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Avocade Bathrooms Past and Present

During the 1970s bathrooms were a little different, rather than the pristine whites and gleaming chromes of today, and not to mention before the 70s, suites in shades of pink, yellow, orange and the infamous avocado were in vogue. This style trend fit well with the psychedelic and progressive times. Family homes, though far from the cutting edge of culture were inflected with the trickling down of these heightened ideas. A freedom of sorts, to have a lavatory the colour of a piece of fruit.

The style fell out of favour, in Britain at least it is possible this was due to an increase in homeownership and a corrolary desire to sell on these homes. Neutral decor became favoured, those old fixtures bought for their aesthetic appeal began to fade into less attractive shades. In 2015 a Daily Mail article described outdated features as a means of making a profit for property developers. Rather obviously stating that re-fitting ‘unfashionable’ or worn out features could vastly increase returns for comparatively little effort.

The same Daily Mail article cites a study claiming two-thirds of would-be homeowners do not like the avocado baths, basins and toilets. It is true, if you want to sell a home, the best way to do so is probably to install some mild, neutral bathroom. A clean, dare-to-say-it bland, look has wide appeal, however online there are now a million ways to create stunning, pleasurable design experiences in your home. Whether you plan to do it yourself or seek professional guidance, for wider inspiration we cannot recommend @decorhardcore on Instagram, a page which does tremendous service in presenting those wild ideas, like an avocade suite, in the way they were intended.

Colourful Tiled Bathrooms

Bathrooms are unlike a sitting room or bedroom, as wet rooms with specific practical purposes they can feel challenging to turn into something personal and beautiful. Sometimes though the solution is staring you in the face. Ceramic tiles have been a human staple since the Egyptians were doing their bathrooms up in 4000 BC. Today we have the rainbow to choose from as well as millions of patterns ranging from classical, Roman and Greco to modernist and abstract. Consider the size of the tiles, would your bathroom suite fewer large tiles or a mosaic effect?

A Miniature Rainforest

We have in our bathrooms an ideal plcae for houseplants to grow these natural air purifiers (we’ve also covered man made one’s here). Many varieties thrive in the moderately lit, warm and highly humid environment created by showering and bathing. The luscious foliage of a Dumb Cane or the pre-historic beauty of an Orchid is a cheap and healthy way to add colour to your bathroom- without ripping out the cistern and showering at your friend’s place for two weeks. Remember to keep your (ten thousand) succulents out of the bathroom those desert plants need arid conditions to be their best!

Our pick of plants for the bathroom are:

  • Bamboo – this wonder plant can grow without soil and loves a humidty above 50%, keep it watered and watch it grow
  • Orchid – these old, old flowers love a humid spot with indirect sunlight. Try it on the window-sill if you have one
  • Cast Iron Plant – also known as aspidistra this plant was beloved by Victorians, it is hardy enough to withstand you forgetting about it and has lovely deep green leaves

Other Less Permenant Solutions

Shower curtains are a simple way to inject colour into your bathroom. As with tiles the whole gamut of colours, patterns and prints are available. A high quality print of a favourite artwork is surely one way to wake up happier on a cold winter morning.

Cupboards and trolleys, shelves and toothbrush holders, toilet brushes and bathroom bins are easy to find in a range of colours. When looking for colour palettes it can be a fun journey to dive into learning about the colour wheel. Explore complementary and analogous matching, as well as understanding warm and cool colours. What do you think suits your bathroom and your tastes best?

If you’re wanting a colourful cupboard but are renting or short of funds to buy whole new sets, adhesive coverings can be applied and removed if you use the correct products (or seek approval from your landlord).

Finally, although not colourful in itself, mirrors add space and dimensions to rooms. Consider how adding another mirror or a different position of the fundamental bathroom fixtures could allow colour to breathe and flow in your bathroom.



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