Epson EF-11 Review - EpiqVision Mini Projector Worth Your Money In 2023?

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If your looking for an affordable high-quality mini projector, you might have come across the Epson mini projector and wondered if it's worth your money?

The Epson EF-11 has a high contrast ratio, is lightweight and portable plus has full HD resolution, making it an ideal projector to choose from on a budget, but to help you make your decision, we've reviewed this product in more detail below.

The Epson EF-11 - Our Review

What Does The Epson EF-11 Deliver?

Before we get into reviewing the individual features of the EF-11 Epson projector, let's start with what the Epson EF-11 projector delivers and how it can benefit you.

The Epson EF-11 projector comes with a full HD resolution, an 150 inch screen, high contrast ratio and a color output of 100 lumens.

It promises to be a lightweight portable projector which lasts for years thanks to its laser light source. 

Main Features & Benefits Of The Epson EF-11

So as you can see if the Epson - EpiqVision™ mini projector is right for you we have reviewed this model in more detail below, going over it's features and benefits to see if the cinema projector is right for you.


The Epson - EpiqVision™ mini projector comes with a 1080p resolution meaning the Epson EF11 has a full HD definition.

This projector can give a screen size of up to 150 inches allowing you to have cinematic picture modes. Its picture can be projected onto any surface, not just projector screens.

Bottom Line

At 1080p definition, the Epson mini projector gives a high-quality image for viewing movies and pictures, the screen size is also great considering this projector has a short throw. 

At a similar price point, you can choose projectors with 4K definition, so bare this in mind when choosing your projector.


In terms of colour, the projector has 1000 lumens giving the laser projector a sharp image, the 3LCD in the project makes it up to three times brighter than standard DLP projectors. 

The white light output and colour light output match to give a realistic image.

For the price, the Epson mini projector has an excellent colour, 1000 lumens even allow you to view the image in daytime and color images in detail without dimmed lights.

Connectivity/Streaming Services

To stream movies and display detailed images the Epson projector is fitted with one HDMI port and also has Miracast for streaming TV shows and movies from popular viewing platforms such as Disney plus.

Bottom Line

HDMI ports are important on projectors for standard connection, although the projector could do with two ports instead of one. Miracast is also useful since the projector is not fitted with Android TV.


Next is the design of the EF-11 Epson projector. The mini projector is very compact in size making it the ideal projector to take if you are planning to move around with the device a lot. 

The projector measures 18cm on its longest edge and only weighs 1.2kg unlike larger projectors in the laser projector range which can go up to 2kg. A remote control is included as well as a 1.5W speaker.

Is The Design Of The EF-11 Good?

For portability, the design of this projector is excellent and easy to move around without taking up too much space. We would suggest getting an external speaker for this projector, however.

Alternatives To The Epson EF-11

If you're not too sure about the Epson EF-11 projector, we got a similar alternative below which could be worth checking out. 

The Epson EF-12

The Epson EF-12 has a very similar design to Epson EF-11 except it has a slightly more powerful speaker, is fitted with an Android TV for even more streaming options and is fitted with two HDMI ports rather than one for more connectivity options.

One downfall to this alternative is that it does cost more when you could buy a similar 4K projector for around the same price range, we have a more in depth review for the Epson-12 projector here.

Is The Epson EF-11 Worth It?

To conclude, the Epson EF-11 is a great choice if you're looking for a full HD projector in a reasonable price range which is portable and lightweight.

The model has better color quality than single-chip projectors and has a long lifespan thanks to its laser design. If you want a projector with more streaming options and better connectivity, then the Epson EF-12 could be a good alternative to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Epson EF-11 Projector

Is the Epson EF-11 projector a chromecast-enabled device?

Yes, the EF-11 model and most of Epson's projectors have chromecast built into them for screen mirroring.

Can the Epson EF-11 connect to mobile devices?

Most mobile devices can connect to the EF-11 via Bluetooth.

Does the Epson EF-11 have built-in sound?

The EF-11 projector does have a small powered speaker, however, for a richer sound we suggest using a sound bar with your model.

What is the light source of the Epson EF-11?

The Epson EF-11 uses lasers as it's light source which means it lasts longer than traditional bulb projectors.

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