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Our Pick
Daewoo SDA1806 Electric Pulse Setting
Great Value
Quest 35059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife
Wahl James Martin Electric Knife
Product Title
Product Title
Daewoo SDA1806 Electric Pulse Setting
Quest 35059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife
Wahl James Martin Electric Knife
Daewoo SDA1806
Quest 35059
Wahl James Martin
Power supply
Power supply
1.2 metre cord
1.15m metre cord
1. 40 metre cord
180W motor
120 watts
150 watts
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
‎28.8 x 28.8 x 27.5 cm; 870 Grams
27.6 x 11.6 x 9 cm
8 x 29 x 11 cm
Ergonomic. Intelligent safety system.
Easy to Clean with Dishwasher Safe blades and comes in a compact size which is great for storage.
Dishwasher safe parts and high performance blades

Short on time? Here's our pick;

Our Pick
Daewoo SDA1806 Electric Pulse Setting | Stainless Steel 180W | Serrated Knife Blade | Safety Control | Ideal for Meat, Bread & More-Black
  • IDEAL FOR HOME COOKING - This electric knife is the perfect addition to any home kitchen - with it's powerful 180W motor, make preparing Sunday roasts easy and quick with this electric knife
  • POWERFUL - This electric knife is powerful - With a 180W motor and its serrated blade, this knife makes cooking and carving hassle-free
  • EASY CARVING - This electric knife makes serving your Sunday roast both quick and easy - You can carve meats or even vegetables with ease
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES - Made with longevity and durability in mind, the blade of this electric knife is made from stainless steel
  • SAFETY CONTROL - We've built an intelligent safety system into this electric knife, which both preserves it and makes usage safe

Top Automatic Carving Knives On The Market

For decades families have gathered around at a table once a week to enjoy roasted vegetables and a tender roasted meat of choice. It was not until recent year that electric carving knives changed the way this iconic meal was served forever.

In this article, we will review the top 4 carving knives currently on the market so that you too can change how you approach your roasted dinner as well as being able to impress your family with your talented carving skills.

Daewoo SDA1806 - Our Pick!

What Features Does This Knife Include?

Equipped with powerful 180 watt motors, this electric knife has no trouble cutting through tough Sunday roasts with very little effort on your part. This clean cut is also aided due to the carefully designed serrated blade which makes cooking and carving a hassle free chore. Due to the blade's design, you are also able to cut up vegetables as well as meat without destroying the food.

Even though this carving knife is mainly designed to cut tender meat and soft vegetables, they also have enough power behind them to cut frozen foods which is ideal if you have vacuum sealed your food and have just taken it out of the freeze. It is also ideal for those times when you have forgotten to take your chicken out of the freezer and need to chop it up quick.

What Safety Items Have Been Put In Place?

Daewoo understand that most customers who buy their electric carving knife are most likely going to be around younger children. This means that it is extremely important to have a safety feature in case of accidents. Which is why an in built intelligent safety system has been integrated into the knife which not only preserves the knife and keeps it going for longer but also makes for safer usage.

How Well Built Is The Blade Of This Knife?

The most important part of any carving knife is the blade itself. It has to be strong enough to cut through your chosen meat or vegetables. This particular blade is made of heavy duty stainless steel so that it can last a very long time no matter how much it is used. You will not need luck for this to be the last carving knife you invest in.

  • Daewoo SDA1806 Electric Pulse Setting | Stainless Steel 180W | Serrated Knife Blade | Safety Control | Ideal for Meat, Bread & More-Black


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable, 

Our recommended alternative is The Quest 35059!

Great Value
Quest 35059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife / Can Cut Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Ham, Bread, Vegetables, & Fruits / 120W / White
  • ELECTRIC CARVING KNIFE – This electric carving knife is the perfect kitchen accessory to assist you at meal times, and allow you to effortlessly carve meats, breads and fruits & veg for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – This carving knife features one detachable stainless-steel blade and features a blade release button to allow you to remove it quickly and easily, ready to be cleaned either by hand, or in the dishwasher.
  • 120W POWER – The beauty of this device is that it has enough power to effortlessly carve meats and breads, but is also whisper quiet in the process. The knife also features a safety on/off button for additional peace of mind.
  • KITCHEN CLASSIC – In the run up to big family get togethers like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving & general Sunday lunches, this electric carving knife is a must have accessory for all keen cooks and foodies.
  • QUEST APPLIANCES - Quest are the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen. From omelette makers & waffle makers, to teppanyaki grills & air fryers, visit the Quest store on Amazon to view the whole range.

Tower Electric Knife

What Makes This Carving Knife One Of The Best?

Even though this appliance has a strong motor of 180 watts making it ideal for carving your favourite meats, even with its compact size. However, extra care has been taken in order to minimise the vibrations that you feel while carving even the toughest of joints, producing a silent bute efficient result.

This allows you to have more control over your carving experience. So much so that you are able to cut vegetables such as potatoes in order to create the ideal chip size.

If you tend to meal prep and freeze your food for later in the week, then you will be pleased to know that this knife is suitable for frozen meat so you do not have to wait for your meat to defrost or wait for hot water to half unfreeze your food before you can cut it to the correct size. This helps you cut down on a lot of kitchen time which is a bonus in most people's books.

How Durable Are These Knives' Blades?

This particular blade does not only have one panel of stainless steel but in fact, two making it twice as durable and twice as easy to cut through any piece of meat whether that be frozen or cooked.

Better yet, these blades are fully dishwasher friendly and are equipped with a safety release switch so that the blades are easy to remove during cleaning. This means that you are less likely to cut yourself when cleaning your device after use making this blade an all round convenient kitchen accessory.

How Safe Is This Knife To Use?

As mentioned, a detachable safety switch ensures that your blades are easily removable in case a dangerous situation arises or if you just want to wash them after use. This minimises that chance of being cut or hurt as you will not have to yank out the blades with your hands every time.

The handheld part of the appliance features an ergonomic design that allows you to get a real good grip while carving or cutting so that you are in full control at all times.

  • Quest 35059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife / Can Cut Turkey, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Ham, Bread, Vegetables, & Fruits / 120W / White

Wahl James Martin Electric Knife

Why Should I Buy This Model?

This knife has been designed with both comfort and effectiveness in mind. The holding handle has been carved out to ensure you can get a good grip of the machine, which is only aided by the rubberised handle meaning your hold will not slip along the handle.

Even though the wattage of this product is 30 watts less than those mentioned previously on the list, it is still able to produce just as tender and just as professionally carved meat. The best part is that due to the lower watt count, you are using less electricity on such a little kitchen appliance which is a win in anyone's case.

How Good Are The Blades Included?

A unique addition to this product is the two different knife that you receive upon purchase, both designed to carve different foods so that you can treat your meal with care while your high performance blades do all of the hard work.

The standard blade is to be used when carving your standard leg of meat and poultry as there is a gentleness to the blade that results in a neat cut of your meat. As for the other blade, a coarse edge helps you to carve those tougher meats and acts as a rougher version of the standard blade. This is the one you should use if you wish to cut through frozen foods.

You will be pleased to know that both of these stainless steel knives are very easy to clean due to being dishwasher friendly so that you can guarantee that no food contamination will occur.

  • Wahl James Martin Electric Knife, Removable Standard and Coarse Blades, Carving and Cutting Frozen Food, Meat, Vegetables, Food Preparation Knife, Safety Mechanism


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The VonShef 150W Electric Knife!

VonShef 150W Electric Knife - Serrated Carving Knife Set - Interchangeable, Removable, Easy Clean Dishwasher-Safe Blades Ideal for Cutting Turkey, Meat, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits - Stainless Steel
  • CARVE EASILY – get Sunday roast-ready with this powerful electric knife that makes easy work of carving meats, vegetables, bread and more.
  • LOW NOISE & VIBRATION – engineered to offer you all the benefits of a powerful motor without producing excessive noise and vibration.
  • TWO BLADES – choose from 2 dishwasher safe stainless steel blades; a heavy duty blade for cooked & raw meat; a lighter blade for bread, fruit & vegetables.
  • DUAL SAFETY SWITCH – prevents unintentional triggering to maximise safety.

Progress EK2263P

What Makes This Carving Knife The Best On The List?

Even though this electric carving knife is produced with a compact design (24 length x 7 width x 11.5 height), it still packs a powerful punch. With its 180 watt motor, you are able to easily carve and slice your favourite foods quickly, whether that be a leg of lamb or even your favourite sandwich.

A unique feature of this knife is an additional pulse function that uses the motors full power in second intervals which can be operated using a simple one touch function. Do not worry about losing control of the knife with this setting as the sleek, minimalist handle has been purposely designed so that you can grip your knife safely and securely.

Are The Blades Good Enough For My Needs?

Made with multiple layers of serrated stainless steel, this blade has the ability to slide through a range of ingredients at any frozen or cooked level as if they were butter.  No matter if your intended ingredient is bread, meats or vegetables.

  • VonShef 150W Electric Knife - Serrated Carving Knife Set - Interchangeable, Removable, Easy Clean Dishwasher-Safe Blades Ideal for Cutting Turkey, Meat, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits - Stainless Steel

Not to mention the fact that these blades are dishwasher safe. Speaking of being safe, you are able to eject the blades via the safety lock system that means you do not need to hurt yourself as you clean them.

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