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We independently research each product thoroughly in order to produce this in-depth review - our process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made using our links below, however it does not influence our recommendation.

Editor's Choice
Ryobi RPT4545M 450W Pole Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Green and Black
  • Powerful 450W motor
  • 45cm Laser-cut precision blades for clean cut
  • Capable of cutting large branches with 20mm blade gap
  • 135° articulating, 4-position cutting head for versatile trimming. Blade speed (rpm): 1700
  • Length extends to 2.6m with centre shaft, providing a reach up to 4m
  • Removable shaft provides both long reach and convenient storage. Bar Length 400 mm, Cut Capacity 17 mm
Runner Up
Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw
  • POLE SAW AND POLE HEDGE TRIMMER FOR LARGE GARDENS - 2-in-1 pole saw lets you easily switch between tools so you can cut, trim and prune hedges and trees with a long reach pole that gives you up to 2.4m reach
  • NEW GENERATION LITHIUM 40V 2Ah BATTERY – powered by an advanced battery that you can use in any Greenworks 40V tool
  • SPLIT SHAFT POLE SAW WITH AUTOMATIC OILER - with a 20cm long blade and 8m/s speed, this pole saw is perfect for cutting high branches, plus it has a convenient automatic oiler so you always have the right amount of oil for the job
  • SUPERIOR CUTTING WITH DUAL ACTION BLADES - both blades move together at the same time for cleaner, faster cuts than a single cutting blade
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE WITH 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart design, high performance and outstanding customer service​
Bosch 06008B3001 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer
  • The Universal tools from Bosch – versatile and strong with intelligent solutions for bigger projects
  • Ideal for tall and wide hedges
  • Work without interruption and achieve clean cuts thanks to the electronic anti-blocking system
  • Power for all: One battery pack and one charger for the entire Home and Garden range of tools
  • Items included: UniversalHedgePole 18, cardboard box

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Hedge Trimmer With Extension Pole Is The Ryobi RPT4545M!

Ryobi RPT4545M 450W Pole Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Green and Black

  • Powerful 450W motor
  • 45cm Laser-cut precision blades for clean cut
  • Capable of cutting large branches with 20mm blade gap
  • 135° articulating, 4-position cutting head for versatile trimming. Blade speed (rpm): 1700
  • Length extends to 2.6m with centre shaft, providing a reach up to 4m
  • Removable shaft provides both long reach and convenient storage. Bar Length 400 mm, Cut Capacity 17 mm

Long Reach Extendable Hedge Trimmers

How to Keep Your Garden Under Control with Minimal Stress and Effort:

Gardening; a time honour British of bringing greener, flowers, and order into out otherwise chaotic lives. A recent King’s Fund report found that gardening can play a powerful role in promoting our physical and emotional health. But gardening can be tiresome without the tools you need to get the job done.

For gardening, the proper equipment can mean the difference between a hobby and a chore.

With busy lives, it’s easy to let gardens grow out of control. Weeding weeds and trimming hedges takes time, and not everyone has the cash to splash on professional gardeners. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the quality of your garden. Weeds can be weeded by hand, but for handling your hedge, the right tools are vital for a fast and stress-free trim. The more versatile these tools are, the easier your job is.

Trimmers make light work of chaotic hedgerows.

Keeping your hedge under control doesn’t have to be difficult. The best way to handle your hedge is with an extendable hedge trimmer. With greater reach and utility than traditional hedge trimmers an extendable hedge trimmer is ideal for keeping control of your garden.

The Best Choice for Telescopic Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers can offer solutions for gardeners who want an efficient and cost-effective way to keep control of their gardens, and telescopic arms add that extra bit of versatility. We’ve gone through dozens of products in search of the best telescopic hedge trimmers you can buy today.

To help narrow down the dozens of options, we’re only considering trimmers which offer convenience, a good price, and safety. Here are our top picks:

#3 Qualtex 450W Telescopic Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Cutter

Qualtex is a well-known name in the gardening industry. For a quick overview of all this trimmer has to offer, here are some of the benefits and weaknesses of this trimmer:


  • Weight – At just 3.7kg, this is the lightest trimmer on our list
  • Safety – A two-point safety switch adds safety and security
  • Warranty – A two-year manufacturer’s warranty is included, giving peace of mind against any mishaps


  • No pruner attachment
  • Storage bag not included
  • Blade may bend if dropped, though is easily bent back into shape

The Qualtex 450W features a 65Mn steel cutting blade, with a cutting length of 460mm, and teeth spacing of 16mm. This makes quick work of trimming hedges, shrubberies, and grass coverings, and the red and blue finish is something really eye-catching.

The head is adjustable and can be switched to 8 positions from - 80° to + 80°, meaning nothing in your garden will be out of its reach.

As an added bonus, a Year Warranty included with this product, and a convenient shoulder strap is included for ease of use.

This is what some satisfied customers had to say in their online reviews:

“Excellent hedge trimmer. Made a good job of my 7’ hedge. Quick and easy to use.”


Well-made and inexpensive hedge trimmer and not too heavy to operate at distance.”


“Really easy to angle the blades whilst up the ladders. I have a very wide hedge and these are a perfect length and would still extend even longer. Gives a very neat cut.”


The reason the Qualtex isn’t higher on the list is because of it is shorter than some of the other trimmers on our list, and includes fewer add-ons. But for a reliable trimmer at an affordable price, it deserves this spot on our list.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Bosch 06008B3001 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Alternative Choice


  • Bosch 06008B3001 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer UniversalHedgePole 18 (Without Battery and Charger)


#2 VonHaus Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W

The VonHaus Pole Hedge Trimmer comes in second on our list of the extendable hedge trimmers because of its power, reach, and comfortable, secure functionality. This trimmer provides quality, convenience, and safety. Some of the pros and cons of this trimmer include:


  • Power– At 600W, this trimmer will effortlessly cut through branches and twigs up to 20mm thick.
  • Easy assembly – To quote one customer “If you can use lego you can put this bad boy together, it took me under a minute to slot it together”
  • Warranty – As with the Qualtex, the VonHaus insures against mishaps with a complementary 2-year warranty.


  • Weight – At 5.2 kg, this trimmer is the heaviest on our list.
  • Package Deal – Parts are not available individually
  • Balance – Much of the weight is around the blade.

The VonHaus Pole Hedge trimmer combines a powerful 600W hedge trimmer with dual action 45cm blades to easily through branches up to 20mm thick. This trimmer is adjustable to 2.8m, meaning that there is no part of your garden which will be out of your reach. In addition, the trimmer offers 6 angle head adjustment positions, allowing for precise horizontal and vertical cutting.

Safety is a foremost concern for VonHaus, and the Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W features a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operation, and a hand protector shield to insure against any mishaps. To protect your machine when not in use, a blade cover and cable holder is included.

And once again, the manufacturers 2-year warranty sweetens the pot.

VonHaus customer Mike has this to say about his trimmer:

“I have a lot of hedges: Birch, Privet and the dreaded Leylandii. I am tired of teetering on ladders, walking along scaffolding boards on top of hedges and when I finally gave up and called in the gardeners, they wanted in excess of £500 to cut the lot, so I searched for a solution and this seemed just what I needed.

I oiled the blades with some 3 in one oil (always oil hedge trimmer blades before using and after about every 15 - 20 mins while using) then went to work. The results were amazing, I started on a small (20ft) birch hedge it's 10 feet high and has a rounded top, it's on the other side of a storm ditch and can only be got at across theditch from a sloping drive at the front, it usually takes about an hour using a ladder, I did in 10 minutes from the ground.

I can only say I wish I had bought one a long time ago, it seems well made, sturdy, more than adequate for my needs, don't expect it to cut through large branches (use loppers or a chainsaw) but for general hedge maintenance it is a must, the angled and swiveling head is fantastic and I will be using it to shape up my ornamental bushes later on.” 

Overall, the VonHaus is an excellent trimmer which offers more power than comparable products. It’s still reasonably price, and has plenty of safety features. It misses out on the top slot because it lacks a big feature of our #1 option. We’ll get to that in just a moment.

But if cordless convenience is what you want, the Vonhaus is an excellent option which will meet more than just your basic needs.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Greenworks Pole Hedge Trimmer Cordless Polesaw!

Alternative Option


  • Greenworks Pole Hedge Trimmer Cordless Polesaw 2 in 1 40V Incl. Battery 2Ah and Charger 51cm/20cm Cutting Length G40PSHK2


#1 Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Ryobi RPT4545M Trimmer is simply the best hedge trimmer you can buy today, offering comfortable cutting, a powerful motor, and excellent adaptability. The comfort, power, and incredible reach is why the RPT4545M takes our top spot. Here are some of the benefits and weaknesses of the Ryobi Trimmer:


  • Balance – The ergonomic design and handy strap makes for excellent distribution of weight, allowing for easy manoeverability.
  • Noise – In any other scenario, 95.6dB would be considered loud, but this sound makes the Ryobi one of the quietest trimmers out there!
  • Reach – This adjustable blades can reach up to 4m, making light work of any garden hedges.


  • Power – While 450W is enough to handle most garden issues, it is not the most powerful trimmer on this list.
  • Short cable – You’ll need an extension lead for this trimmer, as only a short lead is included in the box!

The Ryobi RPT4545M pole hedge trimmer provides versatility and plenty of power for your garden, whilst remaining quiet enough so as not to disturb neighbours, or even people inside your own house.

The blade is 45cm long with an 18mm cutting capacity. The safety switches are close together, increasing the user-friendliness of this trimmer without sacrificing safety.

Most impressively, this product provides three separate sections, offering a modular design which potentially extends the reach of this pole to a massive 4m.

Satisfied RPT4545M owners have this to say:

“Great tool, well-made and a quality item. The blade is sharp and cuts really well, the angle of the head is variable as is the length of reach using the extension. I wish I had bought this years ago, it has made cutting my very high hedge easier, quicker and gives a better finish not to mention the improved safety aspects. Recommended tool.”


“Class...should of had one years ago instead of killn’ myself for so long! Does hard to reach places and with a small hop-up can reach my tall hedges with ease. Not as heavy as Id expected going by the reviews...highly recommend!”


If you’re in the market for the best extendable hedge trimmer you can buy, you can’t do better than the Ryobi RPT4545M. With unparalleled features that go beyond basic models, this trimmer does everything you need.

The Ryobi RPT4545M’s power and convenience coupled with its ease-of-use makes it a top choice for day and night use. The trimmer user-friendly, ergonomic, and well-balanced. This is the best trimmer to keep your garden under control. You won’t miss any features with this choice.

  • Ryobi RPT4545M 450W Pole Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Green and Black

Ensure an Efficient, Effective Gardening Session with a Powerful and Convenient Trimmer

Gardening is one of the favoured relaxing pastimes of the British public, but without the proper equipment, this can become a chore. With a good hedge trimmer, you can ensure that you can manage your garden effectively and quickly.

We narrowed the competition down to the top three trimmers you can get. The Qualtex 450W is our third choice, and is a great device for gardeners looking an effective solution to those tall, overgrown hedges - without a massive price tag.

The VonHaus Pole Hedge Trimmer provides the affordable price and convenience of the Qualtex, but adds much more power. That’s why we’ve placed it second on our list of best trimmers. The VonHause is powerful, convenient, and safe. It is an ideal option for gardeners who require convenience and power.

While both options are great choices, the Ryobi RPT4545M covers all the bases. With its manoeuvrability, reach, and versatility, the Ryobi RPT4545M provides solutions for any gardens. It is these factors which gives the Ryobi RPT4545M the top slot on our list.

  • Ryobi RPT4545M 450W Pole Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Green and Black

The best place to buy any of these trimmers is Amazon for their competitive prices and quick fulfilment. Amazon also offers many guarantees for shoppers, and is an easy and safe way to purchase products.

If you’re looking to get the best hedge-trimmer 2019 has to offer, look no farther than the Ryobi RPT4545M. It’s the most powerful and convenient trimmer for any gardener, making it our top choice.

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