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Best Tea Kettles - Reviews Of The Top 5 In 2020 - 2021

Written By Maria
Last Updated June 11, 2021

The Best Tea Kettle Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are a lover of tea then you should consider investing in a high-quality tea kettle. With many of us being tea lovers, you can find all kinds of tea kettles on the market now; from electrical LED kettles to traditional whistling stovetop designs, there’s something for every tea lover. 

Tea kettles tend to vary in materials, programming, design and safety, they are all however very convenient for boiling water and making tea numerous times a day; with keeping warm functions and even thermostats. 

So with that being said, we have decided to round up and review the best tea kettles on the market to help you figure out which is the right tea kettle for making your cuppas. 

Our Top Tea Kettle -

The Aicook Electric 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle 

The Aicook electric tea kettle features a 1.7-litre capacity and has a 2200 watt power rating, it can boil water in just 3-8 minutes and is 130% more efficient than stovetop kettles. 

Main specs of this electric glass kettle are it's 0.4mm built-in tea infuser and one-touch tea programmes which allow you to brew a variety of different tea types to the perfect temperature; this is due to its added temperature sensor which turns off the kettle once the desired temperature is reached. 

This Aicook model further has a built-in thermostat and a keep-warm function that can keep drinks warm for up to two hours when needed. Design-wise the kettle is made of 304 stainless steel and is BPA free. The tea maker additionally has a mute function too and boil dry protection to protect the kettle. 

A two-year warranty is included with this kettle for buyers confidence. 


Overall, this electric glass tea kettle by Aicook is one of the best models on our list in terms of price and durability thanks to its stainless steel durable design and five preset programmes which allow you to boil numerous types of tea to the perfect temperature. 

Negatives of this electric tea kettle have to be its boiling function which is said to continue to boil water at 100-degrees, the kettle is additionally said to show limescale very easily which means the kettle will need cleaning often. 


  • Durable stainless steel design with boil-dry protection. 
  • Five one-touch preset tea programmes. 
  • Temperature sensor and thermostat. 
  • Keep warm function. 
  • Very quiet. 


  • Continues to boil water at 100-degrees. 
  • Needs cleaning often due to design. 

Our Favourite Stovetop Model - SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

Now, if you are looking for a traditional stovetop kettle with a large capacity then you should consider this model by SUSTEAS. 

Feature-wise the stovetop tea kettle comes with a 2.6-litre capacity along with a loud whistle which alerts to when the kettle is fully boiled. The kettle can also be filled by using either its spout or lifting its lid. 

Material-wise the tea kettle has a vintage design of three layers and an ergonomic handle for easy use. The kettles can design also be used on a variety of heat sources and is BPA free, it additionally comes with a mitt as an extra gift too. 


This SUSTEAS stovetop kettle is without a doubt one of the best tea kettles on our list if you are looking for a family kettle with a vintage stovetop design. 

The tea kettles design is also excellent thanks to its numerous layers which makes the model very durable and keeps water inside heated for much longer than a standard stovetop kettle. 

Downfalls of the SUSTEAS model have to be its lack of a filter which may be less suitable for hard water areas, the kettle further has a very angled pouring system which might not be suitable for elderly people or anyone who struggles to lift full kettles. 


  • Vintage design with layers for durability. 
  • 2.6-litre capacity makes it suitable for larger families. 
  • Mitt included. 
  • BPA free. 
  • Two filling options. 
  • Gifted mitt included. 


  • Lack of filter for hard water areas. 
  • Sharp pouring angle. 

Kettle Decen 1.7L Tea Kettle with Removable Tea Infuser

This Decen tea kettle is one of the more expensive models on our list but also the most highly rated. 

Main features of this tea kettle are its 1.7-litre capacity and 1200 watt power rating, the kettle additionally comes with six preset tea programmes for making teas such as oolong and green tea and has customisable temperature settings too. 

Design-wise the tea kettle has an extra-wide mouth for easy pouring and comes with safety features such as an auto-shutoff system and boil dry protection. There is also a mute button to keep the kettle quiet. 

A keep-warm function is included to keep liquid warm for two hours and the material of the kettle is made from 304 stainless steel. For confidence, a two-year warranty is included with the Decen kettle too. 


The Decen tea kettle is an excellent choice if your looking for a tea kettle with precise temperature control and includes all the must-have features in a tea kettle such as a tea strainer and keep warm function which allows the tea to infuse for long periods. 

Some downfalls of this electric tea kettle have to be its custom temperature control which is said to be a little inaccurate, the kettle additionally is reported to have issues with cleaning, with some saying there is a noticeable brown ring at the bottom of a kettle. 


  • Tea strainer & keep-warm function included. 
  • Great safety features. 
  • Durable stainless steel design. 
  • Wide mouth for easier pouring. 
  • Six preset tea options with custom control. 
  • Mute button. 
  • Two-year warranty. 


  • Custom temperature control is said to be inaccurate. 
  • Hard to clean. 

TOYO HOFU Clear Glass High Borosilicate Teapot 

The TOYO HOFU tea kettle is one of the cheapest kettles on our list and comes with an 800ml capacity that can be used on a variety of hobs and plates for heating. 

Significant specs of this kettle are its removable stainless steel infuser and borosilicate glass material which can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees-150 degrees. This kettles design additionally has transparent glass with a tight covering lid for safety purposes. 

A one-year warranty is further included with stovetop kettle for buyers confidence. 


Overall, the affordable TOYO HOFU tea kettle is a great option if you are looking for a tea infuser kettle with a stovetop design on a budget. 

Its design can withstand a great range of temperatures for a variety of heating sources and has a stylish glass design to view your tea in. 

Negatives of the kettle are its build-quality which has been reported to have cracks around the handle, the handle has even been said to come off completely in some cases which could prove to be a safety hazard. The metal edges of this kettle are also reported to be very sharp. 


  • Very affordable. 
  • Stylish glass design. 
  • Can withstand a great range of temperatures. 
  • Tight covering lid. 
  • Stainless steel infuser. 


  • Poor design quality with faulty handle. 
  • Edges of kettle are sharp when cleaning. 

COSORI Glass Teapot Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

This COSORI glass tea kettle is one of the lowest-priced yet most highly rated models on our list. 

Important features of this tea kettle are its one-litre capacity with a stainless steel infuser for making infused tea. The kettle also comes with scale lines to measure liquid and a non-dripping kettle spout. 

The lid of this kettle can be used with or without the infuser and can be placed directly on to any stovetop or hob, its material is also easy to clean due to its durable borosilicate which is dishwasher safe. 


This lowest priced tea kettle by COSORI is one of the top budget models on our list specifically for loose tea due to its stainless steel infuser and high-quality borosilicate glass which can be used on any stove. 

Drawbacks of this tea kettle have to be its size which is reported to be a little small and spit water out its neck when boiling.


  • Budget-friendly. 
  • Traditional stovetop design with tea infuser. 
  • Borosilicate material can withstand high temperatures. 
  • Measuring scale on the kettle. 
  • One-litre capacity. 
  • Dishwasher safe. 


  • Spits when boiling. 

Our Judgement - Which Tea Kettle Is The Best?

To conclude, the best tea kettle on our list has to be the Aicook Electric 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle due to its high-quality electric design which can produce the best tea thanks to its temperature sensor and five preset programs which ensure specific tea is brewed to the best temperature for better taste. 

This model additionally is very quiet in comparison to other tea kettles due to its mute function. 

For a more affordable stovetop design, we would suggest the SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle, this traditional stovetop kettle has a long-lasting design thanks to its three-layer material, the capacity of this kettle is also great for larger families who want a vintage-looking kettle for their home. 

What To Look For In The Best Tea Kettle (Our Buying Guide)

Most people assume buying a tea kettle is fairly straightforward, however, there are some essential features you need to be considering in your top kettle to ensure they are safe to use and will be appropriate for your kind of tea consumption. 

You might also be wondering about the advantages of using a tea kettle and how stovetop and electric models differ in performance, well, not to worry, we’ve got your sorted with our buying guide below. 

Top Features To Consider In a Tea Kettle 

When looking for the best tea kettle on the market its important you not only make sure the model has all the features and programmes needed but also that it's durable; so as you can be using your kettle repeatedly for some good years to come. 

We have put together a list of the most essential features to watch out for in a tea kettle below - 

  • Capacity - One of the main features you want to consider in a tea kettle is capacity. A good capacity to look for is around 1.5 litres, however, if you often have people over for cuppas you could consider going larger. 
  • Safety features - Many safety features should come with your tea kettle depending on its model. For electric tea kettles, you need to ensure they come with an auto turn-off function and have no-boil dry protection. In a stovetop model, your kettle must have a whistler to alert you when water is boiled and be made of temperature withstanding material. 
  • Material - Design-wise your tea kettle should be very durable and easy to clean due to limescale build-up in kettles. The best models are usually made out of stainless steel and have wide mouths for easy cleaning. 
  • Extra accessories - Other features to consider in a tea kettle are preset tea programmes, an adjustable thermostat, stainless steel tea infuser and a keep-warm function.
  • Warranty - Many kettles tend to fail after a year or two of working, so it's a good idea to make sure your decided tea kettle comes with some kind of warranty for buyers protection. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Tea Kettle?

Using a tea kettle allows you to have boiling water for your tea whenever you want, with some of the best kettles having an infuser so as you can brew tea for longer periods while it's being kept hot, improving the taste and keeping the tea at an ideal temperature. 

We have listed some further benefits you can get from using a tea kettle below -

  • Better tasting tea - Many of the best electric tea kettles com with preset programmes or different types of brew, meaning you can enjoy your tea brewed at its best specific temperature, infusers also help with flavour if you leave them in a for a longer period. 
  • Easy to use - Tea kettles tend to be very easy to use with push buttons, stovetop designs are dead simple to use too and simply whistle when ready. 
  • Keeps tea warm - Some of the top electrical tea kettles allow you to brew tea then keep it warm for nearly two hours later, this makes them much more energy-efficient and allows you to pour numerous brews without having to wait for the kettle to re-heat.
  • Safe - Tea kettles come with some great safety features such as ergonomic handles, no-boil dry protection, and auto-shutoff functions. 

Electric Tea Kettles VS Stovetop Tea Kettles 

Both electric and traditional stovetop tea kettles are great for producing a good cuppa but do have advantages and disadvantages when compared next to each other. 

If your struggling to decide between which kettle you want we have compared both below with there pros and cons to help you decide. 


Stovetop kettles are one of the most traditional ways to make tea, with a huge a variety on the market there are many designs to pick from for a very affordable price. They are also great to make past boiling water in which is perfect for steeping your tea in.

These kettles can additionally work even during a power shortage and remain one of the most straightforward ways to brew a good old cuppa. 

However, the steam produced from stovetop kettles is pretty dangerous, and in comparison to electric kettles, they need more hands-on watching. They also have a lack of temperature control options when compared to electrical kettles. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Works without electricity. 
  • Huge variety on the market. 


  • Less safe. 
  • Needs watching.
  • No temperature control. 


Electric kettles are the more modern alternative and can boil water much quicker than stovetop models, they also have some handy features such as temperature control, allowing you to brew the perfect cup of tea. 

They are additionally much safer than stovetop designs due to their auto-shutoff and allow you to get on with other things while the tea kettle is boiling.

On the other hand, electric tea kettles don’t work during power cuts and tend to be much more expensive upfront unlike like stovetop models. 


  • Faster boiling time. 
  • Temperature control. 
  • Auto shut off. 


  • Don’t work during a power outage. 
  • More expensive. 

Overall, both of these tea kettles are great for brewing tea, no matter the method, however, if you are after a quick and easy method that allows you to have more control over your brew then its best to go with an electric tea kettle. 

If you want a vintage style stovetop look and don’t care too much about temperature control then you could save some extra money and go with a stovetop tea kettle. 


How does a stovetop tea kettle work?

A stovetop kettle works by being heated on the stove or gas hob, this heat boils the water then produces steam that flows out the kettle spout. 

This is where the whistling noise is heard which indicates the water is ready to use.

What's the best way to maintain a tea kettle?

Tea kettles don't require too much maintenance in terms of how they work, but they do need to be descaled and washed every now and then to prevent rust and limescale building up inside the kettle.

This can be done with a vinegar solution or baking soda mixture which will clean and descale the tea kettle, it's also a good idea to give the exterior of the kettle a wipe down too. 

Is there a perfect temperature for making tea at?

This depends on the type of tea your making, white and green teas are said to be brewed well at around 185 degrees, while black tea and oolong tea are said to taste better when brewed at higher temperatures of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What safety features should I look for in a tea kettle?

This depends on the type of tea kettle, for electric kettles you want to make sure your model comes with no-boil dry protection and an auto shut off system, for stovetop kettles its best to make sure they have a whistle indicator and an ergonomic design for easy handling. 

Are electric tea kettles more energy-efficient?

Electric tea kettles tend to be very energy-efficient due to the fact they keep the water well insulated and lose little heat during the boiling process than when compared to a stovetop model. 

What price does a tea kettle normally cost?

This depends on the type of tea kettle you buy, the features it comes with and its total capacity, they normally cost anything between £50-£100 depending on the model you buy.

Are there any essential features to look out for in a tea kettle?

Some essential specs to consider in a tea kettle are; capacity, power, temperature control, material and warranty. 

What is the difference between a teapot and a tea kettle?

A teapot does not boil water, they are more suitable for steeping tea in and is what you pour the boiling water into. 

Can I put tea bags in a tea kettle?

Unless your tea kettle has a strainer for this then we wouldn’t recommend putting tea bags into your kettle as this can stain its interior and affect the taste of other water boiled in your kettle. 

Does a stovetop tea kettle boil faster than an electric kettle?

No, however, a stovetop kettle does boil water to a higher temperature than an electric kettle, electric kettles do have the advantage of being able to boil water quicker, however. 

Can a tea kettle keep water hot after boiling?

Yes, electric tea kettles, in particular, are great for this as many of the best models come with a keep-warm function that can keep tea or water warm for up to 120-minutes.

What does no-boil dry mean on a kettle?

No-boil dry is a safety feature included on the majority of kettles and prevents the kettle from boiling when there is no water in the jug. 

Is it possible to set the temperature on a tea kettle?

Yes, but only on electric kettles can you set a custom temperature to boil your water too. Some even have preset modes for different types of tea.

How do I use a tea kettle the right way? 

Tea kettles are pretty simple to use, however, there are a few tips we can list to help you out; never fill your tea kettle all the way to the top, don’t use too large of a hob or burner for stovetop kettles and never let your tea kettle boil without water. 

Are tea kettles portable?

Yes, electric and stovetop kettles tend to be very portable, stovetop te kettles, in particular, are great for camping too.

Does every tea kettle whistle?

No, actually only some stovetop kettles whistle and these ones are fitted with a special device which makes the whistling sound when steam tries to escape through the lid of the kettle. 

Our #1 Tea Kettle For Making You The Best Cuppa

The number one tea kettle on our list is the Aicook Electric 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle thanks to its large capacity, adjustable temperature control and preset tea programmes which is great for making the perfect cup of tea with little effort needed. 

For a stovetop alternative, we also recommended the SUSTEAS Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle due to its affordable price and three-layer vintage design which is extremely durable. 


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