Hague Water Softener Review - Should You Buy In [2024]?

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Hague 410 Maximiser Water Softener - Product Review

The Hague 410 maximiser water softener is very popular in the UK and one of the most used domestic water softeners available up to this date. 

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But why is the Hague 410 model so unique? Well, this water softener can filter your whole house system and compared to other models on the market, uses much less salt, saving you money in the long run. 

So without further ado, let us get into the detail and see if this Hague water softener is worth the hype.

Should You Buy The Hague 410 Water Softener?

Suppose you are looking for a timeless water softener model that is reliable, low maintenance and versatile, then yes, the Hague 410 water softener is worth it in 2020. 

Despite there being so many different water softeners on the market today, investing in this model is worth it due to its low salt consumption and patented capacity guard which allows you to never run out of soft water. 

This could be an excellent buy for everyone in your household, especially if you are in lockdown together and are looking for ways to boost your household health, as we all know, hard water can be damaging. 

Talking about damage, this Hague 410 model also has a refiner system which can be fitted with a chlorine reducing system, making it perfect for anyone in your household with sensitive skin. 

The model is also worth it due to its versatile design which allows it to take either salt blocks or tablets; it also has a blending bypass valve for better water flow. It can memorise cycle settings even through power outages. 

Pros & Cons of the Hague 410 Maximiser Water Softener

As you can see, Hague 410 is a popular and robust option for people who have challenging water problems. However, as most water softeners do, this model still comes with its disadvantages and advantages. 

We've listed out the pros and cons below to help you out. 


  • Less salt consumption - This water softener by Hague can operate safely with lesser amounts of salt needed. This saves you money in comparison to other water softeners on the market. 
  • Self-cleaning filter - It filters dirt down to 20 microns and doesn't require you to change any cartridges.
  • Safety shut down - The safety shut down system prevents any water overflows.
  • Fine mesh resin - Its screen distributor system allows you to pack more resin in its tank and backwash with soft water.
  • Grid plate - This models grid plate in the brine tank produces consistent brine concentration levels due to its clear area.
  • Low maintenance and easy fill - Retains cycle settings and operates in three different languages. It can also be used with salt tablets which eliminate lifting heavy bags of salt.


  • Uses significant space - This 410 Hague water softener may run well but does take up quite a lot of space, this is something to consider if you haven't got a large area to store your softener. 
  • Uses electricity - The water softener requires electrical power to run; this may prove less eco-friendly than non-electrical water softeners and can consume more energy within your home. 

Benefits Of Using The Hague 410 Water Softener

Suppose hard water is giving your household problems such as low water pressure, breaking appliances and itchy skin. Investing in the Hague 410 water softener may be a solution. 

We've listed out some of the benefits below of investing in a water softener system - 

Softer skin

Soft water can help you shower cleaner due to its lack of mineral ions, this pairs with soap well and can help maintain your skins natural oils. Soft water can also make your hair smoother as it helps balance its pH level.

Better laundry 

Using this Hague water softener can make your laundry feel softer and look brighter, its composition helps prevent colour bleeding on your clothes and makes them cleaner as its more soluble with washing powder.

Cleaner dishes 

Yes, that's right, the Hague water softener will help make your cups and dishes shine. This is due to the fact it removes calcium minerals building up, which stops soap stain marks or cloudy appearances on your glass dishes.

Scale-free plumbing

Hard water will inevitably mean minerals building up in your households pipes. This lime-scale build-up can cause damage within your households plumbing often and be very expensive to fix. Using Hague water softener can help avoid this problem. 

Is The Hague Water Softener Right For Me?

This depends on how hard your water is and your budget, but if you meet the following requirements below, you can be confident this model would be right for you - 

  • You have a hard water supply - This is obvious, but going for an electric and reliable model like the Hague 410 will fix your hard water problem quickly.
  • You never want to run out of soft water - Due to its backwash resin system, you continuously have soft water despite regenerations.
  • You have a higher budget - The model is expensive but worth it if you want a high-quality filtration system for your whole household. 
  • You want a low maintenance model - Its design means little maintenance is needed and you can avoid using heavy sacks of salt.


Does the Hague 410 model retain settings during power outages?

Yes, the Hague 410 model can retain cycle settings for up to seven days without power. 

How quickly can the Hague 410 fix my hard water problem?

Like standard water softeners, the Hague 410 should fix your challenging water problems within two weeks. 

Should I check how hard my water is before buying the Hague410?

Yes, this portably a good idea so as you can determine how much salt you will need to fix the problem, this report can be given to you by your water network.

Verdict - Do You Need The Hague 410 Maximiser Water Softener

If your household is continually having challenging water problems and they are starting to make appearances in your skin or laundry, the Hague 410 water softener could be right for you. 

This model, in comparison with other, uses less salt and has a high-reliability rate, it may be costly upfront, but worth it if you think about all the benefits and lime-scale build-up you can avoid.

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