Toddler Bedroom Design Ideas

Top Tips For Decorating Your Toddlers Bedroom

It’s the big day when your baby moves out of their cot and in to a grown up bed. This is a big day for them and for you too.

There is a lot to change about the room they currently sleep in along with trying to make more space for them to move around and play in. This, coupled with new found safety concerns can make creating the decor feel like an afterthought, but it shouldn’t be. Similar to when you toddler was a baby, they will probably be spending the majority of their time in their bedroom and you should try to make it as engaging as possible for them.

Before we get on to talking about design ideas, lets us talk about basic safety in your toddlers nursery.An inqusitive toddler has the ability to crawl, pull and climb on every piece of furniture in the room. Of course, you cannot watch them 24/7, so what basic tips need to be considered in your toddler room to ensure they stay safe?

  • Electricity outlets- cover them with toddler proof safety devices and if possible, put large items of furniture in front of them to stop any curiosity your toddler may have.
  • Windows- do not put any item of furniture under any windows and use child safety locks to prevent them opening windows unnattended.
  • Wires- if possible, put any wires under a heavy rug tacked to the floor, or remove wiring when you have finished using the item- tripping is a very easy way for your toddler to get injured.
  • Head height- move anythingg that has the ability to poke or scratch your toddlers face to above head height, this icludes storage hooks and table edges. If this is not possible, get foam padding corner protectors.

Obviously these are just some key pieces of safety advice. When you are looking to cover all aspects of toddler safety, please consult a more specified document.

As mentioned before, these precautions coupled with all the new pieces of furniture can make decorating seem a bit pointless, but there are some key ways to decorate your toddlers nursery, to turn the space in to a fun place for you both to bond.

Themes For Toddlers Bedrooms

When creating a theme for your toddlers bedroom, look to include them in the design as much as you can. What are their favourite films or televsion shows? Do they have an affintiy for dinosaurs?

  • Personalise- you know your toddler better than anyone, so try and theme their room around their personality as much as possible. Pick their favoruite colour for the wall paint as well as any ceiling light shades and bedding.

  • Keep it bright- similar to babies, toddlers prefer brightly coloured objects to play with. Capitalise on this by mixing and matching as many colourful toys and wall paintings to keep them engaged and stimulated.
  • Storage- you will obviously need storage in your toddlers bedroom but rather than having it up high, make it as low as possible to ensure that they are able to pick up toys easily and put them away afterwards. Of course, you can theme the storage in their favourite colour or decorate it with stickers from their favourite show.

Storage Tips For Toddlers Bedrooms

It can be easy to want to keep as many items out of your toddlers reach as possible but at this stage of development, you want to encourage them to be more involved with tidying up their room. Of course, you want to keep them safe but there are some simple ways to engage them in tidying while keeping them out of harms way.

  • Low Level Storage- we briefly touched on this before but having storage that is at ground level prevents the likelihood of objects falling on their head and is easy for them to reach. Why not colour each storage box and different colour or pattern based on what it is going to hold? That way, you are teaching your toddler that every item has a correct place in the room.

  • Under bed storage- a bit more difficult for them to pull out on their own, but a definate space saver, is that of under bed storage. It is also safer as it can be tucked away to prevent them tripping over.
  • Multipurpose storage- benches with lift up seats and tables that double up as places to store crayons are a boon for toddlers bedrooms; minimal space while maximising storage.

Toddlers Rooms On A Budget

If you have spent a fortune on redecorating your toddler bedroom, you may not have much money left to redecorate. Don’t worry though, you can still make the space fun without breaking the bank.

  • Stencils- simple wall stencils are a great way to decorate walls and items of furniture. Use different colours to create a rainbow effect that looks classy but is very cheap.

  • Artwork- most toddlers are artists and an easy way to decorate their room without spending too much is to frame and hang their best pieces of work. This will make them feel very proud and help with decoration costs.
  • Magnetic wall- a great way to teach your toddler about spelling and numbers is to hang a magnetic wall. Very cheap and hours of fun.

Shared Toddlers Bedroom Ideas

In the event you have to redecorate for your now toddler aged set of twins, along with all the previous tips, we have some more to help you along.

  • Avoid buying the same bed linen for both toddlers; let them pick their own to allow them to feel unique and special.
  • Separate cherished toys- give each toddler a draw or box where they can keep their pwn toys and clearly label each storage space with their name; this will minimise territorial fights (hopefully!)
  • Divide the room- if one of your toddlers loves animals and the other loves cars, divide the room in half with the decor to give each twin individual space.




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