Small Shower Room Ideas – Making The Most Of Your Space

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Whether your bathroom and bog are unified or seperate, taking a shower in a congested area is never a pleasurable experience. It’s one of the things in life which we would like to enjoy, however long or short the experience is. Taking a shower in peace is a basic right?! We’ve selected a few tips and tricks to utilising all the space you have to make your small shower a nicer place to walk into.

Best Colours for Small Shower Rooms

When you don’t have a large amount of space for your shower, it’s best to use colours which make it look as large as possible- this reduces the appearance of clutter, eliminates “shadows”, brightens up the room thus making it look cleaner, more spacious and well-kept. We have listed the top colours to use when setting up your bathroom; whether you paint the walls with these, buy a new bathtub or redecorate completely:

  • Classic White: Why are all the showroom bathrooms always white with sparkling spotless tiles and sinks? Because it creates the appearance of newness and cleanliness. Bathrooms are never the most hygienic places, so we could trick our minds into feeling as at ease as possible with the help of some colour psychology! Whether you decide to use white tiles on the floor or walls, or go for white showers, make sure you throw in not a little, but a lot, of white.
  • Light Blue: Blue is a very tricky shade to use when making your small shower room a nicer place to be in. Don’t go for bright or dark blues- even baby blue. Pale or very light blue is the ideal shade- it can even make your bathroom look cleaner, a very similar effect to white. We suggest painting your walls with this colour rather than buying coloured showers.
  • Lilac: Lilac is one of the only other colours which suit well inside a shower room. It can give the illusion of a larger room without being offputting. Dark colours tend to have the opposite effect (making it look smaller), especially if the shower room is not well lit.

1) Use Hanging Storage

When you’re short on bathroom space, the easiest and most effective solution is to hang your storage on the wall. You can get hanging shelves, storage bags and more. A common mistake that a lot of homeowners make when building their new bathroom is to hang their most-used hand/bathroom towel on the bathroom radiator. This can cause your towel to accumulate dirt and bacteria- not the nicest thing to cover your hands with after washing them!

2) Install a Cupboard

A bathroom cupboard is one of the best ways to store sensitive products in your bathroom. If you store your medicines in the kitchen cabinets, ignore- if you store them in your bathroom, it may be a better idea to install a cupboard on the wall for keeping these things out of sight. For women, having a hanging cupboard can be a good place to keep sanitary products too, nobody tends to look in other people’s bathroom cabinets (hopefully!).

3) Keep a Shower Screen- NOT a Curtain

Having a shower screen can make a massive difference when it comes to managing small bathroom spaces. It can hide clutter created by shampoos and other toiletries which you may have lying around. One mistake that a lot of people make, however, is that they use a shower curtain. These can look messy, which makes your small bathroom even smaller to the eye. Having a glass shower screen is both easy to clean, more efficient than a curtain, and looks more visually appealing.

4) Use a Waterproof Bath Mat

While fabric and memory foam bath mats look and feel luxurious, they’re not the best purchase to make, especially if you don’t have a large bathroom. Daily activities such as washing your face, brushing your teeth and showering can cause water to splash onto the mat and soak it -ruining it. The better option for small bathrooms is to use waterproof rubber or silicon bath mats. You can buy ones with suction cups which you can stick to the bathroom wall to save space, if you don’t want to keep it on the floor.

5) Keep it Well-Lit

Small bathrooms, if dimly lit, can look even smaller than they already are. That’s why it’s best to keep good lighting. We suggest installing LED spotlights, as these tend to emit bright lights all around the room, making it look cleaner and newer. Badly lit bathrooms create shadows which can give the illusion of your bathroom having more clutter than it actually has!


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