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The Best Microchip Cat Flap Reviews & Buying Guide

If you're tired of having to let your cat in all the time or your dealing with strays finding their way into your home, a microchip cat flap is a great solution.

As most cats are microchipped, these cat flaps will only recognise your cat's micro-chip and allow them to come through the pet door, this stop strays coming in and even allows you to use it with multiple pets in your home as long as they all have a microchip.

These cat flaps with microchips are becoming more and more popular as many owners want to ensure stray cats aren't coming to their home, and with so many on the market, it can be challenging to know which are the best models.

So, we've decided to help you and your cat out by rounding up the best microchip cat flaps on the market and comparing them to find the right pet door for your cat.


The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Sure Flap Microchip Cat Flap!

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Our Favourite Microchip Cat Flap! -

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub (Editor's Choice)

This SureFlap microchip cat flap features a connecting hub that links up to the SureFlap phone application and sends you information about all your cat's movements.

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Its hub design allows you to prevent stray cats coming in and set entry and exit permissions via your phone application. The app also sends you notifications when your cat leaves and shows insights to your cat's behaviour.

Intruder alerts are additionally sent to your phone, allowing you to set curfew times for your SureFlap microchip pet door. The design of the model works with all microchips and RFID collar tags.

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The microchip cat flap can work with up to 32 cats that have different microchips thanks to its SureFlap Dual Scan TM technology and can be installed anywhere due to its batteries system.


This Sureflap microchip pet door is one of the best microchip cat flaps on our list thanks to its hub connection which allows for more control over your cat and its pet door.

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Unlike some other cat flaps, the model allows you to set curfews to stop your cat from going out without you having to do it manually, making it perfect for when you're not near the cat flap.

Negatives of the SureFlap micro-chip cat flap are its accuracy which is reported to be on and off; sometimes showing the cat has exited when it hasn't.

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The app also can't control single pets, so if you set a curfew, it applies to all microchipped pets, not just one.

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  • Smart cat flap with lots of control options such as curfew and exit notifications to your mobile.
  • Works with up to 32 cats that are microchipped.
  • Can be installed in a variety of places.
  • Allows you to set exit/entry permission.
  • Works with RFID collar tags.
  • Hub included.
  • SureFlap dual-scan technology.

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  • The app can be inaccurate when showing cats behaviours.
  • Exit/entry permissions and curfew apply to all cat's not just individual ones.
  • Slight delay when locking the cat flap, this could potentially allow other cats to exit and come in.

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Our Budget Alternative! - The SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification

The Sureflap cat flap is one of the most highly rated models on our list and can be used with all kinds of cat's microchip designs and RFID collar tags.

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Feature-wise the cat flaps comes with dimensions of 165mm x 171mm (to fit your cat). The cat flap can also read up to 32 microchips if you have more than one cat and can be installed anywhere such as doors or windows due to its batteries.

This model also allows any animal to go out but particular cats to come in, there is a 4-way manual lock if you want to stop your microchip pet from going out.

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For buyers confidence, the cat flap additionally comes with a three-year warranty.


Overall, this Sureflap microchip pet door is one of the best and most affordable microchip cat flaps on our list.

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The catflap is excellent due to its versatile installation and ability to read up to 32 microchips at once, allowing you to use the cat flap with more than one cat while keeping strays out.

Downfalls of the micro-chip flap have to be its design which is said to arrive faulty by numerous people and fail to function, letting microchipped cats in at night. Its build-quality is also reported to be plastic and flimsy.

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  • Stops stray cats from coming in your home.
  • Works with up to 32 cats that are microchipped.
  • Can be installed nearly anywhere.
  • Compatible with RFID collar tags.
  • Three-year warranty.

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  • The cat flap is reported to arrive faulty by numerous people.
  • Poor build quality.

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Ferplast Swing Cat Flap with Microchip

The Ferplast cat flap is one of the most affordable models on our list and has a microchips recognition system to only allow your microchipped pet in your home.

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Feature-wise, the model, comes with a swing flap design and a direction indicator that allows you to see if your cat is inside your home or out. It also automatically unlocks the pet door when your cat approaches.

This cat flap can be used with up to 32 microchips and has a wind stoppers design with a 4-way locking system for entry and exit settings. It additionally comes with a collar that has a microchip to use on your cat.

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Measurements of this Ferplast cat flap come in at 13.5 x 13.7 cm, and it can be installed on various door materials. The design works with AA batteries too.


The Ferplast cat flap is one of the best cat flaps in terms of value for money. Its design is great for reducing drafts and allowing easy but controlled entry for your microchipped cat.

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Its model also includes its collar with a microchip meaning you're pet doesn't have to be microchipped for you to use this cat flap.

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However, the cat flap does have some negatives. For example, the wind stopper is said to be made very poorly and can snap off quickly or even hurt your cat. Its model is also said to come faulty and can have trouble picking up your cat's micro-chip sometimes.

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  • Comes with own micro-chip collar.
  • Affordable.
  • Weatherproof for preventing drafts.
  • 4-way manual locking system.
  • Flap design.

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  • Wind stopper is made poorly.
  • Some models have been reported to come faulty.

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PetSafe Microchip Activated Cat Flap

If you are looking for a microchip cat flap on a budget, it could be worth considering this PetSafe microchip cat flap. The cat flaps model features microchip technology that can be used with up to 40 cats and prevent unrecognised ones getting in your home.

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This PetSafe cat flap additionally comes with a four-way manual locking system and has a plastic design with weatherproofing to prevent draughts from entering your home. It's also got two magnetic closing points for reinforced locking.

Design-wise the PetSafe cat flap microchip system runs with four AA batteries and can be installed in various doors. The model also has a low battery indicator.

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The microchip cat flaps size measures in at 150 x 140 mm and has a three-year warranty for buying confidence.

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Overall, this budget PetSafe microchips cat flap boasts excellent features for its the price and can be used with many pets in your home.

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The cat flap has very secure locking and great weatherproofing for rain and wind, it's running, and installation is also straightforward.

Some downfalls of this model have to be its a design which makes a loud noise when the cat is entering your home; this can scare some cats off. The cat flap additionally has been said to trap cats paws sometimes.

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  • Very affordable and can be used with numerous cats as long as they have a microchip.
  • Weatherproof and prevents draughts from entering your home.
  • Four manual locking system with magnetic strips.
  • Three-year warranty.

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  • Makes a loud noise when the cat is entering.
  • Can traps paws due to design.

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Cat Mate Microchip Activated Cat Flap

The Cat Mate microchip cat flap features an entry operated system for your cat's microchip or RFID collar.

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This design has a 4-way manual lock for its flap and can be registered with up to 30 cats. It additionally has measurements of 145mm x 145mm for its flap.

Other notable specifications of this model are its weatherproof draft sealing and magnetic strips for better locking. The microchip cat flap can also be installed into various doors and runs with AA batteries.

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Overall, this Cat Mate cat flap is a great low-priced model and has everything you need to keep stray cats out your home and lock your cat in your home when required.

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The model is also excellent to use with more than one cat as it can read up to 30 cats microchips and allow entry.

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Negatives of this microchip cat flap are its recognition system which is said to be faulty and lock cats out. The cat flap also has a clicking noise that could potentially scare off your cat when trying to enter your home.

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  • Very low-priced with ability to be used with many cats.
  • Weatherproof.
  • 4-way manual locking system.
  • Can read an RFID collar in case your cat isn't microchipped.

[aawp fields="B00MIRNPHI" value="thumb" image_size="large" image="6"]


  • Clicking noise.
  • Poor microchip system.

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Our Judgement - Which Microchip Cat Flap Is The Best?

To conclude, the best microchip cat flap on our list has to be the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap Connect with Hub.

This smart microchip cat flap is the best due it's hub app features which allow you to control entry/exit for your cat and receive notifications when they leave; this can all be controlled via your mobile.

However, as this cat flap is quite expensive, we would also suggest checking out the more affordable SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification.

This cat flap has everything you need to stop stray cats getting into your home and is excellent value for money.

What To Look For In The Best Microchip Cat Flap (Buying Guide)

The best microchip cat flaps tend to all come with similar microchip technology; however, they do tend to differ in features such as locking systems and design quality.

You also may not have considered what benefits you could get from replacing your regular cat flap with a microchip cat flap.

We've put together our best microchip cat flap buying guide below to help you out.

Best Features To Consider In a Microchip Cat Flap

From different sizes to control systems, microchip cat flaps can differ hugely in the quality of their recognition systems and locking mechanisms.

If you buy a microchip cat flap with low-quality features, you could experience locking your cat out by accident or the model not even functioning.

We've listed the key features to watch out for in a best microchip cat flap below -

  • Entry & exit control - Most cat flaps come with selective entry control, as the purpose of them is only to allow your microchipped cat's in your house. However, some models also come with the particular option to choose cats that can go out and ones that can't.
  • Microchip system - You need to make sure that the microchips system is of the best quality so as it can let your cat inside your home and not perform faultily. It is a great idea to ensure your cat's microchip is compatible with the model too some don't take 15 or 9 digit systems.
  • Size - The size of your flap will determine if your cat can fit through, most flaps come for an average cat size, however, if your cat is extra-large, you should make sure you know which measurements are suitable.
  • Installation - If you are replacing your old flap, then your model should have the same size. However, if you fit it completely new, then you may need to purchase extra installation tools and use a professional.
  • Additional features - Some of the best models have a mobile app where you can control your model and be checking when your cat is going out. They also may include there own microchip collar.
  • Power - Most of the microchip flaps use 4 AA batteries to power their system.
  • Draft proof - There nothing worse than wind opening your cat flap continuously so look for a windproof model.
  • Warranty - Alot of these cat flap models can, unfortunately, come faulty, so it's a good idea to be protected in case of anything.

How Does a Microchip Cat Flap Work?

Microchip cat flap models feature a locking system that will keep the flap locked unless it reads a recognised microchip from one of your cats, once its reads your cat's microchip nearby it will automatically release the lock system.

Some of these catflaps can read more than one microchip allowing you to use them with multiple cats; you can even connect particular models up to a mobile phone app and control entry and exit from there.

Benefits Of Installing a Microchip Cat Flap

  • Freedom - Having a cat flap in your home gives your cat so much more freedom than you letting them out yourself. Cats naturally like to explore, so having the control to let them out all time is very beneficial to them.
  • Keeps intruders out - The main feature of a microchip cat flap is only to allow microchipped cats to come in and prevent strays. This can stop strays from crossing your cat's territory and causing unwanted stress.
  • Long life-span - Most of these models use AA batteries which can last anything from 6-12 months.
  • Weatherproof - One benefit of microchipped models is that they prevent drought and wind opening your flap accidentally.
  • Peace of mind - There's nothing like being able to leave your cat alone and have a peace of mind that they can get back in easily and not bring along any strays.
  • Can be monitored - Some of the best-microchipped flaps allow you to use the app to monitor your cat's behaviour. These apps can show you the times that your cat goes out, and you can be notified every time they exit and enter, allowing you to get an insight into their behaviour.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

  • Traning can be challenging - It can be a little difficult to train your cat to use a cat flap if it's their first time, microchipped models often have a set time till they re-lock too so your cat should be able to pass through confidently.
  • They're expensive - The best cat’s microchip models tend to be more costly as they have advanced technology and even own selective exit control.
  • Microchip system can fail - Some of these microchip systems are designed to provide to let only your cat in but can keep them locked out if the system becomes faulty. You should always check the reviews of your models first.

How To Train Your Cat To Use a Microchip Cat Flap

Training your cat to use a micro chip cat flap is never easy if it is their first time; some cats can be scared by the flap or noise the flap makes when they go through.

We've listed out the best ways to train your cat to use your cat flap below -

  • Use patience - Your cat might take time to get used to the flap, so being patient with them is critical, getting frustrated may turn it into a negative experience for them.
  • Tape the flap up - If you realise the flap is scaring your cat, try taping it up when training them and encourage them to pass through the other side so as they can see its not a threat to pass.
  • Try with toys - Cats love chasing toys such as string, you can try passing some of their favourite toys through the flap to see if they will go through.
  • The dinner time technique - When feeding your cat, place their meal on the other side of the flap, this will encourage the cat to pass through the flap so as they can eat.
  • Practice - Once you've mastered one of these training techniques above and your cat responds, its good to repeat the same training so as your cat can get used to the flap and use it on their own accord.


Can I use the best microchip cat flap with more than one pet?

Yes, these devices can typically work with more than one cat's microchip, most models can work with around 32 pets to even 40 on the best models.

How do I know if my cat's microchip is compatible with a model?

You should contact the seller or check online. The best models will work with 15 digit/10 digit or 9 digit cat’s microchip.

Will it keep stray cats from entering my house?

Yes, even the cheaper microchip cat flap models will be able to keep stray cats from coming into your home as they only read your cats microchip and prevent unrecognised cats from entering.

Can I lock my cat inside with a microchips cat flap?

Some models will allow you to lock them inside manually or by an app where you can even set the flap to lock at a specific time each day automatically.

What the difference between a microchips cat flap and a magnetic cat flap?

Both models work very similarly; however, magnetic cat flap models use magnetic strips to let your cat come in and out; this is done via a magnetic collar that your cats wear.

These collars, however, can be uncomfortable for a cat to wear and can be pulled off easily.

How long will the batteries last for?

The batteries in most models will last on average, anywhere from 6-12 months, depending on the model.

My cats scared off these cat flaps, how do I train them to use it?

We've listed some main training tips above in guide; however, you can try using treats and toys to encourage your cat to pass through the flap.

Do I have to lock the flap manually?

Yes on most models you will have to lock the flap manually from the inside to keep your cat locked in at night.

How strong are these cats microchip flaps?

Alot of these catflaps are made from plastic but are very durable with wind protection.

Can a dog use my cat flap?

Yes, if your dog can fit, they can use a catflap perfectly well.

Could you restrict certain pets from going out?

This is a feature that comes with only the best models, but yes they allow you to set individual microchips to pass through and others to stay in, this is great if you have an old cat with younger ones that you want to keep in more often.

What is a training mode on these cat flap models?

Training mode can also be known as a learning mode, its the way of programming your catflap to remember your cat's microchip.

How do I know when the batteries are low on my model?

Your model should have a low battery indicator of some sort to show you when your battery is getting low.

Can I install a model myself into my own door?

It's possible to install your cat flap DIY, but for more complicated doors it better to use a professional.

Our #1 Microchip Cat Flap For Keeping Your Cat Happy

The number one best microchip cat flap model on our list is the SureFlap Microchip Cats Flap Connect with Hub. This is due to its smart design and application control, which allows you to monitor your cat's behaviour and lock/unlock your catflap from your phone.

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We also suggested the SureFlap Cat Flap with Microchip Identification for a more budget microchip cat flap. This model has everything you need to keep stray cats from entering your house.

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