Home Office Decor Tips – Making Space Work For You!

Top Ways To Decorate Your Home Office

The invention of the internet has revolutionised the world and has created an entire set of jobs that can be done without the slog of the daily commute.
With many jobs being made remote by companies and with more and more people registering as self-employed, the traditional office setting is moving away from the workplace and into the homes.
This is great as it can really add value to your home by having a spare room made in to an office, but it can also present a challenge too.

When setting up your home office, you will have to consider the following as a basic guide-
• Space- do you have all the space required to fit all your equipment and folders so you can access them quickly? Can you make space in the area you want your office to be in?
• Equipment and cost- how much will that new scanner/printer or laptop cost? How many office pieces do you really need to make your home office an effective working environment without hurting your finances? What is the minimum amount of equipment you need to make your job easier without compromising your jobs quality? Do you need any specialist equipment, such as an A2 printer?
• Noise- is your work more relaxed or do you have to work to deadlines often? If the latter is the case, then you will obviously want a space where you can work free of distraction.
• Light- natural light is easy to work with for most people who are on a computer but if you are pulling an all nightery to meet a deadline, give a thought to the lighting in your office space- too bright can be off putting and a deal breaker if you suffer from migraines, too dim and you risk falling asleep. Perhaps investing in a dimmer switch is a better way to go.

Smaller Home Office ideas

You have found a space in your home where you can set up your office- huzzah!
Is it a bit on the small side? Not to worry, there are many ways you can maximise your office environment without worrying about the floor space.

• Vertical storage- an obvious one is vertical storage. If you have lots of folders, paperwork and books needed to do your job, then putting up shelves or a bookcase is the best way to make use of your wall space.
• Light is bright- do not paint your new cosy office a dark colour! Use the lightest paint you like to add a touch of personality without making the space seem stifling. This will also help keep you awake on those all nighters, provided you have the correct lighting.
• Multipurpose-multipurpose furniture is great for smaller spaces; pieces like chairs with built in storage in the leg space make a great way to keep everything in its place without taking up space! Fold down desks are a great space saver too.

Modern Home Office Set Up Ideas

If your home has a modern vibe and you want to add it to your home office, it is easier than you think, while also serving a practical purpose.
• Storage- while storage has an obvious practical use in offices, you can also give any storage you have a modern theme. If you have a colour theme in your office, you can paint any storage to match or contrast, depending on the look you want to achieve. Why not go with an unusual looking storage option, like honey comb shelves? Very eye catching and a great place to stack papers.

• Focus areas- minimalism with a focus point is a great way to make your office space look modern but can be difficult to pull off in an office due to functionality. If you have the space, divide it in to separate work sections with metal dividers, to help minimise clutter and to give an interesting look.
• Bring in the light! Many people forget about the importance of light in the work place, where possible, try to maximise light in your office to help keep you focused. If your have a white office space, this will make it brighter but can also give the opportunity to buy some red or black office accessories, to give the space a very modern feel. Why not get items in a range of colours with a white, natural lit back drop? Very on trend and very stylish!

Home Office Storage Ideas

Functional storage like shelving or drawers are a must have in any office, but there are some more quirky ideas that allow a personal touch, while also being useful.
• Mini drawers- if you have the desk space, a set of mini drawers is great place to put your paperclips, staplers and other essential office bits. Small enough for function and very good for minimising clutter.
• Pegboards- if you have lots of memos or reminders piling up in your office, get a simple peg board and some thumb tacks- this will keep these essential pieces out of your space and keep them at eye level.

• Wire grids and baskets- a very cheap way to store documents while minimising the frustration of opening up storage to check all the items that are in it, really useful if you are on a deadline!

Professional Looking Home Office Ideas

If your type of business involves meeting with clients, simple office décor may not feel good enough, as you want to impress. Some bit to add to your office to appear more professional include-
• Wall art- simple, bold are pieces can really make any office appear more professional; grey scale photos do this too.
• Plants- once again, a simple, cheap idea that is often overlooked, a house plant adds a gentle feel to the room and brightens it without too much effort.

• Books- if you have the space, putting some books on your desk or wall can really make you look more involved in your business area-, aim for appropriately themed books to make the best impact.






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