Best Steam Generator Irons - Review 2022 - 2023

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We independently research each product thoroughly in order to produce this in-depth review - our process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made using our links below, however it does not influence our recommendation.

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Short On Time?

Our Recommended Best Steam Generator Iron Is The Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite!

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Steam Generator Iron Comparisons

1) Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite

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  • Rapid Ironing: There is a powerful flow of steam from this device which allows for faster ironing than ever, effective on thick fabrics as well as multi-layer fabrics.
  • OptimalTEMP Technology: You can completely avoid the risk of burns and other damage thanks to the handy, versatile single temperature setting on this machine. Whether you're working with jeans or silk, your fabrics are safe and taken care of. We've tested it all- and you can trust the claim. In addition, you can no longer waste time pre-sorting your laundry laundry or waiting for temperature settings to adjust. This machine outputs a perfect combination of steam and temperature.
  • Quick and Easy:  With this 1.8 Litre detachable water tank, the refill is quick and only requires a 2 minute heat-up time. The tank produces up to two hours of steam and can be refilled anytime. There is no need to turn it off during usage.
  • Light: This high quality iron only weighs 0.8kg!
  • Quality: There are many features which give you ease of use and manifest the products ergonomic characteristic- there is a smooth-glide feature as well as a scratch resistant soleplate on this iron, allowing you to preserve the newness and condition.

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  • Warranty: Philips offer a delightful 2 year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee with the purchase of this product - exactly what you would expect with such a renowned brand. 
  • Fastest Yet: Philips claimed you can save a solid 40 minutes of ironing time per week by using this product, making it the most powerful steam generator iron yet. We tested this claim and found that we did not save 40 minutes. At all. We saved at least a whole 60 minutes! Yep- a whole hour. The product works better than Philips claimed, making it number 1 on our list.
  • Fast, Powerful, Silent: This steam generating iron produces a maximum 7.5 bar steam pressure, with a powerful steam flow of 150 g/min and a 500 g steam boost. This will allow you to deeply penetrate fibres within your fabrics and layers of clothing. The process gives a reduction in the number of ironing strokes required.
  • Official Product: This steam iron is both tested and approved by fabric experts: independent textile experts. This Philips steamer iron has been awarded a Gold standard from Wool Mark – trusted on all woollen clothes and woollen blends.
  • Efficient: This product will save you precious energy wastage as it will automatically switch off if left idle for more than three minutes! Now that's a smart feature.

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  • Smart Cleaning: When using tap water, minerals can build up in your electrical products, referred to as calc/scale residue). To keep your iron clean, a reminder light at the back of the steam-generating base will light up/flash after around 10 hours. Then, just open the De-Calc shoot, collect and dispose of the dirty water. The iron will automatically reset the timer.The timer will reset itself.
  • High-Quality Soleplate: The soleplate of this iron is made of T-ionicGlide Ceramic, awarded a five-star glide capability and 5 star scratch resistance.

Our Rating:

Appearance: 9 / 10

Quality: 10 / 10

Value for Money: 9.5 / 10

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2) Morphy Richards 332102 Steam Generator

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  • Filters not required
  • Durable: The soleplate of this iron is made of a non-stick ceramic, giving this iron enhanced durability as it glides across your clothing with ease. 
  • Auto-Clean: This unique machine has an auto-clean functionality with de-scales the inner mechanisms. It removes limescale, allowing your steam generator to work to its maximum performance.
  • Powerful: The strong steam jet delivers a commendable crease-eliminating effect. This will dramatically slice down the time spent ironing.

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  • Large Tank: When using these products, the more steam you generate, the more water it drinks. You can drastically reduce the amount of times you refill it with this extra large 2 Litre tank.
  • Safe Storage: The iron securely locks to the base, meaning you won't face the difficulty and threat of dropping and damaging it.
  • Vertical Steam: This features allows you to iron fabrics, thick materials such as curtains, bedding and upholstery plus much more with ease.
  • Neat: There is a clean cord stow away system to avoid having wires hanging around everywhere.

Our Rating:

Appearance: / 10

Quality: / 10

Value for Money: 9 / 10

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator!

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3) Tefal GV7466 Express

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  • The powerful high-pressure steam of Express Anti-Calc penetrates fabricsto facilitate your ironing. The exclusive calc-collector makes -Calc steam genator iron particularly durable and long lasting.
  • Time saving: 6, 5 bars of high-pressure steam
  • Easy & efficient anti-calc solution: calc-collector will allow you to remove calc deposit from the boiler in an easy way and ensure a longer life to your steam ironing appliance
  • Auto clean soleplate: perfect glide and long-lasting performance
  • The large water tank can be filled at any time during the ironing session
  • Without an anti-scale solution, limescale will build up and clog your iron, reducing its steam output and even discharging onto your garments. Our patented Scale Collector prevents limescale build-up, ensuring your iron’s long-lasting steam power for effortless crease removal.
  • The twist-in spoon captures up to 10 x more particles* directly from the water tank. Your iron’s steam output won’t disminish, which means you can achieve effortless, crease-free results, time and time again.
  • Equipped with a boiler to provide extra powerful results for quickier and easier ironing

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  • Unique and Patented removable Scale Collector to maintain long-lasting steam performance for effortless crease removal
  • Our Durilium Autoclean soleplate gives you enhanced glide for fast and effortless ironing. You won’t feel any resistance when ironing with this super-smooth soleplate. Plus, more active holes at the tip, sides and centre mean optimal steam distribution for more efficient ironing. Our Autoclean catalytic coating ensures long-lasting performance by keeping the soleplate clean over time – so there’s no risk of staining your freshly washed clothes
  • High Pressure Steam Generators work by generating a much higher steam pressure. The higher the bar pressure, the more powerful steam is deliver. Designed to cut your ironing time, the Express Anti-scale has a steam pressure of up to 6.5 bars to penetrate deep into garment fibres and cut through creases fast – even on the thickest of fabrics. A continuous steam output of 120g/min softens clothes for easier ironing, while an ultra-powerful steam boost of up to 350g/min gets rid of the most stubborn creases with ease.
  • Variable Steam abd Pressure settinG; Tefal high pressure steam generators are equipped with a variable steam dial which allows you to regulate the amount of steam you use while ironing. This function, in conjunction with the soleplate temperature setting, allows you to obtain the perfect ironing settings for all of your garments. Having variable temperature settings for your iron is extremely important, as most fabrics have different ideal temperatures at which they should be ironed for optimal results. Similarly, depending on the thickness of the fabric, various steam settings ensure you find the ideal one for every item in your ironing pile.

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  • Eco Mode: To cut energy use by as much as 20% (compared with energy use at maximum output level), simply select the iron’s ‘Eco Mode’. You’ll be saving energy and the environment.

Our Rating:

Appearance: / 10

Quality: / 10

Value for Money: 8 / 10

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