Best Police Recommended / Approved Outdoor Key Safe [2024]

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Best Police Approved Key Safe For The Young & Elderly In 2024

Top Pick
NRS Healthcare Supra C500 Key Safe
Great Value
KeySafe™ Supra P500 Police Preferred Outdoor Wall Mounted Push Button Key Safe
Good Quality
MASTER LOCK Key Safe Wall Mounted Key Lock Box
Best for Budget
Burton Police Preferred Specification Key Safe
Product Title
Product Title
NRS Healthcare Supra C500 Key Safe
KeySafe™ Supra P500 Police Preferred Outdoor Wall Mounted Push Button Key Safe
MASTER LOCK Key Safe Wall Mounted Key Lock Box
Burton Police Preferred Specification Key Safe
Master Lock
Burton Safe
Security rating
Security rating
LPS 1175: Issue 6 Security Rating 1 and LCPB Certificate number 1062a
LPS 1175: Issue 6, Security Rating 1
CNPP certified, Sold Secure and Secured by Design
Secured by Design scheme, Sold Secure Bronze and LPS1175 (Issue 7) SR1
Number of possible combination
Number of possible combination
Weather proof
Weather proof
Yes, with high heat resistant
Interior size
Interior size
7.9 x 5.1 x 2.2 cm
7.6 x 4.8 x 1.8 cm
13 x 6.6 x 2.2 cm
7 x 5 x 2 cm
Special Feature
Special Feature
Allows emergency access, Heavy gauge and weather proof
Anti Tamper Code Cover
durable, limited warranty, and tools included for installation
HiVis Keypad, locking: Fitted with a Push Button lock
Stainless steel and zinc alloy shell
Stainless steel and zinc alloy shell
Not specified

A safe is a secure locked container that keeps valuables out of sight but inaccessible. Using a safe at home for valuables and important documents is increasingly popular.

What is the best police recommended key safe? For us, it is the eSafe Electronic Key Safe which offers the best protection for your important goods.

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Key Safe Wall Mounted - Key Lock Box - Keysafe Outside Police Approved-IMURZ

Top Pick
NRS Healthcare Supra M61469 C500 Key Safe Secure/ Wall Mounted/ Outdoor/ Key Storage Device, Cream
/10Our Score
  • Safe storage box for door keys, for wall mounting outside the home
  • No need for multiple sets of keys and allows emergency access by trusted people
  • The original Police accredited key safe
  • Heavy gauge, stainless steel and zinc alloy shell
  • Over 4000 possible key code combinations

Safes are used in many homes and businesses to secure important documents and valuables. Some safes are also used to hide spare parts and tools inside.

With the crazy world we live in, safes help keep your belongings safe from theft or destruction. If you worry about crime in your area, then a safe could be a safe bet (pun intended).

Safety is a trade-off between effectiveness and personal comfort, especially if you want good peace of mind with that illusive element of safety. 

Most people use a safe to keep valuable items secure without worrying about losing them. However, some people use safes to lock away important documents or items they do not want seen.

Safes are also used in factories and other places to store dangerous materials, with key lock boxes for cash and a combination lock on other hazards.

How to Best Use a Key Safe?

Getting a safe is one thing, using it properly is another. Unless you know what you are doing, you could end up rendering the whole safe entirely useless. 

Many traditional safes will use a combination dial design. Using a dial to input a code which then prompts the safe to open up. 

However, in the modern age a set combination code which is digitally entered has become more popular. Largely for the ease of its use. 

A combination element is present in all safes, but making sure the combination code isn't leaked is very important to keeping your safe secure. 

That means not writing down the code on notes of paper, not telling anyone, not even storing it on your computer hard drive in case someone finds it. 

Cheaper safes will offer a four digit combination code, but this is not the most secure thing in the world. Especially depending on the safe. 

When it comes to a four digit pin code combination, there are 10,000 possible codes to be made using zero to nine. 

In a PIN number for your card, this is fine. Mostly because the card will lock you out if you fail two or three times. If your safe doesn't lock you out, then it can be cracked easily by trial and error. 

For comparison, upping the digits to five takes that 10,000 to 90,000 possible combinations, making your safe nine times stronger with just one more number in it. 

The eSafe Wall Mounted Electronic Key Safe - Editor's Choice

Safety is crucial when protecting valuable items- whether you're using a safe or not. Safety measures help you remain calm and composed without worrying about your possessions getting stolen.

Thus the eSafe Wall Mounted Electronic Key Safe and its digital combination lock box can be a great way to have your spare keys by the door in a pinch. 

Instead of a combination key, the eSafe Wall Mounted Electronic Key Safe uses a push digit combination of buttons around its circular design. 

It also comes complete with an app, in case you struggle to remember the lengthy combination that it demands to be input. 

Using a six digit combination, this electronic type of lock is among the most secure out there, and isn't going to be suddenly cracked by accident. 

This many digits is a secure combination, and the small size of the safe itself makes it a portable option if you move house. 

A digital option like this can be mounted by the customer, removing the need to call out a professional to install it outside. 

If you think this £140 safe with heavy duty zinc alloy is going to leak your code digitally, then you don't need to worry at all. 

The six digit combination is randomised, meaning you get a new code each time you check your phone, and each code becomes invalid for use after a while. 

A hacker could get the code to bust your durable zinc alloy cylinder, and still not be able to actually get inside of it. 

This product may be unavailable,

Our recommended alternative to this product is Key Safe Wall Mounted - Key Lock Box - Keysafe Outside Police Approved-IMURZ

Alternative Option

  • Key Safe Wall Mounted - Key Lock Box - Keysafe Outside Police Approved-IMURZ Lockbox-Outdoor Key Safe- Key Box Outdoor Indoor to Share

Vecta Personal Safe - Best Selling

Best Selling

  • Vecta Personal Safe – Slim Electronic Key and Valuables Wall Safe for Vehicle, Home & Office Keys, Passports, Cash, Jewellery – Motorised Locking - Large LED Screen - Secured By Design Police Approved

Safes can also be used in cars, homes and anywhere you need extra security without sacrificing comfort. 

The Vecta Personal Safe is motor locked and is one of the most popular police approved options out there.

Using aluminium alloy to secure your goods, it is more spacious and designed to handle more than just keys.

The aluminium alloy also ranks it among the sturdiest options out there on the market, however the digital pin lock isn't as safe as the eSafe one. 

Although a more affordable option with a roughly £100 price tag, the demand for only a four digit pin lock makes it prone to trial and error break in. 

This electronic option also won't lock you out after multiple failed attempts, which make it easy for hackers to use the LED screen until they're inside. 

Instead of a strong zinc alloy construction, the use of aluminium does help make the safe cheaper to buy as aluminium is a cheaper metal. 

It does boast some ease of installation on doors as well, but because of the insecurity of the digit lock outdoor installations can be risky. 

Wall Mounted Master Lock Key Safe - Runner Up

At just over £80, the Master Lock range of key safes is certainly more affordable, and an excellent all round option for quick installation. This heavy duty key safe can not be busted open.

With attack resistant alloy steel, having someone smash your safe open is not a concern you'll end up having concerning the Master Lock. 

One of the top performing options commercially available right now, it is also one of the cheapest push button options around. 

Totally non-digital, the Master Lock comes with an optional installation service as well. It doesn't have the greatest ease of installation. 

While something like the eSafe can grant temporary access and guest access with one time codes, the Master Lock has no share access. 

That is, unless you are willing to share your safe code with other people directly, which then runs the risk of the code spreading and making the safe useless. 

It is designed for outdoor purpose however, claiming to be more weather resistant than your average key safe and it still suits a range of budgets. 

Depending on the weather conditions where you live, being weather resistant could be the deciding factor in whether or not you choose this safe. 

NRS Healthcare Keyguard Digital

Vehicle owners find that a digital key safe is a convenient way to keep their car keys away from thieves. These safes are bulky and hard to use without the help of an app.

For a digital safe with double wall construction for added security, try the NRS Healthcare Keyguard. 

While the internal capacity is minimal, as you might expect from a safe designed for keys, it most closely resembles the traditional style of safe lock. 

A low capacity key safe isn't too problematic, but the digital element in the NRS Healthcare Keyguard is actually the locking mechanism itself. 

The lock needs power to open and close, but if you remove the power source then it will remain locked for good until you resupply it and enter the code. 

While only a four digit code lock, the NRS actually has 12 digit inputs including the letters A, B, C, and D. This puts the possible combinations into the hundreds of thousands!

While £110 is a bit steep for smaller types of budgets, the NRS Healthcare Keyguard is often sold with a discount sale price nearer the £70 range. 

With a protective weather covering as well, you can rest assured that your spare house key is safely secured and in complete peace. 

NRS Healthcare Supra M61469 C500 Key Safe

  • NRS Healthcare Supra M61469 C500 Key Safe Secure/ Wall Mounted/ Outdoor/ Key Storage Device, Cream

For even tighter types of budget, you can still turn to NRS to help keep your belongings safe, and provide you some much needed peace of mind. 

The NRS Healthcare Supra M61469 C500 Key Safe retails for £62, and still boasts the 12 digits of the digital lock. 

The only key difference between the two? The lock itself is not digital, and is instead a traditional tumbler style of lock which can be busted with excessive force. 

While not offering the complete peace of a near unbreakable digital lock, the Supra is still very hard to actually break open. 

This lock type is used all over the world, and the safe itself can't be lock picked so at least you can be sure about that. 

The compact size also takes up little wall space outside, helping you keep your home stylish and in line with your design aesthetic. 

A sensical choice for a heavy duty key safe, the ease of installation also makes the NRS Supra a favorite option among many home owners. 

Being both an affordable option, the practicality of the model makes it an excellent all round option for those not well versed in key safe guides and operations. 

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