Best Fan Heaters - Reviews & Buyers Guide 2023

Written By Nathan
Last Updated on January 25, 2023 by Simon

We independently research each product thoroughly in order to produce this in-depth review - our process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made using our links below, however it does not influence our recommendation.

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Fan Heater Is The Dyson Pure!

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No Longer The Humble Heater, The New Age Electric Fan Heaters come of Age.

When the bleakness of winter comes, heating is an absolute must. Sometimes central heating just isn't enough to take the chill out of the room. Or given the cost of utilities it would be just too expensive to heat the whole house or flat ifjust a single room is being used, then a portable electric heater (also called a space heater), which can be easily moved from room to room is well worth serious consideration.

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Modern day fan heaters have come a very long way from the three bar electric fires or the old electric heaters. After the craze of oil heaters-radiators died, due to the oil heater price in terms of electricity cost to run them became exorbitant, the once humble fan heater with increased heat output and a host of other high tech features came back. They came back with a bang!

This review will be taking five of the most highly rated electric fan heaters and vigourously assessing each one to see which of them is the best appliance to have to stave off the chill of future winters.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Dyson Pure Hot & Cool 310266-01!

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The "Space Age" Smooth Lined Dyson HPO1.

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As with nearly all of their products Dyson seems to take alot of trouble in producing a completely different design to their competitors.

The Dyson HPO1 is no exception with its hi-tech look and smooth lines, it could pass as a piece of modern art when not being used. Behind that artful façade however, is a modern age fan heater.

The HPO1 is in fact multi-function, combining air purifier, heater as well as fan. The HPO1 weighs in at just 2.63kg, making it the lightest of all the fan heaters in this review, and possibly the most easy to move around the home.

Not only does the Dyson HPO1 fan heater look different to nearly every other heater on the market, but it seems that its workings differ too.

This fan heater / air purifier draws air in through its base, where it passes through a HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which Dyson claims removes 99.97% of pet hairs, pollen and mold spores, before passing over its heating elements.

Once heated, the clean air is pushed out at 200 litres per second to heat up a room extremely quickly. The Dyson HPO1's intelligent thermostat then manages the room's temperature.

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All aspects of this Dyson fan heater can be managed with a remote control or a panel on the machine itself.

The HPO1 fan heater, like almost all modern fan heaters is able to oscillate. While many of these heaters has a swing radius of 90 degrees, the Dyson HPO can swing through a staggering 350 degrees, thus pushing clean air into nearly every part of a room and keeping it at the desired temperature.

As the Dyson HPO1 heater has no nozzles, finned vents or blades, but an elipsoidal hoop, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. All that is needed is a damp cloth to wipe around. There is no build up of " fluff" as the hot air is scrubbed before being blown out.

Probably the best safety features of this quite unique fan heater is that it is as child and pet friendly as any electric fan heater could possibly be.

Every part such as its heating elements and motor are situated in its non-moving base, away from inquisitive hands, paws and noses.

The HPO1 heater has a power output of 2000W, which considering its size and weight is quite considerable. In fact this 2000W mini heater doesn't have to be put into storage during the heat of the summer months. It can be used all year round.

As the Dyson HPO1 has 10 heat settings, the heat can be "switched off" making it a cool fan. With cool air making any room cooler in the summer heat.

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Whenever things should go wrong, Dyson offers a 2 year warranty on the HPO1 for complete peace of mind.

Unlike most of the heaters in this review, the HPO1 does not possess a timer per se, but it does have a sleep timer

As with all things, nothing is perfect. Although the Dyson HPO1 has many fine features and is one of the best fan heaters on the market, there are some things that do let it down.

Possibly the biggest marks against this Dyson electric heater is its price. By far the most expensive of all the heaters under review it may just too expensive for some.

The Dyson HPO1 's weight to some may be just too light, in that it might be too light and easily knocked over.

Although it has a "sleep timer" the HPO1 heater doesn't have a 24 hour timer like the vast majority of fan heaters under test.

If there's no baulking at the price, the Dyson HPO1 is an extremely good example of what a good cool fan/ electric heater should be.

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  • Extremely light weight makes the HPO1 fan heater easy to move from one room to another.
  • 10 heat settings allow fine tuning of the temperature.
  • Every working mechanism enclosed, making the Dyson HPO1 heater the most pet and child friendly of all the heaters in this review.
  • An incredible 350 degrees oscillation. The power to distribute heat and clean air to nearly every part of a room.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • The HPO1 can be used in the summer as a cool fan, reducing the room temperature to a pleasant ambiance.
  • Comes with the Dyson 2 year warranty, for complete peace of mind.
  • The Dyson HPO1 is also an air purifier, removing mold spores and pollen.


  • The price. This is the most expensive by far of all the fan heaters on test.
  • Its light weight. Weighing only 2.6kg, some consumers have said it is just too light.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Stadler Form Fan Heater Anna with Temperature Control!

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A Fan Heater With a Name? The Stadler Form Paul Adaptive Heat Fan heater.

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The fan heater with a name. Although the Stadler Form "Paul" won the 2017 German Design Award, and despite its clean angular lines, it has an uncanny resemblence to an old CD wrack that was the "must have" in any "yuppie pad".

"Paul" is not an air purifier, but a cool fan / heater designed to heat or cool relatively small spaces.

This tall fan heater weighs in at 4.7kg, so it is quite a sturdy affair, making it difficult to knock over.

However, moving it from one room to another is cumbersome, but Stadler Form have fitted "Paul" with a carry handle to make things easier.

"Paul" has an 8 setting heat setting adjustable thermostat ranging from 0° to 26° which will heat up a room of 30m to 60m (volume) to the desireable temperature relatively quickly with its 800W - 2000W heating elements.

Stadler Form make great mention of their patented "Adaptive Heat Technology" system.; which unlike traditional heat management systems reduces the power to the heating elements rather than switching the heating elements off once the desired temperature is reached and then switching back on when the room has measureabley cooled down.

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Removing the up / down temperature management does lead to a constant ambience that is noticeable, there's also a rather pleasant saving in electricity costs, as the heating element isn't heated up by quite as much at every stage.

To make sure there is an even spread of hot air across the room, the "Paul" fan heater oscillates through 90 degrees, making this fan heater to be discreetly placed in a corner of the room,

"Paul" is also splash and damp proof making it a good choice of heater for the bathroom or if the house or flat is prone to damp. This is the only fan heater to be awarded an I.P. 21 certificate just for that purpose.

Temperature, fan power levels, and oscillation can be set and controlled by either the heater top control panel or, for all those couch potatoes, by remote control.

For added versatility, The Stadler Form "Paul" fan heater can be used as an ordinary fan to blow cool air during the summer heat

"Paul " is equipped with a 24 hour timer allowing its operation even at night, and sleeping wont be interrupted as this fan heater is rated at 30 to 50dB, meaning it is very quiet indeed.

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The "Paul" fan heater comes with a standard 1 year warranty, for peace of mind.

As a fan heater and an ordinary fan the "Paul" is arguably up there with the best that there is on the market, having said that though, The "Paul" heater does let itself down in a couple of areas.

There were some consumers who said that while the remote control was easy to use, the control panel wasn't . It seems to many, the control panel is quite difficult to read.

It seems that while it does maintain a steady temperature of a room, the Stadler Form "Paul" keeps at a consistent 2 degrees below the desired temperature.

While "Paul" has air filters, it is liable to dust and "fluff" and needs to be cleaned and washed regularly

As it has large and vents and vanes, the "Paul" fan heater is not as pet or child friendly as it could be. Care must be taken when this heater is used

Quite a few users have mentioned that although the "Paul" heater is quiet, it does make various clicking and clunking sounds on a regular basis.

The control panel's LED display is extremely bright, with it being detected through closed eyes. There is absolutely no way to adjust its setting.

The stadler Form "Paul" heater is certainly a popular product, but Stadler Form could have spent a little more time in developing its performance a little bit more, as well as its looks.

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  • "Paul" is fitted with "Adaptive Heat" technology making the room have a more constant tempersture. This feature also helps saves on fuel bills
  • IP21 certification means that this fan heater is splash and damp proof, Ideal for either the bathroom or a home that is susceptable to damp.
  • Remote control included. All aspects of the stadler Form "Paul" can be controlled from the sofa.
  • Equipped with a 24 hour timer.
  • Extremely quiet. This heater is rated at 30dB to 50dB.
  • The Stadler Form "Paul" doubles as a fan cooler.


  • This fan heater is just too cumbersome to be a truly portable heater.
  • The Stadler Form "Paul" heater is not as pet or child friendly as it could be.
  • The control panel's LED display is excruciatingly bright, with no way to adjust it.
  • The vanes and filters are prone to a lot of dust and fluff and need to be washed and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The Stadler Form " Paul" is prone to making clanking and clicking sounds, which is highly disconcerting.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Pro Breeze® 2000W Ceramic Tower Fan Heater!

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" The Italian Job": The Imetec CHF2 Fan Heater.

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The CHF2 is a ceramic fan heater made by the italian company Imetec.

The Imetec CHF2 uses Imetec's much hailed "Eco- ceramic technology" which uses advances in ceramic heating element design, which Imetec claims makes an average 35% saving on electricity bills compared to similar ceramic fan heaters.

Weighing 2.52kg, this light weight ceramic fan heater is highly portable, making it perfect for heating, from the bedroom to a cold kitchen.

The CHF2 ceramic fan heater has a novel auto switch-on mechanism when the room temperature drops below 7 degrees. Ideal for those freezing winter mornings.

The auto heating feature is some what innovative and is this fan heater's best feature.

The CHF2 heater oscillates over an angle of 180° so that heat is evenly distributed across the room.

There are six heat settings on the CHF2 fan heater, along with the " Eco-ceramic technology" mode feature, can be controlled from either the remote control, or easy to use LED display control panel.

The CHF2 comes with a 2 year warranty.

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Unlike many of its competitors this fan heater comes with a very long 1.8m power cable.

While the CHF2 has done much for the rebirth of ceramic heating, there are some niggles that cast a shadow over its performance as a heater.

The filters used in the CHF2 fan heater don't really capture the dust and hair etc you find in even the cleanest of homes allowing the heater prone to dust and fluff, which in some instances can cause a burning smell commonly found with this particular fan heater.

The CHF2 was found to be the noisiest of all the heaters on review.

While it doubles as an ordinary fan , the CHF2 found to be wanting, and really should be classed as a fan heater for winter heating only.

While being an excellent fan heater, the Imetec CHF2 can not be said to be the best fan heater in this review.

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  • The "Eco-Ceramic Technology" feature can save upto 35% on electricity bills compared to the CHF2 's rivals.
  • Because of its light weight the CHF2 fan heater is truly portable.
  • Supplied with a remote control.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Supplied with a long 1.8m power cable.
  • Auto switch-on. The CHF2 automatically starts heating when the temperature falls below 7 °C.


  • Prone to dust and fluff build up. Needs frequent cleaning.
  • Can start to give off burning smell when used.
  • As a summer fan the CHF2 is ineffective.
  • This is the noisiest fan heater in this review.
  • Instructions only available in Italian.

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The Real 2000W Mini Heater: Enter The De'Longhi Bend Line Ceramic Fan Heater.

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Italy offers another one of its well established companies, De'Longhi. Well known for its small appliances, De'Longhi have been busy developing ceramic heating technology.

The "Bend Line" sports state-of-the-art ceramic heating elements which can heat a small room to the desired temperature very quickly.

As heaters come, the De'Longhi "Bend Line" is typically italian in its stylish design with smooth "latin" lines, it seems to ooze that "italian chic".

The "Bend Line" is by far the smallest of the heaters under test weighing in at just 1.91kg , with a power rating of 1200W to 2000W, this heater really punches above its weight.

However, style doesn't necessarily make the best fan heater. What makes the "Bend Line" fan heater so popular is possibly the way De'Longhi have made the very small ceramic heating element so efficient.

De'Longhi claims that even with a thermostat, the heater' s ceramic element has a self regulating heat output.

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The "Bend Line" heater has just 2 heat settings which can be either set from the clear and simply laid out LCD display or by its sturdy little remote control which equally easy to use.

De'Longhi have also added the anti freeze feature of auto switch on when the room temperature falls below 7°C.

To give an even airflow the "Bend Line" oscillates through 90° heating a room up evenly and according to its owners, remarkably quickly.

One of the best safety features of this fan heater is it automatically shuts down when it's knocked over. This and the fact that the heat vanes are close together makes the de'Longhi "Bend Line" pet and child proof in one of the best ways possible.

And for night time heating the "Bend Line" has a 24 hour timer to set and forget. Sleep is undisturbed as this heater is exceptionally quiet.

The "Bend Line " comes with a 1 year warranty.

The De'Longhi "Bend Line" heater does have its disappointments.

It has just 2 heat settings.

The "Bend Line" supposedly doubles as a summer fan, but its best efforts are all but ineffectual. It should stay as it is: one of the best ceramic heaters available.

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  • Eye catching design.
  • Extremely powerful (1200W to 2000W) for its size.
  • Extraordinarily light. At 1.91kg the "Bend Line" is a truly portable heater.
  • An auto-switch on feature when the temperature drops below 7°C
  • "Cut out" safety feature. The De'Longhi "Bend Line" automatically shuts off when toppled.


  • Has only 2 heat settings.
  • The "Bend Line" heater is not an effective summer fan.

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Heating On an Industrial Scale. The Tristar KA504UK IndustrProsial Heater.

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The Tristar KA504 is a no frills large industrial electric fan heater.

The KA504 may not be the best fan for looks, but for sheer power, it is in a league of its own.

With a maximum power rating of 3000W, this electric heater is designed more for heating large spaces such as garages, workshops and building sites more than the average home.

Instead of settings the Tristar KA504 has heat modes:

Mode one: purely a fan for either summer cooling, or ventilation.

Mode two: 1500W element will heat a large office or room and a workshop area.

[aawp fields="B01LX6I9FG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Mode three: 3000W element with the fan will heat a very large area such as a warehouse or large workshop or on a building site.

The Tristar KA504 has a thermostat, but no oscillating action. However it can be tilted, and its carry handle allows easier portabilty.

The KA504 is IP 24 certified making splash and damp proof. This very high powered fan heater is perfect for damp rooms or drying areas out as part of flood damage repair.

Because of the nature of its target market, the Tristar KA504 does not have a remote control. Heat is set by a dial switches on the top of the device.

[aawp fields="B01LX6I9FG" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


  • Extremely powerful. The KA504 can heat a workshp area or a very large room.
  • Very simple functional design.
  • IP24 certified. Damp and splashproof. Ideal for damp areas.
  • The tristar KA504 is the best fan for ventilation and summer cooling.


  • The Tristar KA504 is an industrial heater. It is not the best fan heater to heat a home.
  • This device is not pet or child friendly.

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Of all the fan heaters that have been stringently assessed in this review, in terms of best features, aesthetics as well as best performance, the best fan heater is the DYSON HPO1.

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