DIY Home Decoration Ideas – Make Your Home Look Amazing!

Top Tips For Using DIY To Decorate Your Home

With more people wanting to add a touch of their personal flair to their interior design, DIY also know as do it yourself is becoming more common in-house design.
While DIY decoration offers the freedom to express oneself, it also offers a very budget friendly way of living, as many DIY décor projects are substantially cheaper than decorated items or furniture that you can purchase.

Of course, it is worth considering before you undertake and DIY house modifications, what you overall skill set is; are you better at sculpting or painting or woodwork? Do you have a flair for needle craft and sewing fabrics together?

DIY Bedroom Décor Tips

A bedroom is more than a place where you go to rest, it is a sanctuary from the modern world where you can be yourself and relax.
Of course, there are millions of DIY bedroom décor tips available online but there are a few key points to remember when decorating your bedroom with your skills.
Personality- when you come to your bedroom, you want it to be your space, thus try to incorporate your loves in to your DIY projects. Do you love books and plants? Why not make a book planter for a succulent? A great upcycling idea for a damaged book and makes an interesting talking piece for any visitors.

Changeable or permanent? – If you are prone to changing your mind quite often or you move around alot, you may find the idea of having one colour scheme or one set of accessories stifling. Why not create some interchangeable pieces of furniture in different colours or patterns that you can switch between as and when you feel like? A great example would be a wooden headboard painted in an array of your favourite colours; lightweight, cheap and easy to change.
Accessories- When decorating a room and using DIY, simple accessories can really add to the look. Why not get a set white pillow cases and using fabric paint, design different covers? If you are handy with a sewing needle, sew on some embellishments to make it pop.

DIY Living Room Décor

Unlike your bedroom DIY, your living room DIY décor will have many more eyes upon it through friends and family visiting. Though this may feel daunting, here are a few simple tips to keep it simple but show off your skills.
Woodwork/carpentry- If you have shelves in your living room, why not spruce them up by making them in to hanging shelves? With a lick of pain, some holes drilled in to both ends and some coloured cords, you can create a very striking piece of furniture that looks designer, with minimal effort.
Painting- Are you a fan of house plants? A great way to show of some DIY finesse is to personalise vases with a touch of paint, embellishments or both. If you are feeling very adventurous, why not spray paint a vase with a metallic paint, to add a reflective surface to your living room? Easy and very classy.

Knitting- if you are a knitter and want to add some colour to your living room, there are plenty of knitting patterns online for sofa cushion covers or throws. Why not create a rainbow effect with multiple knitted pieces around your living room?
*Top Tip* Unless you are going for a randomised theme, try to keep your DIY design ideas in keeping with the rest of the furniture in the living space; clashing items rarely work if you are trying to show off to friends!

DIY House Styling On A Budget

DIY and budgeting usually go hand in hand but there are some ways you can whittle down the price of your houses style even more; just ensure you pick the right materials!
Wood- with it being so abundant, wood is probably the cheapest material you can use for any DIY budget project. You can make a vast array of objects with popsicle sticks- anything from cup coasters to honeycomb shelves, you can really create some striking pieces for your home at minimal cost

Stone- Is your kitchen dull? Want to spruce up your bathroom? Go in to your nearest rural area and collect some stones. Depending on your skill set, you can paint them, drill in to them to create candle holders or even carve them. That’s styling on a budget!
Plastic- cheap and easy to paint, plastic home accessories can be made to look incredibly classy with a bit of know how. Why not get some plastic coasters and use paint to create a marbled look?

Modern DIY Home Décor

With many people opting for minimalist or quirky designs in their homes, modern DIY projects can really add an interesting vibe to your home while also showcasing your artistic side.
Lamps- depending on your forte, you can make even the most boring ceiling lamp in to a modern marvel with some straight cardboard and a splash of paint; a common theme is interwoven cubes which look classy and are extremely cheap.
Wall Art- if you are skilled at folding wires in to shapes, all you will need is some pliers and your imagination. Using coloured wire, you can create some intriguing wall art for the cost of a length of wire and some hooks. Very modern and very striking if it is colour contrasted with the wall it is placed on to.

Plants- Modern plants? No, modern ideas for plant holders! Do you have a lot of plastic bottles lying around your home? Cut them, drill holes and using paint, embellishments, fabric or whatever you choose, you can create a striking vase that is truly one of a kind. If you are skilled at working with plastics, you can use heat to melt certain parts of the bottle down to create a warped look to your vase that would cost a fortune to buy.
These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing but DIY home decor has never been hotter.





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