Best Water Softeners – Reviews 2019 – 2020

Top Water Softners On The Market Today

Short on time? Here’s our pick;

BWT WS555 Hi Flow Electronic Demand Block/Tablet Water Softener, Blue, 14 Litre
  • Compact design: fits in a kitchen cupboard
  • Easy to install
  • Includes installation kit
  • 5 years parts & 2 years labour at home warranty
  • WRAS approved product

Water softeners may not be among the most popular household appliances, but the benefits they provide to your everyday life will make you want to buy one. Though it will require a modest investment upfront, water softeners are definitely a worthwhile purchase and will pay for themselves over and over again as time moves on. Water softening removes calcium and magnesium and other minerals from your hard water, which leaves you without pesky limescale buildup that would otherwise get left behind on your bathroom and kitchen taps, your dishes, and even your skin and hair. Many people do not realise how large of a problem water hardness is, and also how easy it is to solve this irritating problem.

What is the best water softener system?

Now that you are sure that you want a water softener in your home, which one should you buy? We have curated a list of our top six water softeners for you to choose from based on your hard water needs, home size, and family size. Make sure you evaluate these different parameters, and then choose the water softener to best fit your needs. Make water hardness a problem of the past! You cannot go wrong with picking one of the appliances we have listed in this article.

Best in Show – BWT WS555 Hi Flow Electronic Water Softener

BWT, or Best Water Technology, offers a wide range of water softeners tailored for all different kinds of families and homes. BWT is Europe’s leading water technology company and a trusted name in domestic drinking water solutions. Whatever water softening solutions you may need, BWT is sure to find them for you.

A water softener will leave you with cleaner silverware, glassware, mirrors, and tiles. It will also preserve your plumbing fixtures and elongate the lifespan of your appliances that use water like washers and hot water boilers. Soft water also means that you will use less soap when cleaning because you do not need to scrub through all of that magnesium and calcium additional mineral buildup. In addition to all of these benefits, you will also be left with softer skin and glossier hair due to the lack of limescale in your water. Enjoy tastier cups of tea as well because softeners will markedly improve the taste of your drinking water.

The BWT WS555 measures at 48 x 27 x 60.2 cm and is the ideal water softening system for a larger family of up to six people. This particular system has a capacity of up to 2500 litres of water. This softener is still small enough to fit in the average kitchen cupboard even though it has a rather large capacity. This particular softener is perfect for homes with tight spaces because it boasts a sturdy and space-saving design.

With the BWT WS555, you have the option to use block salt or tablet salt for column regeneration. This gives you added versatility when purchasing salt for your water softener. In addition, the BWT WS555 also reminds you when the salt levels are running low and when the salt must be replenished.

This particular water softener comes with a handy electronic control system that allows you to adjust and customise your softened water preferences all at once. The control panel also monitors water flow and water pressure as well. This system is so easy to use and operate, making it the perfect fit for you and your family.

As far as installation of the BWT WS555 goes, you could have a professional do it, however it is simple enough that most anyone could get it done. Having a softener that is easy to install is important because it provides you with peace of mind. This specific softener comes with an installation kit and instruction manual that is easy to both read and understand. It should not take the average person more than a few hours to install this model by themselves.

Another great aspect of the purchase of the BWT WS555 is that it comes with a very reasonable warranty. BWT offers a five year warranty on parts and a two year warranty on at home labour.

When compared to other similar softeners of the same caliber and quality, the BWT WS555 offers a great value when it comes to price. In addition to the great upfront price of this water softener, it will prove to be cost effective because it will not require much maintenance at all.


  • The BWT WS555 is compact enough to fit in a small kitchen cupboard.
  • This particular softener comes with an installation kit and an easy-to-follow instructional guide.
  • This system is compatible with block salt or tablet salt.
  • Purchase includes a five year parts and two years labour at home warranty.


  • Some water softener reviews have noted that the digital display is not attached very well to the body of the water softener.

Overall, the BWT WS555 is our choice for one of the best all-around water softening systems out there on the market today. It is great for nearly any home and can fit comfortably in most kitchens. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your BWT WS555 water softener today.

M1D1 Water Softener

The M1D1 water softener is the result of a collaboration between Erie Controls and Great Water. Erie Controls is one of the oldest and best reviewed international manufacturers of water softeners in the world. Great Water is one of the UK’s top distributors of water systems that are easy to install, set up, and maintain. Purchase of the M1D1 water softener even comes with a simple installation kit so you can do it all yourself.

With this in mind, you can be sure that purchasing a device from each of these companies is a great investment. This collaboration does even more to set your mind at ease when buying your home a domestic softener.

So, you have decided that you will benefit from a water softener, but which one should you buy? The world of water softeners can get a bit overwhelming pretty quickly, but there are just a few things to keep in mind when picking out the perfect water softener for your home.

Water softening systems work by employing the use of negatively charged resin beads that calcium and magnesium, among other minerals, stick to. This way, they are taken out of your water, leaving it soft. The columns that contain the resin beads are then regenerated using sodium.

First, consider whether you should go with a single tank or twin tank water softening system. A single tank water softener will provide you with softened water nearly all the time, however, when the resin beads are regenerating, only hard water will be available. If you think that you need softened water around the clock, then definitely go with the twin tank system. The columns in each tank regenerate at different times, meaning that you will never be short of softened water.

Before you choose your water softener, it is always important to keep a few aspects about these appliances in mind. Ask whether the design of the electronic water softener will ensure that your home’s water will be completely softened. Also be sure to ask how much salt and water is used during the regeneration process.

The M1D1 water softener includes Free Flow Valve Technology, ensuring that your softener never gets clogged or slowed down. This model is 575 mm in height and 275 mm in width. The capacity of this particular model is about 160 litres per person and can supply soft water for four to five people, making it the perfect model for a medium sized family.

The M1D1 also boasts a water flow rate of 83 litres of water per minute, which is the highest flow rate of any water softener system available in the UK. In addition to this great feature, the M1D1 water softener also has very low water pressure drops.

This model has a self-protection program that automatically detects problems that may arise in your plumbing system. It even stores data in the case of a power cut. It will even log your personal water usage to aid you in saving water and salt in the future. This particular softener has an intelligent SPP chip that makes sure that there is enough soft water available so that it delays regeneration until 2AM, when you will not need soft water anyway. In addition to this, it only regenerates resin beads that have been used, saving you money on block salt or tablet salt. In fact, the M1D1 softener boasts up to 56 percent salt saving capabilities over other comparable softeners.

The M1D1 water softener combines sleek design with the ease and convenience of state of the art water softening technology. The water softener itself is compact enough to fit in most kitchen cupboards so it is out of sight and out of mind. This water softener is fitted with a clear and backlit control panel that is easy to read.


  • The M1D1 water softener has an easy to read control panel and handy backlit display.
  • It also has an easy one push button set up that only takes a few seconds to get started.
  • This water softening system can store up to 17 kg of salt, meaning that you rarely have to replace the salt storage yourself.


  • Though the M1D1 water softener system has a decent water capacity, it may not provide you with enough softened water if you have over six people in your home.

The M1D1 water softener if great if you have a small to medium sized household and you are tired of limescale and hard water ruining your days. It makes your water softer super quickly and is relatively easy to install compared to other water softeners currently on the market. This water softener system is available at a very affordable price point and will quickly prove to pay for itself time and time again when you save money on bottled water, soap, and cleaning products.

Water2Buy W2B800 Water Softener

Water2Buy is a trusted brand bu thousands of customers all over the UK and Europe. They provide affordable and reliable products that will solve all of your water softening needs.

The Water2Buy W2B800 water softener eliminates 100 percent of limescale from your home. This water softener system will not affect your water pressure so there is no need to worry; your showers, baths, and taps will all run normally after installation of this specific softener system.

The Water2Buy W2B800 water softener processes about 3680 litres of hard water per day, providing your home with plenty of soft water. This particular softener is perfect for a home with a larger family, as it can provide soft water for seven to ten people every day.

One characteristic of some softeners that are often complained about in water softener reviews is that some devices are quite noisy. You do not have to worry about loud noises with the Water2Buy W2B800 water softener, however. This particular model is designed to be as quiet as possible. It even self-delays cleaning until 3 AM in order to minimise any disturbances.

In addition to being an all-around quality softener, the Water2Buy W2B800 is extremely easy to install yourself in your home. Of course, you can always depend on a professional plumber to help with the installation, but Water2Buy ensures that the average person can achieve it themselves. The manual that comes with purchase of this water softener is very easy to follow .


  • Some water softener reviews have noted that the quality of the build of the Water2Buy W2B800 water softener is very solid.
  • Water2Buy provides extremely helpful and knowledgeable customer service that is available no matter what problem may arise with your new water softener.


  • This model of softener is a bit on the larger side, so it will not be able to fit comfortably under most sinks. It will need a rather large cabinet in order to hide it away.

Overall, the Water2Buy W2B800 water softener is a reliable appliance that will leave your household appliances sparkling. If you are looking to reduce limescale buildup and hard water in your home and your family is moderately sized, then you can be sure that this will be a great purchase.

East Midlands EML 10 Water Softener

East Midlands Water is a Leicestershire based water treatment company that was founded in 1989. They are a trusted name in the water treatment business and are the only company in the UK to manufacture and build their own water softeners from start to finish.

One superb feature of the East Midlands EML 10 water softener is that it self-regenerates depending on how much water you use. If you happen to have guests or your water usage goes up or down for any reason, the East Midlands EML 10 water softener will adjust itself accordingly to make sure that it regenerate the correct amount.

If you leave you home for any amount of time, you can set this appliance to only regenerate when you return, which will save you energy and money that you would otherwise spend on tablet or block salt for generation. This also means that you can reduce the amount of salt and water used by the East Midlands EML 10 water softener by as much as 50 percent compared to other models with timers.

The East Midlands EML 10 water softener is extremely quiet during regeneration compared to other similar models. Regeneration takes about 30 minutes and makes virtually no noise at all.

This specific softener is relatively small and compact, so you can be sure that it will fit under your sink or in the average kitchen cupboard.


  • The East Midlands EML 10 water softener is very quiet when it runs.
  • This model of softener adjusts when and for how long it regenerates depending on how much water you use.


  • Some customers have claimed that the pre-sales advice they received from the professionals at East Midlands Water was sub-par.

Overall, the East Midlands EML 10 water softeneris a great purchase for any home where you are looking to remedy their hard water problem. It is one of the best water softeners out there, and you will probably not be able to find a comparable water softener for money than this one is available for.

Monarch Master Water Softener

Monarch Water is a trusted name in water softeners throughout the UK and beyond. From 1964 to now, countless businesses and households trust Monarch Water to remedy the problem of hard water.

The Monarch Master water softener is a great choice when it comes to domestic water softening technology. A special component in the device monitors its activity and water usage to that it goes through the regeneration process only when necessary.

Monarch Water’s new range of water softeners all feature their patented Rapid-Fit bypass which has reduced 85 percent of the necessary components that are needed to install their water softener. The Monarch Master water softener is available for 15 mm, 22 mm, and 28 mm supplies, so you can be sure that no matter what plumbing hook up you have. You or your plumber just have to connect the water in and out from the mains supply, and then connect those two hoses to the softener itself. Installation could not be any easier!

At 78 litres of water per minute, the Monarch Master water softener has the highest flow rate of any water softener on the market today. It also has an easy view control panel and a back lit display, along with a removable front cover. With its easy push button set up, it only takes a few seconds to get your hard water softened.

The Monarch Master water softener is smart, too. The device delays resin bead regeneration until 2 AM, stores important data in the event of a power outage, and learns and intuits your water usage patterns to save you salt, water, and money. This water softener is extra safe, at it comes with a low voltage electronic plug-in transformer that aids in detecting leaks in your plumbing system.

This water softener is proven to both remove existing limescale and prevent new limescale from forming. It will protect your appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine, and your shower. In addition to all of these benefits, you will also notice softer skin and glossier hair.

Monarch Water offers customers a seven year warranty on parts and a two year warranty on labour with every purchase of the Monarch Master water softener.


  • The Monarch Master water softener uses up to 24 percent less water and 12 percent less salt per year compared to other similar water softeners.
  • This particular model boasts a mini top up feature that is completed in eight minutes.
  • Utilising free flow valve technology, this particular softener features the highest flow rates along with the lowest water pressure drops possible.


  • Some customers have complained that the customer service that is available from Monarch Water is not entirely helpful.

The Monarch Master water softener is a reliable appliance that will greatly reduce limescale buildup in your home. If you are looking for an affordable water softener that does its just quietly, quickly, and effectively, then the Monarch Master water softener may just be perfect for you.

AquaHouse NSWS Water Softener

The AquaHouse NSWS water softener is our least-liked pick for domestic softeners, however it still makes our list because it is extremely affordable. At less than £300, you really cannot beat this price for softened water for your whole house.

One advantage of this particular softener is that it is suitable for larger households. It can soften water for average sized or larger homes, including those with Megaflow boilers.

This softener includes a scale prevention filter that has been proven to be up to 99.6 percent effective in preventing future limescale buildup. It also is promised to descale existing pipework that may have suffered in the past from hard water. Many people do not realise that these appliances not only serve to prevent limescale, but they also work as a water descaler as well. This apparatus can be combined with another produce called the EcoPlus XL whole house filter from AquaHouse if you would like your water both softened and filtered.

The dimensions of the AquaHouse NSWS water softener is 74 cm in height, 24 cm in width, and 21 cm in depth, making it small enough to fit under the average kitchen sink. If it does not fit under your kitchen sink, this softener will be able to fit comfortably in a regular kitchen cabinet.

At peak water flow, the AquaHouse NSWS water softener can reach up to 38 litres per minute, ensuring that you always have soft water whenever you may need it. In addition to this, AquaHouse also offers a three year guarantee on system parts and fixings.


  • Many softener reviews have commented that this water softer is very easy to install yourself.
  • This particular model is small enough to fit under most sinks or in the average kitchen cupboard.


  • It has been noted in some reviews that while this water softener does seem to remove some lime scale buildup, the problem is not entirely fixed after installation of this device.

Though the AquaHouse NSWS water softener is at the bottom of our list of best water softeners, it makes our top six because of its ease and affordability.

If you decide to go with one of the water softeners listed here, you will not be disappointed. Many people do not realise how much of a problem hard water is until they get rid of it with a reliable water softener. If you want cleaner fixtures, better working appliances, glossier hair, and softer skin, then you have got to purchase one of these water softeners today.

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