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The Best Quiet Kettle Reviews & Buying Guide

Editor's Choice
Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Cream
  • Features Quiet boil technology, ideal for those who value peace with their brew, reducing the boiling noise by up to 70 percent when tested against other Russell Hobbs kettles without Quiet boil technology
  • Rapid boil zones for easy measurability with one cup taking only 45 seconds to boil and one cup is equal to 235 ml of water
  • Removable, washable filter to remove impurities for a cleaner brew
  • 360 Degree base with cord storage for easy accessibility that fits around your kitchen
Dualit Classic Kettle | Polished Stainless Steel with Black Trim | Quiet boiling kettle | 90 Second Boil Time | 1.7 L Capacity, 2.3 kW | 72796
  • FAST PATENTED WHISPER BOIL: The Classic Kettle is the quietest kettle that Dualit has designed and drastically reduces boiling noise.
  • STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE: Unlike plastic kettles the Dualit classic kettle features a high quality, polished stainless steel body with black trim. 
  • NON DRIP: With a precision engineered, non-drip spout you don't have to worry about water dripping onto the kettle or your work top, meaning a safer experience for all users. 
  • DUAL MEASURING WINDOWS: The BPA free windows feature cup measures on one side – perfect for tea drinkers! – and the other side measures water in litres – so you only need to boil the amount of water you need helping reduce water waste and improve the environment.
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: From our founding in 1945 we have continued to provide high quality, innovative products to make your life easier and more stylish. 
Tower Bottega T10020WMRG Stainless Steel Kettle with Quiet Boil, Temperature Dial and Boil Dry Protection, 1.7L, 3kW, White Marble and Rose Gold
  • QUIET BOIL – enjoy a nice brew and boil the kettle with minimal noise disruption, making it ideal for open plan living spaces
  • 1.7 LITRE CAPACITY - make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee on a single boil, perfect for playing host to family and friends
  • RAPID BOIL TECHNOLOGY – powerful 3kW rapid boil function boils in minutes so you can start enjoying your brew in no time
  • REMOVABLE LIMESCALE FILTER – easily remove the unwanted limescale to maintain the kettle’s quality performance
  • ADDED PROTECTION – automatic shut-off and boil dry protection provides added safety and peace of mind during use
  • ROSE GOLD COLLECTION: For a contemporary designed kitchen, complete the look with the full Rose Gold range from Tower
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - comes with standard 1 year warranty and an additional 2 years when registering the product online within 28 days of purchase

Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Quiet Kettle Is The The Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle!


  • Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Cream

If making yourself a cup of tea or coffee in the morning is part of your routine then it's likely a quiet kettle could come in handy, quiet kettles are not only more pleasant than whistling ones, but also prevent you from waking other people up in your household. 

Quiet kettles are now very popular on the market and come in all designs, shapes and sizes, making it challenging to figure what quiet kettles are the best. 

We have rounded up the best quiet kettles below and compared them to narrow down the best quiet kettle on the market. 

Our Top Quiet Kettle! - 

The Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle

Russell Hobbs are very well-known in the kitchen appliance industry, this quiet kettle, in particular, is one of the lowest-priced models on our list yet most highly rated. 

Feature-wise the electric kettle comes with 1.7-litre capacity and has a 3000W heating element. This kettle also has quiet boil technology which is said to be 70% quieter than other Russell Hobbs models. 

This electric kettle further has rapid boiling which can allow a cup of water to be boiled in just 45 seconds. A filter is included with the model to reduce lime-scale too. 

In terms of design, this quiet kettle comes in a cream colour and has a water gauge along with a 360-degree rotatable base and cord storage. It comes with essential safety functions such as boil-dry protection. 


To conclude, this quiet Russell Hobbs kettle is very affordable and one of the best kettles on our list in terms of functionality thanks to its quick boiling time and quiet noise level, making it perfect to use any time of day without making too much noise disturbance. 

Negatives of this kettle have to be its design which includes a plastic measuring jug inside of the kettle, this can make your water have a plastic taste but can be removed, the noise of this kettle is additionally said to get louder as limescale starts to build. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Quick boiling time with less noise. 
  • Filter included reducing limescale. 
  • 360-degree rotatable base. 
  • Water gauge.


  • Plastic taste caused by measuring jug inside the kettle. 
  • Gets louder when limescale builds over time. 


  • Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Cream

Our High Budget Choice - Dualit Classic Kettle 

The Dualit classic kettle comes with a 1.7-litre capacity and has a 3000W power rating, the kettle operates with a whisper boil and has two measuring windows to keep track of how much water you are boiling.

Main features of this classic quiet kettle are its non-drip spout and ergonomic handle, the quiet kettle additionally has a 360-degree swivel base and is cordless for portability. The kettle has a filter included too for reducing limescale in the device. 

Safety-wise the Dualit kettle has anti-wobble feet for stability and a no-boil dry system, its heating element is also replaceable and has a very long lifespan. The kettle itself weighs around 1.6kg and has dimensions of 15.4 x 23.5 x 28.08 cm. 


Overall, this quiet classic kettle model by Dualit is one of the best models on our list thanks to its larger capacity, replaceable element and quiet boiling technology which makes this kettle a long-lasting option for family use. 

Its design is also super easy to use thanks to its easy open lid and ergonomic handle. 

Negatives of this quiet kettle have to be its expensive price, the kettle additionally has a heavyweight and the outer surface is reported to get very hot to touch. 


  • Large capacity. 
  • Durable & replaceable 3000W heating element. 
  • Quiet boil whisper technology. 
  • The easy opening lid and ergonomic design. 
  • Cordless
  • 360-degree swivel base. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Heavyweight. 
  • The material gets hot to touch. 

  • Dualit Classic Kettle | Polished Stainless Steel with Black Trim | Quiet boiling kettle | 90 Second Boil Time | 1.7 L Capacity, 2.3 kW | 72796

Tower Bottega T10020WMRG Rapid Boil Traditional Kettle

This Tower branded quiet kettle features a 1.7-litre capacity and has a 3000W heating element with quiet boil technology. 

Significant specifications of this kettle are its 360-degree swivel base and temperature dial, the kettle also has a stylish rose white marble finish and is made of durable stainless steel. 

Extra features of this traditional Tower kettle are its quick one-minute boiling time along with safety functions such as its no-boil dry protection and auto-shutoff function. 

A one-year guarantee is included with this kettle too but can be extended to two years via registration. 


The Tower quiet kettle is great value for money if you are looking for a traditional style kettle with a decent capacity. 

This quiet kettle has a temperature dial too which is great for boiling water to specific temperatures. 

Some downfalls of this kettle are its rose gold covering which is said to peel off the lid easily, the kettle further has been reported to get noisy after long term use. 


  • Large capacity with a powerful heating element. 
  • 360-degree swivel base. 
  • Rose gold finish with traditional design. 
  • Temperature dial. 
  • Safety features. 
  • Three-year guarantee included with registration. 


  • Rose gold covering on the lid is said to peel off.
  • Can get noisy.

  • Tower Bottega T10020WMRG Stainless Steel Kettle with Quiet Boil, Temperature Dial and Boil Dry Protection, 1.7L, 3kW, White Marble and Rose Gold

iKich Glass Electric Kettle 

This iKich glass electric kettle features a 1.7-litre capacity and has a 2200W heating element, it can boil water within in just two-five minutes depending on how much water is inside. 

Main specifications of this quiet kettle are its thermostat technology and blue LED light which makes the glass more visible while boiling water. The kettle further has a 360-degree swivel base and is protected via its no-boil dry and auto-shutoff system. 

Design-wise the kettle is made from borosilicate glass and 304 stainless steel, it also has a wide mouth for easy filling and an ergonomic handle. The base of the kettle has cord storage underneath too. 


The iKich quiet kettle is a great model to consider if you are looking for a low noise glass kettle which allows you to see the water boiling. The material of this kettle is also very high-quality and can be cleaned easily. 

Downfalls of the glass kettle have to be its build-quality which is reported to be poor and have issues surrounding the handle and lid. 


  • Large capacity.
  • Stylish see-through design. 
  • Can boil water in under 5 minutes.
  • LED light. 
  • Made from high-quality material. 


  • Low build-quality. 

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this is Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L Temperature

Alternative Option

  • Glass Electric Kettle 1.7 L Temperature Control Keep Warm 12Hr with Blue Illuminating Double Wall Anti-scald Fast Hot Water Boiler Heater Tea Kettle 2200W with Auto-Shutoff & Boil-Dry Protection

AICOK 1.7L Glass Electric Kettle 

This AICOK glass electric kettle features a 1.7-litre capacity and has a heating element of 1500 watts. An LED light is also featured on the kettle for style and visibility. 

Main specifications of this kettle are its 6-minute boiling time and cordless design which allows this kettle to be used anywhere. Two push buttons are included on the lid for safety and it has a shut-off system as well as boil-dry protection. 

Material-wise the kettle uses FDA approved material of 304 stainless steel, a two-year guarantee is included with the model too for buyers confidence. 


To conclude, this AICOK model is one of the most affordable and stylish kettles on our list, the quiet kettle comes with all the features needed to make this kettle durable and safe, as-well-as being quiet and quick to boil.

Downfalls of the AICOK quiet kettle has to be its lid release which is said to be difficult to use, the kettle additionally fails to turn off quickly when reaching boiling point and continues to boil water for longer. 


  • 1.7-litre capacity. 
  • LED light. 
  • 6-minute boiling time. 
  • Double lock lid.
  • Cordless. 
  • Two-year guarantee. 


  • Complicated lid release. 
  • Continues to heat water after boiling point. 

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is COSORI Electric Glass Kettle, 3000W 1.5L with Blue LED, Stainless Steel Filter, Boil-Dry Protection, Fast and Quiet Boil, Black

Alternative Option

  • COSORI Electric Glass Kettle, 3000W 1.5L with Blue LED, Stainless Steel Filter, Boil-Dry Protection, Fast and Quiet Boil, Black

Our Verdict - Which Quiet Kettle Is The Best?

To conclude our top quiet kettles, the best model on our list has to be the Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle thanks to its durable design and very quiet boiling. 

This kettle is also great due to its large capacity making it perfect for a family and has a filter included to stop limescale build. 

As a second choice we suggest checking out the Dualit Classic Kettle due to its high power and fast boiling time, the model also has some great features such as measuring windows and a replaceable heating element. 

The only reason we placed this model in second place is due to its very expensive price. 

What To Look For In a Quiet Kettle (Our Best Buying Guide)

After comparing then best quiet kettles on the market its a good idea to familiarise yourself with the essential features you need in a kettle, the advantages of owning a quiet kettle, and how to maintain them. 

We have put together a comprehensive buying guide below to answer all your questions about quiet kettles. 

What Is a Quiet Kettle?

A quiet kettle operates the same as a normal kettle with the primary aim being to boil water, however, they often have different builds to ensure the boiling process is much less noisy. 

Quiet kettles tend to be made out of thick material with layers to insulate and reduce noise, some even have special bases that can break up bubble to reduce noise as the kettle boils. 

Best Features To Look Out For In a Quiet Kettle 

There are many different features to consider in a quiet kettle, some of the main ones being size and material, however, there are also several other features that you should consider when purchasing your top model. 

  • Capacity - The capacity of your kettle matters as this determines the amount of water you are going to be able to boil at once, for larger families you need a kettle of at least 1.5 litres and over. However, a larger capacity kettle does mean a bigger model so you must have enough space for this.
  • Material - It’s best to look for a stainless steel material that has an ergonomic handle and sturdy lid. You should ensure the kettle is easy to clean too with a wide pouring mouth to eliminate rust pockets forming. 
  • Boiling speed & noise - Your quiet kettle shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to boil a full kettle of water, the noise level of your kettle should also be quiet when boiling. 
  • Safety functions -Some of the most important features to look out for in your quiet kettle are safety ones. Your kettle should most likely come with; a filter, no-boil dry protection and an auto-shutoff system.
  • Warranty - As with all appliances, you must make sure your quiet kettle comes with at least a one-year warranty for buyers confidence and to protect you against any faulty models or electrical parts. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Quiet Kettle?

Using a quiet kettle vs a normal kettle can give you many benefits which you might not have considered, for example, they are less demanding than a whistler kettle as they turn themselves off after boiling automatically. 

We have listed several other benefits out below - 

  • More peace - Normal kettles can be very noisy as they reach boiling point, and in the early mornings it can be much nicer to keep your home relaxed and quiet as you start a new day, quiet kettles make a very little sound when heating water. 
  • Can be used early morning//late night - If you love a herbal tea late at night or an early morning cup of coffee then a quiet kettle is much more house friendly if you live with other people who might be asleep. 
  • Tend to have faster boiling times - Quiet kettles are normally electric and tend to have very fast boiling times meaning you can get hot water typically within under 5 minutes. 
  • Easy to use - These quiet kettles are simple to use and allow you to get on with other things in comparison to a stovetop design which needs you around for when the whistler goes off. 
  • Come in a variety of designs - Quiet kettles can come in a huge variety of designs, from clear glass designs to a traditional vintage look, there's a quiet kettle to suit your kitchen.

How To Maintain Your Quiet Kettle

If you are looking to keep your new quiet kettle in the best shape possible then you should make sure you are regularly maintaining it. 

Apart from routine cleaning, there is many other tips and tricks to keep your kettle running smoothly, we have listed out a few below to get you started - 

  • Wipe down the inside & out - You should be wiping down the exterior of your kettle every time you clean around your appliance to remove any limescale marks or dirt on the kettle. For cleaning the inside you should wait until your kettle has cooled down then use a scrubber to remove any extra dirt or mineral deposits inside of the kettle. 
  • Don’t leave extra water in the kettle - To avoid mineral build-up inside of your kettle you should only boil the amount you need if you have any water left its a good idea to remove it from the kettle, especially if its hard water that can cause limescale. 
  • Never boil-dry your kettle - Its a very important to never turn your kettle on while there's little water inside, doing so can ruin the appliance in the long run and become a fire hazard if you are worried about doing this by accident you should make sure your new quiet kettle has an auto turn off function when it detects there is no water. 
  • Keep it in the correct place - Avoid having your kettle near walls or furniture as this can damage them due to the steam from the kettle once boiled. 
  • Use a vinegar solution - For cleaning your kettle you can try using an equal part vinegar solution to break down any limescale in your kettle. Simply pour your solution into the kettle and let it come to a boil, after it comes to a boil discard, scrub and rinse out the kettle. 

Moreover, you can also read our review article for the best wok for induction hobs in the UK.


How much does a quiet kettle typically cost?

A quiet kettle can cost anything from around £20-£200 depending on the model you buy, its capacity, and the functions it comes with. 

Kettles tend to be more expensive when it comes with high power and has extra features such as temperature control.

My quiet kettle is getting noisier, what should I do?

If your quiet kettle is getting noisier then there could be a few problems worth troubleshooting so as you can figure out what’s wrong. 

First, check if your kettle has a lot of limescale build, as this can contribute to a very noisy kettle after long term use. 

You should additionally ensure your kettle is placed on a stable surface and doesn’t shake too much when heating. 

How does a quiet kettle reduce noise?

Quiet kettles are designed in many different ways to reduce noise when boiling water, some have special bases to break up bubbles into smaller sizes and others have insulated materials so as the sound cannot be heard easily. 

Why should I buy a quiet kettle?

Not only can quiet kettles contribute to a more peaceful environment but they are also more household-friendly and allow you to leave the kettle to boil on its own, unlike a whistling kettle. 

Is there any essential feature to look for in a quiet kettle?

There's a couple of important features to look out for in your quiet kettle such as; capacity, boiling time, design, safety features and warranty. 

What is a whistling kettle?

A whistling kettle is used on a stovetop or hob and is fitted with a device that whistles when water inside of the stovetop kettle starts to boil. This steam then causes a vibration as it tries to escape through the tight-fitting lid and alerts you to tell you when your water is ready to use. 

How often should I de-scale my quiet kettle?

Every month or two you should be de-scaling your kettle to stop mineral deposits building up and causing problems. This can be done with a one part water one part vinegar solution or a descaler packet depending on how bad the lime-scale is. 

What safety functions should I look for in a quiet kettle?

Your quiet kettle should come with a wide mouth, no-boil dry system, and an auto-shutoff mechanism that shuts down the kettle once it reaches a boiling point or the desired set temperature if you have an adjustable kettle. 

Are these kettles energy-efficient? 

Yes, quiet kettles tend to be very energy-efficient as they withhold steam inside the kettle and keep the water hot long after it reaches boil. 

Can a kettle affect the taste of my water?

A kettle can affect the taste of the water you boil, but this tends to be only noticeable in plastic modes and is more likely to happen if you re-boil the same water over and over again. 

You can stop this from happening by only boiling the water you need and avoiding cheaper plastic models. 

Is a hot water tap a better alternative to a quiet kettle?

Hot water taps are great as they have instant hot water with no waiting time unlike a kettle, they additionally allow you to use only the hot water you need which is easier to measure than in a kettle. 

However, hot water taps are very expensive to install and aren’t in everyone’s budget like an electric quiet kettle is. 

What size quiet kettle should I buy for my home?

This depends on how many cups of boiling water your household tends to use at the same time.

A 1.5-litre kettle can produce about 6 cups of water, making it great for a family of four, however, you might want to consider a larger capacity model if you are looking for an office kettle. 

Moreover, you can also read our review article about the best electric frying pan skillet in the UK.

Our #1 Quiet Kettle For a More Peaceful Morning Coffee

The number one quiet kettle on our list is the Russell Hobbs 21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle due to its affordable price, long-lasting design and quiet quick boil which is 70% quieter than all other Russell Hobbs kettles. 

We also suggested checking out the Dualit Classic Kettle thanks to its large capacity and a replaceable heating element which allows you to keep this kettle for a very long time, even when the element eventually needs replacing. 

  • Dualit Classic Kettle | Polished Stainless Steel with Black Trim | Quiet boiling kettle | 90 Second Boil Time | 1.7 L Capacity, 2.3 kW | 72796

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