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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Head Torch For Jogging Is The Head Torch LED!

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The Top 3 Head Torches for Running

Head Torch Devices for Running are an Essential Safety Accessory to Help Protect Yourself, Alert Others to Your Presence and Give You Piece of Mind When Running at Night, Before Dawn or When Inclement Weather Arises.

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A runner’s motivation need not be hindered when there is not any natural light and doesn’t have to be a problem if you select a good head torch for when you do.

Getting in a good run is refreshing whether you like a brisk pre dawn run or as a way to unwind from the day and prefer to get a good night run in. Often times the weather plays a role against good running conditions but with a head torch you can persevere and keep on track in your training with an added sense of security.

Modern innovation and technology have made wearing a head torch lightweight, comfortable, and effective.

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Years ago we were stuck with huge halogen lamps and their matching weighty battery packs but LED technology has changed all that. Weight and bulk immediately dropped to handy pocket size and over the past few years bulb power and battery life have increased giving us a fantastic range of lighting that makes everything from reading a book in your tent to mountain biking down a hillside at midnight easier than ever.

Todays headlamps are made with lightweight materials yet are constructed to not only withstand the elements but to illuminate them.

How to choose the right running head torch for you.

Lets break down the techs and specs to help you choose which headlamp is best for you.

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The vast majority of today’s head torches and all of the models listed below use light-emitting diode (LED) technology. LED’s are non-breakable, lightweight and require very little power in comparison to a standard bulb.

To help determine what head torch is best for you, consider where you’ll be doing the majority of your running (i.e. on partially-lit roads or remote trails) and also the length of time you need the batteries to last for.

The power of head torches is measured in lumens and the greater the lumens the more light you will have at your at your disposal.

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The maximum brightness of a head torch is measured in lumens, and this can stretch from as low as 50 to a blinding 1000 lumens and beyond. The more lumens a head torch packs in, the more illuminated the path in front of you – the downside is that the more powerful the beam, the shorter the battery life. Around 300 lumens is recommended if you’re heading somewhere pitch dark and rural, less than 300 lumens will be adequate in semi-lit areas. Head torches usually use single or multiple LED lights, a krypton or halogen bulb, or a hybrid of two types. Multiple LED lights are the most effective, and generally provide the best balance of brightness to battery life. Note that different models focus their lumens in different ways (also called a beam pattern) – a long narrow beam is very useful for runners and cyclists as it illuminates the way ahead, whilst a wider beam is great for camping and working outdoors at night.

What other features are there to consider?

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Many head torches list a total burn time (the amount of useful light you’ll get from a full battery), but it’s hard to compare them properly because so many factors affect battery life. Still, a head torch that boasts a long burn time is a sensible idea if you’re roaming away from home. However, remember that cold weather can eat away fast at a full battery – batteries do not perform as well at low temperatures.

Many head torches use regular alkaline batteries. Lithium ion (Li-ion) or Lithium polymer (Li-po) batteries are a handy feature that saves both money and the environment, and some lights are rechargeable via a USB cable, which means you can recharge them from a portable. These are less useful if you’re off on a multi-day hike or wild camp away from home – in that case you’re better off picking a torch that takes AA or AAA batteries, and packing lots of spares. Whether those are single-use or fully charged rechargeables is up to you.

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Head torches either come with batteries built into the central light or in a separate battery pack – if you buy the latter, check the pack sits well on your head and doesn’t feel irritating to wear. Most head torches are adjustable, allowing you to aim the beam up and down as needed. A red light setting is useful for better night vision if you’re out watching wildlife, and water resistance is a must if you’re planning to go exploring in  inclement weather.

Many devices come with three AAA batteries and can be partnered with rechargeable batteries for even more extended life of your device.

Head torches have many versatile uses in addition to running.

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There are many uses for head torches such as riding, dog walking, camping, or even navigating your way through your own back yard. They also make great back ups for checking fuse boxes when the electric goes off! These little devices offer many practical uses and are also a terrific gift to children, who will be delighted with the novelty of the device as well as being able to use it for more practical reasons such as bike riding, reading in bed or just playing in the back yard under the stars.

Even though there are many options available for purchase, these top three head torches have everything you could ask for in a head torch and more.

The Top Three Head Torches for Running

#3 Hero Beam LED Head Torch Review

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The HeroBeam LED Head Torch offers innovation and practicality from running to camping to combine loads of features into a small gadget such as:

  • CREE XP-E LED Technology
  • Comfortable elastic headband
  • Lamp tilt adjustment
  • Waterproof to IPX6 standard
  • Shockproof
  • CE and RoHS Safety certified
  • 5 Year Warranty + 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Hero Beam LED head torch is one of the best pocket-sized headlamps for running and the sky is the limit for all of the other uses this little number can do with its super long battery life and CREE XP-E LED technology. CREE XP-E LED technology means more light from less battery power. This single LED head torch replaces and outshines a cluster of simple LEDs to give up to 120 hours run time so it wont let you down when you need it.

This super bright head torch has an output of 168 lumens, which can illuminate up to 360 (110 meters) feet away! That's the size of a football field and yet it fits easily in a pocket.

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Its waterproof to IPX6 standard means no rain can penetrate and it can even withstand accidental immersion in water. Its also remarkably shock proof and remained undamaged from a drop of 5 feet and are made with quality durable construction.

The HeroBeam is the brightest single unit head torch and the easiest to use with its two button deign, which gives simple control of 6 modes including: white super bright, soft lighting for night time reading, steady red for battery preservation and wildlife observation, strobe white for running at twilight or dusk. With its SOS flashing, the dots and dashes style flash for emergency situations and can even be potentially life saving. The SOS is visible from at least 1 kilometer and should be used responsibly.

It also has and Easy-OFF feature to remove the annoyance of having to cycle through modes to switch off.

Made with high quality weatherproof construction and a comfortable elastic headband it is fully adjustable to fit adults and children. The lightweight single unit design weighs only 90g with batteries so it won’t bob during running or jogging activities.

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The CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformity mark on many products placed on the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

The HeroBeam head torch comes with a five-year warranty including a thirty day 100% satisfaction guarantee to deliver a product you can rest assured in and are located in GB with UK customer service. Three Duracell batteries are included with purchase.

As online user David B. stated in Gadgets from God, “not the cheapest head torch in town but the quality is amazing and the warranty made me feel rest assured and buyer confident`’.

The HeroBeam LED head torch is perfect for running, jogging, fishing, camping, reading in bed or wherever you need hands free lighting in a dependable, pocket sized band.

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#2 Alien Scout Head Torch Review

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This high end, professional headlamp for running by Alien Scout delivers shock proof and weather proof capabilities and includes these contemporary features:

  • Ultra bright LED
  • Versatile modes
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • Machine washable headband
  • Battery Life Ranges from 30-120 Hrs. (Based on Use)
  • Portable hard case

Enjoy the best headlamp for camping, hiking, running, working with your hands with the Alien Scout LED Headlamp!

This premium headlight offers multiple light display modes, two useful colours, adjusts easily to fit most head sizes, and projects light up to 110 meters. That means you can continue having fun long before the sun comes up or long after it goes down, and you don't even have to keep a flashlight in one hand.

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The alien scout head torches features a powerful 168 lumens spotlight designed with the latest CREE XP-E LED Technology that can shine light up to 110 meters. That means you can see clearly at night from one end of a football pitch to the other! Talk about bright! With 6 modes plus long lasting battery life, you can expect up to 120 hours of use on a single set of batteries and six modes of use bring you ultra bring you red night vision, red flashing dots and dashes morse, white ultra bright and more!

This unique headlamp is made from five star quality construction to provide weatherproof, shockproof reliability and is cleverly designed as one size fits all. It’s easy to use and offers a rotatable body that can turn up to 70 degrees. The alien scout is a lightweight, pocket sized head torch (90g with batteries) that it won't bob during running or cycling. And with a single, easy-to-manage slide strap, you can adjust the comfort on the fly.

Each of these premium head torches comes standard with a sturdy, hard case with interior mesh pocket, which makes it easy to store and travel. A carabiner is built into the case so you can clip it to a backpack, your belt or anywhere else. And as an added bonus, three Duracell batteries come included with purchase.

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Amazon verified purchaser, I.R. Johnson gave Alien Scout 5 stars and had this to say about the product, "Although the buttons for turning on and off are a but small and stiff to press, this minor complaint is not going to stop me giving this little torch full marks, it seems well thought out, very well made and is easily bright enough for probably almost everyone. Some previous head torches have failed dismally when it comes to straps which loose their elasticity very quickly making them totally useless as a head torch, I don't think for a minute this torch will have to same problem as the straps seem good quality, the case is a nice addition and I like the space contained within for storage of spare batteries. The torch head tilts on a sort of ratchet arrangement so will lock in various positions so can be set to illuminate the ground just in front of the feet, useful when traversing rough ground or further afield.

The battery compartment is slightly hard to open but there are some raised pieces of the case to grip on when pulling the clip back so its not a problem once you have the hang of it and as time goes by will probably be easier as the case wears. The thank you message from the supplier is a nice personal touch even though it is probably automated but to me it shows that they actually care about their customers, something sadly lacking in many other businesses, these torches are going to be on my family Christmas present list, so that's a few people sorted and its only May so there is going to be fewer headaches wondering what to buy for some of them this year. For anyone trying to choose a head torch my message is don't bother looking any further, this one is the one to choose and it’s meant to be made in Britain which is a breath of fresh air these days. You won't be disappointed."

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For the fashion conscious, the design of the Alien Scout head torch is sure to thrill children and adults alike with its black headband and bright neon green alien logo.

The alien scout comes with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee coupled with UK customer service from this British company.

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#1 FFEXS Headlamp LED Review

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The FFEXS Headlamp LED Headlight offers maximum comfort with an economical price and has the following competitive features:

  • Ultra bright LED light
  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 5 lamp modes
  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 8.4 x 7.6 cm; Weight: 40 grams
  • 2 year warranty

This high quality LED light torch produces a 160 lumen ultra bright light and illuminates such activities as running, camping, hunting, hiking and more! There is a durable USB rechargeable 1200mAh battery included for long time spans with 5 lamp modes: centered, strobe, flashlight, red and flash red functions. The FFEXS hands free headlamp has 2 light bulbs that can be used independently from each other or at the same time and includes a one size fits all headband strap that is adjustable for children and adults.

Make the most out of your adventure outings with the FFEXS headlamp that can provide you with the right needed light during camping trips, hiking in the woods or even when climbing mountains! This hands free unit will help you navigate through the dark when running, walking, map reading or when you simply just want a light to accompany you.

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This headlamp can also be very convenient around the house when looking for something, fixing a fuse box, working on your car from home or in place of a flashlight for hands free use and features an easy, adjustable headband for children, women and men.

The usb cable can be plugged into an iPhone or any other power source of your choice and takes approximately 4-6 hours to be fully charged up.

The FFEXS Headlamp LED Headlight offers up a multi use head torch for a fraction of the cost of many other brands without sacrificing capability.

Budget friendly pricing make this item a fun, thoughtful gift for both children and adults.

The FFEXS offers 100% customer satisfaction, risk free offer and are always ready to help you get the most out of your product.

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Utilizing a head torch device provides not only safety and security for runners but offers many different uses for a variety of activities.

Running at night or at predawn is an exhilarating experience but it does carry some risk so having a head torch offers safety and security for a more confident run.

Head torches provide a multitude of uses in addition to running such as camping, hunting, nature watching, fishing, automobile repair, reading and whatever else your imagination can come up with! Best of all, the emergency red LED functions allow you to be seen from a distance of 300 m for 30 hours should the need arise. Please use responsibly.

All of the head torches listed above offer the latest in head lamp technology and with their budget friendly pricing there is little to worry about should yours get lost as they can be easily be replaced at this financial level bringing additional piece of mind.

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There’s not a bad purchasing choice to be made in this review, just think about what you need in terms of output, make sure it fits your head and your budget comfortably and get ready to head out into the night with confidence!

The best place to buy any of these head torches for running is on Amazon for their competitive prices and quick delivery. Amazon is also an easy and safe way to purchase products.

Purchase your favorite one here today!

Moreover, we have also written a review article about the best heated body warmer that will help you in the winters of the UK.

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