Top 5 Living Room Ideas If You’re On A Budget

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If you’ve just recently bought a new home or are trying to renovate your existing one for a fresh start to 2020, the best place to start is the living room. After all, it is likely the first location you step foot into. We’ve compiled our top 5 ideas for decorating your living room while on a budget, yet still making a statement.

1) Re-Arrange your Furniture

You don’t even need to spend a penny to make your living room look new. Simply rearrange your existing furniture -strategically- and greet a new living room right away. Rearranging your furniture has the capability of giving the appearance of a more spacious room, or you can manipulate the rearrangement to make your room look more compact too. Some ways in which you can rearrange your living room are:

  • Mount your TV: If it’s currently on a stand, why not mount it on a wall? You can pair this with a suitable cable-tidier and instantly give the illusion of a larger, more spacious and clean room.
  • Move your Sofas: You could try and increase the space between both your sofas to give the illusion of a larger living room. For the opposite effect, place your sofas perpendicular to eachother; this allows you to have some breathing space as well a cosy, compact room.
  • Move your Dining table: If you have enough space, why not shift your dining table into your kitchen? This can reduce a massive load from your living room and create a lot more physical space.
  • Change your Curtains: Changing your curtains can also completely modify the whole appearance of your living room; if you don’t want to buy a new set, simply switch it around to an old set which you haven’t used in a while!

2) Change your Walls

You can instantly make a statement in your new home by changing up the wallpaper. If you’ve checked out our article on how select your next wallpaper, you should already have a good idea of how to go about picking a theme.

If you’re trying to capture the fresh, new look in your home, we suggest using strongly contrasting colours such as black and white, or grey and pale colours. These give off a tidy vibe, which adds to the newness of your living room.

If you’re going for a cosier, more compact look in your home, avoid colours which contrast on the walls. Choose closely linked colours such as deep shades, or dark browns, purples and blacks. These colours emit a feeling of warmth, which is great for helping you cosy up into your sofa after a long day of work.

If you’re after a more modern look, we suggest using shapes in different shades of one colour as your wallpaper. Triangular and geometric wallpapers are often the best choice for this type of theme, where the shapes are usually different shades of grey, red or blue.

3) Add DIY Furnishings

You can save a whole load of cash by utilising the art of upcycling and DIY creations. We’ve listed a few of our top design ideas for spicing up your new living room:

  • DIY Wooden Blanket Holder: Recycle your old wooden ladder and transform it into a blanket or towel holder. You can paint it and decorate it to give it a totally new look, if classic wood isn’t your style. We recommend painting it black and spraying it down with a matte spray varnish!
  • Personalised Vases: You can upcycle your old glass bottles with some glass paint to create beautiful designs- add a fresh bouquet of flowers and you’ll have a bespoke asset in no time! We recommend going with a minimalist look with a lone stripe across the whole bottle in a colour of your choice.
  • Knitted Cushions: You don’t necessarily have to use needles to knit a new cushion cover. You could buy a yarn of jumbo-size fat fabric strip and use your hands to weave it into a beautiful, boho-chic cushion cover to give your sofa a makeover. You could even make a huge cushion and stuff it, making yourself your very own floor pouf.

4) Hang up Art

Hanging up a portrait, landscape, or even a completely inexplicable series of paint splats on your walls can give your living room a brand new, unique charm. There’s only so much one can hang on the walls in style, so why not go ahead and buy (or even make your own!) piece of art to hang up.

We recommend going for a long canvas, framed or unframed, as these can cover a lot of space without giving your home inhabitants any claustrophobia. In addition, you could make your own art with the help of a blank canvas and some acrylic paints; nourish your brain and let your imagination run wild.

5) Add Greenery

To add some further beauty to your living room, consider installing a home plant. This is our all-time favourite tip for redecoration. The benefits of house plants are endless, so we decided to list our favourites for the living room:

  • Snake Plant: The reason why snake plants are at the top of our list is because not only do they carry a host of benefits, they look elegant and tidy enough to keep as a showpiece in your home. They emit oxygen, removes air pollutants, absorbs CO2, effective against allergies, and best of all, it’s low maintenance- it thrives in shade and shine and even with a lack of water.
  • Aloe Vera: Our all time favourite succulent is one of the best types to keep indoors. It grows faster than most plants, so be careful and make sure you tame it- looking at a fully grown aloe vera plant in the dark is a pretty scary sight. Besides this, once fully developed, the sap of this succulent can be used for a number of purposes: burn relief, reducing dental plaque, treat canker sores, reduce constipation, applied topically for hair growth and nourishment (not to mention silky softness), improve skin and prevent wrinkles, lower blood sugar levels and naturally brighten the skin.
  • Spider Plant: The spider plant is also a tropical yet tidy looking plant which has the ability to absorb carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene. This miracle shrub is non-toxic and surprisingly edible, making them safe for pets and young children in your home.
  • Chinese Evergreen: This is a humble and polite plant which you don’t need to worry about growing too large. With its petite build, this plant will improve the air quality of your indoor spaces by filtering indoor air pollutants and toxins. It emits oxygen, thus enhancing your productivity as well as enriching health and wellbeing.

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