How To Reset A Samsung Soundbar Successfully! Find Out Here!

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Last Updated November 14, 2021

Soundbars are a great option for small to medium sized media rooms for crisp, clear audio. Unlike television speakers that only point in one direction, speakers in a soundbar point in all directions to provide booming surround sound.

Like all pieces of technology, soundbars do come with their share of problems. Most of these issues can be remedied by simply resetting the device.

Keep reading for tips and tricks for resetting your Samsung soundbar!

Resetting a Samsung Soundbar

There are several reasons that could come about that would necessitate resetting your Samsung soundbar.

If you are having trouble connecting your soundbar to your television, you may need to reset it. You may also have to reset it if your soundbar is connected via Bluetooth to several devices such as gaming consoles, smart phones, or a subwoofer.

Having problems with your soundbar does not necessarily mean that you will have to shell out money for a new one. Usually, resetting your soundbar will be enough to solve any minor problems that you may be experiencing.

How to Reset

Before you decide to completely reset your Samsung soundbar, try to solve your connectivity issues first. Turn off and on again all Bluetooth enabled devices such as the television, gaming console, subwoofer, and the soundbar itself.

Ensure that there are no solid objects between the soundbar and the television, as this can cause connectivity issues.

Turn off all devices that are running on the same frequency as the soundbar. These can include microwaves, medical devices, or other bluetooth enabled devices.

If rebooting the Bluetooth devices does not work, then you can also try to pair your Samsung soundbar to another television to see if it is still working properly.

Resetting your Samsung soundbar is a simple process and can be completed in about a minute. Different soundbars may require slightly different methods for reset, so you should check the user manual first before you begin to try these next steps.

  1. Turn the soundbar on. Press and hold the power button on the remote control or on the soundbar body.
  2. Hold the power button until the message INIT OK appears on the soundbar display. If you have a soundbar without a display, you will see a red blinking LED light that will stop once the reset it complete.

If you follow the above steps, then you should have no problems in resetting your Samsung soundbar.

If problems still persist, then call Samsung's customer service centre or check out the online Samsung help forums for more information.

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