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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Handheld Steam Cleaner Is The MLMLANT Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner!

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Best Handheld Steam Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re looking to cut your detergent use down and start cleaning with fewer chemicals, you've likely come across using a steam cleaner.

Handheld steam cleaners, in particular, are an essential cleaning appliance to have in your household due to their portability and affordable price, they allow you to sanitise and deodorise surfaces efficiently, even in awkward hard to reach places.

However, these little cleaners are top-rated on the market and come with a variety of different features, making it challenging to find the best handheld steam cleaner out there.

That's why we have rounded up the top handheld steam cleaners on the market and compared them to help find the right model for you to use in your home.

Our Favourite Handheld Steam Cleaner (2020 Updated) -

The MLMLANT Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner (Editor's Choice)

MLMLANT have created a high-quality handheld steamer which outputs 1050W of power and has a water tank capacity of up to 350ml, meaning you can use your model for more extended periods before having to refill.

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Notable features of this model are its 20 minutes run time and versatility which allow the handheld steamer to be used on tiles, sinks, clothes and even sofas.

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This model also comes with nine accessories such as; an extended nozzle, a spray cup and a bent spray. Its multi-purpose cleaning system also uses no chemicals.

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Safety-wise the handheld steam cleaner has a safety lock on its handle and a safety cap, it also comes with a one year warranty for buyer confidence.

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The reliable and highly rated handheld cleaner from MLMLAN comes with a good-sized water tank and numerous accessories for cleaning a wide range of materials. This handheld steam cleaner is also significant due to its powerful steam which helps avoid using chemicals and cuts through grease easily.

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However, some negatives of this handheld steamers model are its power cord length which is very limiting. This cleaner also may not be powerful enough for heavy-duty cleaning.

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  • 20-minute runtime and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks.
  • Larger water capacity.
  • Comes with various accessories.
  • Safety lock.
  • Powerful steam output.

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  • May not be suitable for use on heavy-duty areas.
  • Limited power cord length.

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Our Runner Up! - Ancocs Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Ancocs handheld steam cleaner is one of the best handheld steam cleaners on our list due to its aluminium tank which has a heating time of only three minutes. This model comes with a 1050W power output and can be rotated 360 degrees for better cleaning when paired with its long spray nozzle head.

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Notable features of this handheld steam cleaners model are its nine accessories that range from measuring cups to a round brush with a cup. It also comes with different spray nozzles to use depending on the cleaners use.

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Safety-wise this handheld steam device has a safety lock to prevent steam leaking during use, it also uses an automatic power-off feature to help prevent boiling when there is no water.

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A very affordable handheld cleaner with a quick heating time and a variety of accessories. This model is one of the best handheld steamers for cleaning due to its safety features that prevent the steam cleaners steam from leaking, making it safe to use around pets and children.

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On the other hand, this handheld steam cleaners model does have a small power cord length which can be restricting when in use while cleaning.

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  • 350ml water capacity.
  • Quick heating time.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy to use with rotating parts.
  • Nine accessories.
  • High pressure for cleaning.

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  • Small power cord length.

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Comforday Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

The Comforday handheld cleaner is a very highly rated model that comes with a 1050W of power and can provide a pressurised output of powerful steam for 15-20 minutes, making it suitable for all kinds of cleaning.

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Feature-wise the hot steam output from this model allows you to use this cleaner on a wide range of places such as; car interior, hard surfaces, grills and more. It also comes with a nine-piece accessory kit that includes; a long hose, round brush head, bent spray cup, funnel, measuring cup, door/window brush plate and more.

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Other notable specifications of this device are its quick 3-4 minute heating time and safety lock features which prevent empty water heating and lock the cleaners temperature and handle.

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This handheld steam cleaner from Comforday is easy to use and very affordable, not only can this model help you clean around the house effortlessly, but it can be used on a variety of surfaces and boasts a speedy heating time for the water.

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Downfalls of this handheld steam cleaner are its pressure which is said to go down quickly, meaning you have to keep waiting for the water to heat again. This handheld steamers water tank capacity is also a little small, which means you have to refill it often.

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  • Easy to use with a variety of accessories.
  • Affordable.
  • Can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks.
  • Powerful steamer for cleaning.
  • Safety lock.

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  • Small water capacity.
  • Loses pressure easily.

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Heyesupio Handheld Steam Cleaner

The Heyesupio handheld steam cleaner comes at a very affordable price and has a 1000W power combined with an output of pressurised hot steam that can last for ten-fifteen minutes.

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This handheld Heyesupio steam cleaner also features water capacity of 280ml and can be used for cleaning a variety of materials such as floorboards and car rims. It also has a safety cap to prevent accidents when cleaning.

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Nine accessories are included with this handheld steam cleaner such as; a straight nozzle, a curved nozzle and a scrubbing brush. The steam cleaner also comes with a safety guarantee.


Overall, the Heyesupio handheld steam device is easy to use and very affordable; it comes with all necessary accessories needed to use the cleaner for a variety of cleaning tasks. The model is also very compact, which is excellent for storage.

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Downfalls of this steam cleaner are its plug that comes as a European one; this means you would need to buy an adaptor for it. Compared to other handheld steam cleaners, this model also lacks power which may lower its cleaning quality on tough stains.

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  • Affordable with pressurised output.
  • Safety cap.
  • Comes with nine accessories.
  • Safety guaranteed.
  • 280ml water tank.

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  • Lacks power when compared to other handheld steam cleaners.
  • Needs an adaptor to work.

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Our Verdict - Which Handheld Steam Cleaner Is The Best?

Overall to conclude, the best handheld steam cleaner on our list has to be the MLMLANT multi-purpose handheld steamer. This is due to its high pressurised cleaning power and large water tank which allows you to clean for longer without having to refill and reheat.

This handheld steam cleaners model is also the best because of its twenty-minute run time and warranty.

As an alternative option, we would recommend the Ancocs handheld steam cleaner due to its large water tank and easy to use design, if you're looking for a reliable and affordable steam clean model this alternative is worth considering.

What To Look For In A Best Handheld Steam Cleaner (Buying Guide)

Most likely if you’re looking for a steam cleaning device that's handheld, you would have noticed just how many there are on the market.

With all the different features and accessories too, it can become challenging to figure out what specifications are essential when steam cleaning and what ones aren't.

That being said, we have put together a little buying guide below to help you out when buying your best handheld steam clean model.

What Features Should I Consider In a Steam Cleaner?

There are lots of necessary features to consider before deciding on your model; one of the essential elements is temperature as this will determine how well your steam will clean areas.

It would help if you also considered your model's water tank size, this is vital so as you can avoid having to refill your cleaners tank too often.

We have put together a list of the most important features below -

  • Temperature - The best model should have a temperature of around 212 degrees Fahrenheit and above, this will ensure you can kill bacteria and take off even the toughest of stains easily.
  • Tank size - Your device should have a decent sized water tank to avoid refilling too often, a good-sized tank to have on your model is around 350ml, this should be sufficient for most cleaners.
  • Weight - A cleaners weight should be comfortable for you to use for long periods, a larger tank will inevitably mean a heavier weight, so this is something to consider before buying.
  • Cleaning time - The tops models should have a cleaning time of around 20 minutes, this will ensure you can steam clean a whole bathroom comfortably without having to top up the water. However, heating time will also affect how long the cleaning will take.
  • Accessories - Measuring cups and nozzles are standard accessories that should come with your handheld steam cleaners model. Some may even be able to de-wrinkle clothes.
  • Cord - Make sure the cable of your handheld steamers model is not too short as you want freedom when cleaning, you might even consider looking for cordless models.
  • Heating time - This is important if you're going to be able to continuously clean, you should see if your model can be topped up when the water is still hot. A model with a longer healing time will mean it will take you longer to clean.
  • Size - You should try and look for a steaming cleaning model that is compact; this will make it easier to clean with and to store away after use.
  • Warranty - Make sure your steam cleaners model comes with a warranty, this is so you are protected in case you buy a faulty model.
  • Safety - Your handheld steam cleaner best choice should come with a safety cap to stop hot steam leaking and an auto shut off feature which will detect when there is no water in the tank.
  • Versatility - Do you want to use your model inside and outside? For carpets and grills? Consider if your handheld steamers model is versatile enough to do everything you want.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Now you know what to look for in a steam cleaner handheld best model, several benefits come with a steam device such as easy dirt removal.

  • Eco-friendly and safer - Due to these devices using hot water as a natural way of cleaning, this eliminates the need for chemicals, not only benefiting the environment but also your family and any pets within your household.
  • Deeply cleans - The most significant benefit of using these devices to clean your house are their high temperature. This high temperature can help old materials and tiles look brand new again effortlessly.
  • Can help kill germs - If your steam cleaners temperature is hot enough, it can help kill nasty bacteria such as E-coli and other viruses. This is better than using harsh chemicals or mops as its high temperature is what helps to eliminate the germs.
  • Helps deodorise - Using a steam device can be very beneficial to get rid of pet smells on carpets and sofas with its round brush attachment. This allows you to wash and get rid of lingering smells at the same time.
  • Gets rid of dust - Cleaning by using steam on surfaces and corners of your house can help get rid of dust mites that could cause your family members allergies.

How To Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners that are handheld are easy to use as a steam mop but require more care when handling due to the high-temperature steam.

We have put together some steps on how to use your handheld steam cleaners below in the safest way possible, always check your models manual too.

  • Step one - Remove your water basin cup and fill your steam cleaners tank with the included measuring cup, don't fill it too much; otherwise, steam will not be created. Always make sure your cleaning model is unplugged when doing this and you can use a funnel to make it even easier if needed.
  • Step two - Put the cap back on and make sure it is tightly fitted to avoid any steam leaking out during use.
  • Step three - Plug your power cord in for your device and let the machine start heating, heating time will vary according to the model.
  • Step four - Point your steam nozzle to where you want to clean and hold the button down for continuous steam (depending on your device). Make sure you don't steam any other material accidentally and keep it away from pets and other people.
  • Step five - Use an up and down motion on the area or material you want to clean, for tiles you can wipe away any excess residue and for tougher stains you can scrub too depending on your cleaning attachments.
  • Step six - Let your machine cool down after use and empty the excess water away before storing.

What You Can Use Your Steam Cleaner For

There are many uses for best handheld steam cleaners when it comes to cleaning. They can be used on a variety of different household items to either remove stains, kill bacteria or destroy odour.

We've listed out the best ways you can use your model below on your day to day household items -

Refrigerator and freezer

Steam cleaners with a small nozzle attachment can be a great way to get rid of the dirt trapped in your refrigerator. Its high temperature and power can kill bacteria and help eliminate odour in your fridge.

Freezer wise these devices can be used for power steaming the ice off, helping defrost you freezer much quicker than average. Just point the nozzle into your freezer and let the steam melt off the ice, make sure you put something below to catch the excess water.


Using your device on your mattress can help eliminate nasty bed bugs or dust mites quickly due to its high temperature, you can also get out any stubborn stains.

Make sure your steam cleaner has a high enough temperature of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to do this.

Clothes wrinkles

Some models will come with a clothes de-wrinkler or upholstery attachment; this is a perfect alternative to ironing your clothes and is also much less time-consuming.


Cleaning your car with high power steam can help clean dashboards, seat interior, mats and even tyres quickly. Handheld models, in particular, are great for getting around the interior and exterior of your car and can help break down dust and dirt build-up on tyres; making cleaning quicker and much more accessible.


Steam cleaning windows is rapid, effective and leaves no streaks. Some models come with a window squeegee attachment to help with cleaning and give a crisp and precise result.

Grills & Ovens

Using steam to break down stuck or burnt food residue and dirty ovens/grills is a great way to keep your appliances sparkling and new with no chemicals needed. For cookers, you can wipe them down after to ensure all the residue has been removed.


Mildew, mould and hard water stains can build up quickly around your bathroom. Steam cleaning these problems is an easy way to leave your tiles sparkingly and kill any nasty mould or bacteria. For shower glasses and mirrors, you can use a window squeegee attachment for a streak-free result.


Does steam cleaning leave moisture on materials?

No, high heat moisture tends to dry quickly, however for some places it can be best to wipe away any excess residue after steaming.

How long can steam cleaner be used for?

This depends on your model, but most can be used for a continuous twenty minutes depending on many different factors.

Also take into consideration your models heating time and tank capacity so as you can see how long you will need to wait in between refilling.

What can I clean with my steam cleaner?

You can clean lots of different household items with your device such as mattresses, upholstery, kitchen surfaces and even car tyres.

You can even de-wrinkle clothes with your steamer if you have an upholstery or de-wrinkler attachment which can save time ironing.

What temperature does my device need to be to kill bacteria?

Your steam cleaner should be at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit and above to clean nasty germs.

Is a steam cleaner dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous as long as it is used correctly, just like a kettle, for example, don't point steam at yourself or anybody waiting. Also never remove the lid of the tank without letting the tank cool down first as it will be scalding.

Can I steam clean glass?

Yes, they can clean glass and are very effective at reducing streaks and taking off any sticking stains.

Do these devices use chemicals?

No, this type of cleaning is very eco friendly and uses hot water to clean. This is an excellent choice if one of your family members is allergic to something or you have a pet.

Can steam cleaning help with foul odours?

Yes, steam cleaning a carpet or other bad-smelling upholstery is an easy way to get rid of lingering smells due to its high heat. This can eliminate pet odours from carpets and sofas too with no nasty chemicals.

How much does a handheld steam device usually cost?

This depends on your model, but handheld ones are usually under £70 depending on their power and what features they have.

How do steam cleaners work?

The device heats then will force the steam through a pressurised jet to clean materials thoroughly, the temperature also sanitises surfaces and allows you to be deep cleaning with no chemicals needed.

Can steam cleaning device kill bed bugs and help allergies?

Yes, if used on mattresses it can effectively kill bedbugs due to its high temperature, although this does depend on how bad the infestation is.

Allergy wise these cleaners can also help get rid of dust mites in your household.

How quickly should a steam cleaner take to heat up?

A steam cleaner should only take 3-4 minutes to heat. However, some can take as little as 30 seconds; the quicker, the better as this means you can reduce your cleaning time.

Our #1 Handheld Steam Cleaner

To conclude, our number one handheld steamer for cleaning is the MLMLANT model due to its high-quality design and large water tank capacity, which allows you to steam clean for long periods.

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This model also has a high enough temperature to kill bacteria and boasts a twenty-minute running time which is long enough to clean an individual bathroom thoroughly, making it the best handheld steam cleaners model on our list.

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