Challenge Air Conditioner Review – 2018 – 2019

Depending on where you live, summer may have just gone, or it might just be arriving. In either case, being prepared for when summer starts is an important task. But we’re not talking about the rush of purchasing new summer clothes or a picnic set. No, we’re thinking about cooling down!

With the hot summers reaching new temperature records each year, it’s not surprising that we all want to feel cooler and be able to enjoy the ice cream melting weather. This is when we look to technology to solve our problems.

Challenge 5K Air Conditioning Unit

How can we save ourselves from overheating?

Air conditioning is the life saving technology we are going to be reviewing today, in particular, the Challenge 5k Air Conditioning unit.
The basic workings of an air conditioning unit is that it sucks in warm air and changes it to cool air, making our lives less unbearable and sweaty.

What are the main things to look for in an air conditioning unit?

  • Energy Efficiency. Class A is the top mark for energy efficiency. Reducing our energy usage is vital in decreasing our carbon footprint and looking after the environment. Every appliance looks to serve a purpose and to be energy efficient.


  •  Ventilation. Is it properly ventilated? Ventilation removes any harmful substances or odours from the air, ultimately protecting the user and the environment. This surely is a very important factor in every air conditioning unit.


  • Reliable System. An air conditioner should be easy to use and have a reliable system installed for that usage. If it can’t tell you if something is wrong, or the main facts and usage figures then that could put you and those around you in danger.


  • Timer. Maybe there’s a certain time of the day when the sun hits a well used room in the house and turns it into a sauna, a timer will turn on the air conditioning, helping to reduce the heat when that occurs.


  • Remote Control. A remote control basically makes using an air conditioning unit easier, still, it’s a handy thing to have.

Challenge 5K Air Conditioning Unit

What’s so special about the Challenge 5k Air Conditioning Unit?

The Challenge 5k looks like a standard air conditioning unit, a rectangular shape in a nice white colour, which will match any room in your home.

It effectively does what it says on the tin. It cools the hot air in your rooms at a fast rate, reducing high temperatures to 17 degrees.

Many users have recommended the Challenge 5k air conditioning unit for its speed and cooling abilities, helping it gain numerous positive reviews.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Challenge 5k Air Conditioning Unit?


  • Far reaching. The Challenge 5k is suitable for rooms that are up to 10 metres squared, making this air conditioning unit far reaching for optimum usage.


  • Energy Efficient. As touched on earlier, energy efficiency is important, all appliances are tested to see how efficient they are. The Challenge 5k air conditioning unit received a Class A rating, which is significantly impressive. It also boasts 5,000 BTU which is a fancy way of saying that the cooling output is strong.


  • Safe. Technology needs to be reliable and safe. The Challenge 5k’s system has three important features: Auto restart, self diagnosis and auto protection. This air conditioning unit will let you know if something is wrong, alerting you when something needs to be fixed.


  • Castors. Castors are those little wheels you find at the bottom of some appliances. These wheels make the unit easy to manoeuvre into the next room that needs cooling down.

The Challenge 5k air conditioning unit also utilizes an LED display, timer function and remote control, with many customers praising the unit for its ease of use and practicality.

Challenge 5K Air Conditioning Unit


  • Hose. As spoken about before, each air conditioning unit needs the proper ventilation, which the Challenge 5k does have in the form of an 150cm hose. However, many users have stressed that the hose is either too short or that it doesn’t fit their type of window, leading them to try and make a unique DIY ventilation system to fit their ventilation needs. Another way to fix this problem is to simply buy a new, longer hose which will fit your window and the air conditioning unit.


  • Heavy. Weighing in at a hefty 8kg, this isn’t a light unit to carry (especially up stairs). At least it has wheels, so if you’re on the same floor and need to change rooms, simply roll it instead of doing your back in.


  • Loud. Air conditioners are essentially the same loudness as a fan at full blast. The Challenge 5k air conditioning unit has been measured at 63 decibels, for some this is too loud, yet for others it’s completely fine. It all really depends on the sensitivity of your ears and how they react to sound.

The price has also been an issue for some users, reaching the £200 mark on a few selling websites, it does make you question whether this is the right air conditioning unit for your home.

Challenge 5K Air Conditioning Unit

What do we think?

The Challenge 5k air conditioning unit is very impressive, it has many facets that the company should probably boast more about. It will ultimately save energy, cool down your rooms in the heat of summer and work reliably.

Of course, there are disadvantages with any appliance, but despite these rather minute problems the Challenge 5k will do what you need it to do, which will shine through when the sun is at its full scorch in the summer.

Challenge 5K Air Conditioning Unit
  • If you're dreading those sunnier days, we can't recommend the Challenge air conditioning unit enough
  • You can get on with your day without feeling hot and bothered.
  • Output 5000BTU.
  • Energy efficiency class A.
  • Suitable for room size up to 7~10m².

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