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The Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews & Buying Guide

Top Choice
Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool
  • The Einhell GE-LM 36/4in1 Li Solo cordless multifunction tool is a high-performance member of the flexible Power X-Change series from Einhell. United in this combination tool are a chainsaw and hedge trimmer with a trimmer and 3-tooth blade
  • To drive the multifunction tool there is a brushless electric motor that lasts longer than conventional carbon brush motors and also delivers more power
  • For the hedge trimmer function there are high-quality blades made of laser-cut and diamond-ground steel. A high-quality OREGON cutter rail and chain are also included
  • The hedge trimmer head has 7 tilt settings, the trimmer line spool features automatic jog feed, and the multifunction tool also comes with a high-grade 3-tooth blade
  • While the chainsaw works at a speed of 10 meters per second, the trimmer reaches 2,400 rpm. Using the extension pole you can also trim high hedges and cut high branches
  • For comfortable use there is an adjustable additional handle with a quick-release lock and harness. An oil tank ensures automatic lubrication of the chain during operation
Runner Up
Mountfield 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool
  • All-in-one trimming and pruning solution, Serious piece of kit for the serious gardener, 5 tools in one for ultimate space saving
  • Easy start 25.4cc 2-stroke petrol engine, Tap & Go nylon head and 3 toothed metal blade grass trimmer attachments
  • Well-prepared for beautification of your garden, 40 cm Hedge Trimmer attachment, 25cm Pole Pruner attachment, 70cm Extension pole
  • Single harness for easy wielding and comfortable use, Neat storage in shed or garage thanks to space-saving compact designs
  • Contents: 1x Mountfield 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool, Model MM2605, Red and Grey, Article ‎287120153/M16
Worx WG186E.9 Cordless Grass Trimmer Multi-Head Garden Tool 40V PowerShare, Dual Battery, 1 Charger, 38cm Cutting Diameter - BARE UNIT
  • Heavy-duty steel blade: With a professional heavy duty steel blade, the trimmer is highly effient for even the toughest jobs.
  • 2x20V batteries: Equipped with 2x20V batteries (supplied separately), the trimmer delivers 40V petrol-like power and performance, providing a longer run time than the standard grass
  • Split shaft design: Split shaft design for attachment capable: Brush cutter, Hedge trimmer, Pole saw, Cultivator, Pole edger, Sweeper
  • Ergonomic design: Thanks to the soft grip handle, it's comfortable to hold, making it easy to tackle the biggest jobs.
  • High/Low speed setting with Variable speed throttle control

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Garden Multi Tool Is The AOSOME Multi-Function 5 in 1!

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool 

Alternative Choice

  • Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool


Everyone knows gardening can get tiring if you don't have the correct tools to help you out, however with so many different parts to maintain in your garden, your shed can pile up quickly and become messy.

That's where the best garden multi-tool comes in, allowing you to use your power tool with difference attachments or extensions depending on the job required. This saves you from having to collect numerous garden tools.

So now you know a multi-tool cannot only save you space and money but fit all your gardening needs too, however with so many models on the market it can be hard to know which one to choose, that's why have rounded up these multi-tool reviews below to help find the best one for you.

Our Favourite Garden Multi-Tool!

The AOSOME Multi-Function 5 in 1 Gardening Tool (Editor's Choice)

The AOSOME model is one of the best budget petrol multi tool products on our list. It comes with a powerful 52cc two stroke petrol engine and has a 2.2 KW engine power rating, providing more than enough assistance for most average gardening tasks.

This model comes with a variety of attachments such as; its three teeth brush cutter, long reach 12-inch chainsaw pruner, auto-feed grass trimmer, hedge trimmer and a 100 cm extension pole for a longer reach when gardening.

Comfort-wise this ASOME model is installed with an easy starter system for quick use, it also has an EMC safety certificate. It comes with a double shoulder harness strap with a quick-release system for extra safety and balance.

Other features of this model are its one-hand adjustment range of 90 degrees to 270, a metal cover bracket for the fuel tank, high-quality chains and blades and a one-year quality warranty which ensures confidence when purchasing your product.


A very affordable and high-quality garden multi-tool with an excellent extension for any gardening tasks that may involve high branches, its safety certification and easy starter system also make this model extremely reliable saving you space and money due to its attachments.

However, downfalls of the ASOME model has to be its heavyweight, this proves tiring to use for long periods in comparison to other models on our list.


  • Reliable high powered petrol engine with a great variety of attachments.
  • 100 cm extension pole helps with reach.
  • High-quality attachments.
  • Double shoulder harness strap and high safety rating.
  • Affordable.
  • Great reviews.


  • Heavyweight.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool 

Alternative Choice

  • Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool


Our Runner Up! - STANLEY STR-4 in 1

Stanley is known in the tool industry for producing some of the best gardening products out there, this multi tool for gardening, in particular, comes with 750-watt two-stroke petrol engine and boasts four attachments for; line cutting, bush trimming, brush cutting and pruning.

Not only could this model replace your trimmer, it also has an easy start system which allows you to work with the model in colder conditions. The ergonomic design of this model should make it very comfortable to use due to its anti-vibration soft-grip handle and adjustable D-handle for a second grip when working. This model is also dividable for easy storage with your other tools.

Other features of this best Stanley model are its 150 ml lubrication oil tank, Oregon chain and bar, shoulder belt with padding and 23 cm bush cutting length. The cutting head of this petrol multi tool can also be adjusted 90 degrees for extra adjustability when working.


This Stanley branded multi tool is a fantastic four in one model for all kinds of gardening needs, it has a powerful petrol engine and is also very easy to hold, however in comparison to other garden multi-tools on our list this one has a complicated setup and instruction manual making it less user friendly.


  • Reliable Stanley branded with great reviews and attachments.
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable.
  • Lightweight and has easy storage.
  • Easy start system.


  • The engine is not as powerful in comparison to other multi-tools.
  • The instruction manual is hard to read.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Mountfield 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool!

Alternative Choice

  • Mountfield 5-in-1 Petrol Garden Multi-Tool, Model MM2605, Red and Grey, Article ‎287120153/M16

Dealourus 5 in 1 Function Gardening Tool

This Dealoutrous five in one model is one of the best tools on our list for garden maintenance due to its variety of attachments such as; a long reach hedge trimmer, long reach trimmer chainsaw, a brush cutter and an extension pole with a length of up to 105 cm.

Engine-wise this best model has a 52cc two-stroke engine providing more enough power for your average garden maintenance. This model also comes with safety glasses, ear defenders, work gloves and a double shoulder harness.

There is also a 12-month warranty included with this model.


This Dealourous five in one model is one of the best on our list due to its five different attachments and high-powered engine. Its extension pole is also handy for hard to reach places in your garden. Downfalls of this model have to be its lack of spare parts which can prove difficult if you need to replace any parts in the future, it also has a high price in comparison with other models our list.


  • Five different attachments with a high powered petrol multi tool engine.
  • Extension pole included for better reach than average.
  • Comes with safety accessories.
  • Twelve-month warranty.


  • Lack of spare parts and slightly expensive.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Worx WG186E.9 Cordless Grass Trimmer Multi-Head Garden Tool 

Alternative Choice

  • Worx WG186E.9 Cordless Grass Trimmer Multi-Head Garden Tool 40V PowerShare, Dual Battery

Hyundai HYMT5200X 5 in 1 Gardening Tool

If you are looking for a more affordable and reliable multi tool, this Hyundai branded model may be for you. Boasting a 52cc two stroke petrol engine with a manageable recoil system this model provides enough power for all kinds of gardening tasks.

The attachments of this model are; a 425 mm bladed hedge trimmer which can be adjusted up to 180 degrees in 12 positions, chainsaw, a three-tooth bladed brush cutter, grass trimmer and an extension shaft, allowing you to reach places easily due to its extra 800 mm extension.

Design-wise this model also boasts an ergonomic design and full double shoulder harness, giving support and comfort when working, making it ideal to use when doing more extended periods of garden maintenance. It comes with a tool kit and mixing jug too.

The Hyundai multi tool also can be stored easily with its attachments and has a three-year warranty to ensure confidence in your purchase.


A very reliable model which is affordable and boasts excellent attachments for all kinds of gardening tasks, its ergonomic design also allows you to do maintenance for long periods without getting tired and comfortable recoil start makes it user-friendly.

Downfalls of this model are its weight which can be tiring to use despite its ergonomic design. This model also has been reported to have quite a lot of design faults such as its throttle coming off. This may be due to its cheaper price.


  • Powerful two stroke petrol engine with easy recoil start system.
  • Attachments for all gardening needs.
  • Extension pole included.
  • Ergonomic design with double shoulder harness support.
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Safety accessories such as ear defenders are not included.
  • Throttle and other parts are reported to cause problems.
  • Heavy after more extended use.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Gentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool Acacia Wood

  • Gentlemen's Hardware Garden Multi-Tool Acacia Wood and Titanium Finish, brown, one size, GEN270

BU-KO Petrol Multi Functional Gardening Tool

The BU-KO model comes with a powerful 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine and has a power supply of 2.2 KW. Its vertical cylinder engine has a fuel capacity of 1.2 litres.

Attachments for this BU-KO model are; a brush cutter with a high-quality nylon blade, a long reach hedge trimmer with a 450 mm blade and a long reach chainsaw of 25 cm. It also has a 1m extension pole which is ideal for gardening in hard to reach areas.

Using this model is easy due to its double strap harness and adjustable position; it also comes with tool kits, goggles, safety gloves and a gas bottle. This BU-KO best garden multi-tool most importantly comes with a twelve-month warranty too for purchasing confidence.


This BU-KO petrol model is excellent value for money and has a reliable engine with high-quality attachments. It's brush cutter, and trimmer is made with durable blades for any heavy-duty garden maintenance, paired with its safety accessories, making it an all-round reliable, easy tool to use.

Downfalls of this model have to be its design. This multi-tool reviews report this model to have a low build quality and plastic parts which could be due to its lower price.


  • Long reach hedge trimmer, long reach trimmer chainsaw and high-quality brush cutter.
  • One metre extension pole.
  • Double strap harness and adjustability improve user to use.
  • Twelve-month warranty.


  • Poor design with plastic parts due to lower price.

Mader Garden Tool 69310 Electric Multifunction Grow Set

If you are looking for multi-tool to save you money and space, this Mader model may be perfect for you. It comes with five different attachments to use when gardening.

This model's attachments are; a 750 watt 250 mm electro saw, a 550W hedge trimmer and a 400W grass cutter. The model also comes with a tree pruner which has an extension to help with reach and a lawn edger with an extension for helping you landscape your lawn with ease.


The Mader model has a great price and simple to use design with powerful attachments, making it perfect for trimming your hedge or cutting your lawn. Its extension features are useful for extended reach, especially when tree pruning. Downfalls of this model have to be its lack of accessories. This model comes without a power cord and requires additional purchases to be made to complete the model.


  • Useful attachments for trimming your hedge or pruning trees due to long extension pole.
  • Robust with a simple design.
  • Affordable.


  • Lack of features and accessories.
  • Additional parts need to be purchased for it to work.

Our Verdict - The Best Garden Multi-Tool

Overall to conclude the best garden multi-tool on our list has to be the ASOME branded multi-function five in one model due to its powerful petrol engine and high-quality attachments, making it the most reliable model for all kinds of garden work.

As a runner-up model we suggest checking out the Stanley STR four in one model, this has excellent attachments such as its high-quality brush cutter and hedge trimmer, although a little more expensive than others, this will be a long-lasting addition to your kit.

Next up on our list has to be the Dealoutrous five in one model due to its reliable 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine and range of attachments such as a long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw. This model also includes great safety accessories for protection during gardening.

In fourth place, we decide to put the Hyundai HYMT5200X model. Now, this multi-tool has some excellent attachments and adjustability when it comes to its hedge trimmer and extension pole. However, its customer garden multi-tool reviews are negative; therefore, its design may not perform as well as the models above.

Fifth on our list is the BU-KO model; now this is an excellent choice if you're on a budget, it has everything you need plus adjustability and a harness. However, its plastic parts are low in quality due to its price.

Therefore that means the Mader takes the last position our list due to its lack of features and extra purchases that need to be made to power the model, all these products can be found on Amazon co uk.

What To Look For In A Multi-Tool Garden (Buying Guide)

Now we have compared the best garden multi-tool reviews and concluded. You may be wondering what exactly you need to be looking out for when choosing a model. 

So we have made a buying guide below with everything you need to know before purchasing your tool.

What Is a Garden Multi-Tool?

A gardening multi-tool is a handy and convenient piece of equipment for gardeners as I'm sure you know by now. These tools combine your most popular power tools such as grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters and more into one device which is excellent if you do a lot of other garden maintenance at the same time.

What Do I Need To Look Out For?

With all the different garden electric/petrol multi-tools on the market, it can be hard to know what factors and features are essential when choosing your model, however, it's necessary to familiarise yourself with the basics before purchasing your multi-tool.

Here are the key factors to consider below -

  • Extension- If you plan to do some long reach garden work such as pruning with your tool, an extension pole is necessary to have included with your model.
  • Weight - The weight of your model is an essential factor, a model which is too heavy will become tiring to use after long periods of gardening.
  • Cost - With garden multi tools cost does matter. A higher budget will get you higher quality power and attachments such as a better blade on the hedge trimmer and brush cutter.
  • Power source - How is your garden multi-tool powered? Most run via petrol engine however some tools also run via electricity, check before you buy.
  • Design - More expensive garden multi-tool models tend to have an ergonomic design for comfortability. However, some cheaper garden multi models with have plastic parts that can make your tool feel inferior and uncomfortable to use.
  • Cutting blades - Depending on what attachments come with the garden multi-tool, you should consider the; length, diameter, adjustability and space of your hedge trimmer attachment. You should also lookout for the type of line and if it can be fed automatically on a trimmer attachment. Lastly, check the shape and size of your brush cutter.
  • Attachments - Consider what gardening tasks you need to do and how many extensions you need, if your an avid gardener and your garden require a lot of extra care then go for a five in one garden multi-tool. However, if you only need a trimmer then look for a garden multi-tool with fewer attachments.
  • Warranty - Gardening tools with a high powered engine and quality attachments can be expensive, make sure your petrol multi tool has a guarantee of at least a year or even more so as you can be covered in case the model is faulty.
  • Wattage - Consider how powerful you need your garden multi-tool to be, if you have more challenging jobs, then you might need a power tool with a higher wattage. On the other hand, if you are using your garden multi-tools for small work, then a smaller wattage model may be enough.
  • Accessories - Keep an eye out for what accessories come with your best multi-tool, the best models on the market will come with a safety harness, ear defenders and gloves. Some even come with a mixing jug to help you out when mixing your petrol and oil.


As I'm sure, you have seen some standard attachments are included with these models above. We have listed out the main ones below so as you can see how they work and whether they will be required on your multi-tool, this can be the difference between choosing a multi-tool with fewer attachments or more depending on what you need.

  • Chainsaw pruner - These power tools are excellent for pruning trees and making small cuts on trees and shrubs. These power tools can be extended with an extension pole if your model includes one.
  • Brush cutter - A brush cutter is the more robust version of the lawnmower, this attachment can cut tall grass and weeds easily no matter how tough they are.
  • Hedge trimmer - As it says in the name, this power tool is used for maintaining and making your garden hedge neat.
  • Grass trimmer - This is great for keeping your lawn neat and sharp with lines and edges, an excellent attachment for most gardeners.
  • Chainsaw attachment - A sole chainsaw attachment is excellent for cutting wood and heavy-duty work in your garden, this attachment can be less critical for regular gardeners.
  • Extension pole - This one is less of an attachment but is excellent for giving you extra reach when gardening in awkward areas or pruning.

What Are The Benefits Of a Garden Multi-Tool?

The most obvious benefit of owning a garden multi-tool is that you can have all your tools in one place. This avoids you losing them or having too many in your device shed. However there are also many other benefits of a garden multi-tool, we have listed them out below.

  • You have everything - No more running to the shed to get different tools. This will save you time and help you keep track of where everything is.
  • They can save you space - Having numerous tools for different jobs will take up storage space, having a single device with easy to store attachments will make your life easier.
  • It can save you money - Sometimes buying a high-quality multi-tool can be cheaper than buying all the attachments such as hedge trimmers individually.

However, like all power tool models on the market multi models do have their disadvantages too -

  • Power - A multi-tool does tend to have less power than if you brought individual hedge trimmers or a hedge trimmer chainsaw on its own, this is something to consider for more heavy-duty jobs.
  • Price - If you buy a budget garden multi-tool this will impact the quality of your engine and attachments, it may be better to pick out an individual one in this case if you don't need them all.
  • They can be massive - A multi-function tool can often be heavy due to their design, do check the weight before buying as this can ruin your user experience when gardening by making you tired more easily.

Tips For Using a Garden Multi-Tool

Using petrol garden multi-tools can be more complicated than people think. This is due to the fact you have a single power tool with different attachments, unlike a standard tool which has only one head/attachment.

We have listed out our best tips below for first-time garden multi-tool users -

  • Use the safety accessories - Wearing your double shoulder harness and safety gloves is a must when using a power tool like this; this not only protects you but also gives you more control too.
  • Make sure you change attachments correctly - When changing over your extensions it is essential to make sure it installed correctly within the housing, this will avoid any accidents such as the head falling off or other dangerous incidents.
  • Keep your area clear - Use your power tool with limited objects, people and distractions around.
  • Be careful when pruning - If you are using the pruning long reach attachment when working, wear a helmet above to avoid anything falling and keep an eye out for flying objects.

Should I Buy a Multi Gardening Tool Or Individual Gardening Tool?

This all depends on your garden and personal preference, petrol/electric multi gardening models, are perfect to have for everyday garden maintenance and are especially great for the unexpected jobs that can occur. You can't have every individual garden tool on hand so this an advantage. Most of the time, we would suggest buying garden multi tools due to this convenience.

However, an individual garden tool could be a better purchase if your garden job needs a specialist tool or a more powerful tool to do a bigger job. Multi gardening models, unfortunately, tend to have smaller attachments, therefore may not be heavy-duty enough for bigger garden jobs.

We've listed out the pros and cons of both below to help you decide -

Individual Gardening Tools -


  • Can be more powerful.
  • Better for specialist garden jobs.
  • Higher individual quality.
  • Can be bigger or smaller depending on the size you need.


  • Can be more expensive buying individually.
  • Take up more space.
  • Less convenient.

Multi Gardening Tools -


  • Can be cheaper than buying individually.
  • Saves space in your tool shed.
  • Convenient having different tools in one such as a hedge trimmer chainsaw and a brush cutter.
  • Useful for when you don't know what device you will need.


  • Usually have less power and quality compared to individual models.
  • Not great for heavy-duty work.

Overall, if you know your garden requires a lot of extra care and it feels necessary to have a brush cutter, hedge trimmer and a grass trimmer, then a petrol multi-tool is probably perfect for you so as you can get more for your money. However, if you have a critical job in particular such as a hedge that needs regular trimming, then buying a powerful individual hedge trimmer is probably the best way to go as you don't need all the other power tools.


How much does a multi garden tool typically cost?

A multi garden tool can cost anything from £100 - £400 and above depending on how many attachments you want, the power, and the quality of the device. Cheaper models will inevitably have more affordable quality, so bear this in mind when budgeting.

Do I need a multi garden tool?

If your garden requires lots of different care needs, then yes, a multi-tool could be perfect for you. Weigh up what you need and what you don't.

What's better electric or petrol?

This all depends on personal preference. However, petrol models tend to be more powerful and electrical ones can have cords. On the other hand, petrol power can be annoying to keep topping up with fuel. Electrical ones avoid this. The decision is ultimately up to you as nowadays both petrol and electrical can perform a job equally well.

What's the best size blade for a hedge trimmer?

Suppose your garden hedge is an average size. In that case, a 16-inch blade should be sufficient, however for larger hedges try and go for a multi-tool that has a hedge trimmer blade attachment length of 20 inches and above, however, this may be not easy to find and could be better to look for an individual hedge trimmer for this case.

Do I need an extension pole with my multi-tool?

Extension poles can be great to help you reach awkward places in your garden, especially if you are pruning trees etc. If this sounds like you then yes you should make sure your multi-tool has an extension pole.

What should safety features come with my model?

Make sure your garden multi-tool has a double shoulder harness, safety gloves, ear defenders and has a safety certificate rating. You can buy these individually, but most high-quality multi garden tools should include them with your purchase.

How do I know which brand to choose?

A famous garden brand doesn't always mean the best product. You should familiarise yourself with the garden multi-tool reviews and specifications before making any decisions. Don't go off just a brand name and check it has a warranty too.

Do I need an ergonomic design for my multi-tool?

Yes, ergonomic lightweight design will be great for long periods of gardening and stops your arms from getting tired too quickly. Grips are also crucial for your multi-tool.

Is it easy to change between attachments on a multi garden tool?

It depends on the particular model, but most are designed for easy changing between different attachments. These points are good to look for in reviews as you want to avoid a problematic model to use when gardening.

Should I choose a garden five in one model or four in one model?

This depends on the attachments you need, most included a fifth attachment for a power pruner tool, if you're not planning to prune trees or cut high branches then go for a four in one model that has everything else such as a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, brush cutter and chainsaw. Check what attachments your multi-tools includes before purchasing.

Would it be cheaper to buy individual tools rather than a multi-package?

This question is difficult to answer without knowing the models. However, multi garden tools often give a lower price than if you were to buy them all individually.

Our #1 Garden Multi-Tool Choice

With a round-up of different garden multi-tools, we have decided the ASOME branded multi-function five in one model is the best on our list. This is due to its various high-quality attachments and robust design.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool 

Alternative Choice

  • Einhell Power X-Change 36V Cordless Garden Multi Tool


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