Top Bedroom Decorating Tips – Our Guide!

Great Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom

Ah, the bedroom. A place of slumber and relaxation where everyone retreats to at the end of a long day.

Of course, every bedroom must have a bed; after all it cannot be called a bedroom without one! But other common pieces of bedroom furniture include-
• Drawers- for clothes, underwear and general storage.
• Bookshelf- if you are an avid reader, you will almost certainly have a bookshelf in your room. An interesting side note of bookshelves is that they can double up as storage for DVD’s; multifunctional furniture at its best.
• Wardrobe- a place to put your bed lined, blazers and dresses, almost every bedroom has a wardrobe.
• Mirror- the one place you often dread first thing in the morning, a mirror is now considered an essential piece of furniture for your bedroom to help you get yourself together for the day ahead.

So, with all this ‘basic’ furniture, any additions can seem a bit, well, cluttering. Also, if your bedroom is on the smaller side, the basics may feel difficult to squeeze in, so how do you get an attractive décor in minimal space?

Read on to find out.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

If you like a more modern feel to your bedroom, the aforementioned list of essential bits of bedroom furniture will wither fill you with joy or dread. Modern designs tend to be quite minimalistic, so you may be looking for a way to include all storage without feeling to overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you keep that minimalist them while also giving you all the storage you need.
• Form or function- a point of disagreement for many modern interior designers is that of visual appearance of furniture versus its intended use. If you want to create a modern look, the easiest way is to select furniture with minimal quirky features that provides its basic function without fuss. That doesn’t mean the furniture is ugly, quite the contrary; many modern chests of drawers have striking colour schemes, such as silvers, reds and blacks. Just pick your favourite colour and design!

• Colour scheme- modern colour schemes generally follow three themes; two or three colours, one colour in different hues or as many colours as you like contrasted against white or black. Depending on the look you want to give your bedroom, you can easily mix and match the colour of bed spreads, rugs, curtains and accessories to create a modern look with minimal effort.
• Natural materials-modern design does not equate to metals and plastics being a key part of any room. Many rooms can have a modern look with wood and clay alongside chrome and metal accessories. Dark varnished wooden floors create a striking contrast against a chrome bed frame or mirrored wardrobe, so do not exclude the impact of wood from any modern design you want to create in your bedroom space.

Bedroom Ideas For Couples

Couples may have different decoration ideas for their shared bedroom which can be a source of annoyance. Sharing your space with another person, even if you are in love, can be a challenge but there are some simple decorating tips to help minimise décor disputes and make the bedroom a romantic space.
• Candles/candle lights- the option you pick here will probably relate to whether you own the home you are sharing. Candle lights are a romantic and classy light fitting attached to the wall that produces no heat but can be difficult to install. If you rent, candles can provide the same romantic ambience without annoying your landlord. Just makes sure you don’t leave them unattended.

• Statement bed linen- as a couple, you will probably be spending most of your time the bedroom in bed. Bed linen and duvets are a great investment to make, especially if you have a special anniversary coming up that you want to celebrate.
• Bed side tables- it goes without saying that as a relationship develops, each person in a relationship will typically claim a side of the bed. An easy way to keep the room tidy and to help with any personal items, such as glasses or books, is to get matching bed side tables.

Shared Bedroom Décor Tips

An increasingly common living arrangement amongst adults these days is that of shared bedrooms. There are some key ideas to implement to personalise your part of the room without creating conflict with your roommate.
• Bunkbeds- if your shared room is small, bunkbeds can separate the sleeping space while also saving floor space. Every night is a sleep over!

• Room dividers- is your shared room on the larger side? Room dividers can be a boon in situations like this; they divide the room with ease and also create privacy quickly and effectively while also looking designer.
• Over bed storage- another way to separate space is to put essential items, like books, medication etc in over bed storage (typically shelves) if you sleep in single beds as opposed to bunks. This gives you personal space and is easy to install. Plus, it looks very stylish.

Decorating A Small Bedroom

Sometimes, a bedroom can be a bit on the boxed in side, creating a feeling of clutter with the most basic furniture. Here are some tips to maximise your space while also being stylish.
• Light paints and linens- you don’t want to make the room appear darker, so if choosing a paint, go for the lightest one you like; this will reflect light and make the room feel airier.

• Mirror, mirror on the wall- if your bedroom is small, investing in mirrors is a great idea to create the illusion of space. Floor to ceiling mirrors are a great idea but if they are impractical, why not create a trendy looking wall of mirrors?
• Walled storage- if you own your home, a great way to maximise space in your smaller room is to install walled storage options. Extended headboards that double up as a bunch of cupboards is a great way to do this and looks very modern.





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