Best Oven Thermometers In The UK - Reviews 2020 - 2021

The Best Oven Thermometers Reviews & Buying Guide

If your tired of your cooking never matching the recipes, or you simply want to serve safer food, then an oven thermometer might be worth investing in. 

Oven thermometers are great for checking if meat has cooked through and can also allow you to quickly check how baked goods are getting along such as cakes. This is the perfect solution if you have an unreliable in-built thermometer inside your oven

There is a huge variety of oven thermometers to choose from, so it's important you get the most high-quality and accurate model out there. 

That's why we have decided to round up the best oven thermometers on the market and compare them to find the right thermometer for you.

Our Top Meat Thermometer! - 

The Uzone Wireless Meat Thermometer (Editor’s Choice)

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile meat thermometer this Uzone model could be worth considering. 

Significant specs of this meat thermometer are its ability to take the temperature of four dishes at once due to its four probes. The model is also wireless and can connect its app via Bluetooth up to 197ft away outdoors. 

Temperature readings of this thermometer can be taken in 3-5 seconds and it has a temperature range of 0-380 degrees. It’s smart app additionally has 11 preset temperatures to choose from with 5 different taste choices, you can also set your own desired temperature with an alarm to tell you when the temperature has been reached. 

Its design has an LCD to display all necessary temperature information and a magnet on the back so as you can keep it clipped to the fridge when needed. 


The Uzone meat thermometer is great value for money and one of the top models out there if you are looking to monitor and keep check on numerous meats or dishes at the same time thanks to all its probes. 

Its smart alarm is also great to stop you from overcooking your food accidentally. 

Some drawbacks of this Uzone meat thermometer are its LCD which is said to be faulty and break easily. The model is reported to have stiff wires too. 


  • Low-priced. 
  • Four probes included for multiple uses. 
  • Wireless with the app. 
  • LCD to show temperature and time. 
  • 11 preset programs. 
  • Can take temperatures up to 380 degrees. 
  • Smart alarm. 


  • Faulty LCD. 
  • Stiff wires. 

Our Budget Alternative - ThermoPro TP01 Digital Kitchen Barbecue Thermometer

This TP01 ThermoPro thermometer comes with a 5.35-inch probe and is the lowest-priced model on our list. 

Significant features of this meat thermometer are its -50 degree - 300-degree temperature range, it can show an instant temperature reading within 4 seconds. It also has a hold button and backlit function for locking temperature. 

Notable design specs of this budget thermometer are its auto-off function and a long probe which can avoid you from burning your hands. 


Overall, this budget meat thermometer by ThermoPro is one of the best options for taking the temperature of your meat if you have a lower budget. 

Its design is very durable and can help cook meat safely, whether in an oven or from a BBQ. 

Negatives of this budget meat thermometer have to be its buttons which are said to be a little slow and the placement of them is reported to make it awkward to operate. 


  • Budget-priced. 
  • Great for meat due to long probe. 
  • Instant reading. 
  • Hold the button for locking temperature. 
  • Backlit function. 
  • Easy to use. 


  • Slow buttons with awkward placement. 

MEATER Original 10m True Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer 

The MEATER original thermometer is completely wireless and can take internal temperatures of up to 100 degrees and external temperatures of up to 275 degrees. 

Main features of this meat thermometer are its dual sensors and wireless connectivity which can connect to your smartphone app for temperature reading and is also compatible with Alexa and Bluetooth. 

This thermometer can tell you how much more cooking time your food needs, and can also guide you through the cooking process for the best results. Its design comes with a bamboo charger too and can also monitor multiple dishes. 


Overall, the MEATER original wireless thermometer is one of the best meat thermometers on our list thanks to its high tech wireless connectivity which ensures consistent results when cooking. 

This model also has useful functions which can help you figure out when your dishes are ready to be taken out of the oven. 

Downfalls of the meat thermometer have to be its wireless connection range which is said to cut out easily, the thermometer additionally is reported to have privacy issues. 


  • Wireless connectivity. 
  • Internal temperatures of 100 degrees/ 275 external. 
  • Can predict cooking times. 
  • In-built cooking guides. 
  • Can monitor multiple dishes. 
  • Bamboo charger. 


  • Poor wireless connection range. 
  • The app is said to have privacy issues. 
  • Expensive. 

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer 

This ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer comes with a probe wire which can take temperatures of up to 380 degrees celsius.

Feature-wise the meat thermometer has preset temperature guidelines for up to 9 types of meat and can monitor temperatures up to 300 feet away, it can then display results on its mobile receiver which has an LCD to display time and temperature. 

The meat thermometers design can also take two meat temperatures at once due to its FDA approved probes and operates on 4 AA batteries. 


To conclude, this ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer is one of the top affordable thermometers on our list thanks to its easy to use receiver and preset programmes which allow you to cook a variety of meats to the perfect temperature. 

Negatives of the meat thermometer have to be the temperature probes which are said to be made of very low quality, the receiver of this thermometer is further said to update very slowly. 


  • Very affordable. 
  • 9 preset temperatures. 
  • Maximum of 380 degrees. 
  • Can measure up to 300 feet away.
  • Two probes and receiver included. 
  • Easy to use LCD. 


  • Low-quality temperature probes. 
  • Updates slowly. 

ThermoPro TP17 Digital BBQ Thermometer 

This budget ThermoPro meat thermometer features a temperature range of -10 degrees - 300 degrees in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and has an accuracy of +/- 1 degree. 

Best specs of this thermometer are its two probes included for multiple temperature taking and USDA preset temperature that can be adjusted manually too. You can also set a HI/LOW-temperature range and the thermometer will alert you when your cooking temperature goes out of the range. 

The thermometer has a backlit LCD that displays temperature and time, along with a 1m stainless steel mesh cable. It also included a flip countertop stand for viewing the device. 


To conclude, this ThermoPro digital thermometer is a great budget model for keeping track of your food temperature while its in the oven. 

The model also has a great level of accuracy so as you can be confident your meat is cooked through all the way. 

Negatives of this thermometer have to be its slow updating time which is reported to only show a stable temperature after a period of cooking time, to begin with. Some have also said the meat thermometer gives inaccurate readings. 


  • -10 degree - 300-degree temperature range. 
  • Two probes included. 
  • Flip countertop stand. 
  • Preset temperatures. 
  • Alarm.
  • Easy to use LCD.


  • Slow updating time. 
  • Inaccurate readings. 

Our Verdict - Which Oven Thermometer Is The Best?

To conclude, the best meat thermometer on our list has to be the Uzone Wireless Meat Thermometer thanks to its high-quality durable design and accurate reading system which has useful features such as a smart alarm to stop you from overcooking your food. 

This Uzone model is also excellent because of its wireless connectivity that can allow you to monitor your meat from a distance.

As a more affordable runner up we also suggest checking out the basic but reliable ThermoPro TP01 Digital Kitchen Barbecue Thermometer. This budget model is great due to its simple design and accurate readings, making it perfect for meat. 

We placed this thermometer second down as it has a lack of features and only one probe. 

What To Look For In a Best Oven Thermometer (Our Buying Guide)

Now we have compared and found the best oven thermometers on the market its a good idea to make sure you know exactly what you need to be looking for in your top model. 

We have put together a small buying guide below to help you out. 

Best Features To Consider In An Oven Thermometer

There are many different features to consider in your new oven thermometer, from temperature limits to wireless connectivity functions, it is essential to ensure your thermometer has everything you need. 

  • Temperature range & programmes - Your thermometer should have a decent temperature range that can withstand high temperatures up to 300 degrees. You should also make sure your model comes with some preset temperature programmes as this can be useful if you are a beginner cook. 
  • Accuracy - The best oven thermometer should be very accurate with a 1-degree accuracy, its good to ensure your model can take and update readings quickly too. 
  • Probes - Probes that come with your thermometer should be high-quality and durable as this can impact temperature readings. Some models also have multiple probes if you want to monitor more than one dish. 
  • Wireless connectivity - One of the best features you can have with your oven thermometer is wireless connectivity, this allows you to monitor the temperature of your food from a distance with updates to your phone. 
  • LCD - Every good oven thermometer should have an external LCD backlit display that shows temperature and time for food.
  • Alarm - Having a smart alarm with your oven thermometer allows you to make sure your food doesn’t overcook when it reaches past your set temperature. Some even have alarms for when the temperature of your oven gets too low.
  • Material - A durable material to look out for in your thermometer is stainless steel, you should also make sure your probe is approved by food sanitary standards. 
  • Units - Some oven thermometers only come with celsius and others come with a Fahrenheit option so as you can have both readings.
  • Warranty - Budget oven thermometers can often be faulty so it's a good idea to make sure your model comes with at least a one-year warranty. 


Why should I buy an oven thermometer?

You should buy an oven thermometer as most in-built oven ones are very unreliable, an oven thermometer is the only reliable way of knowing what temperature your meat is cooking at. 

How do I clean an oven thermometer? 

Oven thermometers are pretty easy to clean as they can be wiped down, however, if they get really bad then you can use a mix of baking soda and water as a paste then wipe off the solution after a couple of minutes to clean the device.

What temperature range should my oven thermometer be? 

The best range of temperature you can get for an oven thermometer should be anything from -10 - 375 degrees. 

How long does it take to get a reading from an oven thermometer? 

An oven thermometer should give a reading within 5 seconds. 

What safety tips are there for using an oven thermometer? 

When using an oven thermometer you should always make sure it's in the thickest part fo the meat, the wire should always be on the outside of the oven too and you should protect your hands with gloves when handling cooked goods. 

It's always best to double-check the accuracy of what internal temperature dishes such as meat should be before serving. 

How should you calibrate an oven thermometer? 

One way to calibrate your model is by heating the oven to 350 degrees and placing the oven thermometer in the middle shelf of the oven when the thermometer reaches 350-degrees you should make note of the temperature every 20 minutes. 

After four readings you can the take an average by adding them up and dividing them by four, as long as your thermometers results are anywhere between 325-375 degrees Fahrenheit your model is accurate and calibrated. 

What are the top features to watch out for in an oven thermometer?

Some of the top features you should be considering in your oven thermometer are; temperature range, durability, wireless connectivity, smart alarms and the number of probes it comes with. 

How much does an oven thermometer typically cost?

An oven thermometer can cost anything from £10 - £100 depending on the features it comes with and its temperature range. For a high-quality model that comes with wireless connectivity features and alarms, this could be around the £100 mark.

How often should I change my oven thermometer? 

This depends on your model and its durability, however, a high-quality durable oven thermometer should last around 2 years before it needs to be replaced. You must keep it calibrated though. 

What internal temperature should chicken be cooked to? 

The safe internal temperature a chicken should be cooked to is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, juices should also run clear as an indicator it's cooked through. 

Our #1 Oven Thermometer For Helping You Cook 

Our number one oven thermometer is the Uzone Wireless Meat Thermometer thanks to its accuracy and high-quality design which allows you to have total confidence in your cooked meals. 

As a budget alternative, we also suggested the ThermoPro TP01 Digital Kitchen Barbecue Thermometer due to its low-price and easy to use design which makes cooking much safer.