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Top Vacuum Food Sealers On The Market

There are two main types of vacuum sealers: the chamber vacuum sealer types are more for industrial use due to the chamber that helps to keep sold goods vacuum sealed in stores. The other type of vacuum sealer, the external vacuum sealer, is more of a domestic appliance and mimics the industrial nature of a chamber vacuum sealer.

Most of these provide a starter pack upon purchase so that you are able to make the most of your new appliance rather than reverting back to zipper bags.

In this list, we will be reviewing the best 5 external vacuum sealers on the market today.

Aobosi - Our Pick!

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What Makes This Product An Effective Vacuum Sealer?

This vacuum sealer works to make sure that food stays fresh and, for this reason, food is able to last 8 times longer than it would in a regular zipper bags. It does this by sucking the air out of the bag and sealing the edge with a heat sealer to ensure no holes tear the bags which would make the food go off. The durable airtight bag not only works as a foodsaver but also preserves the item's aroma.

Do not worry about having to manually select the sealing option as the automatic vacuum sealing happens all on its own to ensure a simple and quick way to preserve your foods. So quick in fact that it only takes the vacuum 12 seconds to vacuum and seal bags of food.

Aobosi is aware that different foods need different levels of suction power. This is why a 'gentle' mode has been built into the machine which uses a shorte vacuum process. This is best used for fragile foods or food that have a moist surface such as berries, meats or cookies. As for other food such as chicken or frozen foods, it is recommended that you use the normal setting or the best storage life.

Do not worry if you realise that you have pressed the wrong mode halfway through the vacuum sealer working, a clearly displayed 'STOP' button means that you are able to stop the machine manually if you do not want a too tight seal.

Even though most people use vacuum sealers as foodsavers, you can also use them to achieve tastier food. You are able to marinade things like chicken and beef by placing your meat in the bag and using the 'gentle' option to ensure that your meat remains the best texture it can. Now you store your vacuumed meat in the freezer for later use, it is that easy to use.

The great thing about this particular model is that due to the heavy duty plastic material used for the main part of the vacuum, it appears to be stain resistant which is ideal of a kitchen appliance. Likewise, it is easy to clean which is important as you will be using fresh food on the vacuum and you do not want your food to pick up on too much bacteria before the vacuum bags are sealed otherwise preservation will be less effective. This is why the user manual gives clear instructions on how best to clean your vacuum sealer and how often to.

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How Will This Product Help Me In Everyday Life?

For example, you can use this vacuum sealer to prepare and freeze a whole meal which then makes cooking with other kitchen appliances, such as the sous vide, a whole lot easier. Not to mention the limitation of the mess as your food is already prepared.

Due to the 'gentle' option built into this vacuum sealing system, the original texture of your vacuumed food stays as it is for a long time. This means that when using the sous vide, the accompanying appliance which can provide you with a better texture as it was not lost in storage.

Due to the nature of food vacuum sealers, you are able to save on fridge and freezer space, giving you a clear storage solution. Which means that you are ablet o quickly see what ingredients you have when you have a busy evening and can not waste time searching through your fridge or freezer.

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How Does The Aobosi Vacuum Sealing System Compare To Conventional Foodsaver Storage?

Unlike other stores, this vacuum system is able to prolong the life of food when stored in the freezer from 180 days to 600 days without freezer burn. Likewise, the lifespan of food in your fridge is expanded from 20 days to 60 days with one of the best vacuum sealers on the market.

As for cupboard type foods, your cookies are able to keep their soft and chewy texture for a maximum of 360 compared to the 180 days that conventional food storage systems provide.

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Does This Food Vacuum Come With Any Helpful Accessories?

The Aobosi vacuum sealer comes with an accessory port which you need if you want to use a vacuum canister. You can also attach a wine stopper and also a clothes vacuumer so that you can store your clothes away to keep your closet storage as tidy as your fridge or freezer.

To ensure that you make the most of these add-ons, Aobosi have provided you with a full starter kit in case this is your first vacuum sealer. This kit includes:

  • 1 x Air Suction Hose
  • 1 x Seal Bag Rolls
  • 1 x Vacuum Sealer
  • 1 x User Manual

Additionally, if you purchase this product on Amazon, then you are eligible for a 1 month free trial with the vacuum as well as lifelong technical support and some of the best 24/7 premium service that a company can offer so that if you have any problems you are able to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

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Are There Any Issues I Should Know About?

While there have been complaints of customers receiving faulty products every do often, this is a problem easily solved by the manufacturers who replace the item free of charge. Seeings as their customer service is available 24/7, any problem that you may have is easily solved quicker than other companies.

Besides from a few faulty products, the only common issue that has arisen is the price of the vacuum bags. While the vacuum sealer does come with one big roll of the correct bags, customers have found that finding and purchasing more bags once the originals have run out is a pricey task. Even though there is sure to be a cheaper alternative on the internet somewhere, just be aware of the price you may have to pay for decent bag rolls.

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Should I Buy This Model?

With a considerably quick sealer, you will not have to waste any time sussing out how to operate this vacuum sealer which will only make you want to use this product more and more in everyday life, especially because of how much of a foodsaver this device really is.

For a very decent price, you will not only be saving money from food that would otherwise be wasted but you are also making the most of your freezer or fridge space and cupboard storage. Even if you plan on saving entire meals to cook at a later date, you will have more room than you need.

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Andrew James Vacuum Food Sealer

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How Are These External Vacuum Sealers The Best On The Market Today?

This is not just a vacuum sealer but a 5 in one vacuum sealer, featuring a one touch operation system so that anyone who may want to use it can. The specific 5 features are explained further down in the article.

Due to the heatable plastic that Andrew James uses for their vacuum sealer, you are able to reheat or even cook food in the bags in a microwave or low heated oven, the only thing you can not use them on is a sandwich press but other than that you are good to go. This allows you to prepare meat or whole meals in advance so that on those busy weekday evening you can just throw one of the vacuumed bags into the oven and all the hard work has already been done for you. Likewise, it also allows you to take a wholesome lunch to work to warm up in the microwave so that you do not have to settle for soggy salafs or stale sandwiches anymore.

It is for this reason that this vacuum sealer machine is perfect if you want to do more sous vide style cooking as you can end up with both tasty and juicy meat by the end of the process.

Another great thing about the vacuum sealer roll bags that are provided is that they are dishwasher safe so that you can reuse your bags again and again. This is ideal as even though the product comes with 6 meters of vacuum bag rolls, if you tend to use the vacuum sealer regularly then it will save you having to try and find a compatible replacement bag every few days.

If you do need to replace your bags then you should only use vacuum sealer bags and rolls that are compatible, which will be clear due to the small channels which allows air to be sucked out of the bag as needed so make sure you look out for that. They are also thicker than zipper bags as to not melt when the heat sealer closes the bag. If you want an easy to find solution then just shop on the Andrew James website ass all bags or rolls sold by them are compatible with all their best vacuum sealers.

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What Makes This A 5 In 1 Product?

As previously mentioned, unlike other appliances of the same nature, Andrew James goes the extra mile with this 5 in 1 product. Here are all 5 feature that makes using this vacuum sealer a no brainer:

  1. Seal only - This option uses the inbuilt stip that is able to heat up to a high enough temperature to create a tight seal for your bags. This is ideal if you want to make your own vacuum sealer bags form the rolls included with the machine.  Note that this is a seal only option so that if you do not need your bags vacuumed then instead you can have a tight seal bag of food with the air still in. Ideal for food that you plan to use in the next few days, much like the function of zipper bags but half the price.
  2. Vacuum / Seal - This is the main function of the machine and works by removing all of the air for your bag before it is sealed. You are able to choose between the 'normal' seal for standard foods or the 'extended' seal which can be used for canisters or bigger bags and liquids.
  3. Canister Only - For this function, you will need a vacuum canister as you are telling the machine to suck all of the air out of a canister or container rather than plastic bags. This will allow you to preserve bigger batches of food for bigger families who want to start meal prepping. To attach a canister, attach the provided length of air line onto the nizzle in the vacuum sealer and the other end to the vacuum sealer canister lid.
  4. Bag Cutter - Sometimes you will not need a big bag so this option allows you to make bags that fit the exact size of your food, which prevents wasting seal bags.
  5. Cancel - In case you realise you have chosen the wrong function or that you are called away and need to stop using the machine, you are able to stop the machine completely.

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Am I Able To Freeze My Food After It Has Been Vacuumed?

You can freeze your food after it has been vacuumed, in fact, it is encouraged that you do so to ensure that you make the most out of your foodsaving vacuum sealer.

By using a vacuum sealing system to store your freezer food, you are ensuring that freezer burn is prevented due to the nature of the process and the specifically designed bags. Typically if you use zipper bags then this freezer burn would not be as easily prevented.

By taking your food out of their packaging and choosing to vacuum store them, you are able to save space in your food storages for other meals or bigger foods such as pizzas. This is why it is encouraged that you vacuum seal food to put in your freezer.

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Is There Anything I Should Know Before Buying This Product?

While these vacuum food sealers are easy to understand and use due to the clear instructions manual included in the bag, there are a few tips that Andrew James provides to ensure that you get the best use out of your machine as possible.

For example, if you want to seal food with more moisture on their surfaces such as fresh meat or mushroom then make sure to use something to take some of that moisture away, such as kitchen roll, as to ensure that you get rid of any surface water. You will also want to keep your food wrapped up inside the vacuum bag to top any water from the food leaving into the machine prevent any moisture being drawn up into the machine which would be a big safety hazard.

It is for cases such as these that the cancel button has been installed to ensure that your appliance does not break.

If you do not wish to wrap your food up in kitchen roll for whatever reason then it may be wise to use a good container to vacuum the air out of your storage choice instead. This will result in the same foodsaving preservation but will take up more room in your kitchen storage facility.

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Is This The Vacuum Sealer For Me?

This product features everything you would need to make the most of the world of vacuum sealing. The 5 in 1 features are really the selling point of this machine as you are able to not just vacuum seal your food in a bag but also storage canisters as well as choose to seal away liquids such as wine or soup due to the 'extended' seal option.

At a very decent price. you are provided with everything you would need to start regular meal prepping for either you or your family. This will make sure to cut down on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, especially so considering the heatproof bags that are provided so that you can just throw whatever you have prepared previously in the oven. There is no more unnecessary stress in your domestic kitchen.

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The Product Below May Be Currently Unavailable,

Our recommended alternative is The PARTU Vacuum Sealer Automatic & Manual Food Sealer!

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Partu Vacuum Sealer Machine

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What Key Features Makes This One Of The Best Vacuum Sealers?

While most vacuum sealers are best suited for foods, both wet and dry, this particular model is a little different. Unlike your average external vacuum, this one is able to handle and vacuum heavier liquids with ease so that you can keep your wine fragrant and fresh and your soup tasteful.

A clean cutter ensures that you are able to cut a sealed bag that best fits the size of the foods you want to vacuum seal. This means that you can make the most of your roll as you will only cut off exactly what you need, therefore saving you money in the long run as well which is way better than having to pay out for one sized zipper bags.

A progress bar lamp means that you are able to see how far off your food is from being fully vacuum sealed. This means that you do not have to wait around for your device to finish as you can see how far off it is from finishing at a glance rather than having to guess and estimate, which means that you can get on with another task.

A thoughtful additional feature is a detachable drip tray. Considering that this vacuum sealer is bale to seal soups and other liquids in its bags, there is sure to become leaking or spillages as the machine vacuums the bags, meaning liquid could spill out of the open end. This drip tray saves on having to clean up any mess from your countertops, which is a bonus in any household.

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How Easy Is This Vacuum Sealer To Use?

When setting up your machine, all you need to do is press the open buttons located on either side of the product which will allow you to fill the allocated space with the correct sized bag you would have previously cut. Remember to only load one at a time, that way you have more control over the machine.

Close the lid and you are ready to go. It is so simple even the elderly can use it with minimal complications or confusions. If you do get stuck however, then the user manual provider will get you using this foodsaver to its maximum capability in no time.

If you do encounter a situation where you feel you can not vacuum product or can not seal the selected foods but wish to, then remember you can always get in contact with PARTU's customer service who can to clarify if you can use the machine on you desired produce. You will also be helping out the PARTU brand themselves as they will be able to upgrade and change their vacuum sealer accordingly so that you can have the best appliance possible.

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Will This Vaccum Last Me Or Will I Have To Keep Replacing It?

Built with stainless steel brushed panels, it is hard for this appliance to age regardless of the extensive use of the vacuum due to the long life durability of the chosen materials. Due to the smooth, corrosion resistant steel, the outside of the machine is way easier to clean than other appliances made with other materials.

As for the bags that come with the machine, they are easily readable but also recyclable as long as you wash them in the dishwasher before you recycle them. This means there is no need to worry about waste or even environmental problems.

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Does The Appliance Come With Any Integrated Storage?

You are able to store any vacuum bags or rolls that you have in the machine due to the bag storage slot. This works to ensure that you will always have a vacuum bag roll close to hand so that you can have quick and easy access to such a useful appliance. You are also able to keep any already cut bags in the integrated storage compartment which is ideal if you tend to vacuum seal typically same sized foods such as apples or carrots etc.

Another great storage in built into the machine si the cable storage slot. As indicated, you can hide the vacuum's cable away when not in use so that you do not have to worry about any extra mess on your countertop. This not only works as a safety feature as little ones will not be able to play with the machine's cables but also works as a great storage solution as you can just wrap up the cable and put the whole machine away in a cupboard with ease.

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Are There Any Reoccuring Issues I Should Know About?

While it may not necessarily b a problem, it is worth noting that upon the first few uses or the machine or if you have not used it in a long time, it will take an extra bit of time for the heating strap to get to the right temperature to seal your bags. So do not panic if this is the case for your model.

Ther have also been a few customer reviews about how the seal heater can sometimes fail after a few uses. While this is a pain and puts your appliance temporarily out of use if you contact the helpful customer service then they will replace your vacuum so that you can get back to preserving your foods.

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Is This The Kitchen Appliance For Me?

Built to endure more than the average vacuum sealer due both to its material design and extensive features, you are sure to keep your food fresh and ready to go no matter what that food may be, for less money than your average weekly shop.

While this may seem impressive, the machine itself is in not complicated due to its clearly displayed options and unique progress bar, meaning that those who are new to the world or vacuum sealing or older people who usually struggle with advance appliance can make the most out of the machine, so everyone can use this foodsaver to save more money.

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GERYON Automatic Vacuum Machine

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What Features Does This Model Include That Will Make Me Want To Buy It?

As a 4 in 1 vacuum sealing system, the user has more than enough options and controls are given to them so that they can preserve as much food as possible and therefore saving money in the long run. Here are the 4 main operating options that this machine features:

  • Seal - This first option allows you to reseal bag of rolls or open end snack packets so that whatever you are snacking on does not go soggy or gross meaning you can save them for a later date
  • Vacuum Seal - This is the main function of your vacuum sealer machine. By pressing this button you will be instructing your machine to remove air from your bags to work as a foodsaver as well as prevent freezer burn and food waste. Also, by vacuum sealing your food you can save space and therefore store more food away for a later date if you so wish. The suction on this particular appliance is especially strong and removes air from the specially designed bags with ease. You are also able to control exactly how much air is removed from the bag to best suit your food type.
  • Canister - Sometimes you may have some food that is not best suited for zipper bags or vacuum type bags. This is why a canister option allows you to attach a compatible canister to suck the air out of to save more delicate food items such as salads and fruit. This also limits the chance of your delicate items getting crushed but does take up more storage due to the nature of the containers to be warned.
  • Food / Mode - Various versions of this mode are in built in order to provide your food with the best possible preservation depending on the types of food that you are vacuuming. For example, you are able to select whether you are sealing dry or food with moisture which means that you can make the most of the foodsaver to keep all kinds of food fresh and tasteful for later consumption.

By vacuum sealing your food, you are ensuring that cooking food as sous vide is more tasteful and evenly cooked as all the guess work is previously done by already preparing your meat, vacuum sealing it and freezing it. This also means that your food keeps its original intended apprentice with a better texture.

Talking about meal prep, this vacuum sealer is considered one of the best sealers due to the meal prep made easy attitude that designers had while making the product. You can marinade the appropriate ingredients to create a ready to cook a meal and freeze it in a vacuumed bag so that all you have to do it throw it into an oven or microwave when you are ready to heat it. This helps to cut down on unhealthy eating habits that are usually acquired due to lack of time to cook balanced meals.

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Is This Easy To Operate?

It is understandable if you do not want to waste your time and money on a product that is not only hard to set up but also to use as appliances are meant to cut out both time and effort in your life. This is why the GERYON vacuum sealer comes with a fully automated vacuum sealing operation instead of being a handheld vacuum which would require more manual vacuum operations.

As for the controls you can active by yourself, they are clearly marked on the top of the appliance so that you can easily see what you can select and if you have done so. This is also indicated via the LED indicator lights so you know exactly what function you ave selected. All of these controls are one touch digital buttons so that you can use this simple foodsaver with ease.

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Will Cleaning This Device Be Complicated?

For your ease, a detachable lid means that you can access the chamber vacuum sealer easily and, more importantly, safely. As well as this, the stainless metal panels that make up the main design of this automatic vacuum makes it easy to wipe off any spillages or food that has got caught.

Due to the lightweight design you can move around the appliance with ease to both store and clean every part of your appliance.

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What Comes In The Box?

To ensure that you can get the maximum use out of your purchase, GERYON have included everything you may need to vacuum as many foods as possible. This includes

  • 1 x Vacuum Sealer Appliance
  • 5 x Pre-cut Bags (7.8'' x 11.8'')
  • 1 x Heat Seal Roll (7.8'' x 78'')
  • 1 x Vaccum Hose
  • 1 x User Manual

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What Should I Know About Before Buying This?

While the appliance does come with pre-cut bags for you to use, these do not necessarily best fit the food you are wanting to vacuum. This is why it is recommended that you buy other compatible bag rolls so that you can cut your own sized bags to the size you need, this way you will be saving both plastic and money in the long run.

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Is This The Appliance For Me?

There is a reason this is considered one of the best vacuum sealer machines on the market today. If you want to have more control over your appliances then this is the vacuum sealer for you as the various options allow you to have full control over how the machine works and how your food is handled.

There are also more than enough features designed to make this foodsaver more effective which therefore makes saving money so much easier in the kitchen.

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VPCOK Vac Pack Machine

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What Makes This Vacuum Sealer The Best On The List?

With tight sealing there is no need to worry about your food leaking out when being vacuumed. Not only does this work on a practical level as it reduces the likeliness of your machine making a mess, but it also means that there is less moisture loss from your food which would otherwise help its preservation. This means that when you go to cook your food you will still have that oriental tasteful texture as intended.

Do not worry if you do have many spillages though as a drip tray is provided as well. This drip tray means that there is less to clean up at the end of being used.

A dry or moist function means that you do not ruin your most delicate food as you try to vacuum them. The dry function prevents your dry food from coming into contact with moisture which would make it soft and mouldy. Likewise, the moist function helps to keep the moisture in your food to keep it the right texture and juiciness while being preserved.

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What Are Some Examples Of How Long Food Can Be Preserved For Once Vaccum Sealed?

Being one of if not the best performing external vacuum sealers on the market today means that by using this product you can save food for x 9 longer than not vacuuming your food, making it a great foodsaver. To prove that, here are some examples of how much longer food can last when vacuumed (roughly x 9 longer)

  • Meat - 8-9 days compared to 2-3 days
  • Cooked meat - 10 - 14 days compared to 4-6 days
  • Fruits - 14 - 20 days compared to 5 - 7 days
  • Vegetables - 7 - 10 days compared to 3 - 5 days

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What Is The Vacuum Pumping Function?

This is a very unique option that while may intimidating is an easy to use and useful feature to include. These external vacuum sealers allows you to connect a hose that initiates a pump action which can be attached to wine bottles, storage tanks and bags for clothes etc.

This not only makes the vacuum more versatile but also means that you are getting the best for your money compared to others on this list as your food can remain vacuum sealed for as long as it can last.

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What Accessories Come With This Product?

A unique feature of this vacuum sealer is the exclusive accessories that come with it which essentially sets you up with a starter kit so that you can make the most of using this useful appliance.

An equipped owning knife allows you to quickly cut your vacuum roll to the correct size you need to precision as well as keeping your hand from being scratched by an inbuilt cutter. Another exclusive accessory is a specially designed marker pen which can be used to mark the date at which your food was sealed so that you know when to use it by. Both of these items can be stored in the machine itself so that they do not get lost.

Other items in the starter kit, as well as the rest of the package, includes:

  • 1 x Food Vaccum Sealer
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Wine Stopper
  • 1 x Accessory Hose
  • 1 x Marker Pen
  • 1 x Opening Knife
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 5 x 15 X 20 cm bags
  • 5 x 20 X 25 cm bags

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Are These Vacuum External Sealers For Me?

The added and exclusive accessories really is what makes this particular model stand out from the rest on the list. Not only does it provide you with the essentials in a starter pack so that you can make the most out of your machine, but it also gives you enough space and reliability as well as helpful accessories that can be used elsewhere in the kitchen all for a very inexpensive price. This really is the ultimate foodsaver as you will find within a few weeks of use.

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