September 17, 2020

How Long Does It Take To Defrost A Freezer? Find Out Here!

Defrosting your freezer can be a task that most people tend to put off, it requires preparation and time, which can be hard to fit into our busy schedules. 

However, the time it takes to defrost your freezer depends on several different factors such as; how thick your frost is and the method you use to defrost. 

There are many different ways that you can try and speed up this process so as you can defrost your freezer quickly, whether it is leaving the door open or using hot water. 

We've put together some of the best ways to defrost your freezer quickly below. 

How To Prepare Your Freezer For Defrost 

Preparing your freezer for defrosting is an important step to make sure your defrosting process will go smoothly. You need to do this, especially if your freezer is still full of food. 

  • Step one - Unplug your freezer and move it to a place where you don't mind it getting messy (if your freezer is too heavy for this then skip this step).
  • Step two - Remove food from your freezer and place it into a cooler or discard. 
  • Step three - Lay some towels down under your freezer to absorb water. 

Best Methods To Defrost Your Freezer Quickly

There are several different ways you can defrost your freezer, the most obvious way is to leave the door open; however, this method can take days depending on your frost build-up. 

That being said, there are some tricks and methods you can use to speed up this defrosting process. 

Wait it out 

This method is the most straightforward of all; leave your freezer unplugged with the door open. However, this process also will take a long time, so be prepared to wait and have a mop around for clearing the melted ice. 

Use a fan

Set a fan in front of your freezer while the door is open, allowing the warm air to help defrost the ice slowly. 

This fan method may still take time, but it is an excellent way to encourage defrosting without much personal effort. 

Steam it with hot water

Try placing some bowls or pans of hot water in your freezer with the door closed. The steam should help take off the frost that is stuck to the edges of your freezer. 

You should make sure your hot water pans don't damage your freezers shelves, also help remove the loosened frost with a spatula to encourage the defrost process. 

Heat with a hairdryer 

Plug your hairdryer in front of your freezer and aim at the back wall of your freezer, this will help to lift off any stuck ice. 

Keep the cord away from any water and don't put the dryer too close to your freezers wall, this is so as you can avoid damaging the freezer. 

You can also help the process by using a spatula to take off any ice. 

Scrape it off

This method is best used in conjunction with others, especially if you have a lot of ice to remove. Use a plastic spatula or a wooden spoon and scrape off the ice. 

Be careful not too hurt yourself or damage the freezer. 

Overall, whatever way you choose make sure to use towels and mops to help clean-up, you can also help the process along with the scraping method mentioned above. 

These techniques will help speed up the defrosting process, especially if you have massive amounts of ice. 

Tips For Defrosting Your Freezer 

Defrosting your freezer may seem simple, but there are some great tips and tricks that can help you in the future to keep your freezer well maintained. 

Plan ahead 

The last thing you want is to defrost your freezer when you need it most, so consider that the days you defrost your freezer, should be days you will not need ice etc. 

Also, prepare a cooler if you want to keep any frozen food cold while your freezer is defrosting. 

Any food that thaws outside the freezer and refrigerator should be discarded for food safety purposes. 

Use towels 

Lots of large towels and even newspapers can help soak up water from around your fridge.

It would help if you put some below and at the bottom of your freezer to help absorb liquid.

Clean it 

After defrosting your freezer should make sure to clean it thoroughly with soap and water, you can even use a baking soda mixture. 

Once cleaned, make sure to rinse and dry it well before switching back on your freezer.

Use a plastic scraper

Don't use a sharp knife or anything too hard to scrape ice off. You may damage your freezer accidentally by trying this. 

Instead, use a plastic scraper as it will not cause any damage and help take off frost. 

Keep the door open 

Don't shut your freezer door when defrosting, allowing warm air to circulate inside will help the process. 

Do it regularly 

Now, defrosting your freezer will be much easier and quicker if you keep on top of it and don't let the frost build-up. Try making it a commitment every time your ice thickness reaches half an inch. 

Why Should You Defrost Your Freezer?

It is important to defrost your freezer regularly, or as soon as you spot too much frost building up, this will ensure it keeps running smoothly and save space in your freezer. 

We've listed out some other reasons as to why should defrost your freezer often - 

  • Help save space. 
  • Assists your freezer to run efficiently without components becoming overstretched. 
  • Improves the quality of frozen food. 
  • Saves time rather than defrosting it when ice becomes too thick. 

How To Clean a Freezer Properly

Cleaning your freezer is pretty straightforward, but it isn't done as much as cleaning your fridge is, you can make a homemade solution pretty easy to do this job. 

We've put together some simple cleaning steps below - 

  • Step one - Defrost your freezer with following methods above. 
  • Step two - Make an equal parts solution of vinegar and hot water to clean down your freezer. 
  • Step three - Remove any shelves and compartments and clean with soap water in your sink. 
  • Step four - Wipe down the inside of your freezer with the vinegar cleaning solution, don't forget the door. 
  • Step five - For stubborn food that won't come off, you can use a toothbrush to help.
  • Step six - Dry the inside of your freezer well before switching on and re-assembling. 


How often do I need to defrost my freezer?

Some people defrost there freezer every three months or even every year. It depends on how you decide to maintain your freezer. Its also suggested you should defrost every time the ice in your freezer gets to about a quarter - half an inch thick. 

Can I put food back in my freezer once defrosted?

Yes but only if it's been thawed in the fridge, if you have melted the food that was in your freezer on the countertop, then it may not be safe to refreeze.

Once thawed in the fridge, make sure you consume any foods within the period allowed, for most meats this would be around two days.

How long will it take to defrost my freezer?

This depends on your freezer, one with more frost will take longer. Also, if it is warmer in your house, then it will probably be a quicker process.

Why do I need to defrost my freezer?

Defrosting your freezer stops frost from taking up too much space in your freezer. It also makes sure it's running efficiently, and the components don't need to be working extra hard.

How do self-defrosting freezers work?

Self-defrosting freezers work by automatically using their heating coils at certain times to prevent frost build-up. They do this automatically, so there is no need for any manual work. 

This saves time, but the models are often a little expensive. 

Can I defrost without turning it off?

Its recommended to turn your freezer off so as your defrosting process can be safe.

Should you use hot water?

Yes, the hot water method is a great idea to speed up the defrosting process of your freezer, place bowls inside of your freezer and refill with new boiling water every ten minutes. 

This will allow the steam to get rid of ice build-up and help loosen it so as it is easy enough to scrape off. 

How can I prevent water from leaking out my freezer when defrosting?

Place large towels under your freezer or on the bottom compartment. You could also try putting a shallow tray at the bottom to catch some of the ice. 

How can I reduce frost inside of my freezer?

Avoid opening the door to let warm air in and always make sure containers are dry before putting them into your fridge.

Also regularly defrost your freezer and scrape off excess ice.

Can I remove odour inside of my freezer?

Yes, just put a packet of open baking soda inside of your freezer.

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