Can You Put A Soundbar On The Floor? Should You?

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Last Updated November 14, 2021

Is It Possible To Put a Soundbar On The Floor?

Soundbars are great little devices that can help us improve the audio from our TV and hear dialogue and bass better from our favourite shows.

When you decide on a soundbar, you might be wondering where you should put it and if the location can have an effect on the quality of the sound produced.

It is very possible to put your soundbar on the floor, many people opt for this placement as it is convenient and doesn't require you to find space or mount the soundbar on the wall.

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However, putting your soundbar on the floor can come with its disadvantages too, meaning you might need to look into other placement options.

So to help you, we have discussed below the pros and cons of putting your device on the floor, as well as where else you can put it in your room for the best sound.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Putting My Soundbar On The Floor?

If you are set with putting your soundbar on the floor, you need to make sure it is still within proximity to your TV for the best connection.

Having your soundbar down means its front-facing and centre, allowing you to get the best sound, it also avoids you having to mount it and leaves your TV clear of obstruction and stops the bar from blocking the remote sensor to your TV.

However, if you have kids or animals, your soundbar is likely to get hit or damaged on the floor, having the speakers down might also make the audio sound as if it is coming from underneath you.

Drinks can easily get spilt on these expensive pieces of equipment that are down on the ground too and ruin the soundbar.


  • Easy to set with no mounting.
  • Audio reaches all areas of the room.
  • Can be put close to the TV.


  • Audio can sound as if it is beneath you.
  • Likely to get damaged.
  • Not very aesthetically pleasing.

Where Should I Place My Soundbar On The Floor?

So, if you've decided the floor is the best place for your soundbar you might be wondering whether you can put it by the sofa, behind the TV or in front.

Well, the best place to put your soundbar on the floor is centred in front of your TV, as this keeps the connection strong and the audio in the best direction for it to travel around your room.

Avoid putting your soundbar behind a sofa or the TV as this will limit the audio and stop it from bouncing around the walls creating that surround sound effect.

Where Else Should I Place My Soundbar?

To get the most out of your soundbar we have put together a list of some other common places you might want to put your soundbar so as you can hear the best audio quality.

Above/Under The TV

The most popular way to put your soundbar is below your TV, not only is this placement aesthetically appealing (especially if your model matches the width and colour of your TV) but it is also great for connection and easy to access.

Having your soundbar above your TV is also an option but less common, you may find this one a little harder to control too but it's still better than the floor!


The second most popular option is mounting your soundbar. Having your soundbar wall-mounted allows it to be out the way of harm and at the best height to transfer audio to your ears.

Just ensure that it is not too far from your TV still and that the wall mount is secure to avoid any accidents.

By The Sofa

One of the less common places to put your soundbar is by the sofa. Many people think they will get the loudest audio by doing this, but you will be stretching the connection between the device and the TV which can cause interference.

Tips For Improving The Audio From Your Soundbar

If you have placed your soundbar in the best position possible and as close to your TV as it can get, then you might be wondering if there is anything else you could do to make the sound quality of your bar better.

We have listed a few simple tips below for you to try out.

  • Make sure your TV's speakers are off - If your TV's internal speakers are playing at the same time as your soundbar this can reduce the overall sound quality and cause some distorting sounds.
  • Use an HDMI connection - HDMI is the most high-quality way to transfer audio data from your TV to your soundbar, avoid other connection options if you want the best sound possible.
  • Change the equalizer settings - Try adjusting the treble and bass settings in the equalizer settings of your TV until the audio produced meets your personal preference.
  • Get a large model - It's always better to go for a larger soundbar than a smaller one, a larger soundbar will produce more depth and power, while a smaller one won't make much difference in a large area.
  • Go for Dolby Atmos - Use Dolby Atmos audio when possible as long as your soundbar supports it, this will make listening to your soundbar a three-dimensional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Placing a Soundbar On The Floor

Is it safe to put a soundbar on the floor?

This depends on where it is on the floor, but your soundbar will always be at risk on the floor, especially if you have children or animals in the house that could damage it.

Can a soundbar block the receiver of my TV?

If not measured and placed under your TV, it is possible the infrared sensor of your TV can get blocked which will be annoying when trying to control the TV remotely.

Is it possible to put a soundbar vertically?

No this is not recommended as the audio will travel in different ways and ruin the sound quality, it's also not secure.

Last Words

To conclude, if you wish, you can put your soundbar down on the floor, just make sure it won't get damaged by members of your household. But for more ideal and safer locations, we also recommend putting it below your TV on a shelf or mounting it on to the wall.

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