Best Rotary Washing Lines For The Garden - Reviews 2022 - 2023

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We independently research each product thoroughly in order to produce this in-depth review - our process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made using our links below, however it does not influence our recommendation.

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Rotary Washing Lines For The Garden Is The Brabantia Lift-O-Matic!

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The Top 5 Rotary Washing Lines 

Are You Looking into Buying a Rotary Washing Line?

Save the environment a little, reduce energy costs and extend the life of your garments by purchasing a rotary washing line.

A rotary washing line is a simple but very practical device and there are many benefits to be gained from erecting one in your back garden, yard or patio area.

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There's not shortage of great benefits for owning a rotary washing line - it's more than just a useful way to cut down on the cost of running a tumble dryer. Nothing can compare to the soft feel and fresh smell of garments that have been dried naturally outdoors in the breeze.

Obviously there are some occasions when it’s just not feasible to use a rotary line - for example, if it’s snowing or sleeting heavily in the middle of winter. But it’s still okay to use a rotary line in mild drizzle or light rain, providing you opt to attach a rain covering to the top of the device, ensuring the fresh air dries your clothing while the cover keeps the rain at bay.

A spinning washing line also offer an excuse to enjoy the outdoors for a break from your home cleaning chores.

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Why not indulge in some casual chat with your neighbours over the garden fence, or watch your kids playing in the garden on a summer's day? They may even help you out on the washing line as infants and toddlers just love to pass the right colour of clothes peg to mummy!

Line drying is also more convenient than you may think - only takes a few minutes to hang a load and no matter when you use your line, you are conserving energy. Running the electric tumble dryer during off-peak hours may save you money but where is the convenience in doing laundry on nights and weekends? And if you are not around when the dryer stops everything comes out wrinkled.

Line-dried clothes can last longer and stay fresher too - have you noticed all the dryer lint in your tumble dryer filter container? That's the residue and bits of clothing gathered as a direct result of constant beating of heat and chemicals on your clothing.

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Outdoor drying allows nature to product a fresh-air scent on garments, with none of the static cling associated with a tumble dryer - and the stain-fighting power of the sun will bleach your whites naturally and can disinfect almost anything. For instance towels dried on a rotary line are more absorbent, exfoliate your skin, and are resistant to mildew.

And there's plenty of benefits to be gained from drying laundry outdoors on a dry and windy winter's day - a good winter airing will kill germs and dust mites on large bedding items such sheets and quilt covers, and even your children's cuddly toys.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major benefits associated with owning a rotary washing line.

Owning a washing line is economical and saves you money. After your initial purchase there are no costs associated with line drying, as there are with buying and running a tumble dryer.

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Natural drying of clothing retains colors longer than machine dried garments and no shrinking of clothes, which can occur with tumble-drying. There’s often no need to iron laundry dried naturally on a rotary line plus there’s no airborne lint or reduced air quality by machine drying.

Using a rotary line provides a welcome break from indoor chores and gets you out in the healthy air. They also give you some healthy exercise by loading up your clothes line and in some ways it can even help you lose a bit of weight!

It’s very easy to set up a washing line if you follow the installation instructions carefully.

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Sunlight acts as a natural bleaching and sanitizing agent while winter drying kills germs and dust mites resulting in fresher smelling garments with less wrinkling and no static.

Moreover, we have also written a review article about the best clothing drying rack that you buy in the UK. It would help if you read it. 

A word to the wise about product installation information:

Whether you are new to purchasing washing lines or experienced its a good idea to check the below mentioned products for installation procedures to ensure a solid, stable foundation for hassle free use.

Some manufactures listed below have specific instructions regarding installation to ground sockets or ground spikes, making it even easier to get the most out of your washing line.

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If you are new to this, there are several Amazon videos that explain and show you how to properly set up your new washing line; including how and when to pour concrete around the ground socket or if you choose to use a ground spike as an alternative accessory. Concrete sold separately.

It's obvious to see that a rotary washing line is a very worthwhile investment. They are relatively inexpensive to buy and will serve their owners well for many years if maintained well. Whether you opt for a basic rotary washing line or a deluxe rotary airer, it’s a purchase you are likely to use often and be pleased with.

There are many options to purchasing a rotary washing line but these are the top five rotary washing lines for 2021.

The Top Five Rotary Washing Lines for 2021

#5 Minky Extra Breeze 50m, 4 arm, Rotary Air Review

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This rotary washing line is powerful and capable and comes equipped with the following features:

  • One handed operation
  • Individually strung lines
  • 8 position ratchet
  • Extra weather protection
  • Ground socket included
  • Package Dimensions: 190 x 12.6 x 9.8 cm

The Extra Breeze range of outdoor rotary dryers offer durability and simplicity with their double weather proof coated arms and no tangle, stay taut lines.

The Extra Breeze rotary airer is a durable, outdoor dryer, with galvanized powder coated arms and individually strung, stay taunt lines - it has been designed to last. This large outdoor dryer holds up to 4 wash loads - perfect for a large family. It is extremely easy to use with a simple one handed operation to open and close and the fully enclosed mechanism prevents finger traps. The Extra Breeze comes with a ground socket for secure installation.

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Minky Homecare became established in the UK in 1941 and are one of the world leaders in laundry hardware and textile manufacture. They received both the Royal Warrant and the Princes Warrant as a supplier of quality products and their commitment to the environment.

As Verified purchaser Gale raves, "Easy to put up, loads of drying space, I easily fit 4 loads on it, I have emperor size quilt cover & bottom sheet & manage to dry them well on this by pegging one end on the very top line, & the other end on a line closer to the middle to form a hammock so the wind can blow throw it. I use the lower lines in the middle for lighter weight clothes & the heavier harder to dry on the outer line." She gives the Minky Extra Breeze a five star rating and it’s easy to see why.

The rotary washing line comes with a three-year warranty including a full refund warranty of one year.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Leifheit Linomatic 600 Plus 60 m Rotary Clothes Line!

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#4 Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 600 Plus, 60 m Review

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Get plenty of laundry done with the lustrous Leifheit Linomatic that is conveniently height adjustable and offers the following streamlined features:

  • Automatic line retraction technology
  • Re-tensioning system
  • 10 height adjustable levels
  • 50m/60m line length for up to 5-6 loads
  • Ground socket included
  • 3 year guarantee

The Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Lines are a deluxe model of rotary airer. Its cost is significantly higher than the other reviewed models. Alongside, it delivers on capacity; its 60 metres of line area can accommodate a lot of laundry, specifically six loads of laundry. There are also 40 metre and 50 metre versions available for purchase.

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You can keep the lines clean and compact when not in use, the unit folds in easily. It has an easy-open pull-cord and deluxe easy closing push-button to make opening and closing effortless. There are eight hooks to hang delicate clothes. The lightweight aluminum frame doesn’t rust and is portable. Manufactured in Germany, it comes with a ground socket and a hefty three-year guarantee.

Online review user Miss Helen Bennet writes, "huge, strong line. Great buy. Lasted well still in use without any problems 3 years into being left out in uk weather all year round."

Supplied by Leifheit, who have functionality, innovation, practicality and efficiency at the heart of its product range. For over 50 years, Leifheit has been a leading supplier of household goods in Europe.

Outdoor drying with Leifheit's Linomatic 600 Plus puts the ease into your laundry routine.

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#3 Brabantia WallFix Wall-Mounted Retractable Washing Line with Matt Steel Storage Box, 24 m – Silver Review

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The Brabantia WallFix delivers on style, functionality and has the following manageable features:

  • Wall-mounted
  • One handed operation
  • Retractable line
  • Protective storage case
  • Product Dimensions: 109 x 179.5 x 182 cm
  • 5 year Brabantia guarantee

The Brabantia WallFix is efficiency at its best with a wall mounted, fold away design for patios, gardens, balconies and more. With its easy one-handed operation you have 24 meteres of taut clothesline in a single movement instantly at your disposal. The retractable line can take a full washing machine load including large laundry items like duvets and quilts.

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The innovative design of the Brabantia retractable washing line eliminates the hassle of digging a ground spike or dealing with cement.

An instruction manual is provided to assist you in installation as well as an instructional video online. The video makes installation easy to understand and the kit includes all the tools you will need except a drill.

The rotary line by Brabantia offers efficient, generous clothes hanging and is backed by a solid five-year guarantee.

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#2 Addis 40 m 4-Arm Rotary Airer Review

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The Addis Rotary Airer gets the job done and has straight forward features such as:

  • Changeable tension levels
  • 4 arms
  • Turning circle of 2.47m
  • Maximum Height 1.75m
  • Grey frame

All ADDIS rotary airers are made from fully painted steel that protects the airers from elements of the weather. All are rust resistant and incorporate an easy to use umbrella mechanism and come complete with ground socket to install into the ground with concrete or soil.

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You should ensure that a suitable location for the airer is established making sure the rotary has room to rotate freely once the arms are fully extended. Due to often times rainy, damp weather, it is recommended to concrete the ground socket.

The manufacturer recommends the following instructions and guidelines be adhered to for proper use of the washing line.

Place the ground spike in a vertical positioning, maintaining this position at all times. We strongly advise using a flat block of wood to hammer the spike into the ground with a mallet. This will protect the spike and maintain its shape.

Installing the spike in concrete:

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Dig a hole around 50cm deep and 20cm square. Fill in part of the hole with your concrete mix and place the ground spike vertically in the centre. Continue to pour the rest of the concrete into the hole, ensuring the spike is held in an upright position. Allow this to set for around 48 hours before use.

How to use:

Once your ground spike or socket is in place and ready to use place the base pole into the socket then proceed to place the airer on top of the bottom pole. Carefully open the arms to release the cord and raise the airer by gently pushing the middle hand grip in an upwards direction securing the hand grip in place according to the desired height and tension.

When not in use, fold down the airer and tightly wrap around the supplied Velcro strap. This will keep the airer folded and secure.

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Safety information on the cord: Warning – this is not a toy and children should not play near this airer unsupervised. It's also recommended to keep the packaging away from small children and babies.

Maximum load 25Kg do not exceed maximum load

All ADDIS rotary airers are made from fully painted steel that protects the airers from elements of the weather. They are rust resistant and incorporate an easy to use umbrella mechanism. The ADDIS comes equipped with ground socket to install into the ground with concrete or soil.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Brabantia 50 m Lift-O-Matic Rotary Washing Line, Folding Outdoor Rotating Clothes Dryer!

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#1 Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer with Accessories, 50 m – Silver Review

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Straining and stretching are a thing of the past with the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Airer with the following features:

  • Smart Lift-O-Matic system
  • 50 meteres of drying space
  • Ideal for airing cushions and bedding in the low position
  • All arms fitted with special holes, ideal for drying delicate laundry
  • WeForest plants a real tree for every line sold
  • Product Dimensions: Height 192.5 cm and Width 11.0 cm and Depth 15.5 cm
  • 5 year Brabantia guarantee

Utilizing their unique ‘Lift-O-Matic’ system, this adjustable rotary airer from Brabantia makes light work of wash days.

Notches up and down the main pole allow you to adjust the dryer to your ideal height from 132 cm (4ft 3 in) right up to 179 cm (5ft 10 in) while keeping the line taut at all times.

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With the high-quality Brabantia is known for, it spins smoothly even when fully loaded with wet washing, saving you from repeatedly picking up and moving your laundry basket around. The end of each arm also features a hanging hook so you can dry delicate items separately.

A metal ground spike ensures easy installation that requires no concrete, and you can even fold up the airer and store it away when not in use, keeping your garden looking clear and pristine.

Not to worry if you do forget to store it away - Brabantia have given it a special weather resistant coating, so it’ll still look great even if it’s left out in the elements - just remember you still need to bring the washing in!

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Brabantia cares about the products they create and the impact they have on people and the planet. They support WeForest, a non-profit organization, dedicated to help reforesting Africa’s Great Green Wall by planting trees. With over 1,000,000 trees planted in Africa's Great Green Wall they help make the world a greener, fairer and cooler planet. The saplings reverse desertifications and help local economy grow. Now you can too as every rotary purchase equals one tree planted by WeForest.

Best of all, it even comes with a 5 year guarantee from Brabantia.

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Making the decision to buy a rotary washing line is both practical and offers an alternative to drying clothes that is kind to the environment and good for your clothes.

Although all of these washing lines get the job done it’s important to consider what type of washing line best suits your home or garden environment, your style and what size accommodates you or your families needs.

Having a rotary washing line is Eco friendly, emits no greenhouse emissions and there is less fading and wear and tear on garments due to no harsh tumble drying practices. Printing on t-shirts will last much longer when dried naturally outdoors and there is no denying the fresh scent of clothes dried in the sunlight.

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Not only are washing lines compassionate to the environment but looking out of your sash windows and seeing the washing blowing in the breeze is one of life’s simple pleasures

The best place to buy any of these retractable washing lines is on Amazon for their competitive prices and quick delivery. Amazon is also an easy and safe way to purchase products.

Purchase your favorite one here today!

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