Are Oil Filled Heaters Safe To Leave Unattended? Find Out Here!

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Are Oil Filled Heaters Safe To Leave Unattended

Yes, they are safe to leave unattended. The oil inside the heater should be changed every two years, but it is ok to change it annually.

Oil changes are not expensive, so it's worth the hassle. This oil-filled heater has overheat protection that can shut off the heating element if you don't check on your unit for a while.

To prevent any accidents, here are some safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Never use an extension cord or power strip with this type of appliance.
  • Use only one plug per circuit and make sure there is no exposed metal in any part of the wiring.
  • If possible, install the outlet where the cord will run through drywall rather than directly into studs.

The amounts of electricity used by these units vary depending upon how much space they cover.

How do you set the thermostat on oil-filled heaters?

The thermostat should be set at 60 degrees Fahrenheit for oil-filled heaters.

If the temperature is too cold, the heater will run longer and use more fuel; if the temperature is too hot, the heater will shut off sooner.

Heating times will depend on the size of the room being heated. A small bedroom may take 15 minutes to warm up, whereas a large living area might require 30 minutes.

There are also electrical timer switches that you can buy separately from most hardware stores.

These switches allow you to turn the heater on/off manually as well as automatically based on time settings.

The best oil heaters you can leave on all night

There are many types of heaters today that offer protection features.

The most common unit of heaters is usually used in large spaces like basements, garages, sheds, etc.

These heaters have thermostat controls that automatically turn them off when the temperature reaches a certain level. They also come with an automatic shutdown feature as well.

You may want to consider buying these types of heaters because they are very easy to operate and maintain.

It is also a good idea to buy from a reputable company that sells quality products at affordable prices.

Here is a list of the best types of heaters:

  • Infrared heaters

This heater at night time emits infrared rays to warm up the room without using electric energy.

These heaters are a great choice for people living alone since they do not require constant attention, unlike other models.

  • Ceramic heaters

This type of heating appliance is made out of ceramic material. Ceramic heaters emit a low amount of radiation compared to others.

You need to keep checking on them regularly to ensure their safety.

  • Electric heater

An electric heater is one of the best choices for those who live in cold areas. Electric heaters work by converting electrical current into thermal energy.

  • Baseboard heaters

This energy-efficient baseboard heaters are perfect for small rooms. Baseboards are installed under flooring boards and provide warmth throughout the entire area.

  • Gas heaters

Gas heaters are widely available in the market. Gas heaters are more popular among homeowners due to their efficiency and affordability.

However, gas heaters produce fumes during operation which could cause health problems.

  • Wood burning stoves

A wood-burning stove heats up the air around it instead of producing smoke. Wood-burning stoves are ideal for homes located near forests.

  • Bladeless electric tower space heater with remote

This type of heater is a modern heater that has optimal heating performance. Bladeless electric tower space heaters with remotes are designed to fit perfectly within tight spaces.

  • Covered oil heaters

Covered oil heaters are good to use in a well-insulated houses. Covered oil heaters are highly recommended if your home does not have proper insulation.

  • Crane fireplace heater

This heater has an in-built thermostat that can be controlled remotely. Crane fireplace heater works efficiently even in colder weather conditions.

  • Duct heater

This duct heater is very effective in warming up the whole house or any specific part of it. Duct heaters are often found in attics and crawlspaces.

  • Electric fan heaters

Electric fan heaters are portable heater that is commonly used in camping. The main advantage of this model is that you don’t need electricity to run it.

  • Electric space heater

The electric space heater has heat radiators that produce optimum heating temperature and distribute evenly across the room. This type of heater is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

  • Exposed-element heater

This type of heater has safety shut-off switches so that users will no longer get shocked when touching exposed parts of the unit. Exposed element heaters are also known as open flame heaters.

  • Halogen heater

Halogen type of heater has many tip-over protection features such as automatic cut-off switch, auto shut down feature, etc.

Halogen heaters are considered safer than traditional ones because they cannot burn easily.

  • Lasko ceramic heater

The Lasko ceramic heater is a great choice for people living in hot climates.

Lasko ceramic heaters are easy to install and operate. They do not require much maintenance.

  • Pelonis oil filled heater

This type of heater has a heat conductor that can withstand high temperatures without breaking down.

Pelonis oil-filled heaters are made from durable materials like stainless steel and copper.

  • Portable propane heater

This heater has a heat reservoir that holds enough fuel to last long hours. Portable propane heaters are best suited for those who live in cold areas where there is little access to natural sources of heat.

What to make sure before leaving an oil-heater on all night?

If you leave your oil heater on overnight, it may cause damage to your home.

Leaving your heater on for long periods of time will increase your electricity bill, and can also cause your water pipes to burst.

So, before leaving your home unattended, turn off your gas or electric heating system. Also, check your oil levels regularly and add fuel if needed.

Other ways to keep warm at night

Some people have many methods and ideas to keep warm temperatures at night. Here in the UK, we usually use our bedsheets to cover ourselves during winter nights.

It helps us stay warmer by trapping body heat inside the covers. You could try using blankets too!

You should always wear socks while sleeping. Socks help trap warmth around feet and legs.

If you sleep naked, then you might want to consider wearing some kind of thermal underwear underneath your regular clothes.

Thermal underwear traps more air between layers, making them feel cooler against the skin. 

Dangers of oiled-filled radiator heaters

Oil filled radiators are dangerous because they can cause fires and explosions. If you want to avoid these hazards, keep your radiators clean and dry.

Also, never use a blowtorch to clean radiators. Instead, use a soft-bristled brush and a vacuum cleaner.

That is why it is so important to have a professional service every year to inspect and maintain your boiler.

An authorized service technician should check your oiled-filled radiator heaters from time to time. This is to prevent issues and damages. 


It is important to choose the right type of heater according to your needs. If you are looking for something simple yet effective then go for the woodstove. But if you prefer something bigger and better then opt for an electric heater. There are lots of options available in the market.

So before making a final decision always consult experts first.

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