Best Ironing Boards - Reviews 2022 - 2023

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We independently research each product thoroughly in order to produce this in-depth review - our process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made using our links below, however it does not influence our recommendation.

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Ironing Board Is The Brabantia Silver Ironing Board!

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Best Ironing Board

Ironing boards allow us to enjoy ironing our laundry with no hassle and no back pain, all while getting rid of those annoying creases in our clothes, their height and smooth surface allow us to iron clothes comfortably and make a boring chore seem somewhat fun.

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However, there are lots of different models on the market such as the ironing board Minky brand or even boards with a heat-resistant parking zone. You might be thinking any old ironing board can do the job, but they actually differ hugely in the quality of their surface, height and flexible features.

That's why we have listed out the best ironing boards on the market below and compared them to help find the top one for you.

Our Number One! - Brabantia Silver Ironing Board with Aqua Bowl Steam Control, L 124 x W 45cm, Size C

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The Brabantia silver model has dimensions of 124 x 45 cm and comes in a variety of different colours.

The best feature of this model is its steam control design which allows you to use a steam generator iron without condensation dripping through the table on to the floor. This is due to its ironing surface which has a plastic tray underneath to collect the condensed water from the steam iron, it also has an aqua bowl so when you tilt the table it collects the water and allows you to empty the bowl with ease.

This Brabantia model also has a steam generator iron holder to help you rest your steam iron down, this table conveniently pulls out from the irons boards surface and clips into position.

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The large Brabantia ironing board surface allows you to make ironing large clothes effortless, it also has adjustable positions from 77 cm to 96 cm depending on your comfortable ironing height. This model features a child safety lock to prevent the board from collapsing accidentally.

Other notable features of this ironing boards model is its easy fold away locking clip which makes it perfect for storing and its ten-year Brabantia guarantee ensuring confidence in your purchase.

Overall, this ironing board is perfect in terms of quality and features due to its steam control design which allows you to steam iron with no mess, its adjustability and size also make ironing much more speedy making it one of the top models on our list.

Downfalls of this model however has to be its higher price and clothes can be reported to stick to the ironing cover when used with steam irons.

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  • Aqua bowl steam control design.
  • Large size.
  • Steam iron rest.
  • Child lock protection.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easy fold away locking clip.
  • 10 year guarantee.


  • Higher price than other boards on our list.
  • Ironing boards surface can stick to clothes.
  • No shelf.

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Arredamenti Italia AR_IT- 621 STIROCOMODO adjustable ironing-board finishing cherry - Number Two

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If you are looking for a robust and reliable board look no further than the Arredamenti Italia ironing model. This model boasts a 110 x 45 cm surface and a stable robust frame, it also comes in four different colours.

The cover of this model is designed with heat-resistant aluminium that can halve ironing time by reflecting heat. Its design also has perforations to allow steam to pass through from your iron with ease.

This wooden ironing board is also adjustable in four different heights form 84-88 cm to 91-93 cm making it comfortable to iron with for any user, there is also a pull out iron grid to which acts as an iron rest. Other feature of this model are its four moveable wheels and a shelf which allows you to store your laundry.

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Overall, this Italy made model is great for ironing, not only because of its stylish design but also due to its heat-resistant aluminium cover which can speed up ironing time and allow you to get the job done faster.

On the other hand, this model is a little expensive and very heavy due to its solid wood design, this may prove a pain when trying to move the ironing board for assembly or out of storage. There is also no child lock which could prove to be a safety issue.

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  • Robust beech wood frame.
  • Adjustable heights.
  • Ironing board cover protects against heat damage and speed up ironing time.
  • Steam perforation design.
  • Pull out iron grid.
  • Shelf for laundry storage.
  • Moveable wheels.
  • Folds in up right position.


  • High price.
  • Very heavy.
  • No mention of child lock.
  • No steam condensation collector.

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Polti Vaporella Top, ironing board, 124 x 48.5cm ironing surface, wheels - Number Three

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Next on our list is the Polti Vaporella ironing board, this model is much more affordable than other boards on our list and boasts a large board size of 124 x 48.5 cm, it is also designed with a reinforced frame and four no-slip feet which give stability when working.

Cover wise this board come with a padded cotton cover that is designed to allow steam to pass through easily without wetting your clothes, the cover is also washable. The frame also comes with a shelf to store laundry, an iron cable holder and a sleeve board which is great for ironing shirts with.

Some best features of this model has to be its seven different adjustable positions which allows for optimum comfort while ironing, the board also has one touch opening system that makes packing away simple.

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There is also a vertical safety lock which is great when kids are around and it has moveable wheels to make moving your board simple.

Overall, the Politico's Vaporella ironing board is one of the best boards on our list in terms of its price and functionality. Some top features of this model has to be its sleeve board and high quality cotton cover, it also has a large amount of adjustable positions meaning it can suit a variety of different users.

Negatives of this model has to be its size which is actually a little smaller than some of the other models on our list, it also lacks a reflective heat feature which can be useful to speed up ironing time.

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  • Reinforced frame with non-slip feet.
  • Padded cotton cover which allows steam to pass.
  • Laundry shelf.
  • Sleeve board and flex guide.
  • Iron rest.
  • Seven adjustable positions.
  • One touch opening system.
  • Safety lock.
  • Moveable wheels.
  • More affordable than other boards.


  • Size of board is a little smaller than other models on our list.
  • Lack of reflective heat feature.
  • No steam collector.

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Leifheit Air Board Ergo Ironing Board for Steam Iron, 140 x 38 cm - X-Large - Number Four

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Next on our list is the affordable Leifheit Air Board, this ironing boards model has a 140 x 38 cm sized board and boasts a thermo-reflective technology which allows you to save up to 33% time ironing when compared with other models.

The shoulder fit shape of this board helps you iron shirts with ease, along with its moveable iron rest which can be moved depending on which hand you use when ironing. Its curved base also gives additional leg room when sitting and it has a height which can be adjusted up to 98 cm for maximum comfort.

Frame wise this model has a secure device which stops the board from unfolding when being carried, this is good for safety, it can also adapt to uneven floors with ease enabling you to have full stability when working.

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Other notable features of this Leifheit Air Board are its lightweight design of only 4.8 kg meaning you can store and carry this board with ease, it also comes with a five-year guarantee ensuring confidence within your purchase.

To conclude, the Leifheit air board model is definitely one of the best ironing boards on our list in terms of its low price and features, its thermo-reflect technology and lightweight design is extremely user-friendly and can save you a lot of time when ironing.

Downfalls of this model has to be its lack of shelf which can be useful for storing laundry, it also fails to mention how the design stops steam from adding moisture to clothes. The board size is a little smaller than others on our list.

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  • Thermo-reflect technology.
  • Shoulder shape helps iron shirts.
  • Height can be adjusted.
  • Lightweight.
  • Secure clip.
  • Five-year guarantee.
  • Very affordable.


  • Lack of shelf.
  • Fails to mention if cover allows steam to pass through.
  • Board size is smaller than other models on our list.

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Foppapedretti Assai Folding Ironing Board, Noce/Brown - Number Five

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The Foppapedretti Assai ironing board boasts a stylish modern design and has a size of 150 cm x 50 cm making the boards surface perfect for ironing larger clothes. It also comes in four different colours for you to choose from.

This ironing board includes one high quality cotton cover coated with aluminium and soft polyester lining for a smooth ironing surface, the is due to its reflective heat feature and can prevent a hot iron from damaging the surface.

Frame wise this model is made with solid beech and has a strong ply board that allows steam to pass through due to its breathable holes. There is also a shelf underneath to store ironed laundry.

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Extra notable features of this model are its compact size and four anti-scratch moveable wheels which not only make this board easy to move, but also allows it to stand up on its own. There are three adjustable heights to choose from depending on what you find comfortable.

To conclude, the Foppapedretti Assai folding model is one of the best ironing boards on our list in terms of its structure and reliability. The design of this board is extremely robust and its wide measurements allow you to iron larger clothes with ease, not to mention in half the time too because of its heat reflecting material.

Downfalls of this model however has to be its higher price, its wheels also struggle to move on carpet so this is something to consider before purchasing.

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  • Robust wooden design.
  • Large ironing surface.
  • Cover boasts hot iron protection and heat reflection features.
  • Steam can pass through due to breathable design.
  • Shelf for storage.
  • 4 wheels.
  • Three adjustable heights.
  • Foldable design.


  • High price.
  • Wheels struggle to move on carpet.
  • No mention of child lock.
  • No collection for steam water.

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Laurastar 153.0001.898 Comfort Ironing Board Glasses - Number Six

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If you are on a budget then the Laurastar comfort model is one of the best boards on our list for you. This model comes with a large ergonomic surface with measurements of 120 x 38 cm and an iron rest.

This ironing board has a unique glasses cover and stylish design, along with a secure closure system for improved safety when your iron is stored.

Not only is this model adaptable to most kind of steam generator irons, it also has an adjustable height of up to 95 cm making it comfortable for any kind of user.

[aawp fields="B01DPS4ZNQ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="2"]

Overall, this budget friendly Laurastar ironing board is a reliable choice due to its robust board and cover which will make sure your clothes are crease free and ironed well. Its height adjustability also means you can be comfortable while working.

Downfalls of this model has to be it lack of a heat reflection element which is useful for ironing clothes, it also lacks other flexible features compared to higher priced models on our list.

The board also has a smaller size which means you may struggle to iron larger clothes and it has no wheels for transport.

[aawp fields="B01DPS4ZNQ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="3"]


  • Very affordable.
  • Robust and stable build.
  • Stylish design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Adaptable for most steam generator irons.
  • Secure closure system.
  • Ergonomic board.
  • Height is adjustable.


  • No heat reflection element.
  • No shelf.
  • Smaller board size in comparison to other models on are list.
  • No wheels for transport.

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So Which is the Best Ironing Board to Buy?

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The best ironing board on our list has to be the Brabantia silver model, this boards design boasts so many comfortable features and steam control aqua bowl allows you use your iron freely without any mess.

All these features combined along with its ten-year guarantee make its high price worth it and overall makes the Brabantia ironing board a reliable model and one of the best on our list.

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In second place is the Arredamenti Italia model, this ironing boards design is not only very stylish but is perfect for allowing steam to pass through and speeds up ironing time due to its heat reflection system. We placed this model in second place however due to its heavyweight and lack of child lock.

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Next up is the Polti Vaporella ironing board, this model is one of the best on our list because of its reinforced frame and high quality cotton cover which allows steam to pass through easily, we placed it lower on our list because of its smaller board and lack of heat reflective material which could improve the time spent ironing.

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Fourth on our list is the very affordable Leifheit Air Board, now this model may not have a stylish wooden frame but it is extremely lightweight which is great for carrying.

This ironing boards material also has thermo-reflect technology to speed up ironing time by 33%. We placed this model fourth due to its smaller board size and lack of shelf.

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Next up is the Foppapedretti Assai model, boasting a large board size and high quality cotton cover this model allows steam to pass through easily, we placed it fifth due to its higher price and lack of child lock, its wheels also struggle to move on carpeted surfaces.

[aawp fields="B01DPS4ZNQ" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="4"]

Last but definitely not least is the budget friendly Laurastar comfort model, this board is very durable, stylish and affordable however we placed it last due to its smaller size and lack of features.

Therefore to conclude the best ironing board on our list has to be the Brabantia silver model due to its aqua bowl feature and high reliability, all these ironing boards can be found online Amazon with prices and reviews.

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