in size and […]

What Kind Of Wall Pictures Look The Best In A Living Room

Choosing art for your living room What is a living room? Entertaining, relaxing, living. You might spend most of your waking time at home in this room. Much like bedrooms when we are children and teenagers we want to cover the walls with things that bring us emotions and thoughts beyond the everyday. Here we […]

Music Room Ideas – Feel the Melody In The Room

Music as Art and Listening as Art Appreciation The German artist Wolfgang Tillmans believes that ‘some records are just perfect artworks’, at Best Reviews we are inclined to agree. Listening to music on a high quality soundsystem is one of the most edifying experiences around. For Tillmans there was an injustice in the way galleries […]