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What Is The Healthiest Coffee In The World? Find Out Here!

Written By Maria
Last Updated June 7, 2021

What is the Healthiest Type of Coffee?

If you are reading this, chances are that you are a coffee fanatic. Forget the kettle, you must always have the coffee machine on in your kitchen. Have you ever thought about what kind of coffee is the healthiest, though?

Is Decaf Coffee Worse Than Regular Coffee?

Decaf coffee is becoming increasingly popular with the UK's coffee drinkers, but many people are concerned that the methods used to extract the caffeine from the coffee itself could have adverse health effects.

Extracting caffeine from coffee begins with soaking the whole unroasted coffee bean in water, which allows much of the caffeine and flavour to dissolve out of the bean itself. After soaking in water, chemical solvents are then used to remove the dissolved caffeine from the water. These solvents can be methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. These solvents are added to the coffee and water mixture or to the soaked beans directly. At this point, the water and solvents are then evaporated to preserve some of the flavour left in the beans.

Many people worry that these chemical solvents are bad for your health; after all, they have complicated scientific names that can read as scary for some coffee drinkers. You should not worry about these, though. The levels of the solvents remained after the entire decaffeinating process is extremely low, much lower than the level actually deemed safe by stringent European regulations.

A more expensive method that is used to remove caffeine from coffee beans is called the Swiss Water Process. This process uses a specialised charcoal filter to remove caffeine from the beans. Some people prefer this method of decaffeinated because they think that it is safer than the solvent methods, however this process is not better or worse. It is just more expensive, thus making the resulting coffee more expensive.

Decaf coffee is not more or less healthy than regular coffee, so try not to worry about it and instead just enjoy your hot drinks!

Is Black Coffee the Healthiest?

Many health-conscious coffee drinkers opt for black coffee without additives for health reasons and for taste. Brewed black coffee is the healthiest option for coffee drinkers because it has not added fat or sugar. Once you begin adding milks, sugars, or syrups, your coffees of course become a bit unhealthier.

This is not to say that you cannot enjoy a hot coffee with a splash of milk and sprinkle of sugar, however. These coffee additives in moderation will not have adverse health effects. After all, milk supplies your body with calcium and sugar supplies your body with an energy source. If you enjoy a sugary or milky coffee, you should remain happy and healthy as long as you consume them in moderation.

When should you drink coffee?

A moderate amount of coffee every day can lead to numerous health benefits. Recent scientific studies have found that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death in women including coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

But, what time of day is the best time to consume that vital cup of coffee? Neuroscientists actually suggest drinking your first cup of coffee in the early afternoon between noon and 14:00.

Upon waking up, the cortisol levels in your bodies actually peak. Cortisol is often known as the 'stress steroid' because it is often employed in your body when your body is in a stressful situation. Cortisol spikes enhance alertness, wakes you up, and also influences a lot of other biological processes. In this way, cortisol does a lot of the same things that caffeine does. Since cortisol spikes when you first wake up, you do not necessarily need caffeine from that early morning cup of coffee to make you alert and keep you awake.

Why French Press Coffee Is Bad for You

French press coffee has become more and more popular in recent years, however it turns out that it may not be the best way to brew coffee. Many people choose to consume coffee made with the French press method because it ensure a strong flavour and a tastier product. Not filtering your coffee, however, can lead to an increase in your LDL or your 'bad' cholesterol.

By not using a proper coffee filter, oily substances known as diterpenes slip through into the brewed coffee. While these chemicals do contribute to the deep, complex taste of French press coffee, they also contribute to raising your bad cholesterol.

According to some scientists, it takes five to eight cups of this unfiltered coffee a day to raise your bad cholesterol. So, if you drink less French press coffee than five to eight cups every day, you do not have to necessarily change your coffee brewing method. If you do drink an excessive amount of coffee, however, consider changing your brewing methods.


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