Hot Water Dispenser Vs A Kettle - Which Is Better For You?

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Hot Water Dispenser Vs A Kettle

Kettles vs. Hot Water Dispensers

The perfect cup of tea is both an art and a science. Finding the apparatus to heat the water is paramount to the entire experience.

This may have you wondering-- which is the better, more efficient option for heating water. Should you go with a traditional kettle?

Or should you upgrade to a modern, sophisticated hot water dispenser or boiling water tap?

Keep reading to find out!

Electric Kettles

The typical electric kettle is modeled after the traditional kettle. The only difference is the heat source that is used to boil the water inside.

In a traditional kettle, the stovetop or open flame serves at the heat source. With an electric kettle, electricity boils the water.

One benefit of using an electric kettle is that is is simple to operate. All you have to do is fill it with water, plug it into the electrical socket, and turn it on.

After a couple of minutes, you will have freshly boiled water that is ready to be brewed into tea or coffee.

Electric kettles boil water very quickly, which is another advantage to having one in your kitchen. They also are lightweight and portable, which is especially helpful if you need to store it away in a cupboard or pantry in between uses.

Electric kettles are cheap in comparison to hot water dispensers. They are good for boiling small quantities of water. If you only make one hot drink at a time or if you have a small household, then an electric kettle should suit your needs perfectly.


  • Electric kettles are typically much cheaper than hot water dispensers are
  • If you have a small household or do not foresee yourself making large batches of hot drinks at one time, an electric kettle will be more efficient
  • Kettles are usually fairly lightweight and portable


  • Whether you need to boil water for one cup of tea or five, the same amount of energy is used each time to heat the water
  • Kettles are ill-equipped to make enough hot water at one time for a large batch of hot drinks
  • You cannot customise the water temperature with an electric kettle

Hot Water Dispensers

An instant hot water dispenser is a small kitchen appliance that releases hot water with the touch of a button. They are usually about the same size as a standard coffee maker.

Hot water dispensers typically dispense nearly boiling water within one minute. If time is of the essence, then perhaps go with a hot water dispenser rather than a kettle.

Unlike traditional electric kettles, hot water dispensers come in a few different varieties. There are portable ones available that are perfectly suited to a household or an office. You can also opt for a specially plumbed hot water dispenser that does not require filling up by the operator as it is already hooked into the waterline.

The customisable nature of the hot water dispenser is really what draws buyers to them over the electric kettle. You can spend a small amount of money for a simple, yet efficient machine, or you can shell out a large sum for an appliance with all the bells and whistles.

In many more expensive models, the user can select how much hot water is dispensed and also adjust the water temperature.


  • If you need to make large batches of hot drinks at once, a hot water dispenser usually has a larger volume for water than an electric kettle does
  • Hot water dispensers are typically a bit faster than kettles when it comes to dispensing boiling water
  • Depending on which model you buy, you can customise features of the hot water like volume dispensed and temperature


  • The average hot water dispenser is more expensive than the average electric kettle
  • If you do not opt for a plumbed version, refilling a hot water dispenser can be a bit cumbersome

The Final Verdict

So should you opt for an electric kettle or for a hot water dispenser? The answer really lies in what you will use the kitchen appliance for.

If you live in a small household and only foresee yourself using boiling water every now and then throughout the day, then it is more cost effective and energy efficient to purchase an electric kettle.

If you need hot water for a large household or an office where hot water is needed several times an hour, then the better choice is the hot water dispenser. If you want to have more control over how much hot water and at what temperature it is dispensed at, then you definitely will want to purchase a hot water dispenser with several customisable options.

When it comes to energy efficiency, experts say that about the same amount is required to heat the same volume of water in a kettle versus in a hot water dispenser. Energy efficiency should be called into question, however, when you determine how often you will need boiling water.

An electric kettle only uses electricity when it is switched on to boil water from room temperature. As long as a hot water dispenser is left in the 'on and ready' position to dispense hot water, it is using energy to keep the water in the system at a temperature higher than the room temperature.

An electric kettle uses a large amount of electricity for a short amount of time, and a hot water dispenser uses a small amount of electricity for a large amount of time.

If energy efficiency is a concern and you only will be using hot water once or twice a day, an electric kettle is a better choice. If you will need hot water several times throughout the day, it is more efficient to go with a hot water dispenser.

Both electric kettles and hot water dispensers are relatively inexpensive compared to other countertop appliances. You can be sure that whichever one you go with will provide you and your household or office with boiling water with the touch of a button quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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