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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Recliner Chair Is The More4Homes CHURWELL Recliner Armchair!

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The Best Recliner Chairs Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for a way to relax at the end of a long day, it's worth checking out some recliner chairs. Recliner chairs are a comfortable high back chair that allows you to relax your muscles and back.

They are proven to relieve stress and help people with back problems too, making it a great addition to your living room in front of the TV.

However, there are many different recliner chairs on the market with various materials, reclining systems and sizes, so it's essential to find the right reclining chair for you.

We've rounded up the best models on the market and compared them to help you find the top reclining chair.

The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The More4Homes CHURWELL Recliner Armchair!

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Our Top Recliner Chair For Relaxation -

The More4Homes Recliner Armchair (Editor's Choice)

The More4Homes armchair comes with real leather upholstery and highlights high comfort seating for relaxation.

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Significant features of this recliner armchair are its pushback recliner mechanism which uses the arms of the chair to assist the recline function.

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This reclining chairs model additionally has lumbar support to help promote correct posture when sitting.

The size of this leather recliner comes in at 55 x 66 x 104 cm. It also comes in a grey colour and has a 12-month warranty for buyers confidence.

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This More4Homes leather recliner is one of the best chairs that recline on our list.

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Its real leather upholstery makes this chair very high quality, combined with its lumbar assistance which can help to maintain posture while relaxing in your home.

Some downfalls of the leather recliner have to be its size which is very small, so this may not be suitable for larger people.

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  • Real bonded leather material.
  • Back support.
  • Foldable foot stall.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • 12-month warranty.

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  • Small size which isn't suitable for larger people.

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Our Budget Choice! - HOMCOM Deluxe Fake Leather Massage Recliner Chair

The HOMCOM faux leather chair not only comes with a recline system but also has a massage function too.

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Important features of this reclining chairs model are its ten massage points, with one of them being a heat point, these massage points have adjustable force and temperature.

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There is a remote control included with this chair, including a pocket for storage in the chair, maximum load capacity of the chair is 120kg.

Material-wise the chair is made of cotton rib knit and comes with measurements of 78 x 73 x 95cm.

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The HOMCOM model is truly one of the best reclining chair models on our list thanks to its very low price and massage features which allow you to relax your whole body while laying back.

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Its remote control is also very convenient for adjusting the chair, rather than doing it manually with a lever, making it a great addition to your home.

Downfalls of the model have to be its material which is said to wear down quickly and crack after some months of usage. The chairs massage functions are also reported to be poorly made.

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  • Affordable price with massage functions.
  • Remote control with pocket.
  • Recline function.
  • Heat and force adjustability.
  • 120kg load.

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  • Material is said to wear off easily after long term use.
  • Massage functions are poorly made.

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Oriental Leather Co Ltd The Mandalay Swivel Recliner Chair

This brown oriental leather Morris Living reclining chair features a matching footstool and is available in six finish options.

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Significant points of this reclining chair are its 360-degree swivel and adjustable tension recline system. Total measurements of this recliners model come in at 103cm X 78cmx 89cm, and it has a mahogany brown finish.


Overall, the swivel recliner chair by Moriss Living is one of the most modern, high-quality recliner seats on our list. It has all the features you need for comforts such as its 360-degree swivel and adjustable recline system.

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Downfalls of this recliners chairs model have to be its assembly which is reported to be very difficult due to its unclear instructions.

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  • Modern design with foot stall included.
  • Adjustable recline and 360-degree swivel.
  • Comes in 6 different finishes.
  • Durable material.

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  • Complicated assembly due to unclear instructions.

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GFA Marseille Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair

The GFA Marseille recliner chair has measurements of; 106.5cm X 76cm X 81cm and comes with a matching coloured footstool.

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This model also comes with a colour choice of five different colours and has an adjustable recline plus a 360 swivel design. Its fabric is made of artificial leather too.

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The GFA Marseille chair is one of the best reclining seats on our list thanks to its contemporary style and adjustable recline.

This chair also features a 360 swivel option which is great for versatility and has a foot stall that allows you to relax your feet after a long day.

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Downfalls of the artificial leather GFA recliner chair have to be its design and instructions.

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People have reported the seat to be slightly stiff and not very comfortable, its also been said assembly for this recliners chair is complicated.

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  • Comes with footstool and five different colours.
  • Adjustable recline plus 360-degree swivel.
  • Faux leather for easy cleaning.

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  • Slightly hard design.
  • Assembly is difficult.

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Evre Recliner Arm Chair

If you are looking for a more affordable yet durable recliner chair, it could be worth checking out this Evre model. The recliner chair comes with a faux leather brown colour and has dimensions of 91 x 65 x 101.

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Feature-wise the recliner chair boasts a foldable footrest with non-slip feet, its reclining system can be done with its lever, and it can support a maximum load of around 130kg.


Overall, this Evre recliner chair is excellent value for money and has all the options needed to relax thanks to its foldable footrest and faux leather feel.

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Negatives of the reclining chair have to be its size which is a little smaller than other recliner models on our list. The leg support is also said to be a bit difficult to lock back in position.

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  • Faux leather means easy cleaning and a stylish look.
  • Foldable footrest.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Easy lever for recline function.
  • Affordable.

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  • Smaller size than other models.
  • The leg support is challenging to lock back in position.

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Our Final Judgement - Which Recliner Chair Is The Best?

To conclude, the best recliner chair on our list has to be the More4Homes Recliner Armchair.

This recliner is one of the only models on our list that boasts real leather material and has high comfort seating for maximum enjoyment in your home.

The chair is also one of the best thanks to its 12-month warranty and back support, making it an ideal and a reliable purchase for someone who struggles with back pain after a long day.

For a more affordable alternative, we would also suggest checking out the HOMCOM Deluxe Faux Leather Massage Reclining Chair, this model not only has a recline function but also massage options for the ultimate relaxation.

What to Look For In a Recliner Chair (Buying Guide)

As you have probably noticed, buying a recliner chair isn't as straightforward as you might think, there are lots of different features to consider before investing in one of these seats.

We've put together our best buying guide below to help you out -

Best Features To Consider In a Reclining Chair

From different sizes to adjustability and material, there some essential features to consider in a recliner chair as these models are often relatively expensive if you are looking for a high-quality option.

We've rounded up the key features to consider in a recliner chair below -

  • Size - The size of your recliner is an essential feature to consider, a recliner too small will be uncomfortable to relax on, some models come oversized, so if you are looking for more room then size is an essential factor.
  • Material - Some of the best models for your home will come with real bonded leather; however, the more affordable seats will have fake leather. With whatever option you choose the durability of the material is important to consider as the chair will wear down over time.
  • Adjustability - Adjustable recline and 360-degree swivel options are some among the features that will give you better control over your chair.
  • Massage functions - Some recliners have massage functions which can allow you to use heat and force to help you relax.
  • Load capacity - The load your chair can hold should be within a decent range so as numerous people of different sizes can use it.
  • Accessories - From included footstools to remote controls, these accessories can be great additions to your recliner chair.
  • Overall dimensions - Check the overall size of your chair and make sure it will fit neatly into your living room, recliners can often be massive, so make sure you have enough room for it.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Recliner Chair?

Recliners provide the ultimate spot for relaxation in your home.

However, there are also several other benefits that you can get from using a reclining chair -

  • Comfort - One of the most apparent benenfits of a recliner is the comfort. These seats allow you to relax thanks to their adjustable recline.
  • Ease of standing - Recliners can help push you forward into a standing position; this is especially great for people who have trouble getting up from low down chairs.
  • Relives pain - If you suffer from joint aches or back pains, a recliner chair will be able to take the pressure off your body and hold your back while you relax.
  • Better posture - Recliners help distribute your weight evenly when sitting down; this can, in turn, improve posture while you relax due to it reducing the pressure in your neck and spine.


How long should a reclining chair last for?

This depends on the quality of your model but for a well made recliner chair anything from seven to fifteen years.

What is a swivel recliner?

These models are usually made with a circular base which allows you to rotate the chair 360 degrees. This is great if you want to adjust the position of your recliner and have the freedom to move around while sitting.

Can a recliner chair help my back problem?

Yes, recliners can be a great way to relax your back, especially if your back is prone to giving you pain when sitting.

What is lumbar support?

Back support is an important feature to consider in a model; it allows the design of the chair to support your lower back when sitting and maintain the correct posture without overworking your muscles.

What's the best material to look for in a recliner?

The most popular material to look for in a recliner is real bonded leather or fake leather; this material is often the most durable and very easy to keep clean.

You can buy fabric recliners of high quality; however, its essential to make sure these best models are easy to clean and durable after long term use.

Can I sleep in a recliner?

Yes, sleeping on a recliner now and then can be very beneficial if you are pregnant or struggle with acid reflux. This is due to the slight incline of the chair.

Our #1 Best Recliner Chair For Relaxing On

The number one best recliner chair on our list is the More4Homes Recliner Armchair due to its high performance and back supporting design, making it the perfect chair to relax on after a long day.

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We also suggested checking out the more affordable HOMCOM Deluxe Faux Leather Massage Reclining Chair, this model is one of the best recliners with a massage function and great value if you are on a budget.

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