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Best Chimineas For Your Money!

A chiminea is a great addition to any outdoor living space, yard, or garden. Not only will it serve as a focal point to draw your eye, but it also will serve as an effective heat source and cooking apparatus.

Choosing the best chiminea for your household is a tricky decision that should not be taken lightly. It requires a significant investment and research. Luckily, we have compiled a list of our favourite chimineas that are available for sale in the UK. If you decide to purchase any of these chimineas, you will surely not be disappointed.

Kingfisher FPIT3 Review

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Chimineas originated in Mexico, Latin America, and South America as a cooking method centuries ago. Today, these fireplaces are used to bring a stylish centrepiece to patios, decks, and even gardens. In addition to adding a bit of ambience to your outdoor space, they can be used for grilling and to warm up your outside gatherings. They also fit in well with other garden staples like a trellis, pond, or shed.

In 2016, the Bonningtons company undertook a major re-branding project by launching over 1000 new products under six new premium brand names in order to present themselves as a large, illustrious business rather than a small 'mom and pop' store throughout the whole of the UK. Kingfisher, one of the older brands put forward by Bonningtons continued to flourish, putting its name to home, garden, and kitchen products of all kinds.

The Kingfisher FPIT3 black steel burner is a sleek and sophisticated chiminea that will look great in your back garden. Its slender, cylindrical shape and clean lines will ensure that it will look great in any outdoor space. Its black steel construction only strengthens its durability and stability so that it will serve you and your household for years and years to come. It can burn all sorts of fuel sources, including wood or coal.

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It measures 135 cm by 44.5 cm and weighs in at 10.2 kg. This means that while it is still rather large, it is light enough that you can move it around so you can try it in different locations before you settle on a permanent one.

The roof of the patio heater comes fitted with a small cap that works as a rain lid in order to prevent water from seeping through it and extinguishing your fire. This means that you can enjoy a wood burning fireplace in your backyard no matter what the weather happens to be. This roof cap is also designed with slits to allow smoke and debris to be expelled from the chiminea quickly and efficiently so that the surrounding air is not contaminated.

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  • Customers seem to really like the sleek and clean look and design of this particular steel chiminea.
  • This steel chiminea is large enough to burn enough logs at one time to radiate heat for a couple of hours without needing to adjust anything yourself.
  • This patio heater is deep enough inside the log chamber that you do not have to worry too much about stray flames or sparks, even when a fire is roaring inside.


  • Although there is a place under the burner to store firewood, some buyers have pointed out that this may not be the best idea because embers fall down into the open space.
  • A few reviewers have noted that if this chiminea is left out in the rain that it will begin to rust. Unfortunately, this particular steel chiminea is not finished with a water proof paint or gloss.
  • Some have noticed that this chiminea produces a lot of smoke when burning; perhaps invest in proper chiminea logs if you want to avoid smoke from billowing out from it.

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The Kingfisher FPIT3 black steel burner is an extremely affordable patio heater that will brighten up any outdoor space. Why should outdoor activities be limited to just the spring and the summer? If you have the space in your garden for an additional accessory, you should definitely consider the Kingfisher FPIT3 black steel burner. Gather your friends and family around a roaring fire on colder nights and make the most of your beautiful outdoor living space. The Kingfisher FPIT3 black steel burner is one of the best chimineas that is available in the UK.

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La Hacienda Leon Review

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La Hacienda was started by the Goodwin brothers in 1989; the brothers were inspired by grilling and cooking techniques from their time spent in South America. They soon realised that the local chimineas were not only places to cook and warm up, but they were used as community gathering spots. The brothers brought the idea of chimineas back to the UK, and started La Hacienda. La Hacienda chimineas are now available for sale in UK stores like Homebase, Argos, Tesco, and John Lewis.

The La Hacienda Leon mesh steel chiminea is styled after the traditional chimineas of Ecuador; it is constructed from durable steel and finished with a muted bronze overlay. The full mesh body gives you an entire 360 degree view of the fire that burns within the body, for a dramatic, yet homey feel around the chiminea. The large decorative legs that support the body of the patio heater are elegant, yet subtle enough not to distract from the natural beauty of the fire that burns within the body itself. The flute of this chiminea also has a bit of decorative detailing which ties the whole look together seamlessly.\

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Another great feature about La Hacienda models is that they come in two different sizes. You can choose to purchase the medium or the large version of the La Hacienda Leon mesh steel chiminea. Both are small and lightweight enough to be easily portable around the garden. Whether you have a small or a large outdoor space, the La Hacienda Leon mesh steel chiminea will be a perfect addition for you and your family.

This particular model also comes with a handy rain lid so that you can enjoy your chiminea even in the dampest of weather. You can burn any kind of fuel source, even including wood or coal.

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  • Many customers have commented on how easy this iron chiminea is to set up and assemble from the box.
  • The chimney on this chiminea is very efficient; smoke and debris is pumped out of the flute away from your eyes and the surrounding air so that you can thoroughly enjoy your time outside with family and friends.


  • Some customers have noticed that when a large fire is burning in this chiminea that it throws off a lot of smoke.
  • One buyer that put this La Hacienda chiminea on a resin deck noticed some bubbling in the deck finish. If you put a heat proof barrier underneath the chiminea, you should be able to avoid this problem. Otherwise, make sure whatever surface you place this particular model on is heat resistant

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The La Hacienda Leon mesh chiminea is a small but mighty chiminea that throws off a lot of heat in a beautiful little package.

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Oxford Barbecues Review

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Oxford Barbecues is a modern manufacturer and seller of garden solutions of all kinds. Some of their bestsellers include chimineas and fire pits for your outdoor living space.

This modern chiminea is constructed with durable black steel ensuring that it lasts you for years and years to come. The sleek, harsh lines of this smoke stack are unique and sure to give your back garden a sophisticated, clean look.

This particular model is split into three sections. The flute at the top allows smoke to collect and then escape from the burning fire in the compartment right below it. The bottom of the chiminea is open on one side and hollow so that you can store all of your kindling and fire-making supplies.

This black chiminea has four flat sides that are angled to meet that the top. This only adds to its stylish look. This particular model is 150 cm tall and 36 cm wide, so it is quite large, but thanks to its smart laser cut linear design, it is lightweight and portable. It only weighs in at 7.5 kg.

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  • The construction of this chiminea is very well done and sturdy, so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy it for years and years to come.
  • This chiminea is very affordable even though it is sleek and expensive looking.


  • The modern look and design of this particular model may not suit every garden or outdoor space. It depends on your personal taste and decor.
  • Only one side of this chiminea is open, so you do not get a 360 view of the fire within. It also only throws off heat in one direction because of this.

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This modern wood burner is a refreshing new take on the classic and traditional chiminea of Latin and South America. It will look great in your outdoor living space, no matter what your taste and decor is like.

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Gardeco 90 cm Granada Review

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Gardeco is a well-know seller of chimineas and other fire related products throughout the UK and Europe. They also supply other gardening equipment like wheelbarrows and lawn furniture.

The Gardeco Granada Cast Iron Chiminea is a rugged and classically designed wood burning stove. Whether you are looking for a way to heat your patio in the evenings and in colder months or an innovative new way to cook, the Gardeco Granada Cast Iron Chiminea has you covered.

This particular model is 40 cm in length, 40 cm in width, and 90 cm in height. It is quite large, but it only weighs in at 16.1 kg, so you can easily move it around your outdoor space.

This specialised patio heater is finished with a brushed bronze paint, making it look rustic and elegant. The mesh screen is hinged so that you can easily open and close it in order to tend to your fire. The legs of this model are rounded and plain, perfectly complementing the more ornate and decorated chimney.

This cast iron chiminea can burn fossil fuels, wood, charcoal, even and coal. You can also purchase Gardeco cooking accessories if you want to use your chiminea as a cooking apparatus. Purchase of this chiminea also comes with a rain lid for the smoke stack so that you can use your fire burner even in the rainiest weather.


  • This cast iron chiminea is very compact, making it perfect even for the smallest gardens or outdoor spaces.
  • This model is extremely affordable, especially for being made of high quality cast iron.
  • Buyers have noted that for such a compact device, this model throws off a lot of heat and is perfect for a chilly autumn evening.


  • The steel chimney that is attached to this model is quite thin and does not seem as robust as the belly of the chiminea.
  • The steel bits of this model are susceptible to rust, so be sure to cover it up with a tarp or put it under cover if it is out in the rain.
  • Some customers have commented that the assembly instructions that come with the purchase of this particular chiminea are not the easiest to follow.

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The Gardeco Granada Cast Iron Chiminea is a classic looking model that is sturdy and reliable. Its traditional look and feel ensures that it will fit in any garden, yard, or outdoor space you happen to have.

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Kingfisher Tower Review

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Kingfisher is a seller and manufacturer of patio heaters and chimineas throughout the UK and Europe. The company is known for producing high-quality and efficient products at an affordable price point.

The Kingfisher Tower Outdoor Black Chiminea is the perfect addition to any back yard or garden. Its simple black design means that it will blend in with the natural landscape and any added decor you have.

The door to the belly of the stove is hinged for easy access and even latches for extra safety and peace of mind. The body of this chiminea is also coated with heat resistant paint. Purchase of this particular chiminea also comes with a steel wire log tray with handles so that you have somewhere accessible to store your fire making supplies.

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  • Customers have remarked how easy it was to assemble this chiminea; it only takes six screws and a little bit of time to get it put together.
  • Although this particular model is quite large, it is still light enough to move around if you choose to do so.


  • This chiminea radiates heat from one side only; it does not have a 360 degree view of the fire or access to heat.
  • The body of this chiminea is prone to rust, so it is important to keep it covered in case of rain when it is not in use.

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The Kingfisher Tower Outdoor Black Chiminea is a wonderful heat source and grill that will bring a classic focal point to your garden or outdoor living space.

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Castmaster Pasadena Review

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Castmaster provides heat sources that are different from the traditional radiator heating systems. They sell multi-fuel burning stoves that are known for their exceptional high-quality performance and incredible durability.

The Castmaster Pasadena Iron Chiminea utilises a pot belly design to achieve a classic and sophisticated look that is sure to complement even the most humble garden or outdoor living space. It combines traditional rustic aesthetics with contemporary functionality. This model is truly one of the best chimineas that you can purchase today in the UK.

This particular model is not only durable and robust, but it is also frost proof. This means that you can easily enjoy the spoils of your new chiminea even in the winter.

This cast iron model radiates out much more heat than a chiminea made of clay, making it ideal for customers in colder climates. The inside of this stove is coated in black heat resistant paint to extend the life of this fire burner. The steel chimney is topped with a handy rain lid so that you can enjoy your chiminea in any sort of weather.

This oven is extra large, measuring in at 180 cm tall and 47 cm wide. This means that you can keep wood or coal burning for hours and hours without having to tend to the fire in the belly of the stove.

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Purchase of this stove also comes with a cooking grill, which can turn your new chiminea into a fully functioning barbecue grill. Not only is your new stove a heat source and a new focal point of your outdoor space, but it is also a cooking apparatus in which you can try out new cooking techniques with your friends and loved ones.


  • The smoke stack that is connected to this chiminea is extra tall, which ensures that smoke and debris is expelled well away from your breathing space.
  • Customers have raved about the amount of heat that this chiminea radiates.
  • You can use this particular model to grill and cook, which is a fantastic added feature of this chiminea.


  • Some of the exposed metal parts are prone to rust, so if this particular model is going to be kept out in the open, it should be covered with a water resistant tarp.
  • The instructions for assembly that come with this purchase are not very easy to understand, so that makes putting it together a bit difficult.
  • Some of the joints in the belly of this chiminea have gaps; some customers have suggested filling them with fire proof cement to fill them up.

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This classic-looking chiminea is a fantastic piece to add to your outdoor living space or garden. The Castmaster Pasadena Chiminea is a classic take on the traditional central American heat source and grill that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years and years to come.

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Whichever of these chimineas you choose to go with, you will have a new, unique addition to your garden or outdoor space.

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