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Best Headlight Restoration Kits

Top Choice
Plextone Professional Headlight Restoration Kit
  • Designed to restore clarity to the lens of the headlights that have become yellow, cloudy or foggy.
  • The headlight lens restoration kit improves the performance of the headlights.
  • Three simple steps: sand, polish and protect. Easier than replacing an old lighthouse. It comes with easy-to-use instructions
  • The car headlight restoration kit does not include the domestic polishing machine
  • Rate the headlights, taillights, fog lamps or directional lights. This kit is intended to restore 2 headlights.
Runner Up
Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit
  • Everything need to restore dull and cloudy headlight lenses
  • Quickly, safely and effectively renovate plastic headlight lenses
  • Designed for use with an electric drill
  • Dull, cloudy headlight lenses can spoil the face of your car and hamper the performance of the bulbs
Meguiar's G1900KEU One-Step Plastic Car Headlight Restoration Kit for oxidised, foggy & yellow plastic car headlights
  • HEADLIGHT RESTORATION: Don’t replace your plastic headlights, restore them
  • IMPROVED NIGHT-TIME VISIBILITY: Restore your headlights to improve your night time visibility
  • FAST and EASY: Fast and easy to use kit to remove scratches, fogging, yellow staining, oxidisation and grime in your plastic headlights
  • PLASTIC HEADLIGHT RESTORATION KIT: Suitable for plastic car headlights, plastic motorcycle windscreens, plastic helmet visors, plastic taillights and more
  • SAFE: Meguiar’s Plast-RX is safe and effective on all clear plastics
  • G1900K Headlight Restoration Kit (4-piece shipper)


Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Headlight Restoration Kit Is The 3M 39073 Headlight Lens!

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Plextone Professional Headlight Restoration Kit DIY Headlamp Brightener Car Care Repair kit !

  • Plextone Professional Headlight Restoration Kit DIY Headlamp Brightener Car Care Repair kit Head Lense Clean(manual) (S205-M)

Top Headlight Restoration Kits Reviewed

How to Keep Your Car Top-Notch with Minimal Stress and Effort:

Passing your driving test is one of the great freedoms of growing up. Being able to drive provides independence and freedom in a way that few other things do. Cars require upkeep though, and without the right kit, this can be expensive and time consuming.

You don’t have to pay for expensive garage services to keep your car running to a safe and efficient standard.

The longer we drive our cars, the more likely our headlights are to become hazy and scratched. Aside from looking messy, this can mean less light at night, and make driving more dangerous. But fixing this problem doesn’t have to mean stress and expense.

For a quick fix to our headlights, you can’t go wrong with a headlight restoration kit.

In the past, replacing damaged headlight covers was an expensive necessity to preserve safety, but now there are plenty of options for cheaply restoring your headlights yourself. A headlight restoration kit is a cheap and easy way to keep your car looking good and staying safe.

The Best Choice for Headlight Restoration Kits In 2021

The right headlight repair kit can keep your car lights functioning smoothly and effectively. Walking into any auto-garage, you’ll be faced with a whole wall of options for headlight restoration kits. We’ve gone through dozens of products in search of the best headlight restoration kits you can buy today.

To help narrow down the dozens of options, we’re only considering headlight restoration kits which offer ease of use, a good price, and effective results. Here are our top picks:

#3 Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit

Autoglym is well-known for producing quality auto-equipment. For a quick overview of all this kit has to offer, here are some of its benefits and weaknesses:


  • Multi-step– With 800, 1500, 2000, and 3000 grit sandpaper, all the stages you need for gleaming lights are included.
  • Clear Instructions – The instructions are laid out cleanly and clearly; anyone will be able to succeed just by reading through the steps.


  • Sealant – Unfortunately, sealant is not included in this kit, so you may have to purchase this individually.
  • Sanding Discs – The sanding discs aren’t the coarsest, so for really bad headlights, a bit more effort may be required.

The Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit is effective for restoring clarity to your headlights. It is designed to work with any electric drill, and can quickly, safely and effectively restore plastic headlight lenses. The kit includes everything you need to restore your lights including:

  • 100ml Headlight Restoration Compound
  • 1 x Drill bit backing plate
  • 6 x P800 sanding abrasive disc
  • 4 x P1500 sanding abrasive disc
  • 1 x P2000 sanding foam disc
  • 1 x P3000 sanding foam disc
  • 1 x White compounding pad
  • 1 x Microfibre cloth

All of these details make the Autoglym restoration kit perfect for the difficult headlights.

This is what Phillip had to say in his online review:

“Have a 14 year old Passat that looks and drives very well. Although the bodywork is good, the garage said at the last MOT that the headlights lenses were cloudy and it may fail next time. So, after some researching, decided to buy the Autoglym Kit. Arrived promptly and after reading the instructions, attached the abrasive discs to my drill and started carefully moving the drill up and down and sideways across the lenses. The lenses felt much smoother and after making sure all the scratches had gone, put on the restoring compound and like before, went across and up and down the lenses making sure the pad was kept moist at all times by spraying it with water. Cleaned with the microfibre cloth provided and was amazed. They were like new and very bright when I put them on full beam.”

The reason the Autoglym kit isn’t higher on the list is because of it lacks some of the features of the other kits on our list. But for a reliable headlight restoration kit at an affordable price, it deserves this spot on our list.


  • Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit

#2 Meguiar's G1900UK One-Step Headlight Restoration Kit

The Meguiar G1900UK comes in second on our list of best headlight restorers because of its versatility, speed, and convenience. Some of the pros and cons of this kit include:


  • Easy-to-use – With only one-step to cleaning your lights, this is an efficient, simple process.
  • Speed – This kit cleans headlights in only 15 minutes per light!


  • Detailing – No detailing tape is included in this kit. For more precise jobs, you may wish to order this separately.
  • Careful handling – Keep out of contact with the eyes, as the cleaning compound can cause irritation.

Meguiar's G1900UK One-Step Headlight Restoration Kit restores cloudy, scratched, oxidized and yellowed, headlights to clarity.

Meguiar's cleaning formula works in tandem with their buffing pad and your drill to safely deliver results remarkably quickly.

A great bonus of this kit is that there are no extra steps or complicated solutions, simply apply cleaning fluid and pressure to remove, surface contaminants, oxidation, cloudiness and yellowing. The kit includes:

  • Plast-RX bottle (118ml)
  • 1 Drill Operated Easy Buff Wool Pad
  • 1 Sanding Pad (5cm x 5cm)
  • 1 Finishing Pad (5cm x 5cm)

Satisfied Meguiar customers have this to say about their purchases:

“Took 15 minutes per headlight to restore to absolutely like new. Amazing. It also cleaned up all the horrid mess I'd made from my previous unsuccessful attempts. There's enough left to do another set.”


“Really does work, great stuff, this was last chance before new lamps, but excellent results!”


Overall, the Meguiar's G1900UK One-Step Headlight Restoration Kit is an excellent headlight restoration kit which offers more speed and ease of use than comparable products. It’s still reasonably priced, and works very effectively. It misses out on the top slot because it lacks one big feature of our #1 option. We’ll tell you what that is in just a second.

But if speed and ease are what you want, the Meiguar is an excellent option which will meet more than just your basic needs.

  • Meguiar's G1900KEU One-Step Plastic Car Headlight Restoration Kit for oxidised, foggy & yellow plastic car headlights

#1 3M 39073 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit

The 3M 39073 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is simply the headlight restoration kit you can buy today, offering comfortable easy application, speed, and minimal fuss. The speed, convenience, and effectiveness is why 3M’s 39073 takes our top spot. Here are some of the benefits and weaknesses of the 3M 39073 restoration kit:


  • Effectiveness – The wet-sanding process ensures crystal clarity
  • Graded sand pads – The graded sand pads means that any headlights can easily be repaired.
  • Versatility – Not limited to headlights, this kit is effective on restoring clarity to all plastic surfaces including tail-lights, motorcycle lights, and trailers.


  • Masking Tape – For best effects, use masking tape, unfortunately not included!
  • RPM – This is only effective between 1200 – 1600 rpm, fortunately, this is plenty for most house-hold drills.

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is gives DIY enthusiasts an easy way to repair their vehicle's plastic lens surfaces. The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit contains various graded sanding pads, pad holders, buffing pads, polish and detailed instructions - everything users need to turn their household drill into a low-cost solution to a dangerous automotive problem.

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Kit is quick and effective, including a two-step wet sanding process for increased clarity. This the first sanding smooths the surface of the light, the second removes the dull layer. You’ll need masking tape and a spray bottle for the best effect, but otherwise everything that you need is included in the kit which includes:

  • 1-disc pad holder
  • 1-3M soft interface pad
  • 6-3M sanding discs
  • 4-3M finishing discs
  • 1- 3M trizact discs
  • 1-3M headlight lens polish/rubbing compound (1 oz.)
  • 1-buffing pad, step-by-step directions.

Satisfied 3M users have this to say:

“I'm very, very pleased to say it did a perfect job and I now have a 12 year-old headlight that's just as clear and bright as the brand new one. The instructions on this kit are easy to follow, just fit the sanding pad holder to your drill and follow the steps. Within 20 minutes I'd sanded, smoothed, buffed and polished my headlight and that was it. There's comfortably enough sanding discs and rubbing compound for two headlights although I only needed one.

Honestly, if you've got some old, tired looking headlights and your MoT test is starting to warn you about reduced light output from them, get one of these kits and 45 minutes later they will be pretty much as good as new. I'm just kicking myself that I didn't take a before and after photo!”


“Well I was looking to clear up my cloudy headlights (had tried toothpaste, which provides a temporary fix) and was looking for a more permanent solution. Had contemplated getting new lights on eBay. Then I thought I’d give this a try. I'm delighted I did.”


If you’re in the market for the best headlight restoration kit you can buy, you can’t do better than 3M 39073 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit. With its ease and effectiveness, this kit does everything you need.

The 3M’s simplicity and versatility coupled with its abilities to create crystal-clear lenses make it this kit our top choice. The kit is user-friendly, effective, and at a great price. This is the best kit to keep your headlights functioning safely.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Plextone Professional Headlight Restoration Kit DIY Headlamp Brightener Car Care Repair kit !

  • Plextone Professional Headlight Restoration Kit DIY Headlamp Brightener Car Care Repair kit Head Lense Clean(manual) (S205-M)

Ensure a Safe, Good-Looking Care with a Quick and Convenient Headlight Restoration Kit

Being able to drive provides independence and freedom in a way that few other things do, and ensuring the upkeep of your car doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right equipment.

To make maintaining your headlights easier, we narrowed the competition down to the top three headlight restoration kits you can get. The Autoglym Headlight Restoration Complete Kit is our third choice, and is a great device for drivers looking an effective solution to their headlights without a massive price tag.

The Meguiar's G1900UK provides the affordable price and convenience of the Autoglym, but adds even more efficiency with its one-step cleaning process. That’s why we’ve placed it second on our list of best headlight restoration kits. The Meguiar is cheap, fast, and effective. It is an ideal option for drivers who require speed and convenience.

While both options are great choices, the 3M 39073 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit covers all the bases. With its graded sand-pads and versatile applicability, the 3M 39073 provides solutions for any driver. It is these factors which gives the 3M 39073 the top spot on our list.

The best place to buy any of these repair kits is Amazon for their competitive prices and quick fulfilment. Amazon also offers many guarantees for shoppers, and is an easy and safe way to purchase products.

If you’re looking to get the best headlight repair kit 2019 has to offer, look no farther than the 3M 39073. It’s the most effective and convenient headlight repair kit for any driver, making it our top choice.

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