Ecopure Water Softener Review - Is It Worth Buying In 2022 - 2023?

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Ecopure Water Softener - Product Review (Updated 2020)

Ecopure has created an affordable water softener system with carbon fibre technology for maximum filtration, paired with hydrogen-rich PH balanced water.

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You might be asking yourself, what's different about the Ecopure water softener? Well, one of the most vital features of this Ecopure model is its effectiveness in reducing hormones and fluoride found in water, as well as filtering out bacteria.

Let's get into the advantages and disadvantages of this Ecopure water softener and see if it's worth buying.

Should You Buy The Ecopure Water Softener in 2020?

This depends on your home size and budget; if you are looking for an affordable water filter that can improve the quality of water in your medium sizes home, this softener might be worth considering in 2020 due to its competitive price. 

Whole-house treatment can be achieved with this softener due to its ceramic cartridge filters and H+ hydrogenating advantage, which produces hydrogenating water for your household. 

The water softener is worth a buy if you are looking for a way to remove hormones, fluoride and bacteria, which is something a salt softener can not do. You could use this in conjunction with your salt softener or alone for hydrogen water.

Pros & Cons Of The Ecopure Water Softener

This water softener comes with a lot of pros for filtering your water, such as its two filters of carbon and ceramic cartridge. However, like all water softeners on the market, this hydrogen softener does come with its disadvantages.

We have listed out the pros and cons of this hydrogen water softener below-


  • Uses Carbon fibre technology - The carbon fibre technology of this model protects against 0.5 capture microplastics, drugs, hormones and other containments. This allows you to be confident in the water your drinking and avoid nasty bacterias such as E-Coli.
  • Produces Hydrogen-rich water - H+ water gives user benefits such as increased hydration and is said to be immunity boosting.
  • Gives an Eco advantage - Due to its filter system, this water softener avoids discharging lots of salt, which is more environmentally friendly for the planet.
  • Affordable - This two filter set up is very reasonable as a whole house filtration system; all you need to do is make sure to replace the filter when required.
  • No salt involved - This softener is relatively low maintenance, you don't have to be filling it with salt bags all the time.
  • Eco-friendly - At the end of your leading cartridges life, you can you use the ceramics inside the housing for your garden planters to help improve their health. 


  • Not a water softener - It's likely, you will still experience the effects of hard water despite using this whole house filtration system, this softener is only useful in filtering out bacteria and giving hydrogenated water.
  • Not suitable for challenging water areas - If you are experiencing a very hard water supply, a salt-based water softener would be more effective in reaching the side effects than this filter.
  • Replacement cartridges can be expensive- You will have to replace both of you filters eventually, and this can be a cost to consider, however, compared to salt-based softeners this price would even out. 

Water Filter VS Water Softener

Now, a salt-free water softener isn't the same as a water softener. It may still eliminate some lime-scale build-up but is not as effective as in treating hard water. 

These salt-free water softeners that use filters are more useful for eliminating bacteria and giving you cleaner water supply. 

That being said, we've listed out the main differences below so as you can see for yourself what benefits you'll be getting in each model. 

Whole House Water Filter

  • Removes bacteria and containments - Using a water filter for your home will take out bacteria that a water softener cannot, improving your overall household health.
  • Needs less maintenance - Unlike water softeners which mainly use salt, these filters need much less maintenance.
  • Reduces chlorine - Very effective in lowering chemicals like chlorine which contribute to eczema and dry skin.
  • Suitable for drinking - Due to less salt, this water is excellent for people who want to be confident in their water supply.


  • Not useful in treating very hard water - Despite water filters taking away all the harmful bacteria in our supply, they don't make the hard water soft.
  • Water is not ion-changed - You still may experience the effects of hard water if you use a filter alone in your house.

Water Softener

  • Treats hard water - Water softeners are very useful in turning hard water into soft due to their ion-exchange process.
  • Helps lime-scale build-up - Water softeners will treat lime-scale build-up in your plumbing and reduce problems.
  • Makes laundry softer -These softeners will make clothes colour last longer and stay softer due to the lack of minerals.
  • Smoother skin and better cleaning - Soft water helps soap lather and reduces dry skin when showering.


  • Does not filter out containments - Water softeners are mainly useful in taking out high levels of calcium and magnesium, not all bacterias.
  • Not suitable for people with high blood pressure - Due to high sodium contents, this water is not great for people to drink who are watching their sodium intake.

Is The Ecopure Water Softener Right For Me?

Let's suppose you are looking to remove lime-scale build up in your household and filter out harmful bacteria in your water supply. Then the Ecopure water softener would be perfect for you. 

However, if you have a hard water problem you want to be eliminated, it would be best to use this filter in combination with a salt-based water softener. This will stop your hard water problem completely. 


Can I use a whole house filtration system to fix my hard water?

A water filter system for your house can help reduce calcium in your water, however, to eliminate hard water complexity, its best to use this combined with a salt softener.

Does the Ecopure water softener help me with dry skin?

Yes, the Ecopure water softener can help reduce harmful bacteria in your water which causes eczema and psoriasis

Will the Ecopure water softener give me safe drinking water?

Yes, this is due to its microfiltration system and carbon fibre cartridge.

Our Verdict - Is The Ecopure Water Softener Worth It In 2020?

If you are looking to purify your water supply entirely and have bacteria-free drinking water, then yes, the Ecopure water softener is worth buying in 2020. 

However, if you have a very hard water supply, we recommend using this model in combination with a saltwater softener.

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