August 2, 2020

What Are The Water Softener Prices Installed In The UK

If you are looking to install a water softener in your home chances are your hard water supply has been affecting your household and you are wondering how much it will cost to get a softener installed to fix the problem. 

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However, there are many different factors that will affect your softeners installation price such as its type, size and the original plumbing which is within your home.

How Much Will It Cost On Average To Install a Softener UK

On average UK wise it can cost anything up to £1000 and more to get your water softener installed with the inclusion of the softener itself, which can cost anything from £300-£600 depending on the type of softener you choose.

Installation itself shouldn’t cost anything more than £150-£200 depending on different factors.

Cost factors

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a water softener for installation which will determine the total cost. 

It's hard to predict how much a water softener installation can cost due to every house having different plumbing, however we have rounded up some common factors below.


There are four main types of water softeners on the UK market- 

  • Ion-exchangers.
  • Salt-free.
  • Dual tank.
  • Magnetic. 

Magnetic, salt-free and ion-exchanger softeners can tend to be on a lower price level compared to dual tank softeners.

Whichever type is suitable for your home will depend on how hard your water is, and this will affect the total price plus installation.


The harder your home water is then the higher your cost will be due to the fact you will need a more powerful softener in order to soften the water. 

You can get a test or request a water report from your water supplier, this will indicate the hardness of your water and determine what kind of softener you need to install.


As we touched on above, installation of your water softener UK wise shouldn’t be more than £200. 

However if you are unsure or have more complicated water/plumbing then you should get several quotes from different plumbers in order to compare and find the best price for you.

Installation cost will also depend on the size and type of water softener you choose.


The size of your household will impact the total price of having your softener installed. The larger your home the higher the price due to it being a bigger water system. 

It's most likely your plumber will consider how much water you use and the number of water fixtures you have on your house before giving a quote.

Your plumbing

If your household operates with an old plumbing system then the installation price of your water softener is likely to be higher, if you have a new plumbing system the installation will be cheaper.

Extra water softener prices

Unfortunately, water softeners require a lot of maintenance and attention to keep them running smoothly, this means there are other costs to consider when getting your water softener installed in your household.


If you have a salt-based water softener you will need to buy and replace the salt according to how much you use. This can build up to be pretty expensive over time and is a cost to consider.


You will need to maintain your softener by replacing the brine tank every couple of years and clearing out the resin after every five or so years.


Repairing a water softener can be expensive if you don’t have any warranty or insurance, make sure to include this upon installation.

Can I install it myself?

Yes if you are good with tools and are used to DIY plumbing projects. You will need to make sure you have the required tools for installing your specific water softener and also know how to cut/join copper and steel pipes.

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable or experienced with DIY plumbing it is always recommended to use a professional. 

It may cost more but will avoid any damages or problems occurring with your own plumbing by trying to attempt installing your softener on your own.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Water Softener Installed UK wise?

Overall, domestic water softeners for your household can range anything from £500 and above to be installed in your home. 

We can’t really put a maximum price as this all depends on the type of softener you have chosen, the size of your household and its type of plumbing. We recommend gathering a few quotes from different plumbers to find the best price.

You should also consider the on-going costs of purchasing a water softener system for your house such as having to buy salt or replace parts after time, there are also added disadvantages such as not being able to drink the soft water or irrigate with it.


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