How To Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer? Find Out Here!

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How To Pair LG Soundbar With Subwoofer

If your television does not supply your living area with quality sound, a great solution is a soundbar. Soundbars are typically inexpensive and unobtrusive in a media set up. Soundbars are high quality speakers encased in a sleek, modern plastic rectangular box.

Soundbars are specially engineered to bring stereo surround sound to rooms that are small to medium in size. Soundbars have speakers that point in all directions, unlike television speakers that only point in one direction. They can not only be connected to your television, but also to your DVR and gaming consoles as well.

A subwoofer can be used in addition to a soundbar to help with bass and sub-bass audio. Pairing a soundbar and subwoofer is typically very easy. No professional help is needed; the average person will be able to pair their LG soundbar and subwoofer together with little trouble.

How to Pair an LG Soundbar with a Subwoofer

One fantastic aspect of soundbars today is that nearly all of them are able to be installed cordlessly. A cordless set up will make your media centre look sleek and modern, no matter that devices you have.

Pairing your soundbar to a subwoofer may seem like a complicated task, but the average person will be able to do it themselves with few problems along the way. No additional help is required!

First Time Setup

If you are setting up your LG soundbar and subwoofer for the first time, have no fear. The process should take no more than about five minutes.

  1. Connect the power cables of both the soundbar and subwoofer to an electrical outlet in the wall.
  2. Turn on the main unit as well as the subwoofer (you will see an LED light blinking continuously on the subwoofer)
  3. The subwoofer and soundbar should automatically connect. The subwoofer will automatically turn on its Bluetooth feature as soon as it is turned on and connected to power.

If the devices do not seem to have paired, then you can try doing the process manually. If the LED light on the subwoofer does not stop blinking, then the subwoofer and soundbar are not paired. You may need to move onto troubleshooting steps if this is the case.

Manual Pairing

If your soundbar and subwoofer did not automatically pair after plugging them in and turning them on, you may need to complete the process manually.

  1. Set the volume to the lowest setting possible. If you have an LG soundbar with a full display, you will see a message that says VOL MIN on the screen. If you have a model without a display, you will simply see a red light on the soundbar.
  2. Now, hold the mute button for about three seconds. If your soundbar has a screen, you will see a message that reads WL RESET. If you have model without a screen, you will see a red light blink continuously.
  3. Find the pairing button on the back of the subwoofer. Press and hold this button for over five seconds. You will now see an LED light on the subwoofer blinking red and green.

Keep in mind that it does take several seconds or longer for the soundbar and the subwoofer to communicate with one another.

The closer the main soundbar unit is to the subwoofer, the better the sound quality will be. LG recommends that you should install the soundbar and the subwoofer as close to each other as possible.

If you follow the above steps for manual pairing of the soundbar and subwoofer, then chances are you successfully achieved it. If they are still not paired, you will need to do some troubleshooting.


If your soundbar is not pairing to your subwoofer using either of the two methods listed above, then you may need to do some troubleshooting.

  • Make sure that there are no physical obstacles between the soundbar and the subwoofer. This can block the signal from one device to the other.
  • Completely unplug the soundbar and subwoofer and plug them back again again to try to accomplish automatic pairing.
  • Turn off any device using the same frequency as the subwoofer and the soundbar. The devices could be anything from a microwave to a medical device.
  • Unplug the power cables of the soundbar and subwoofer and when the LED light on the soundbar stops blinking, plug both devices back in again.
  • With the volume on the minimum setting, press and hold the mute button on the remote control and the stop button on the soundbar at the exact same time. REMATE should appear on the display. Then, unplug the subwoofer and plug it back in; the pairing should be complete.

By following these steps, you should be able to pair your soundbar and subwoofer together with very little effort. If you are still having trouble accomplishing this, call LG customer service or take the entire unit to an LG service centre.

If neither of those options work, you could try visiting the LG community forum for further troubleshooting tips.

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