March 8, 2021

Where To Place A Soundbar? Above Or Below The TV?

What Is The Best Placement For a Soundbar?

When you buy your first soundbar and begin to set it up, it's a great idea to ensure its position is in the best place possible for the top audio quality to be produced.

You might think placing your soundbar is easy, you simply just put it by your TV, right? Well, where you put your soundbar can have a huge effect on how it sounds, making a variance whether you place it below or above your TV.

There is not a huge difference between placing your soundbar above or below your TV, with both offering there advantages and disadvantages, such as greater control or view. There are also several ways you can place your soundbar which you might not have considered.

To help you out, we have put together a small guide about the best ways to place your soundbar with there pros and cons, as well as tips for mounting your soundbar.

Why Does Where I Place My Sound Bar Matter?

Before we get on to the different placement options for your soundbar let's discuss why where you put your soundbar is important.

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Unlike home theatre speakers, where you put your soundbar matters as audio-only comes from one direction unless you have upward-firing speakers in your bar.

So to get the best audio quality possible you will want to make sure the soundbar is not too far from the TV but also not too far from the viewers. Placing your soundbar too far from your TV could potentially give playback and connectivity issues while putting it too close could limit the audio reach.

You should also avoid putting your soundbar in a TV cabinet as this can muffle the audio, as well as avoid putting it in front of your TV as this will obstruct your view.

The best position for your soundbar should enable the audio to reflect off the walls and create a surround sound effect in your room.

Top Ways To Place Your Sound Bar For The Best Audio

Now we know why placement matters with your soundbar, we can get into the various ways you can place your soundbar in your room, as well as its subwoofer for the optimum audio quality.

We have listed out the most common ways to position your device and there pros and cons below to help you decide which placement works for you best.

Above The TV

Placing your soundbar above your TV rather than below it is less common, but still, a good way to place your soundbar if you don't mind the style of how it looks.

The advantages of placing your soundbar above your TV means it is not obstructing the view of your TV and is still within a good range for a smooth connection with no interruptions.

It's a position that also allows the speakers to front face you and creates a surround sound effect.

Downfalls of placing your soundbar above your TV has to be how it looks and also that it can feel like the audio is going over your head, making it much less common than below your TV.


  • Close to the TV.
  • Doesn't obstruct the view of the TV.
  • Surround sound effect.


  • Looks awkward.
  • The audio feels as if it is passing over your head.

Below The TV

Having your soundbar below your TV is one of the most common positions. This placement is ideal as you can control your soundbar easily and it's close to your TV for the best connection.

It's a front-facing position also allows for a surround sound effect like the above position. It further looks better under your TV, especially if it's the right size and colour to match your TV, creating a more seamless look.

The downfalls of this position are the fact it can obstruct the view of the TV, you should avoid putting it behind your TV too as this can muffle the sound and cause unwanted vibrations.


  • Easy to control.
  • Great connection to the TV.
  • Allow for surround sound effect.
  • Seamless look.


  • Can obstruct the view of the TV.
  • May muffle the sound if placed behind.

On The Table

One of the least common places you can put your soundbar is on the table, having your soundbar on the table is great in terms of proximity as you will get a very clear and crisp sound.

You should be careful however not to place the device too far away from the TV as this could cause sound delays and cause some connectivity issues.


  • Close sound which is better for dialogue.


  • Far away position can cause audio playback difficulties.

Wall Mounted

Mounting your soundbar on your wall near your TV can look very stylish and be a great way to save space rather than below your TV.

It also keeps the bar close to the TV for the best connectivity and allows you to mount it above or below depending on the height of your TV.

The only downfalls of this position are that it may be too far from the listeners and cause some problems with connectivity.


  • Saves space.
  • Flexibility.
  • Surround sound effect.
  • Looks stylish.


  • Should not be placed too far from the TV as can cause connectivity issues.

On The Floor

One of the least common and least recommend places to put your soundbar is on the floor.

Having your soundbar on the floor is a good option if you have nowhere else to put it, the vibrations can even create a surround sound-like effect.

However, if you put your soundbar on the floor it will feel as if the audio is coming from beneath which isn't ideal. They can also get tripped over easily if you have kids and might be too far from the TV if yours is on a cabinet.


  • Easy placement.
  • Surround sound effect.
  • Saves space.


  • Can get tripped over.
  • The audio may feel as if it is coming from underneath.

Tips For Mounting a Sound Bar

Once you've decided on the best position for you to place your soundbar according to your room and TV, we have put together some tips and tricks for you to follow so as you can position it in the best way possible.

  • Always make sure it is secure - If you are putting your device on a wall-mounted shelf or under your TV you should make sure it is secure. These bars can vibrate a lot when in use and you don't want them to fall and get damaged.
  • Be mindful of where you put the subwoofer - You should put the subwoofer somewhere with the best vibration to make the biggest sound, this could be behind your sofa or in front of the TV.
  • Take away obstacles - Always move any obstacles that could get cause unwanted vibrations and noise from around your soundbar.
  • Use underneath the TV when you can - Placing your device under your TV will give the seamless look and best sound/connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Placing Your Sound Bar Under Or Above Your TV

How can I make my soundbar sound better? 

One of the best ways to make sure that your soundbar sounds good is by ensuring it's large enough for your room. You should also use an HDMI connection and adjust the equalizer settings when needed.

Where should I place my sound bars subwoofer?

The best places to put your subwoofer are at the front of your room with the bar because it will be in sync with the audio from the speakers, this could be directly under your bar or either side.

Final Words

Overall, the most recommended spots to place your soundbar are beneath the TV or above, with beneath being the preferred option due to how it looks and for easy control.

Always make sure your bar is secure and doesn't vibrate delicate objects around it, you should ensure it is close to the TV too for the best connection.

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