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The Best Hot Water Dispenser Reviews & Buying Guide

Top Pick!
Aqua Optima Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Filter Water Dispenser, 3.8L Capacity, Includes 1 x 30 Day Evolve+ Water Filter for Reduction Of Microplastics, Chlorine, Limescale & Impurities
  • ALL-IN-ONE DEVICE: The Aurora is a water heater, cooler and water filter jug all in one! With a total of 49 different temperature and volume options from chilled to boiling, and from 1 cup to 1 litre.
  • SAVE ENERGY AND REDUCE WATER WASTE: Whether you use the Aurora to make filtered hot or cold drinks or help prepare food, this water dispenser helps save energy by cooking just the amount of water you need.
  • YOUR DRINKS, YOUR WAY: The Aurora instantly delivers hot, boiling and chilled water at the push of a button. Simply choose your preference and return to a perfectly filtered drink in just 30 seconds.
  • WORKTOP FRIENDLY DESIGN: The Aurora has an attractive modern design with a smooth, brushed steel and black finish and a touch-sensitive display that is intuitive and easy to use. The Aurora's sleek design means it takes up little more space than a traditional kettle.
  • PLUG & GO: No installation required the Aurora has an easy-to-fill, removable water tank that holds up to 3 litres. The transparent water tank can be filled from the tap and washed in the dishwasher.
  • SAFETY AS STANDARD: The Aurora hot and cold water dispenser has a programmable child lock to prevent accidental or accidental use. The Aurora also has filter replacement, refill and decalcification indicators to help you maintain your Aurora and the quality of your drinking water.
  • BETTER TASTING OF DRINKS: The patented 5-stage filter technology from Aqua Optima filters water efficiently to reduce contaminants such as chlorine, lime, herbicides, pesticides, lead, heavy metals and microplastics. The Aurora comes with 1 x 30-day (or 100-litre) Evolve+ water filter cartridge. Additional replacement filter cartridges are sold separately
Editor's Choice
Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser | With integrated water filter | 3kW Fast Boil & Variable Dispense | 1.8L | Energy-efficient use | Stainless Steel [VKJ367], Silver/Black
  • Boils a cup of water in under 50 seconds and features Brita filter technology that works while boiling to filter limescale and chlorine; includes Brita Maxtra cartridge.Power: 3000 watts
  • 1.8 Litre tank holds enough water for 7-9 cups; ideal for instant coffee, tea, hot chocolate, noodles and more
  • Variable single cup dispense allows you to choose from nine different cup sizes; manual stop lets you control flow of water for energy-efficient, economical use
  • Large water window with blue illumination in boil mode; polished stainless steel design complements modern kitchens
  • Removable drip tray, permanent limescale filter and stainless steel finish simplify the cleaning process

If you love your tea and coffee, you likely boil your kettle numerous times a day to have a cuppa which can end up wasting alot of time and energy.

Hot water dispensers, on the other hand, are a great solution to save you time and money, not only do they give you on-demand instant hot water, but they also only give you the amount of water you need, meaning you don't waste hot water.

There's a popular demand for these appliances on the market, so you must do your research before deciding on your best model.

So with that being said, we have put together our best hot water dispenser reviews and buying guide below to help you out.

  • Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser | 3kW Fast Boil & Variable Dispense | 2.0L | Energy-efficient use | Gloss Black [VKJ318]

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Our Favourite Hot Water Dispenser -

The Klarstein Hot Spring Water Dispenser (Editor's Choice)

This Klarstein hot spring water dispenser can hold up to 5 litres of water for making tea and coffee and has an adjustable temperature ranging from 45-95 degrees.

Feature-wise the hot water dispenser comes with a touch surface display where you can set the temperature and quantity of water you want to be dispensed, it also has an easy to use design with simple operation.

Safety features of this model vary from; overheat protection, a quick cool down and a water level alarm. The model additionally has a removable drip tray for easy clean-up.


The best Klarstein hot liquid dispenser is perfect for larger families who want instant hot water and are looking to replace their kettle.

Its design is not only straightforward to use but has great safety features included too for peace of mind when using the dispenser.

Downfalls of the best model have be its tank which is not removable for easy filling. The dispenser also can't boil water to 100c which can be unsuitable for some peoples purposes.


  • Can hold 5 litres of water.
  • Drip tray and extensive safety features.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Touch display.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.


  • Can't heat to a boiling water point.
  • The tank is not removable.

Our Second Choice! - Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser

The Morphy Richards hot water dispenser features a 3-litre dispenser and has variable temperature control ranging from 85 degrees to 100 c depending on what you want to use the hot water for.

Significant features of this hot water dispenser are its ability to dispense 150ml to 1.5 litres of water at a time. The BRITA technology in the dispenser also helps to reduce limescale and chlorine in your water.

This hot water dispenser additionally comes with a drip tray to reduce clean-up and has a digital display to show the temperature of your hot water. The model is easy to set up too.


Overall, this Morphy Richards hot water dispenser is one of the best hot water models on our list.

The design of this model is easy to use and boasts variable temperature allowing you to use the dispenser for a variety of different drinks or cooking.

Its filter also helps to get rid of nasty bacteria in your water, making teas and coffees better to drink.

Some negatives of the Morphy Richards model have to be its water taste which is said to taste very bad after being run through the dispenser more than several times.

The nozzle of this dispenser is also relatively high up, which means splashing may occur when dispensing water into your cup.


  • Affordable.
  • 3-litre dispenser.
  • Can make 12 cups with a tank full of water.
  • Variable temperature.
  • Easy to use design.
  • BRITA filter for producing filtered water for drinking.


  • Bad water taste.
  • The nozzle is very short.

  • Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser 131004 Redefine Black 3L

Caso HW 400 01862 Water Dispenser

The Caso hot water dispenser comes with a 2.2-litre capacity to hold water and has a power of 2600W.

Best features of this model are its variable temperature control which ranges from 45 degrees to 100 c, the hot liquid dispenser also boasts a drip tray for quick clean up.

Its design additionally comes with a filter within the dispenser for cleaner drinking water and comes in a black and silver pattern.


Overall, the Caso 400 hot water dispenser is one of the best dispensers on our list thanks to its adjustable temperature which can boil water and its filter design that allows you to get cleaner hot water from your dispenser.

However, this model does have some negatives, for example, the capacity of this instant hot water dispenser is relatively small, and it has been reported only to produce hot water of around 65 degrees rather than boiling water.


  • Sleek design with a drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Water tank allows you to produce boiling water.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Filter for cleaner hot water.
  • Affordable.


  • Small capacity in comparison to other hot water dispensers.
  • Only produces hot water rather than boiling water.

  • Caso Turbo HW 660 Hot Water Dispenser - 2.7 Liters -Instant Hot Water - Easy Touch Function - Stainless Steel Bullets

Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

Breville is very well-known in the kitchen appliance industry for producing reliable products. This hot water dispenser, in particular, comes with a 1.8-litre tank which can make enough water for around 9 cups.

Feature-wise the best Breville hot water dispenser can boil a cup of liquid in under 50 seconds and has manual stop control which allows you to stop the amount of water flowing when needed.

Its design also has variable cup size control which will enable you to select nine different cup sizes when using the machine.

The model additionally comes with a BRITA filter that has micro carbon pearls to reduce limescale and chlorine in your drinking water. Its filter cartridge is also removable so as it can be changed once ready.


This Breville hot water dispenser is one of the best water dispenser hot wise thanks to its reliable build and variable dispense cup sizes which allows you to use all kinds of different sized cups with minimal clear up.

The model is excellent thanks to its filter and quick hot water dispensing time of under 50 seconds.

Downfalls of the best Breville water dispenser are its water tanks capacity. A water tank size of only 1.8 litres may not be enough for an enormous household and can leave you refilling this appliance with new liquid constantly.


  • Reliable build with filter.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Can produce 5-9 cups of liquid from its tank.
  • There are nine different cup sizes to choose from.
  • Removable drip tray for easy clean-up.
  • Quick hot water dispensing time.


  • Minimal tank capacity.

  • Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser | 3kW Fast Boil & Variable Dispense | 2.0L | Energy-efficient use | Gloss Black [VKJ318]

Our Verdict - Which Hot Water Dispenser Is The Best?

To conclude, the best hot water dispenser on our list for on-demand, reliable hot and boiling water has to be the Klarstein Hot Spring Water Dispenser. This Klarstein model is genuinely the most durable and well-built water dispenser on our list.

The design comes with all the features you need in the best dispenser such as adjustable temperature control and variable dispense control; it has several safety features for your machine too.

For an alternative hot liquid dispenser, we would also suggest considering the Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser due to its ability to heat water to boiling point.

The only central point you should bear in mind with this model is its bad taste that may come with the machine the first couple of times you use it.

What To Look For In a Best Hot Water Dispenser (Buying Guide)

You might be wondering what features you need in a best hot water dispenser and what features you don't.

There's also several benefits and maintenance tips which are a good idea to know before buying your best hot water dispenser.

We've put together a best buying guide below to help you out with your search for the best hot water dispenser.

Best Features To Consider In a Hot Water Dispenser

From removable drip trays, tank capacity and adjustable temperatures, there are many features you need to consider in the best hot water dispensers model.

We've rounded up the key features below that you should be looking for -

  • Filter - Hot water dispensers can be prone to building up limescale in their tanks due to their heated system, and luckily you can buy hot water dispensers with a filter to reduce this effect. These filters should also help remove chlorine from drinking liquid.
  • Tank capacity - The size of your tank will determine how many cups it can fill, the larger the liquid tank then, the more cups you can get out of the dispenser. Having a larger tank size is something to consider if you live in a big household.
  • Overall size - Hot water dispensers can be a little bulkier than a kettle, so it's a good idea to make sure you have room for the large appliance in your kitchen before purchasing.
  • Manual stop system - Sometimes you might want to stop the flow of liquid when dispensing one cup, so having manual stop control is a helpful feature that allows you to control how much water you want without settings.
  • Temperature control - Having adjustable temperature control is excellent as it will enable you to decide whether you need water hot enough for teas and coffees or at boiling point for cooking with pasta. Most models have a range of temperatures. However, some don't have boiling temperatures, so this is something to look out for in your model.
  • Ease of cleaning - A removable drip tray and easy to wipe material are two things you should be looking for in your model.
  • Safety features - The best hot water dispenser will come with dry boil protection. This prevents the model from heating when there is no water in the tank.
  • Extra features - There are some additional features you should consider in your dispensers, such as variable cup sizes and LCDs for better control over how much liquid you need in your cup.
  • Warranty - As with all kitchen appliances, it is essential to make sure your model has a warranty; this protects you in case you are sent a faulty device.

Benefits Of Using a Hot Water Dispenser

Investing in a hot water dispenser for your office or home can give you alot of benefits that you might not have considered.

We've listed out some of the best benefits below of using a hot water dispenser -

  • Convenience - One of the most apparent benefits of a hot water dispenser is convenience. They save you time as you don't have to wait for the liquid to boil, meaning you can grab a cup of hot tea or coffee whenever you need it.
  • Cleaner and reduced limescale - Some hot water dispensers come with a filter to reduce limescale in their water tank. They also filter out the chlorine in your liquid, making the water from the appliance much cleaner to drink.
  • Energy-efficient - Using a hot liquid dispenser saves much more energy than a kettle does, as it doesn't lose any heat when boiling and also doesn't need to be reheated multiple times, allowing you to have as much water as you want.
  • Easy to use - Lifting a kettle can be tiring and not to mention time-wasting, with one of these models all you need to do is press a button, and you have as much water in your cup as you need straight away, no lifting required.

Moreover, you can also read our review article about the best electric frying skillet in the UK.

Hot Water Dispensers VS Kettles

Using a kettle instead of the best hot water dispenser has advantages and disadvantages, most people prefer an electric kettle to boil their water however may be wasting energy, especially if you live in a one-person household.

Electric Kettle


  • Traditional style for your house.
  • Lower prices.
  • Can be excellent for making more than one cup at a time.


  • Not ideal for making one cup kettle wise as uses the same amount of energy to boil a whole kettle.
  • No adjustable temperature.
  • Can be heavy to pour with safety issues more likely to occur.

Hot Water Dispenser


  • Adjustable temperatures and allows you to decide how much liquid you want.
  • Faster with quicker heating time.
  • Suitable for heating several cups at once due to bigger water tank.


  • Expensive.
  • Needs refilling often, especially if you live in a larger household.

How To Maintain Your Hot Water Dispenser

Maintenance for a hot water dispenser is relatively low; however, we've put together some small points for you to remember so as you can keep your best hot water dispenser in the greatest shape possible.

  • Clean the drip tray often - You will find liquid and grime can build up quickly in your drip tray, so it's a good idea to remove it often and give it a clean.
  • Wipe down the machine every day - Use a non-scratch cloth to wipe down the device daily, this removes any watermarks building up.
  • Keep the spout clean - Every so often clear away the excess liquid from the tap of your dispenser, this stops limescale building in the area.

How Do You De-scale a Hot Water Dispenser?

You can de-scale your model's water tank and system in many different ways; most people use a supermarket de-scaler product; however, you can also use vinegar to de-scale your dispenser.

  • Step one - Use an equal amounts solution of one part vinegar and one part water.
  • Step two - Pour the solution into your dispensers tank.
  • Step three - Heat the mixture and dispense into an empty cup on your drip tray.
  • Step four - Throw the solution away and keep dispensing until there is no vinegar solution left in the tank.
  • Step five - Refill the tank with clean water and dispense until the tank is empty again.
  • Step six - Your dispenser is now de-scaled!


Can hot water dispenser give out cold liquid?

Yes, some dispensers can give out the cold and hot liquid, some will only heat though, make sure to look for this feature if you want it in your model.

How much electricity do they use?

This depends on your specific model. However, most instant dispensers use electricity to keep water heated to a particular temperature, so how much energy your model uses will depend on how much watts it needs to operate with.

Are hot water dispensers better than kettles?

This depends on what terms, in terms of energy, dispensers tend to be the better option as they don't waste liquid and don't need to be continuously reheated every time you want a cup.

Kettles, on the other hand, are more traditional and excellent for smaller families, it depends on what you are looking for.

How big of a tank do I need for a family of four?

It would be best if you looked for a tank around 2 litres and above. This will depend on how much you use as a family.

What kind of safety features do I need in a dispenser?

Overheat and boil dry protection are some of among the most important safety features you need in a dispenser.

How often do I need to change the filter in my dispenser?

It depends on your water; still, by average, you should aim to change your filter at least twice or once a year. Cartridges can be brought separately, and your filter should be easy to replace.

When should I de-scale my dispenser?

You should de-scale your dispenser at least once a month if you live in a hard water area, this can be done quickly with a supermarket de-scaler or a homemade vinegar solution.

Why does the liquid from my dispenser taste bad?

Sometimes dispensers water can taste bad if its the first time you are using it, this can be due to the chemicals in the material of the machine. You can rid of this taste by rinsing out the dispenser with water a couple of times before using it.

Can you put milk in a hot water dispenser?

No, putting milk in your dispenser will make your tank sticky and could also potentially damage the model; this is due to the milk proteins that will likely burn when heated quickly.

Are they easy to use?

Yes, dispensers for hot liquid are very easy to use thanks to their simple design which only requires you to press a button for it to dispense hot water.

How long will my dispenser last for?

This is down to how you maintain and use it; they can typically last anything from five years to even longer with proper care and maintenance.

What kind of things can I use a dispenser for?

You can use a hot dispenser for boiling pasta liquid, making teas and coffees, cleaning and many other purposes that would generally require you to heat kettle.

Can a dispenser produce boiling water?

Yes, however, only some models can heat water to 100 c, other models can only heat to around 98 degrees.

So if you want your device to produce boiling water specifically, you should make sure to look for a 100-degree temperature in its specifications.

Why is hot liquid stuttering from my models spout?

This could be for many reasons. However, the two most likely could be due to either; there is too much limescale build-up, or the temperature of the machine is set too high.

You should try de-scaling your dispenser and setting it to a lower temperature to see if this resolves the issue.

Our #1 Best Hot Water Dispenser For Instant Hot Water On Demand

Our number one best hot water dispenser model on our list is the Klarstein Hot Spring Water Dispenser. This dispenser has everything you need, such as variable temperature and large tank size, making it ideal for offices or big families.

This Product May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Breville Hot Cup Hot Water Dispenser!

  • Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser | 3kW Fast Boil & Variable Dispense | 2.0L | Energy-efficient use | Gloss Black [VKJ318]

For an alternative we also recommended checking out the Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser, this model is also excellent thanks to its ability to dispense boiling water and reliable design.

  • Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser 131004 Redefine Black 3L

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