How To Cook Courgettes In The Oven - Our Guide!

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Last Updated June 7, 2021

Courgettes are not only one of the healthiest vegetables out there but are super easy to cook with, whether you want to roast them for a snack or use them up in bulk for a side dish, courgettes can be seasoned and roasted in a short amount of time. 

However, courgettes can also become mushy pretty fast; this is due to their high water content. They can even taste bland without proper seasoning, so you must cook them at a particular heat for a certain amount of time with the right amount of seasoning.

Lucky for you, we have put together our best recipe and guide to help you cook your courgettes in the oven to perfection. 

How To Cook Courgettes In The Oven (Recipe)

Courgettes are pretty simple to cook in the oven; the oven method is also great for getting big batches of courgettes cooked all at once. 

We've put together our fool-proof recipe below to help you out - 

  • Step one - Preheat your oven to 200 degrees/gas mark 6. 
  • Step two - Grab your courgettes, wash them, cut and quarter them. 
  • Step three - Scoop out seeds with a spoon but avoid taking out too much flesh (You could do this before quartering them).
  • Step four - Lay courgettes out evenly on a roasting tray. 
  • Step five - Add oil depending on how many courgettes are on your tray and season with salt and pepper, rub with your hands. 
  • Step six - Add spices to your preference, such as; minced garlic, thyme and chilli flakes. 
  • Step seven - Roast for 15-20 minutes until tender, prolong roasting time if you want them on the crispy side. 

There you have it, roasted courgettes, try serving with a squeeze of lemon for a tangy taste too, you even fill them with a tomato sauce and cheese for a healthy dinner. 

Five Ways To Cook Courgette In The Oven

There are many different ways you can transform your courgettes into other meals when baking; from courgette boats to courgette gratin. 

We've put together some of the best ideas of how to bake your courgettes for some cooking inspiration - 

Courgette & Tomato Gratin

Courgette and tomato au gratin are layers of courgette and tomato with cheese, similar to a classic lasagna but a little healthier and vegetarian friendly.

Make sure to draw some water out of your courgettes with salt beforehand for the best results. 

Stuffed Courgettes 

Try scooping out your courgettes flesh and stuffing them with a tomato sauce, top with cheese and enjoy a healthier alternative to pasta.

You could even try loading them with a pizza sauce for mini pizza boats. 

Courgette Lasanga

If you have some spare lasagna sheets on hand, you can make a courgette lasagna by simply layering sheets, a courgette mixture of garlic and onion and some tomato sauce. Finish with some ricotta and cheddar. 

Courgette Fries

As a healthy alternative to your usual potato chips, it's worth giving these courgette fries a try. Mix up some parmesan, seasoning and breadcrumbs into a bowl, whisk eggs separately and dip your 'fries' into both mixtures. 

Courgette Bread

Now, this bread might require a little more effort but is worth it, grate your courgettes, mix up some eggs, coconut oil and honey then add milk and baking soda with desired spices like cinnamon.

Add in your flour, pour into your loaf tin and then into the oven it goes. 


Do you peel courgettes before cooking? 

No, courgette is eaten with the skin on, take off both ends and cut into your desired shape before cooking.

How do you make courgettes not mushy?

Firstly, before cooking, try salting your courgette on paper towels so as the excess water can drain off. Also, never overcook your courgette as this can cause it to become mushy. 

Are courgettes good for you?

Courgettes are plentiful for people who are watching their calories; they have very high water content and are extremely low in calories. They are also high in vitamin C.

How do you store courgette?

Store your courgette in your refrigerator; keep them dry and unwashed. They should last up to two weeks this way. 

Is a courgette a fruit?

Technically, a courgette is a fruit due to the fact it has seeds; however, it is mostly known as a vegetable as its eaten savoury among other kinds of veggies.


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