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Top Electric Cool Box On The Market For Your Money

Finding the right cooler for you and your family is no easy feat, but we have curated a list of our favourites for you to choose from. If you elect to purchase a cooler from our list, you will surely not be disappointed. Whether you need one for a camping trip, day at the beach, or to just keep in the boot of your car, you can be confident any of these picks will have what you are looking for.

Moreover, we have also reviewed the best mini table top freezer that you can buy in the UK.

Berg Large Electric Portable Cool Box

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Berg is a leader in cooler technology throughout the UK and beyond. They believe so strongly in the products that they sell that they provide a minimum of a 12 month warranty with purchase of any of their products. They also promise to repair or exchange your Berg product within 72 hours should any problems arise.

The Berg Large Electric Portable Cool Box is constructed of high quality black plastic and fitted with a pair of wheels to make transporting it so incredibly easy. Opposite the wheels are folding handles so you can pull it behind you wherever you happen to go. This electric coolbox has 45 litre capacity which is large enough to store up to 72 standard 330 mL cans.

This cooler is perfect for camping and even has the ability to cool items inside 16 degrees Celsius below the ambient room temperature. In addition to cooling, this handy little box can warm food up to 65 degrees Celsius. Keep your food warm for several hours; perfect for take-aways!

You can charge up this electric cool box in your car with 240 V UK, 220 V EU, and 12 V in-car plug cables.

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  • This coolbox is tall enough to fit even upright bottles of champagne.
  • There is a small space in the lid of this cooler to store the cords in so they stay tidy and out of the way.


  • This model does not have a specific temperature control, it only has the basic 'cool' or 'warm' settings.
  • This particular cooler does not come with a temperature display fitted with it. Some customers have chosen to add their own.

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The Berg Large Electric Portable Coolbox is a great cooler to carry your drinks on the go, whether you are just spending a day at the beach or going camping for an entire week. This cooler is so attractive as well that you can even leave it out in your home. Whatever your home decor happens to be, this cooler will match.

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Mobicool W40 Coolbox

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Mobicool has been producing and selling coolers that are affordable and stylish since 1991. They are known the world over for their craftsmanship and customer service.

This sturdy electric cooler box comes in a classic blue and white design that will compliment your camping gear, beachwear, or whatever else you plan on travelling with. The split lid minimises the loss of cool air when you open it up also. This cooler runs on 12 V DC or 230 V AC to accommodate whatever power source you have.

The thermoelectric cooling technology employed in this cooler allows temperatures inside to reach as low as 18 degrees Celsius below the ambient room temperature.

With a 39 litre capacity, you can be sure that you will be able to fit all of your food and drinks inside all at once. The cooler can even fit two litre bottles standing up.

In addition to all of these great features, there is also a cable compartment in which you can store the power cables away when they are not in use.

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  • Customers have pointed out that this cooler can not only keep food chilled, but it can even get cold enough to freeze water.
  • Although this cooler has a large interior, it still fits comfortably in most cars and vans.


  • Some buyers of this product have noted that this cooler box is a bit noisy when it is working to drop the temperature.

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The Mobicool W40 Coolbox is a sound investment if you need a cooler for all of your outdoor activities. It is one of the best cool boxes on the market, and you will be satisfied for years to come if you purchase it.

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Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

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Coleman has provided camping solutions to happy customers for generations and generations. To America and beyond, Coleman sells well made, smart products that all sorts of people can use for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Though the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme does not have any electricity-enabled cooling technology, it is extremely well insulated enough to ensure that your food and drinks are chilled. In fact, ice stored in this cooler can stay solid for up to five days.

This cool box is designed with two sturdy plastic wheels and a steel handle, making it perfect for long trips on the road or weekends at the campsite. There are even four cup holders on the lid so you can have your drinks at the ready whenever you need them.

This particular cooler is made in the USA and is HDPE and BPA free, ensuring your family's safety, no matter what you store inside of it. The capacity of this cooler is 47 litres, meaning that it can hold up to 84 full size 330 mL cans.

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  • This cooler is incredibly efficient and can keep your perishables chilled for days and days.
  • There is a valve on the bottom of the body of the cooler so that you can drain the melted ice water at the end of your trip.


  • This is not an electric cool box, meaning that you must pack it with ice or cold packs in order to lower the temperature on the interior of it.
  • While this cooler is a bit on the pricey side, it is definitely worth the money.

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If you are looking for a great cooler, but do not necessarily want to purchase a bulky electric one, then the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme is the prefect product for you. Its top of the line insulation and tightly sealed lid ensures that your food and drinks stay cold for days and days, all without using electricity.

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Igloo 34067 Maxcold Quantum

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Igloo has been a leader in the cooler industry since 1947. They have been leaders in the industry because they have been at the forefront of redefining how ice chests and coolers can fit into their customers' everyday lives.

The Igloo 34067 is perhaps the best cool box on the market that is not electric. It is fitted with two sturdy wheels for easy transportation and has a locking, telescoping handle to make moving your cooler to and fro so easy.

The Ultratherm insulation in both the body and in the lid of this cooler is able to keep ice solid for up to five days, even at an ambient temperature of up to 32 degrees Celsius. In addition, the Cool Riser Technology employed in this cooler elevates the items inside in order to keep them away from heat sources like hot pavement.

The triple-snap, leak-resistant plug drain at the bottom of the body of the cooler allows you to drain melted ice very easily.

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  • This cooler is tall enough that you can stand up several one litre bottles inside all at once.
  • Buyers of this product have raved at how easy it is to clean.


  • There are no handles attached to this cooler, just recessed moulds.
  • Since this cooler is so large, it can become cumbersome when trying to store it in smaller places, like your car's boot.

The Igloo 34067 is a great non-electric cooler that is sure to keep all of your food and beverages cold for not just hours, but days.

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Vivo Electric Cooler

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While Vivo may not be a big name in the electric cooler business, the Vivo Electric cooler does nothing but impress. This portable cooler is perfect for a single person on the go. Whether you are taking an adventurous day trip to the beach or just like to have cold drinks on hand in your car, this model may just be perfect for you.

This particular model is a stunning aqua colour, which makes it stand out in a crowd of boring grey, black, and white coolers. It has a capacity of 26 litres and can use 12 V DC or 240 V AC as a power source. Purchase of this cooler also comes with a car cigarette lighter plug and a UK home plug.

This cooler does not just chill, but it is also about to heat. The thermo-electric system can cool the interior to 15 degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and can heat to about 50 degrees Celsius.

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  • This cooler is fairly quiet when compared to other similar ones that are also electric.
  • For a portable, personal cooler, this model is able to hold a lot of material.


  • There is no drain at the bottom of the cooler.
  • Some buyers have complained that the cable that comes with purchase of this cooler is a bit flimsy.

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This personal portable cooler is so much more efficient than your traditional bag cooler that is not electric. Keep it out on your kitchen counter next to your coffee maker, kettle, or air fryer; it looks great and will fit in with your other small appliances. Step your cooler game up with this Vivo cooler!

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