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Editor's Choice
Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar
Value for Money
JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One Sound Bar - in-Home Entertainment System, with Streaming Capabilities, in Black
Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K Wireless Soundbar
Product Title
Product Title
Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar
JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-One Sound Bar - in-Home Entertainment System, with Streaming Capabilities, in Black
Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K Wireless Soundbar
Connectivity Technology
Connectivity Technology
Bluetooth, 3.5mm Jack
HDMI and Bluetooth
Item Dimensions
Item Dimensions
8.8 x 90 x 6.4 cm
34.8" x 2.4" x 4.7"
11.8 x 75 x 6.55 cm
Speaker Type
Speaker Type
2 AAA batteries required. (included)
80 watts (wired)
Low-profile (unobtrusive)


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Our RecommendedBest Soundbar Under £100 In UK Is The Sony HT-SF150!

Top Pick
Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar with Bluetooth and S-Force Front Surround - Black
  • Powerful surround sound thanks to S-Force front surround and bass reflex unit
  • Simple connectivity: one easy HDMI connection to TV and instant music listening from your mobile device via Bluetooth or USB
  • Elegant, slim design with soft edges to effortlessly place in front of your TV or wall-mount
  • The two speaker setup delivers front surround sound from a compact unit
  • Send audio and control information from your TV using just one cable with HDMI ARC

Top Soundbars On The Market For Less Than £100

Most modern televisions have the ability to do a variety of things, from watching online content to sending messages via Bluetooth or the internet, the connectivity and innovative designs are futuristic. Which is ideal for the modern expectations of a TV binging society.

However, what some models seem to be lacking is the immersive, virtual surround sound performance that gives the user a theatre related viewing. That is where soundbars come in.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best 5 budget soundbars that fall under £100. But do not be put off by the low price, these soundbars still offer some of the most powerful sound experience that money while allowing you to make connections to other devices, offering you a new level of luxury to your domestic and work related setting.

Sony HT-SF150

What Are The Main Features Of This Sound Bar?

This Sony model features a bass reflex speaker which allows its speakers to deliver a powerful bass performance without compromising any detail or clarity. This allows for perfect enjoyment of TV shows, films and music filled with power and a solid soundtrack.

The two channel technology means that sound quality is not only delivered but enhanced making one of the most forward thinking soundbars for sale. This two channel feature means that there are two main speakers in the soundbar that work to provide a room full of sound rather than just one area of sound.

This paired with the virtual surround sound technology included with this soundbar puts you right in the middle of the media you love as it copies the cinema style sound, giving you professional sounding sound with powerful connection options added in, all for under your set budget.

While you are able to control the audio through the remote control provided, in a busy domestic life this handy device is sure to get lost repeatedly. Sony has kept this in mind while designing this soundbar and have included basic buttons on top of the product itself so that you can still use it without the remote. These buttons allows you to control the sound, switch the device on and off and also change sources at your will.

What Is The Connectivity Like For This Model?

The connections that this soundbar features allows you to connect to your TV with ease due to the HDMI ARC input. This delivers a straight forward one cable experience so that you can listen to your TV audio through this powerful product. Through this cable, you are also able to send audio and control information controllable through one remote keeping your sound business neat and tidy.

A Bluetooth connectivity feature allows you to stream music wirelessly with innovative Bluetooth technology.

If you are more of a fan of the plugin and play method then one of the many inputs featured is a USB which allows you to play your favourite albums from various devices. This particular soundbar supports wav, mp3 and wma.

For a budget soundbar, you really are getting the best varied options for connectivity.

Will The HT-SF150 Fit Into My Home With Ease?

The sleek design of this product means that it can fit snugly into your home unit. Even though this soundbar is professionally designed it is in no way an eyesore, but it is pretty wide which makes it ideal for larger televisions as it delivers better sound.

The back of the soundbar features both the inputs and wall mounting holes. These are designed for you to be able to mount your device to any unit or wall without damaging either involved.

This soundbar mostly focuses on ease of use to set into your everyday life without causing complications, which is evident with both the control and simple set up.

Are Any Accessories Included With This Budget Soundbar?

As well as the various features that these models include, Sony also throws in:

  • A remote control
  • Relevant batteries for the remote commander
  • Optical cable
  • AC cord

These all work together to deliver the best soundbar possible for your needs without you having to spend excess money on other accessories.

Are There Any Noticeable Issues I Should Know About?

While this product does include the basic essentials to match your Sony soundbar to your Sony TV, you may not own a Sony branded TV. This will means that the optical cable included will not allows you to link up your soundbar to your TV. Instead, you will have to pay out for an HDMI cable in order to be able to play quality audio with ease.

HDMI cables are usually pretty cheap to buy and will last you a long time so it is not too much of a pay out, just an inconvenience. However, you will find that other soundbar for sale will include the correct cables.

Are These Sony Soundbars Under £100 For Me?

It is clear that the Sony HT-SF150 comes with an array of lever, innovative and overall helpful features that add an extra level of ease into your viewing experience while also providing a powerful performance. No matter if you are listening to music or watching a TV show or movie, this delivery is constant and can do a lot for your audio quality with an easy set up so you can start watching in no time.

While the control and featured remote allows these speakers to reach their maximum potential, you do need to double check if you have the right cables for your exact TV in order to get set up as soon as possible. Other than that slight hindrance, this item performs to a high standard with a few extra inches to really amplify that professional sound.

  • Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar with Bluetooth and S-Force Front Surround - Black

Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K

Why Should I Buy The Soundbar?

While these budget soundbars do not have an array of glamorous features like others on this list, the features that it does include provide a constant reliable performance. This means that you are able to use this device in any setting and situation, no matter if that is a domestic home cinema or demonstrating your creative work in a meeting, without any problems.

The main sellable factor of this soundbar is certainly the wireless feature which allows you to connect a range of devices to the speakers. While other soundbars require an optical input in order to play audio that is not directly from your TV, this item runs entirely on a wireless Bluetooth connection as to allows you to connect your phone or other smart devices without having to use a wire.

This gives you more freedom to dance or move around when you want to play audio instead of being stuck near the device, making it a more versatile and modern piece of equipment.

The power this soundbar possesses allows for a dynamic listening experience. With a 80 watt total output power, you are set for a true cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. This is ideal for when you want to watch a new movie or wish to have the cinema experience without having to pay out every time. It also adds an extra level of luxury to your life for an affordable price.

A remote controls all of the features mentioned as to offer ease to your listening experience rather than you having to get up to change the volume etc. You are also able to control the Bluetooth connectivity and wireless features via this remote control as to make the most of the soundbars features.

  • Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming

What Is The Connectivity Like When Using This Soundbar?

If you plan to buy a soundbar in order to connect various devices, then this may be the right product for you. This device features Bluetooth wireless technology which allows you to stream music wirelessly in any room. This works by sending sound data from your device straight to the soundbar via a wireless transmission so that you can listen to any audio from your phone, tablet or computer.

Panasonic has also released a music streaming app that you are able to download on both android and apple phones. This app allows you to effortlessly connect to the Bluetooth speakers and make the most of the high quality sound. It should be noted that the app itself does not improve the sound, just makes connecting easier, you are able to use any use app you wish handing the controls to you as to suit your own personal taste.

Is This Budget Soundbar Right For My Home?

It is recommended that this soundbar be used for a 32 - 43 inch TV for optimal use. While it could be used for smaller televisions, it will be best suited to the specifications mentioned.

This soundbar also comes with a mountable wall feature that enables you to make the most of your living space. Not only is this mount useful if you wish to free up some counter space in your main room, but it also offers you a few more controls that you would not otherwise have.

The mountable feature allows you to change the sound direction from 0 degrees to 90 degrees which acts as a mimic of virtual surround sound. This diversity gives you the option to create the optimal theatre space that you want giving you the best sound experience for your needs.

What Is The Design Of This Soundbar Like?

This soundbar low profile dynamic design is exactly as it says on the label, low profile. It does not get in the way of your viewing experience but instead works to enhance it through its large speakers which have been placed in a slim body with the dimensions of 4.6 x 29.5 x 2.5 inches, this sound bar is key to maximizing your space.

What Comes In The Box?

While this product does not come with any additional accessories, here is a list of what you do get upon purchase:

  • Warranty card
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
  • The sound bar itself

This may not seem like a lot but considering these are soundbars under £100, you are getting more for the price you pay than expected.

What Is The Main Faults Of This Item?

Even though the connectivity of this soundbar is extremely good and is able to connect to a whole range of different devices, it has no inputs or ports for an HDMI cable. This means that some TVs may not be able to connect with this product so make sure you check that your model is compatible with it before buying or if you are looking for a new TV too then make sure that your options match up.

It should also be noted that while it is specified that this soundbar is built for certain TV sizes, some customers still buy it for their devices that are smaller than the target number. This, therefore, makes the product seem bigger than it is and may seem bulkier so keep the specifications and dimensions in mind when buying.

Does This Soundbar Best Suit My Needs?

For the price that you will pay, this model does offer a higher quality sound performance than would be expected due to the power and the dynamic build of it. This makes it a great domestic and business tool as you are able to show off your favourite song, movie or creative project with cinema like sound. You get a great piece of equipment for way under your budgeted price.

The main selling point of this product is the connectivity value and the ability to be pick up on a wireless connection via the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Although this does come at a cost of a few less inputs so make sure to check that this device serves your TV needs.

  • Panasonic SC-HTB8EB-K Wireless Soundbar with Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming


What Does This Soundbar Offer The Customer?

While this soundbar is compact in size, it does offer a powerful punch though it's all in one soundbar technology. Virtual surround sound technology allows the user to feel as though they are sitting in a theatre watching their favourite movie as it mimics that immersive, unique experience.

A very key feature of this soundbar is something that the other contenders on this list are yet to tackle. Not only does it come with its own remote control which you can use to change the volume and channel as well as homing various other controls. You also have the ability to control your LG soundbar through your TV remote controls that have a built in compatibility with the LG devices as well as other major television manufacturers.

This offers you an all in one unit that makes your sound feel all that more comfortable and high class, especially so considering that the needed batteries are included in the box for the soundbar specific controls.

This sound bar includes 3 different channel choices that can be controlled via your TV remote or the remote provided. These options allow you to choose the best sound mode to suit the entertainment you are watching or listening to as to really add an extra level of experience you would not have without this device.

Is This Soundbar Made To Connect To Certain TVs?

This sound bar was made to specifically match the LG TV models of 43 inches. This means that the dimensions (7.9 x 65 x 8.9 centimetres) are based around the dimensions of this TV model.

While it is compatible with a range of TV sizes and manufacturers, this is the one that it is best suited for and therefore is the size and model that will produce the best optimum audio visual partnership as the connection was previously considered during the designing stage.

An optical cable has been included so that you are able to link up to your TV. Make sure that your TV type is compatible with this cable before buying or what other options you have to connect the two together.

How Does This Soundbar Connect To Other Devices?

This soundbar is designed with Bluetooth connectivity technology at its core. The innovative audio codecs that this soundbar is engineered with means that a seamless connection is able to occur between Bluetooth compatible devices meaning you can stream music through your soundbar via your phone, tablet or other relevant devices.

A great perk that has been well thought out with this soundbar is the automatic turn on that happens once audio has been sent via Bluetooth. This means that while the device is not in use, it goes into sleep mode as to preserve energy saving you money. However, you are able to activate it again by connecting other devices which means that you can activate your soundbar while in another room if you so wish.

So that you are able to make wired connections to a whole range of other devices, this sound bar includes a 3 .4 millimetre jack inputs as to enhance your entertainment form a variety of sources.

What Sound Modes Are Included With This Soundbar?

Adaptive sound control (ASC) adds a powerful punch to this product by opening your options as to how you want your sound experience to be, no matter if that is streaming music or watching a movie. This mode automatically modifies sounds depending on what you are watching or listening to best boost the performance. This is the most balanced sound mode and has good uniformity between high and low frequencies.

Another sound option you have that comes built into the unit is the bass blast option which adds an extra level of power to you sound while keeping it clear so you have no difficulty hearing dialogue etc.

The standard option is exactly as described, standard. It does not tinker with the audio but instead just maximizes the volume through the front facing speakers.

Unlike some soundbars, this model does not come with a subwoofer. A subwoofer is specifically designed to give out lower sound frequencies adding extra bass and a more powerful feel to the audio of choice, making it an ideal device for action fanatics. While a soundbar does not need a subwoofer, it does enhance the viewing of movies and video games.

What Comes With This Product?

Considering the price of this soundbar, it is no surprise that it does not come with any fancy accessories, only what is necessary to the functions of the product. This is what is included in the box:

  • The sound bar
  • Remote control
  • Batteries
  • Warranty card
  • Manual
  • User guide

What Are The Common Issues I Should Know About?

While the soundbar does need an optical cable in order to connect to the TV of choice, there is only the correct inputs included with the soundbar, not the cable itself. This means that you will have to pay out for the cable, and while it is not an expansive payout, it is a little inconvenient if you re unaware of this issue and want to set up your device straight away.

Should I Buy This Soundbar Or Not?

This product is ideal for those of you who want a home cinema or a theatre fanatic who loves the sound quality that the theatre provides. The sound options on this soundbar gives you options that others on this list may not while still functioning well as a standard sound booster. These features make this an ideal soundbar for cheap budgets.

However, you do have to keep in mind that this model was made to suit a certain product which may affect its quality when paired with other TVs that is was not designed for. While the brand assures that it does work on other TV's, just be wary and make sure that it is compatible with your other device before buying. Even though these are budget soundbars, you do want them to work the best they can as to make the most for your money.

Alternative Option

  • LG SP2 Soundbar All In One 2.1 Ch 100W


This SHARP product is an easy and effortless way to upgrade your audio's performance to a new level full of powerful punches and clarity.

The 40 watt powered speakers mean that you will definitely notice an improved performance when compared to your TV speakers. This allows for an immersive surround sound experience as like at the cinema making it an ideal addition to any film fanatic or even gamer's set up.

Built into the soundbar itself are pre-set equaliser setting which provide an additional layer of audio enhancement during use. Equalisers work by targeting the output levels of audio and enhancing them in order to maximize the potential of your audio. This makes the soundbar ideal for watching films or TV shows or even just listening to music through streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer (which this device is compatible with).

The speakers are cinematically orientated towards the bass of the sound but is able to separate both high frequencies and low frequencies easily s to provide a professional sound quality as used in industry viewing. Although it should be noted that unlike higher end soundbars, this one does not include a subwoofer which would otherwise enhance the lower frequencies. It is recommended that you purchase a subwoofer for a limitless audio encounter.

What Are The Connections Included With This Soundbar?

This option is by far the most versatile choice included on this list so far. With 4 different inputs available, you are sure to find a use for this soundbar no matter what your other devices are.

As like the other options on this list, a wireless Bluetooth connectivity function has been built into the device so that you can wirelessly stream audio content from your smart device to play through the sound bar. This includes streaming from laptops. Alternatively, you can use the wired 3.5 millimeter aux input port if you so wish, but the Bluetooth option means that you can freely walk around without having to sit by the soundbar the whole time.

There are three way that this soundbar can be connected to your television with ease: HDMI cable, digital optical cable or by using the 3.5 millimeter aux output as mentioned. Not only does this make the sound bar more compatible with a wider range of TVs but it also means that when you are connected via the HDMI option to a TV that is ARC / CEC compatible, you are able to use the TV controls to control the soundbar as well. This makes it easier to keep all of your remotes in one place.

However, if you end up losing the remote then you can still control the sound bar via the buttons on the top of the unit which allows you to change volume, mode, channel etc.

Will This Soundbar Best Suit My TV?

Seeing as the soundbar itself it 31.49 inches, you will get the optimal performance out of the product when pairing it with a 32 - 43 inch TV. This is because it balances out the visual quality with the sound quality meaning whatever you are viewing does not appear mix matched.

Although it is best suited towards these sized, it has the ability to work well with TVs up to 50 inches due to the intense speakers and adjustable sound modes meaning you can make it suit the TVs needs accordingly.

As for how to display your soundbar, it can be mounted on the wall on placed on a table top. All functions will be available either way and you are still able to enjoy the high quality sound so it really is your choice on how you wish to organise your soundbar. Of course, it is advised that it be placed directly under your TV so that the speakers are facing you directly and are near the visual.

Are There Any Customer Complaints That Would Stop Me From Buying This Soundbar?

If you are planning on buying this soundbar for ease then you will get that with this product, spare one thing. When you are first making a connection between devices it can become confusing despite there being an instruction manual and user's guide that comes in the box. If you are confused and need additional help then SHARP offers 24 /7 online service to try and help your problem.

Another issue that people have had is the loudness of the soundbar. While some soundbars are built to maximise the volume of your entertainment, this one is built to make the audio quality better rather than be louder than your TV speakers. While this is not necessarily a fault, it has caused disappointment with some customers so make sure to read the description and see if this is the right product for your desires.

Is This Soundbar Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a speaker with a higher level volume when compared to your TV speakers then this sound bar is not for you. While it does not make your audio louder, it instead works to make you sound the best it can be while still keeping under your budget. Its aim is to work with the sound already provided to maximise its potential rather than making it louder and therefore ruining its clarity and likeability.

This soundbar is perfect for gamers or your home cinema, designed to immerse you in the best sound quality for your entertainment.

  • SHARP HT-SB95 40W 2.0 Slim Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/CEC & Remote Control (Optional Wall Mounted) - Black

Payida Soundbar

What Are The Best Features Of These Budget Soundbars?

This product features two full range drivers that have the ability to output deep 105 decibel sounds via the 4 speakers built into the soundbar. This produces a crystal clear sound adding to the dynamic of your home theatre.

The four speakers work with the drivers in order to produce the best surround sound possible. Two speakers are designed to cover midrange / midbass as to hone in on the best sounds of your entertainment and amplify them accordingly.

This soundbar also includes two dedicated tweeters and integrated amplifiers to maximise the potential of this product which also delivers the crystal clear sound that you can be happy with.

A newly designed remote control means that you are able to access the controls on your unit from a distance and with ease meaning you are set to sit back and enjoy your entertainment.

For those inevitable incidents when you lose said remote, you are still able to access the controls which are built into the side of the unit. A configuration of LED digital display buttons allows you to select modes with ease.

What Sound Channel Options Do I Have With This Soundbar?

A supportive bass features means that you are able to listen clearly to low frequency sounds that would otherwise be demolished or come out as vibrations when listening with your standard TV speakers. However, unlike other soundbars, this one includes a subwoofer so that you are able to make the most of your entertainment, whether that be a power house film or a classical piece of music. This subwoofer also does not take up any extra room as it is built into the unit and can be controlled via the remote provided.

Other modes include treble adjustment, which means that when you stream music or films with a lot of music in them, the instruments and voice is clear due to being enhanced. This pairs well with the subwoofer as you are able to listen to both high and low frequency sound through clarity defining speakers.

How Am I Able To Establish A Connection Between Devices?

This product comes with advanced Bluetooth technology which is extremely easy to set up. With this technology you are able to achieve a long range wireless connection ( up to 33 foot) without the connection breaking. This means that you are able to play connect your device and play music from your favourite streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music from another room via wireless connectivity, giving you more freedom to move around with your device while staying connected.

The product is also a hub for a lot of other forms of connectivity. A COAXIAL input means that it is compatible with not only TVs but also computers, tablets, Blu-ray players, projects and PS4 as well as other game consoles which makes this the ideal device for the gamers out there who wish to immerse themselves completely in the world they are playing.

Other inputs for establishing connections with devices include an AUX port as well as an optical input port to connect to compatible TVs with ease.

Is This Soundbar Compatible With My TV?

The way that this soundbar connects to your TV is via an optical input rather than using an HDMI. Most modern TVs are able to connect this way and so you should have no problem, but do double check to make sure your devices are able to pair up correctly. To set up this optical connection, change your TV digital output settings to PCM mode and you are ready to start streaming at a reasonable price.

The dimensions of this soundbar (900 x 70 x 78 millimetres means that it is designed to match a 30 - 40 inches TV or a large flat screen LED TV. While it could fit and work with other TV models and sized, it is recommended that you stick to these guidelines for the best performance. All you have to do it put the sound bar next to your TV or mount it on the wall to maximize your audio.

What Accessories Come In The Box?

Unlike the other soundbars include on this list, there are very little additional things that you will need to buy in order to get this soundbar working. Here is a list of all the things that you get upon purchasing this product:

  • The sound bar itself
  • Remote control
  • Optical cable
  • RCA cable
  • Two wall mount EVA pads
  • Two mount screws
  • User manual

All that you will have to buy is batteries for the remote then you are good to go! This is more accessories than would be expected for the price that you pay.

Should I Buy This Soundbar?

Is by far the greatest budget sound bar on this list that falls under your planned budget. This is due to the wide range of connectivity opportunities as well as the various effects that you can apply to any entertainment you may come across.

The wireless, long range Bluetooth connectivity means that this unit gives you more freedom compared to the other soundbars. Likewise, the subwoofer included adds an extra level of clarity and luxury to your home cinema and adds power that standard soundbars without a subwoofer lack.

  • Soundbar, Paiyda Sound Bar for TV, 120 dB Bluetooth Soundbars with Built-in Subwoofer, Wall Mounted Home Theater, Music/Moive/News Modes, Strong Bass, Remote, Optical/AUX/Coaxial/USB Connection

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